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Death To All Rapists

April 26, 2007
Blacks and whites have been at war for 500 years, says black student writer.

Oslo Rape Statistics Shock

March 2, 2007
80% of victims are Norwegians; 65% of perps are immigrants; 90% of cases not prosecuted.

Raped In Oslo

December 18, 2006
Norwegian women told to adopt Muslim demeanor.

The Rape Of Europe

October 31, 2006
German author advises young Europeans to emigrate; says Europe won't exist in 20 years.

Duke, Race and Rape

April 24, 2006
Duke Lacrosse players are being accused of a crime that almost never happens.

Riddle of Rape Man

March 22, 2006
Britain may be unable to deport African rapist because no one knows where he came from.