Child Refugees? No, They’re Stealing Our Country

Hello, I’m Jared Taylor with American Renaissance.

Everyone has now heard of the 57 thousand unaccompanied minor illegal immigrants who have crossed the border in the last nine months. By the time the fiscal year ends on Sept. 30, the total for the year could be 90,000. As you can see from this graph, the numbers have suddenly skyrocketed, and there will be even more next year.

Almost all of the child illegals are coming from Central America, and their families pay human smugglers — coyotes — eight to ten thousand dollars each to get them into the US. Once they’re here, they don’t even hide. They turn themselves in to the Border Patrol, and the government feeds and houses them while it finds family members or sponsors in the US. Eventually, they see an immigration judge, who issues a summons to an immigration hearing. But that won’t take place for months, so the judge releases them.

Hardly anyone shows up for a deportation hearing because once an illegal is in the country, his chances of being caught and sent home are essentially zero — unless he commits a felony. So once they’re released these young people can attend public schools, live on food stamps, get free treatment at emergency rooms, and wait for the next amnesty.

That’s exactly what they’ve come for. One DEA and Homeland Security investigation found that 95 percent of a sample of 230 border crossers thought they would get a free pass — a permiso — when they got the United States. Some have been very surprised to learn there is even a theoretical possibility they could be deported.

Mr. Obama has asked for $3.7 billion dollars to cope with this flood of new illegals. About half of that would be spent on transporting, housing, feeding, medicating, and educating them. The administration was all set to sign a $50 million a yeardeal to take over the entire Palm Aire Hotel and Suits in Weslaco, Texas, where the child illegals would stay until they got a court date. The government thinks this is a dandy place for them but the deal was scuttled by outraged taxpayers. Don’t worry. The feds will find some other place for them.

And remember, our country is broke, so we have to borrow every penny of that $3.7 billion. Your children and grandchildren will have to pay it back.

But why aren’t we turning these child illegals back at the border, as we do with Mexicans? Minors coming from a country that doesn’t border the US get special treatment because of a law that is supposed to fight forced labor and sex slavery. It’s named after the 19th century English abolitionist William Wilberforce, and the theory is that if you send minors home they could end up back in the hands of human traffickers.

But wait, you say, no one is dragging these minors here against their will. Thousands of dollars are changing hands because they want to come here. This fancy Wilberforce bill shouldn’t apply at all, but our government thinks it does. Mr. Obama has spoken vaguely about changing the law so we can ship them right back — that would solve the problem overnight — but his heart isn’t in it. He says all these minors — an estimated 80 percent are teenagers and a majority are boys — are “an urgent humanitarian crisis.”

Of course, the Congressional Hispanic Congress won’t hear of changing the law and sending them back. And the National Council of La Raza calls these teenagers “child refugees fleeing violence” and wants them legalized on the spot. Lulac, the other big Hispanic lobby also says “Innocent children . . . should be treated as refugees.” They haven’t said so yet, but I’m sure they will start saying the Wilberforce law should apply to Mexicans, too, so they can add to the flood at the border. Why should Hondurans and Salvadorans get special treatment?

It’s true that Central America has very high rates of violence. However, they have been high for years, and an intelligence report by the DEA and Homeland Security says there was actually a drop in the murder rate in Central America from 2011 to 2013. According to this report, there is a surge in child illegals mainly because coyotes have turned the loophole in the Wilberforce law into a new business opportunity. They are the ones pushing the permiso idea.

Don’t forget, they get $8 to $10 thousand a head to smuggle minors from Guatemala to the Texas border.

That’s big money. The annual GDP per capita in Guatemala is $5,300. $8,000 is the equivalent of an American family saving up $80,000. This is a bonanza for the coyotes and a new way to break into our country. The last thing it is is a humanitarian crisis.

But isn’t it odd how American Hispanics are weeping about the people they call innocent child refugees. And isn’t it odd how generous they are with our money — and our country?

Congressman Luis Gutierrez of Chicago is typical. He’s never met an illegal Hispanic he didn’t like. Here he is with his Dream Army of illegals — and one poor, deluded white woman who has no idea what’s going on.

What does Mr. Gutierrez say about this new crop of illegals? “When I see those children, I see my own daughter. I see my nieces and nephews.” I’m sure he does. He’s Hispanic and they’re Hispanic. I’m sure that’s the way all these Hispanic groups see them.

Well I don’t see my nieces and nephews. My nieces and nephews don’t look like that. And they don’t break into somebody else’s country and expect to freeload. What I see are foreigners who have made a mess of their own country and want to come live in the land my ancestors worked so hard to build and to pass on to me and my children, not to them. I see people who want to steal our country.

Mr. Gutierrez and his Hispanic pals want to help them steal our country. Mr. Obama and his white liberal friends want to help them steal our country, too.

And unless we have the backbone to stop them that’s exactly what they’ll do.

Americans are finally showing some backbone. Public outrage stopped the government from putting illegals up in a resort hotel. Public outrage in Murietta, California, turned back busloads of illegals the government was gong to foist onto the community. Our land, said the Americans. That’s right: Our land. Public outrage stopped the buses in Vassar, Michigan, too. There they were carrying flags — and guns. They meant business.

Hooray for the people standing up for our country. This is what it is going to take if we are even going to have country — at least one that’s not a suburb of Mexico.

Thanks for listening.