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Arrest at the Cabrini Green housing project

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This video shows the arrest at the Cabrini Green housing project that led to charges of misconduct against Officers Groh and Vander Mey. The October 2004 American Renaissance includes the inside story of how Chicago authorities sacrificed these two white officers to appease angry blacks.

The video starts just as a policeman breaks a window on the driver's side of the van. Officers spray pepper into the van, while others break out the windows on the passenger side.

Police haul Mr. Freeman out of the driver's seat and force him to the ground. The video continues until he is cuffed and walked over to a paddy wagon. During this time officers haul other occupants out of the van and arrest them.

This video does not include the 35-40 minutes of negotiations during which the occupants of the van sat behind their tinted windows and refused to come out.

Length: 1 minute 52 seconds (4.73 MB)