FBI Video Warning About Spying for China Stars White College Student

Michael McGregor, American Renaissance, April 24, 2014

The truth would be too awkward.

Espionage is a serious crime, and the penalties are especially high if the spy is a US citizen. Some Americans can be persuaded to spy for a foreign government in exchange for money and other alluring promises.

That’s what happened to Glenn Shriver, a cash-strapped college student who was studying in China in 2004. Chinese intelligence plied him with attractive girls and offered him money to apply to work for at such places as the CIA and the State Department so he could spy for China.

Mr. Shriver was caught in 2010, and sentenced to four years in prison. His story is the basis of “Game of Pawns,” a recent video produced by the FBI to warn students studying abroad against being lured into espionage.

This effort by the FBI completely fails to mention that the people who spy for China are almost always ethnic Chinese. And they don’t need promises of money and sex.

When Chinese intelligence approaches overseas Chinese—or even naturalized citizens of other countries—all they have to do is emphasize shared ancestry. Even the FBI admits this. A government handbook on intelligence states that 98 percent of the people that China targets for espionage are Chinese-Americans, and warns that ethnic solidarity is the main recruitment tool.

David Szady, a former director of the FBI’s counterintelligence department (the same department that produced the “Pawns” video), says that the Chinese government does not consider these people Chinese-Americans. They call them “overseas Chinese.” Mr. Szady notes that the politically correct pretense that American citizens never fall for nationalist appeals is one of the biggest obstacles to the FBI’s counterespionage work.

Chinese spying goes back a long way. In 1985, Larry Wu-Tai Chin, a Chinese-born American who worked for the U.S. government was arrested and convicted of passing secrets to the Chinese government. He had probably been spying for more than 30 years before he was caught. His information disrupted many American intelligence activities in Asia.

Katrina Leung, a Chinese immigrant living in Los Angeles, was hired by the FBI to report on fellow Chinese-Americans who were suspected of working for the PRC. In 2003 she was unmasked as a double agent who had been spying on us the entire 20 years the FBI thought she was working for them.

Chi Mak is a Chinese-born physicist who was sentenced to 24 years in prison in 2008 for providing information to China about America’s long-range weapons and nuclear submarine arsenal. That same year, Tai Kuo’s decades-long espionage career came to an end when he pleaded guilty to supplying weapons information to China.

In 2012, a former employee of DuPont Corp. pleaded guilty to passing industrial secrets to China. Tze Chao, who had worked for DuPont for 36 years, said Chinese had “overtly appealed to my Chinese ethnicity and asked me to work for the good” of the PRC. Also in 2012, a Chinese man-and-wife team was convicted of stealing hybrid automobile technology from General Motors to pass on to China. GM said other automakers had paid $40 million for the technology.

In 2013, Bo Jiang, a Chinese working for a NASA contractor was arrested for taking “voluminous sensitive” NASA documents back to China on a trip in 2012. He was caught at Dulles International Airport just as he was about to hop a plane for Beijing. Also in 2013, six Chinese were arrested in Iowa after they were caught digging up genetically-engineered seeds from secret test fields. One company estimated that the stolen seeds cost $30 to $40 million to develop.

Just this month, Jian Dai, a Chinese national living in California pleaded guilty to transferring military technology to the PRC. Prosecutors sealed the details of the plea—perhaps to conceal how much damage Mr. Dai had done the country.

These are just a few of the Chinese—many of them naturalized US citizens—who have been caught spying, and according to a US government Intelligence Threat Handbook, arrests “are just the tip of the iceberg of an already-large and increasingly capable PRC [Peoples Republic of China] intelligence effort.”

Under these circumstances wouldn’t it make sense for the FBI to make a cautionary video warning high-tech companies and military contractors to keep an eye on Chinese scientists? Of course not. That would be profiling.

So instead, we have poor Glenn Shriver, the only known case of a white American college student recruited to spy for China, starring in his very own FBI movie.

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Michael McGregor
Mr. McGregor writes for Radix Journal.
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  • The “model minority” strikes again. These slant-eyed yellows are not our friends. A lot of the spying is industrial, rather than military, but so what. Destroy us economically or with bombs, what’s the difference.

    The part of it I’ve had personal experience with is at the University of Texas at San Antonio, where a wealthy Chinese millionaire gave the university $1,000,000 to create “student and faculty exchange programs.” It was obvious that the Chinese visitors were spies. Worse, was the naturalized Chinese profs who were working their way to the upper administration. One Chinese student was arrested a couple of years ago, but lots of people turned a blind eye to the treason, and they still are turning a blind eye to it.

    Every company and university that hires the yellows had better wake up because deliberate ignorance is TREASON.

    • Intrep1d

      Most of their targets for international spying aren’t industrial or military. It’s on their own people outside China.

    • Bartek

      Who cares?
      There is no ‘us’.
      The corporations are private interests which choose to hire Chinese colonists to avoid paying White Americans a living wage.
      They reap what they sow.

      • Anon

        That in and of itself doesn’t make you think? Nameless, faceless “corporations” which consist mostly of white people are “private interests” (and so what if they employ almost all white people….cough) who think nothing of stabbing whites in the back to hire non-whites. And you, a white, have an attitude of “who cares” about them?
        Look around…..does any other race act like that? No…just us. And that is THE problem.

    • bilderbuster

      Another minority does the same thing AND shoves “multiculturism” plus open borders down our throats not to mention constant warfare for their racial interests.

      • c684570

        We cannot mention that particular racial minority on Amren.

    • Anon

      And what is the other side of that coin. Why do white people turn a so called “blind eye” to this behavior? It’s because we have been decracinated. Being an “American” is an artificial construct no one really cares about. The so called immigrants that became US citizens hardly see themselves as Americans. But neither does any white person. That is important to understand….nationalism is a failed construct NO ONE lives or dies for. Only race. And since whites have accepted deracination (ie deny that race even exists), our cohesiveness has collapsed. Under such conditions, WHO CARES if a bunch of Chinese spy on us. That attitude is clearly reflected in how we punish the crime of treason. For 3000 years of recorded history, the crime of treason was an ironclad death sentence. Today, treason will net you a suspended sentence of a handful of years…maybe a decade in the worst case scenarios. Only spys with actively dangerous knowledge (ie Pollard) are kept. All others are eventually released as their racist governments put pressure on us AS THEY PROTECT THEIR OWN. Yet another example of the consequences of deracination. The Chinese CARE about those Chinese arrested in the US. Another good example is Mexico, which challenges the US on every Mexican murderer no matter how guilty they are. By contrast, the US (which used to protect white people in such a way) could care less if say, North Korea arrests and tortures some old white man who goes there.

  • Urbane Neanderthal

    Diversity is not the enhancement of a culture, it is it’s death.

    • BlueEyedDevil

      That would be perfect on a billboard.

  • Mrfinoni

    Why would the more intelligent Chinese need to spy on America. Could it be that the Chinese Asian recognises that virtually all ‘new’ innovation is developed by Whites????? UMMMMMM!!!!!!!!! Is this not strange???? However we can admire the Chinese in one way. All the Blacks want to do is date White women and gits the welfare check LOL. No fear of the Darkies taking over the world!!! LOL.

    • bilderbuster

      The darkies have no use for sophisticated weapons plans or even trade secrets because they couldn’t comprehend them anyways.
      Their brightest minds couldn’t build a light bulb.

      • ThomasER916

        If you want to see comedy gold search for Kenyan Airplane on Youtube.

        Gabriel Nderitu is the designer. He’s a “smart” and “educated” man in Kenya.

        • bilderbuster

          Yes, he’s going to go far one day.
          There’s a really pathetic one out there about an African Science Fair or some such where Africans display their “inventions”.
          Inventions that will change the way we live like “The Chair”.
          It’s made from empty cans and so forth.

    • William Krapek


  • dd121

    I though Clinton gave them tons of classified technical data. Why do they have a need to spy when making large political contributions can accomplish the same thing.

    • That’s been going on since before Clinton. The Bush I administration provided technology for license production in mainland China of the MK-46 lightweight antisubmarine torpedo in 1985.

      • dd121

        I didn’t know that but I wouldn’t be surprised. Over the past few decades, whatever the dems have done, the repubs have joined. Latest example, “immigration reform”.

  • 4teepee

    “Under these circumstances wouldn’t it make sense for the FBI to make a cautionary video warning high-tech companies and military contractors to keep an eye on Chinese scientists?”

    Not to mention Jewish scientists.

    • bilderbuster

      Never you fool!
      This is the FBI we’re talking about here, and the only traitors they’re looking for are White!

      • 4teepee

        “. . . wouldn’t it make sense . . . ” was the operative phrase, idiot.

        Try to pay attention.

    • bilderbuster

      Our comments were deleted but for the record I was being sarcastic.
      I apologize if I wasn’t clear about that .

      • 4teepee


  • MBlanc46

    They have they’re economic hooks deeply into us. We dare not anything that would upset them. Plus, they’re people of color. So, blame it on the white guy.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    Our insane government is campaigning against espionage by college students because to campaign against the real menace would be “racial profiling.” This reminds me of the old joke of a guy who’s looking under a streetlamp for the money he dropped. When asked why he’s looking there when he lost the money on the other side of the street, he replies, “because the lighting is better on this side.” Makes just about as much sense as what the FBI is doing.

  • Mahound

    At least the Chinese show ethnic solidarity. And they do know that a passport means nothing, the racial connections trumps everything else.

  • This kind of sensitivity is played out similarly on ADT commercials featuring the ubiquitous White burgular.

    Gosh I miss John Wayne’s (yellow face) portrayal of
    Genghis Khan more than ever.

  • Homo_Occidentalis

    Simply insane… The truth must be obfuscated and warped at all costs if it casts non-whites in a bad light. Even if the asiatics in question are engaged in treasonous activities. It makes one miss the McCarthy witch hunts of the late 1940s. Though the paranoia may have been misplaced then, at least this nation was still showing a pulse. Now we would rather put our national security at risk than offend the Orientals…

    • ThomasER916

      There was no “paranoia” back then. It was all true. There was no witch hunt. It was all true. Also, it wasn’t just in the 1940’s. If it weren’t for White politicians in the 1920’s America would have been destroyed sooner. The election of Calvin Coolidge and the Immigration Act of 1924 was the result of an active White population. This had saved America’s demographics until the massive influx of so-called “refugees” from Eastern Europe.

  • NoMosqueHere

    These are just a few of the Chinese—many of them naturalized US citizens—who have been caught spying, and according to a US government Intelligence Threat Handbook, arrests “are just the tip of the iceberg of an already-large and increasingly capable PRC [Peoples Republic of China] intelligence effort.”


    All of these chinese spies should be swiftly and summarily executed. That might put a damper on some of the espionage activities.

    • Bartek

      Why not execute the business owners who hired the Chinese colonist to avoid paying and training a White American citizen?

  • Intrep1d

    I said it before. A lot of China’s spies probably aren’t Chinese or even Asian. It can be anyone. For some strange reason people here still find this difficult to believe.

    • Martel

      They probably are Chinese or “even Asian”. Unless you can produce evidence to the contrary you need to study some history, immigrants have always been used by the nations they hail from. There are always some strange individuals popping up trivializing these matters, immigration increases security risks,it is that simple. Do you think the man who stole nuclear secrets from the Netherlands and handed it to Pakistan was as Dutch as I am?

      • M&S

        As I recall, the Dutch asked the CIA, back in 75-77, what to do with AQ Khan after he had been caught stealing URENCO secrets, including, unbeknownst to the Dutch, the plans for a Type 3 centrifuge.
        CIA told them to let him go. And Pakistan has nukes while the Nuclear KMart AQK set up has proliferated technologies to four customers for sure (we just aren’t sure who the last one was).
        The CIA was also happy to hire the Tinners to proliferate the secret of high fidelity machining processes on Maraged Steel as well.
        Which of course makes the CIA look like rice bowl traitors (give me an unending surveillance op in which to funnel money based on our own seed tech) -except-, why was AQK, a poor Pakistani refugee and indifferent student, nursing a bruised ego from his being on the losing side and getting kicked out of the much more powerful Indian economy, given a work visa to study nuclear physics -anywhere-?!?
        I am not an Eisenhowerian here.
        And thus, IMO, it was time and past time for period NATO Europe to stand up and start making their own security decisions rather than being complicit partners in build-a-crisis conditioning of SWA towards a nuclear showdown.
        Had the Dutch arrested that man and locked him up until he was two years older than Methuselah, it is unlikely that half the crap we worry about with the Iranians ever would have come to pass.
        They are YOUR NATIONAL SECRETS for pities sake, why ask anyone for ‘permission’ when they are that critical to world-ending technical capabilities?

        • Martel

          It is definitely strange, and I can only assume the CIA had been compromised at that point. Historians about Soviet infiltration in the US show America has been an easy target since before the second world war.

  • DudeWheresMyCountry?


  • Intrep1d

    You’re grossly underestimating the massive advantage of successful espionage.

    • Bartek

      How about the massive advantage of actually having a manufacturing base, a monocultural population, and experience skilled machinists and technicians?

  • Bartek

    Wall Street (not Chinese, and not quite White) already sold the West out to the ChiCom in their typical unethical quest for more gelt.
    Corporate America promotes Chinese colonization to avoid paying and training American citizens.
    Corporate American pays for the government which will allow them to transfer the technology to the Chinese in the end just to increase their profit ratio.
    After all the acts of treason perpetrated by the oligarchs of the West an individual selling trade secrets before the corporation gets the chance to pales by comparison.

  • American Freedom Party

    Why expend millions for research when one can steal it for free? We should not trust China nor Israel because of their industrial espionage history!

    • Bartek

      Why do taxpayers subsidize millions for research when virtually none of it benefits the nation or it citizens?

      • ThomasER916

        Because the new goal of “Whites” is to save the world by destroying themselves. Every White has become a secular Jesus.

  • James Gonzalez

    The Chinese are unabashedly ethno-centric, everyone knows this. However in our culture only Europeans can be racist. It’s funny how much of an advantage this affords the Chinese. This is exactly why China and Israel have so much power, the people are resolute and xenophobic, while at the same time having moles and contacts in every nation that are loyal to ‘their own people’. Makes you wonder where that leaves us!

    • Raymond Kidwell

      Exactly that is the point of the article. Not sure why people have to post so much about chinese not being innovative. Whether they are innovative or not is not really an issue here.

  • Strike_Team

    I also try to keep in mind which ethnic group has been caught countless times with their collective pants down when it comes to spying against the US – and it isn’t the Chinese. It’s the same people who wrote the Immigration Act of 1965 among scores of other government mandated hate crimes against whites. And despite the incredible number of times these folks have been caught, it’s only the tip of the iceberg. Ahem.

    As for the Chinese; is any racially aware person surprised?

    The FBI video is along the lines of the ridiculous TV commercials for various security companies – commercials that always show someone in the Big City being burglarized by whites who look like they’re from Mayberry. OK OK. TV shows and Hollywood films are just as ridiculous. But that’s a whole other thread. : )

    • Intrep1d

      The US spies more on others than anyone else, especially with regards to cyber espionage. It’s been proven by independent companies. It’s also no coincidence why American accusations against the Chinese have all but disappeared around the time Edward Snowden blew the whistle on the NSA. We don’t clamp down on China because they don’t clamp down on everything American.

      • BonV.Vant

        Every technology the Chinese have is what they stole from us. If we are “spying” on them it is just to see what they have taken. Even today, the breakthrough technologies are still coming from the US, Space X is just such an example. For decades it was just assumed that a rocket was not reusable, being able to soft land the first stage of a rocket dramatically reduces launch costs. It would appear that the important pieces that were needed were a very powerful gyroscope and variable thrust on the rocket engine. The chinese could not even launch a dumb rocket, one that had no variable thrust and whose first stages were jettisoned and junked, until Clinton gave them that technology through Loral Space technologies. BTW, the usual suspects were involved here, just as the Rosenbergs gave nuclear tech to the russians, Bernard Schwartz gave the launch tech to the chinese.

      • Strike_Team

        No, the worst, especially in terms of industrial espionage, are the usual suspects, along with the Chinese – and don’t forget the French of all people. The Japanese are no angels either. I can still remember one arrest we were told about – it happened years ago in Burbank – it started out as mere trespassing. Japanese industrial spies were posing as tourists, and then became “lost” on a tour of a network television studio. They were trying to find the first mini-cams being used for TV news, etc.

        The US is becoming the worst in terms of spying on its own people because the most paranoid people on the planet run the US, and it’s their testing ground for what they want to do to ruin the rest of the Western World.

  • White Dragon

    Your race is your nation. Every race understands this except Whites (liberals).

    • BonV.Vant

      WE used to understand this, but years of media and educational brainwashing has warped the minds of our people. Today’s whites would sacrifice their children just to feed some africans.

  • Ironically, while I am a convicted federal felon on the Terrorist Watch List, I would never work for a foreign power or even domestic terrs. I’d rather just die than do that.

    • Alexandra1973

      Nowadays, “terrorist” means someone who doesn’t agree with the NWO.

      • Alec Smart

        Loyal Americans are the enemy of globalism.

    • Norseman

      How does your presence on the TWL affect your daily life?

  • DiversityIsDeath

    White innovates. Yellow imitates.

  • Alec Smart

    A Shriver would be a jew.

  • Joe blow

    A useful distraction from Israeli/Jewish espionage and treason.

  • Person of Whiteness

    I did. I was entertaining, but misleading about what sort of people typically spy for China.

  • Raymond Kidwell

    The US government has spies everywhere (CIA and other groups). I’m sure they have lot of ethnic Chinese working for them and spying on China. All nations spy. The problem the article points out is that our dedication to political correctness leaves us vulnerable.

    • “I’m sure they have lot of ethnic Chinese working for them and spying on China.”

      As double agents.

    • The CIA’s job is to prevent the government from being suprised by foreign developments. When our elected leaders ignore the CIA and then punish them for telling them the truth, as with Valerie Plame, we get disasters like the Iraq WMD fiasco.

  • Israel still wants Jonathan Pollard released, but he first tried many countries other than Israel to which to sell classified information. He was a greedy criminal opportunist and not some sort of pan-Jewish “patriot”; he tried selling stuff to Australia! Even Dianne Feinstein does not want him released early, and that’s really saying something.


      Have you ever heard of the so-called “Dancing Israelis” of 9-11? They are usually spoken of in conspiracy documentaries about 9-11, most famously would probably be the “Loose Change” films. The story goes that on 9-11 they were spotted in a parking lot standing on top of a van video taping the carnage that day. Except they weren’t in a state of shock and horror like our fellow American citizens were. No, they were joyous and celebratory, literally dancing and singing and hi-fiving one another on top of the van. The woman who saw this naturally called the police and they were taken in to custody for questioning.

      They were apparently held for quite some time too. The company that they worked for simply stopped existing after the day of 9-11. The Israeli owner packed everything up and headed back to Israel, literally right after 9-11. < Very Suspicious. ) When the 4 "Dancing Israelis" were eventually released and allowed to go back to Israel. They went on to an Israeli talk show and spoke about what happened. Saying that the American authorities were interrogating them and confronting them as being Israeli spies, Mossad agents. To which they said that they replied "we are not your enemy, and we were only there to document the event". Which of course sounds a hell of a lot like they had some amount of foreknowledge as to what was going to happen.

      There were other strange things involving Israelis that day. There was apparently a van that had on it's side a painting of the World Trade Center that showed a plane crashing into it. It was stopped by the police on either one of the bridges or one of the tunnels. And supposedly there was some kind of explosive found in the back of the van. I was just curious if you, and anyone else here at Amren had ever heard of this. And if so, what you think about it. The van one is a little sketchy as far as it being an absolute fact. However the "Dancing Israelis" is without a doubt a real event. The only question is, were they Mossad agents, and did they actually have foreknowlege of what was coming our way that day. Only to damn 3,000 American citizens to a horrific death by not telling us.

    • William Krapek

      I heard rumors recently they might be turning him over to Israel for some Palestinian deal. I’m not ashamed to say I nearly broke down and cried.

    • IstvanIN

      He should have been executed for treason. Spies for foreign governments and all citizen-traitors should be executed.

      • Bartek

        What are you proposing?
        That they nuke Washington DC and New York City?

        • BonV.Vant

          I would like that

        • IstvanIN

          At the Nuremberg trials the Allies set up a pretty efficient hanging system for the captured and “convicted” Axis leaders, I am sure we could replicate that technology without using atomic bombs.

    • Hank Carson

      “He was a greedy criminal opportunist and not some sort of pan-Jewish “patriot”;”

      Which makes it all the stranger that he is defended so enthusiastically by the organized Jewish community, who have consistently decried his imprisonment as an definitive act of antisemitism. Pollard was just such an overall terrible person, (his cocaine habit comes to mind) it seems as if groups like the ADL are almost trying to stir up antisemitism by even associating with the guy.

      The whole pollard deal gives me the sense the organized Jewish community is just trying to see how much they can get away with.

      • Yes, you’d think that a group concerned with antisemitism would pick its battles more carefully, just to avoid stirring more of it up.

  • bilderbuster

    That’s the same obvious reason why the Germans rounded Jews up during the war and not for genocide.

  • Pelagian

    Unbelievable. The divorcement from reality of the PC crowd.

  • libertarian1234

    Although most people wouldn’t even consider working for a foreign government under normal circumstances, I think many of them could possibly change their minds as the racial situation continues to deteriorate here.

    It’s getting harder and harder to support a government that has drifted so completely into leftist ideology, especially multiculturalism and multi-racialism. And it not only advocates these things, but forces all to comply or be denigrated, ostracized or prosecuted. No one is even allowed to opt out for separatism really. We’re forced to make pretentious overtures to the effect that we think all of it is a strength, even though only the most foolish and mentally conditioned really believe that.

    And with almost three more years to go for the community organizer and his AG, ignoring the constitution and ruling by decree, far worse situations are going to be the order of the day for that entire time, unless the GOP grows a spine and impeaches both of them. But that won’t happen.

    Many people have already been asking why they should support this country in a war when they would no longer be supporting the country their forefathers settled and built, because it has turned into a mish-mash of contentious tribes, each one pursuing whatever is best for his/her group and to Hell with the country as a whole. And the third world hordes keep flooding in.

    One of the Mexicans here said recently that he and most others want no part of US customs, traditions, history or language, and want to keep the ones their people have had for many years. He said hopefully they can secure control of most of the West through overwhelming numbers and petition to have it as part of Mexico. He said they came here strictly because the pay is better. And they want nothing else.

    And the community organizer is going to give the illegals here amnesty by EO, because his aim has always been to water down the white voting bloc and reduce the white power structure as much as he possibly can.

    But is any of it a surprise to anybody here? Hardly. Blacks want control of the country as a kind of New Africa as funny as that would be since their ability to build and manage anything is non-existent.

    The Muslims want to change everything so that the country operates under Sharia Law. And no other religion would be allowed. Only Islam…….. and only mosques would be allowed to be built.

    For those who have spoken for Russia and against the US and EU in this recent head to head, maybe they see the trend that Pat Buchanan and others recently wrote about regarding the fact that Russia is moving towards what America used to be like, while the US and the EU are moving in the direction of totalitarian control and Stalinism.

    If that trend continues, I think we will see literally millions of whites either screaming for secession or supporting Russia.

    • Rhialto

      You point out a possible near future for America. The Liberal-Feminist-Billionaire coalition is flooding America with non-assimilating immigrants. These immigrants,uniting with and radicalizing, their resident cohorts, should be classified as colonists. Their “American Dream” is to rule America, or at least an independent colony within America’s current boundaries. The only common goal that these disparate groups have is the suppression of normal White men, and they have pretty much accomplished that.

      The next Fedgov administration will probably be under an aged H. RodhamClinton*, or a greedy Repub, under Billionaire control. The situation may well become very very interesting.

      *Don’t count out Elizabeth Warren of Mass.

  • Andross

    What year was it that our high-trust society metamorphosized into a “every man for himself” dystopia? It was long before I was born, I’m guessing. (born in ’89)

    • Mad Dog

      If you’re talking about spying, then spies have been around forever. If you’re talking about people acting in their own self-interest, then that’s been around forever too.

  • William Krapek

    This is one of those stories that reminds me of why I’m so damn tired of hearing about those “supersmart” Asians. They cheat! They always have!

    And notice whenever they compare their income to ours they talk about “household income.” They have slightly more working adults in their houses, so of course they have higher household income!

    • Intrep1d

      If having spies is considered “cheating” then I got news for you. Everyone does it.

      • IstvanIN

        Yes, there have been spies since there were organized societies in competition with one another, but probably never before in history has a nation gone so far out of its way to import a fifth column.

      • ThomasER916

        Yes it is about intelligence. You’re just not smart enough to understand that.

  • BonV.Vant

    blood is more valuable than money

  • BonV.Vant

    The chinese do not only spy at the CIA and the state department. Universities all over this country have chinese students “studying” all of the breakthrough technologies that are being developed. I was at Old Dominion a few months ago and there were chinese students in the microtechnology department. These were people in their thirties, going to a university and posing as early twenty somethings.

    • Mad Dog

      I used to work for a military counter-intelligence service. We monitored Chinese exchange students in the DC area. The US students going to China were studying Chinese art and history. The Chinese students coming to the US were studying advanced engineering. Most of them already had PhDs.

  • Harry

    After Glenn Shriver has served his four-year prison sentence, I think he should be permanently deported to China. Then let the Chinese decide what to do with him!

    Also, what if a typical Hollywood liberal filmmaker, like Oliver Stone, were to make a movie that would falsely portray Glenn Shriver as a hero?

    As the saying goes “Money talks and bull**** walks!”

    • Martel

      Alger Hiss has been honoured with a chair at Bard College in New York.

    • On four years, Shriver will have to serve 42 months, though five months of that 42 can be at a halfway house. He probably also has a three year supervision period, reporting probation, which means:
      1. Mandatory monthly written reports, complete with a financial statement, and an explanation of any purchases over $500.
      2. Random drug tests.
      3. Random warrantless home inspections.
      4. Random visits to his employer by federal probation officers.
      5. Permission required in advance for travel outside his home state.
      6. Notification – though not permission – required if he is to be away from home within his state more than 72 hours.
      7. Continued employment or documented job-search contacts.
      8. Mandatory reporting of any encounters with law enforcement – even traffic stops for which no citations are issued.
      9. Mandatory reporting of any contact with other convicted felons. Failing to do so is “criminal association” and constitutes a violation of federal probation (or state parole).

      I actually did three years on federal probation after my release, and was held over an extra five months because of questions they had about my old gun collection. They finally cut me loose after a revocation hearing in Denver in December 2006… but the BATF tossed my house five years later, in December 2011 anyway with a warrant that didn’t actually specify any alleged crimes. Once a fellow is on the feds’ s**t list, they don’t let him off it.

      Glenn Shriver is going to be a very unhappy camper for many years after his release.

      • Harry

        Yes, I am well aware that upon release from prison, you are still not a free person. Because of so many legal restrictions that comes with being a convicted felon, you still have to live in a portable prison in free society, for the rest of your life. That is, unless you can get a Presidential pardon, but that is like winning the lottery

        I am well aware that convicted felons cannot vote, unless such rights restored, cannot own or even handle firearms, cannot visit certain countries such as Canada or Great Britain, cannot practice law, medicine, banking, finance, and professions.

        As a convicted felon, Martha Stewart had to apply for convicted felon visa to visit Great Britain, and even then she was denied her visa!

        The tragic thing about becoming a convicted felon is that it can even happen through no fault of your own. For example, let’s say you are in the car with a friend who has marijuana or other illegal drugs on their person. A policeman pulls the car over and finds it on that other person. Then you get the liability of becoming a convicted felon, even though you knew nothing about the drugs.

        DId you deliberately commit this crime? If so, do you wish you could step into a time machine, just like in the TV show QUANTUM LEAP, and this time, not commit the crime?

        Just suppose I was convicted of a felony offense. Upon my release from prison, even though I am white, I would walk around center city Philadelphia, or Times Square in New York City, with a sign saying “Because I am convicted felon I am legally a N*****!”

        • I did deliberately commit my “crime”. I said I was sorry in court, but there were extenuating circumstances: my ex-father talked to us in the same manner, so he does not deserve to be addressed in any other manner.

      • Johnny Squire

        Your list of probation requirements reads more like a jobs program for government employees and contractors.

  • Norseman

    Is there any notable number of American citizens with (at least nearly)pure Oriental racial ancestry whose first language is English and who does not speak any Oriental language?

    • Lots of the Asian-American undergrads I knew in college in California didn’t speak their parent tongue. This was most prevalent among Chinese and Japanese, who have been in California many generations. Two of my three best friends in Australia were ethnic Chinese, and William spoke no language other than English. He couldn’t even use chopsticks very well. Everett spoke unaccented English, but also Cantonese and Malay.

  • Norseman

    I wonder whether this is caused purely by ethnic reason or whether there is a pure racial component to it as well.

  • Anon

    When Chinese intelligence approaches overseas Chinese—or even naturalized citizens of other countries—all they have to do is emphasize shared ancestry.
    And the article lolfails because, it fails to mention, of course, that ALL races do this, not just the Chinese. Also, 4 years is hardly a “serious penalty” for the level of severity of the crime of treason (which is traditionally punished with death).
    This goes to the very heart of the immigration issue. In fact, NO non-white person considers themselves an “American” and is only here until the socialist gravy train ends.
    Which is not the worst motivation for these non-white parasites. That honor goes to the jews, who, not actually having a nation of their own have the conceit that they rule over white people as slaves in our countries. And, in modern times have caused the most horrific wars and genocides in human history through their murder and over throw of the Russian czars and attempt to rule by force much of the world via the euphemism of “communism”. The complete failure of communism is something they simply wash their hands of and pretend like they had nothing to do with it, when in fact, they were the ONLY force behind it. And cynically caused two world wars to promote it. And are the reason why we have permanent war in the middle east. They shore up a FAILED system of war, criminality and corruption by siphoning off from our successful, largely non-corrupt working system.
    The prototype of such racism (the real meaning of the word they made up) is inherit in the term sayanim. Whole books have been written about this but curiously, most are unaware. The Chinese engage in spying but nowhere near to the level of Israel and do not cause much harm with their spying, just the occasional economic advantage. They are largely responsible in their spying as a world power. Contrast that with the jews who spread nuclear weapons technology to every insane terror state in the world while grubbing for only a handful of dollars. The whole world could have BURNED so a handful of jackasses could buy another mercedez is very close to the truth of the matter…..leaving white people to clean up the mess that resulted…..again.
    The bottom line. MINIMUM necessary to fix the world’s problems is frank expulsion of all non-white ESPECIALLY jews from every white nation on earth with a permanent embargo on all immigration with serious penalties for attempts to change that (ie hanging).

  • Norseman

    To what degree would you consider non-Israeli Jews an espionage risk?

    • Julius and Ethyl Rosenberg come quickly to mind.

      • ThomasER916

        The only spies to be executed. Jews still scream “anti-Semite”! Their defending the worst traitors to America (giving the atomic bomb to the Soviets) tells me everything I need to know about Jews. They’re White’s greatest threat.

        • Some folks continue to claim that the Rosenbergs were innocent, although Ethyl’s brother pleaded guilty in the case, and declassified former Soviet documents released after the 1991 collapse show that the Rosenbergs were guilty as hell.

          I think it is pretty funny that Ethyl’s head caught fire when she was in the electric chair. It’s a pity we can’t do that to traitors anymore.

          • ThomasER916

            Notice the truth will be deleted. Welcome to Amren. Controlled by the Culture of Critique.

          • It is always possible to tell the truth here, but one must do it politely.

          • ThomasER916

            No. The Truth will not be told here. We must go elsewhere to discover the Truth.

  • Turns out we are an ‘Idea Nation,’ that idea being Cluelessness.

  • Israel is the main espionage threat but since Jews run the government, it’s always yellow peril, Iranian threat, or Russky aggression.

  • Israel spies a great deal on the US but we’ve been so sold on the notion that Israel interests are our own that we don’t regard Israeli spies as spies but as undocumented agents of the US government.
    If Pollard did today what he did then, he would be rubbing shoulders with the bigwigs.

    Amnesty for illegals and for Pollard.

    • The DoD passes on so much intel to Israel through official channels already that the rationale behind non-industrial Israeli spying here is puzzling to me.

  • dcc2379

    Every ethnicity and race has solidarity except whites. Liberals, through public schools and TV, fractured whites’ sense of self. Even cultural relativism doesn’t apply to whites. Yet, DOJ can target criminals for everything but the statistics of race.

  • teapartydoc

    “Diversity doesn’t enhance culture, it kills it.”
    I think a moderate amount is OK. When it gets up around 30% things start to fall apart.

    • rightrightright

      Still a bit clumsy.

      Diversity doesn’t enhance a culture. It is death.

  • George

    You cant have it both way. Either you replace us or you keep your secrets.