Posted on February 28, 2019

Wake Forest Anti-Racism Coalition Issues Demands in Response to Campus ‘Anti-Blackness’

College Fix, February 26, 2019

A group dubbed the Wake Forest Anti-Racism Coalition has issued a set of demands to university officials and the Wake Board of Trustees in response to continued “white supremacy” and “anti-blackness” on campus.

The Coalition contends black students at Wake “are facing the same problems encountered by the first black student admitted” to the university way back in 1962.

“Anti-black sentiment at Wake Forest,” the Coalition said in a statement, “has consistently been met with the coddling of white students and efforts towards education in diversity rather than real consequences.”

One of the group’s gripes is the revelation that the WFU dean of admissions had posed in a 1982 fraternity photograph featuring the Confederate flag. It referred to the picture as “compromising and incriminating.”


The Coalition statement also chastised last Thursday’s forum on “institutional racism,” alleging black students in attendance were “met with blank stares and inadequate answers” by members of the university panel.


The Coalition’s demands include:

— “Creation and enforcement of a zero-tolerance policy for white supremacy.” There should be “no leniency” for behavior which “upholds white supremacy,” it says.

— Public apologies from the deans of admissions seen in photos with the Confederate flag. {snip}

— A safe space specifically for black students. Sharing a space with “other intercultural organizations” is unacceptable.

— All “monuments, plaques, busts, portraits, buildings, and other things” honoring “confederates, white supremacists, and eugenicists” must either be “taken down, renamed, or rededicated” in order to thwart the continuation of white supremacy.