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The Jail Run By Al-Qaeda

February 3, 2006
Al-Qaeda members take over British jail and beat their faith into the other prisoners.

The New Immigration Cops

February 2, 2006
Alabama's cops are already arresting illegals; Virginia may not be far behind.

Honest Injun?

January 27, 2006
These days, everyone wants to be an Indian.

Australia Foils Major Attack

November 8, 2005
Terrorist arrests come after revelations that hundreds of Australian Muslims support terror.

Funny Choices

September 28, 2005
Studio won't release movie because it has the word "Muslim" in its title.

Heading Home to Chaos

September 27, 2005
Germany tells Afghan refugees to go home and will deport them if necessary.

Terror on Our Turf

September 16, 2005
Anyone can get into Canada as a refugee, and almost no one gets thrown out.

Immigration Taboos

August 17, 2005
Immigration-boosters ignore many of immigration's costs.

Blood Lines

April 19, 2005
Blacks bring drive-by shootings to Birmingham, England.

Say What?

February 17, 2005
The Wall Street Journal is crazy to believe terrorists can't take advantage of asylum laws.

Bringing Back the Fire

November 4, 2004
Church shelters illegals and homeless Hispanics; neighbors say this ruins the neighborhood.