Posted on November 6, 2018

University Cancels Classes to Confront Racism on Its Campus

Daniel Payne, College Fix, November 2, 2018


The University of St. Thomas, a Catholic school in St. Paul, Minnesota, gave students the day off of classwork as part of its plan to “[take] action after a racist message was recently written on a student’s door,” KSTP reports.

In lieu of classes, the university “came together for a school wide-meeting to address bigotry and hate speech.” The event was attended by “thousands,” according to the school’s website.

{snip} Attendees were given buttons with the slogan “Racism Stops With Me” printed on them.

According to KSTP, “A professor from California who focuses on diversity and inclusion was brought in to speak this week to students and faculty. {snip}”

From the school’s report:

Dale Allender, PhD, of California State University, Sacramento, {snip} – after speaking with some 50 students on Tuesday – also relayed many of their concerns moving forward:

– The campus’ issues of colorblind racism;
– The potential loss of international students’ voices;
– The need to increase diversity;
– {snip}
– Representation for the transgender community;
– And the idea that oppression is a relevant topic in all academic disciplines.


Read the news report here, and the university’s report here.