2023 American Renaissance Conference

Meeting the Challenge

There is a Chinese curse: “May you live in interesting times.” Could it be a blessing in disguise?

Attendees convened for a weekend of ideas and camaraderie as they rose together to meet the challenge.

Here is a write-up of the event.

Speakers included:

Sam Dickson Sam Dickson — “A Benediction for Heretics.” Sam Dickson is a lawyer who has been an advocate for our people since his college days. He has addressed every American Renaissance conference.
Ricardo Duchesne Ricardo Duchesne — “Liberalism Is Responsible for Western Greatness and Its Current Decline.” Prof. Duchesne is author of The Uniqueness of Western CivilizationFaustian Man in a Multicultural Age, and Canada in Decay: Mass Immigration, Diversity. After 25 years of teaching at University of New Brunswick, he took early retirement in 2019 because of an academic mobbing.
James Edwards James Edwards — “Reasons for Optimism.” Mr. Edwards is the host of The Political Cesspool radio program, now in its 19th year on the air. His work has been covered by hundreds of print and broadcast outlets. He is the author of Racism Schmacism: How Liberals Use the “R” Word and also wrote the opening chapter of the newly released The Honorable Cause: A Free South.
Gregory Hood Gregory Hood — “The Moral Necessity of White Nationalism.” Mr. Hood is a staff writer for American Renaissance and the author of Waking Up from the American Dream.
Ruuben Kaalep Stephen McNallen — “The Spear of Fury and Wisdom.” Mr. McNallen is author of Asatru: A Native European Spirituality and, more recently, The Spear. He is a native Texan, an Army veteran, a passionate Confederate, a former war journalist, and a long-time activist for white interests.
Stephen McNallen Ruuben Kaalep — “Towards a 21st Century Ethnonationalism.” Mr. Kaalep is an Estonian ethnofuturist, poet, environmentalist and a former member of parliament.
Jared Taylor Jared Taylor — “Reflections on 30 Years of Racial Activism.” Mr. Taylor is the editor of American Renaissance. His latest book is If We Do Nothing.
Dries Van Langenhove Dries Van Langenhove — “The Greatest Time to Be Alive.” Mr. Van Langenhove is founder and leader of Belgium’s most influential political youth movement Schild & Vrienden. In 2019, he was elected as the youngest member of Belgian parliament. Through his youth movement, boxing clubs, and media channel, he is physically and mentally preparing for a better future for the European people.
Keith Woods Keith Woods — “An Island for Everyone? Ireland at a Crossroads.” Mr. Woods is an Irish writer, content creator, and polemicist, with substantial followings on YouTube and Twitter.