White People Celebrate Heat Loss in Exceedingly White Fashion

Bill Hanstock, SB Nation, March 28, 2013

NBA: Miami Heat at Chicago Bulls

On Wednesday night, the Chicago Bulls halted the impressive winning streak of the Miami Heat at 27 games. Luckily, a gaggle of exceedingly white dudes had courtside seats (because white people looooooove courtside seats) and treated us to the above picture.

This moment in basketball history deserves special attention. Computer: ZOOM IN. ENHANCE.


This guy is pretty white, I guess. If you were able to capture Howard Dean’s infamous scream, grant it sentience and a corporeal form and fill it full of Mike’s Hard Lemonade, this is what you’d be looking at. Thanks, science! You’ve done it again!

Let’s move along to the next item on the menu. Whaddaya got for us, white people?


Hey, it’s the white Lewis Black! Dude unironically throwing up the peace sign in celebration and looking terrified someone is going to request he start dancing. “I’M EXCITED BUT PLEASE DON’T LOOK AT ME DON’T MAKE ME USE MY BODY TO DO THINGS OH GOD.”

I feel ya, buddy.


Aw, a tender moment! Just two white guys, enjoying each others’ company, wearing their finest Cherokee-brand shirts. This is something really special. Let’s give them their privacy.


Okay, moving on.



If Wallace Shawn were an even whiter Gollum, you’d STILL have to ramp several notches up the White Guy Meter to arrive at … THIS. LOOK AT HIS CRAZY WRIST AND FIST. IT”S LIKE HIS REAL HAND IS IN HIS SLEEVE AND HE’S HOLDING A WACKY FAKE ARM LIKE A SOUVENIR CAPTAIN HOOK HOOK.


Bill Hanstock

Bill Hanstock


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  • Nathanwartooth

    Um, OK.

    Not really sure the point of this article. Pretty sure the author is insane.

    • Oil Can Harry

      The funny part is that the hipster author thinks these white guys are nerds as opposed to himself.

      He actually thinks he’s cool.

      • MobyWhite

        He thinks right. Mocking Whiteness is the New Cool. Everybody’s doing it, everybody who counts and is getting ahead.

        • concernedcollegekid

          You just know the guy who wrote this is so insecure and so concerned with seeming cool. No one who was comfortable with who he was, and who didn’t feel the need to put other people down in order to build himself up, would have written this.

          • concernedcollegekid


        • sbuffalonative

          PC Cred.

          Why did he feel the need to mock a group of white men cheering their team? There was no reason for this other than the writer knew mocking white men was acceptable.

      • It’s the d-bag way.

      • ms_anthro

        He’s not even a hipster. He’s a fat balding internet nerd with a greasy smile. This is what passes for quality satire among multicultists: open racial hate against our people. Do we need to know more than that? He’s a traitor to his own kind and we won’t forget it.

    • Xanthippe2

      The point of the article? There ARE at least 7 Whites in the same building. Obviously more immigration is needed.

    • [Guest]

      >>>Pretty sure the author is insane.

      Insane with hatred for white people, perhaps.

    • vladdy1

      Same here. I really don’t get it. They’re using print space to make fun of white men like a couple of “mean girls” picking on the smart chicks and this is journalism? If a high school student turned this in, the teacher’s reaction should be (HT to Steve Martin in “Planes and Trains” — STORIES SHOULD HAVE A POINT! (Sorry for yelling, but he did in tje ,mpvoe == th that Steve Martin steam-rising-from-the-collar way that this article made me feel.)-

  • I take an entirely different meaning from this.

    I could seven white men who need to get a real life and who need a more substantial hobby than deriving so much joy from mostly black men trying to put a ball through an iron hole ten feet above the floor.

    • Xerxes22

      True. I have no sympathy for Whites who go apesh*t over hominoids playing basketball. They deserve to be ridiculed.

    • BonusGift

      I think it has an even simpler explanation and meaning. The
      easiest way to ingratiate yourself with tribe that controls most media is to
      make derogatory statements about whitey. He is just doing what he thinks is
      accepted and will help him as a writer. In short, he is doing the spineless, easy
      thing and hoping to profit from it; while the guys he is goofing on are probably just clients of some finance/brokerage firm with season tickets. Just another day watching a circus (beer & circuses) while the slow motion collapse of the country continues.

    • Morris LeChat

      Twenty years ago, when I was at home, my sister asked me why I didn’t want to watch basketball, why I wasn’t all excited about it. I said then “I couldn’t care less about a bunch of blacks running around with a ball “. This was when I still thought of myself as liberal, and certainly not racist, but her question made me think about why I wasn’t interested and that answer just came out and I said it as soon as I thought it. She called me a racist, and it didn’t phase me. I said, they are all black, and it just doesn’t interest me “.

      • brengunn

        It is embarrassing and they should be ridiculed. There is no way I could follow a team or sport with no whites. It’s the worst kind of emasculation.

      • SargeInCharge

        That’s the same reason why most black people don’t like hockey, but your sister probably wouldn’t call a black person who said he couldn’t relate to hockey players racist.

        • betsy

          exactly or cross country running

          • Defoe

            Or Olympic swimming. I have never watched basketball for the same reasons. They are not of my tribe even though I like the game and played in High School.

          • Morris LeChat

            They are not of my species. The show, Lancelot Link grew stale after only a couple of episodes too

        • Morris LeChat

          Blacks are allowed to be racists. Anyway, I was at least ten years ahead of the curve on this one.

      • Veritas_lux_mea

        I enjoy watching Olympic basketball and rooting for teams like all-White Spain against our zulu squad.

        • betsy


      • vladdy1

        Too bad so many of us have relatives who stand up for black people over their own kin, isn’t it?

        • Dropa Deuce

          There’s nothing wrong with that.

    • Paleoconn


    • Lars

      But, but, but they dribble soooo good!

    • fakeemail

      Seriously. I would hardly care if was mostly white men trying to put a ball through a hoop. Being a fan of pro sports past the age of 12 is disturbing. Just an excuse to get drunk, I suppose.

    • Dr. X

      Exactly! Seeing middle aged white men high-fiving and fist-pumping and shouting “Duuuuude!” at each other at sports events every time some illiterate black athlete scores a point sickens me. All they’re doing is imitating blacks. I’d rather see white men shooting rifles, flying airplanes, hunting big game, and building cars – things that take intelligence and discipline.

      • Tom Brady

        Yeah but whites are not intelligent themselves. Besides, they’re having fun, so let them. 🙂

  • JackKrak

    The author is right – they DID celebrate in white fashion.
    The weren’t a nuisance to anyone else & no one around them was in physical danger of assault or robbery.

    • Or tipping over cars. Randomly pop off some “caps”. Flash mob the local 7-11. Burn something. Punch random people. Smash things in the street. Throw televisions out the window (old Chicago tradition I am told). Block traffic and rob drivers.

      • Morris LeChat

        And look at some high profile white athlettes. Tom Brady for instance, a good family man. He doesn’t hole up in a hotel room with hookers and cocaine. He doesn’t spend all his money and end up bankrupt. He has several children and is a good father to all of them. Contrast that with ANY black “aph’leet”

        • Gottfried_Gundisalvus

          Tom Brady is a good Irish Catholic lad!

          • josh

            So am I …but I aint got no Giselle Bundchen waiting for me!

          • Morris LeChat

            Who knows, time may prove you to be the lucky one.

          • t

            didn’t he dump his first wife for arm candy? good catholic hypocrite.

          • Morris LeChat

            No, she was not his wife, just his girlfriend. She did get pregnant by him and have his child. He was already dating Bundchen when he heard Moyaihan was pregnant.

          • Tom Brady

            Sounds like a bum to me.

          • Morris LeChat

            I don’t think he is.Just avoided a shotgun wedding, that’s all, pays support and is a good father/family man.

      • Nicholas

        They did not, but many White college students usually do when their team either wins or loses a championship game.

    • The__Bobster

      Maybe so, but it’s pathetic that White people act that they’re somehow responsible for the monkeyshines taking place on the court.

      It’s even more disgraceful when 350-lb out-of-shape White men wear the jerseys of low-IQ congoids. They need to lose some weight and play some sports themselves.

    • Northerner

      They’re mostly a bunch of old guys. what exactly was anyone else expecting.

  • Hunter Morrow

    White people aren’t supposed to be at basketball games, I guess.

    It is a pity Miami Heat isn’t a hockey team. The players could have been hit by bananas and watermelons.

    • Puggg

      The hockey team in Miami (Panthers) once had an epidemic of its fans throwing plastic rats on the ice with every home team goal.

  • Oil Can Harry

    David Horowitz once recalled that throughout the ’70s liberals repeatedly predicted that whites would stop following the NBA and NFL once they became majority black.

    Had they abandoned these sports they’d be called bigots. Since they still support them financially they instead get slammed for cheering the black players on in a nerdy way and for hogging the front row seats.

    • Foreman Scotty

      Abandon? Hardly. Some white men are so sick they’d offer up their daughters for an autograph from one of the Bantus.

      • jambi19

        Notice no one claims 50 young white women in short skirts and tube tops jumping up and down in unison as “celebrating in exceedingly white fashion.”

  • So CAL Snowman

    What does “exceedingly White” fashion mean? How does this contrast with normal every day White celebrating? Would this guy feel unsafe in an “exceedingly” White neighborhood as opposed to a “normal” White neighborhood? These are the questions that need answering.

    • IstvanIN

      White fashion: well fitting, clean, pressed civilized. Now look at the slob who wrote the article.

  • Gunrunner1

    This picture says it all.

    • ms_anthro

      He’s not White. He looks like us but he isn’t one of us. If he hates Whites so much there’s no reason to let him enjoy the benefit of belonging to our cultures and civilizations. Anti-Whites deserve no quarter from us, the people who gave them everything, the people they’re trying to destroy. Let him go live with his vibrants and stop polluting our gene pool with his obvious mental illness.

  • Hunter Morrow

    “Exceedingly white.” What does that mean? If they’d have been whooping and hollering and stomping around as they sucked wind through their teeth would they have been celebrating in an “exceedingly black” fashion? What amount of Whiteness is appropriate? When does it start making this guy feel uncomfortable? He’s the dweeb.

    • “Exceedingly white.” No such thing. That’s like saying “too much fun” or “too much free bandwidth.”

  • SargeInCharge

    The only reason it seemed like it was exclusively whites celebrating the victory is because the blacks that were in attendence were already outside looting and turning over cars.

    • MikeofAges

      There probably weren’t any, to speak of.

  • bigone4u

    Since blacks celebrating sports victories or bemoaning losses always involves rioting, looting, beatings, and even shootings, I hope to find the white author of the article right in the middle of the next black mob so he can experience firsthand the black way of celebrating.

  • Ryan

    Check out the comments on the original article. People aren’t happy about this. In a way, though it’s unbelievably overboard, and personally I would like to deliver one of my strongest punches to his face, the author is helping us by spreading racial awareness. It’s showing some PC white liberal lunatic for the true color he is.

    If I read it correctly, there are thousands of people posting there, and probably the vast majority are complaining about it.

    • Gottfried_Gundisalvus

      Will this wake up some of the White dullards who are addicted* to sports?

      *I think watching sports to a limited degree is O.K., but some White fans take their negro-athlete worshiping to an unhealthy extreme

  • SargeInCharge

    “This guy is pretty white”

    Clean cut, well dressed, wealthy enough to be sitting in the front row, and wearing a wedding ring — a successful business and family man. Yep, that does look like a white man. Oh, the horror.

  • MekongDelta69

    You wanna know (one of the many) ‘cool’ things about AmRen? Huh? Do ya? Well, do ya???

    If you (meaning anyone), comes to an article ‘late’ on here (‘Late’ – meaning about 10 mins.!), everything you wanted to say has already been said. So – you just click on the ‘Thumbs Up’ for each poster, and you save yourself some more ranting (b/c you’ve just done that under another article)!

    [I saw this article a couple of days ago and left a comment (which I guess is still there).]

    • Nathanwartooth

      I routinely scroll down to read newer comments.

      I actually like the old comment system better before Disqus came into the picture. I could scroll down to read all the comments in chronological order. But oh well.

      • MekongDelta69

        You still can.

        Look in between the “Leave a message…” box and the first comment, on the upper left side where it says, “Newest” (with a drop down arrow) to the right of that.
        Click on that arrow and you get a choice of ‘Best’, ‘Newest’ or ‘Oldest’.
        Pick whichever way you want to read them. Click F5 to refresh your screen.

    • Paleoconn

      Excellent observation.

  • crystalevans

    These white men could afford the courtside seats. What is so wrong with that? Heck in New York, Spike Lee sits courtside watching the Knicks play. Is he entitled because he is black?

    • Courtside playoff tickets in NYC are much more expensive than in Miami.

      Here in Chicago it is cheaper to fly to an out-of-town playoff game in a “small market city”, for any sport, and stay in a hotel, than it is to just go a similar game here.

  • betsy

    the author assumes quite a bit.

    These guys could be a group of businessmen or old friends that just happened to have

    their convention or gathering in Chicago. Perhaps this is the only nba game they have been
    to in years with old college friends or business execs from across the country.

    The author is an ass to presume this is an every night happening and they are nerds by their actions.

    I will assume that they are probably all highly-educated over achievers.

  • RisingReich

    First of all, the Ni66er Basketball Association is just a bunch of monkeys playing ‘run and jump’. Not entertaining in the slightest if you ask me.

    Secondly – this self hating loser (author) doesn’t have a point to this article other than to ridicule old White guys? People get PAID to write articles like this?

    Gees and here I am actually being productive every week day. I must be a sucker lol.

  • Tom Iron

    What was this about anyway???

    • Morris LeChat

      It was just filler.

      • khesanh67-68

        What is all this baloney???

        • Morris LeChat

          dast beez ah sam-which

    • MobyWhite

      This is about acclimating Whites to being mocked and ridiculed for their Whiteness.

      Just as the story about the porn star reading to school kids was to acclimate us to the cultural unification of sexuality and children.

      Gay marriage is really about pedo marriage. Once SCOTUS evolves to give gays their wedding rights, the pervs will start demanding “marriage equality” so they can marry little girls.

      The Muslims already do it, so in the name of Multiculutral Interfaith Community Building, everyone should have the right, so the argument goes.

      Healthy people are horrified about the new normalacy, because nobody in the future will be safe or healthy.

      So why even try to protect kids today? If we keep them safe and healthy and send them out into the sickness of it all, do we really think they won’t catch the sickness?

      In the future, if sickness is normal, only the sick will survive. Sick, I know, but harshly real.

      • brengunn

        Gay marriage is really about pedo marriage.

        No, it’s not. Gay people are consenting adults and therefore, should have the right to marry should they wish to. Pedo relationships are not consenting and therefore, should not have the right to marry, rather, the peadophile will be charged and sent to prison.

        The Muslims already do it,

        It’s not that the Musllims already do it, it’s that they still do it. Remember, we in the West used to have similar marriages but deemed them wrong as time went on. This tradition will not be tolerated in the West, even with the current popularity of multi- culturalism.

        • Gay Black Man

          Gay marriage is really about pedo marriage.
          No, it’s not. Gay people are consenting adults and therefore, should have the right to marry should they wish to

          Exactly! A voice of common sense.

          • Morris LeChat

            marriage is about providing a stable environment for children….oh wait, you black, you don’t be knowing what dat be all bout.

        • Morris LeChat

          They have the right to marry any person of the opposite sex that they may wish to marry. The fact that this does not interest them is too bad. They do not have the right to redefine society to accommodate their deviancy.

          • brengunn

            And you don’t have the right to define society with your prejudice. Gay marriage will in no way infringe your rights or your ability to live a happy and secure life, so why should you wish to deny that to gay people.

          • IstvanIN

            You might want to be more careful where you post in the future.

          • brengunn

            Excuse me? As far as I’m aware this is a race realist site, not an anti-gay marriage site and even if it were, I’m sure they don’t ban dissenting opinions.

            So why should I be careful?

          • Morris LeChat

            No, we won’t excuse you, this is not a gay site, stop pushing your agenda here. As a race realist site you will find that there are many on here who are also sex realists too. I suggest you get the book “reparative therapy” and read it, you will see that you weren’t BORN gay, so you don’t have any “gay” rights. YOur condition was caused by a failure to complete a developmental stage where your personal masculine (if you are male) identity should have been formed. There are many people who have done the therapy who have found to their surprise that their desires have subsided substantially. Even if you don’t want to live a “straight” life, you will find that your gay lifestyle causes you much uneeded emotional turmoil. Gays are a miserable lot with high suicide rates, high substance abuse rates, high mental disease rates and high partner violence rates. It is not at all a healthy or normal lifestyle. It also is a death knell for any race that embraces it. As a race realist you must realize that reproduction and strong families are fundamentally important.

          • brengunn

            One of the things that attracts me to race realism is that it recognizes the science behind race where the mainstream is not willing to. To deny homosexuality would be unscientific as it is an observed behaviour not only in humans but in other species, too.

            Allowing gays to marry will not affect normal marriage or the traditional family unit and therefore I see no problem with it, I certainly don’t believe it to be the death knell of our society.

          • Morris LeChat

            There is no science that homosexuality is genetic or that people are born that way, There is ZERO evidence to that effect. You are also wrong that it will not affect the family unit. IT HAS. It has drastically weakened the family in scandinavian countries that have had civil unions. Many more children are being born out of wedlock, women are having children with multiple men. Marriage became a JOKE when it was extended to gays in the forms of recognized unions. It has been a total DISASTER for the family unit in countries that have extended state sanction and recognition to gay couples. Once again, you only accept what makes you feel good, not the truth.

          • brengunn

            Whether they’ve discovered the reasons for homosexuality is besides the point, the fact is it happens in a certain percentage of society regardless of how free or dictatorial or liberal or conservative that society is. Again, to try to deny it would be unscientific.

            I don’t want society to become some kind of debauched gay paradise. I’d rather they didn’t do public displays of affection or push their lifestyle in my face but I also don’t want to go the other way and persecute them and deny them rights that everyone else has.

            I see no reason why this should affect society in a negative manner.

          • Morris LeChat

            Denying gay marriage is not denying a right. If they want to marry then fine, marry- WITHIN THE DEFINITION OF MARRIAGE BEING BETWEEN A MAN AND A WOMAN. No one said a gay man can not mary a woman, no one said a gay woman can not mary a man. They have the right to mary, they do not have the authority to redefine marriage, No one’s rights are being denied by insisting that marriage stay between a man and a woman. The fact they do not chose to exercise the right is their problem.

          • brengunn

            Do you have the authority to stop them? No, you don’t.

          • Morris LeChat

            Look pal, society is melting down big time and gay people are on the side of the destroyers. Go ahead, be smug today. It’s not over yet, and white society will be making a comeback if for no other reason than the animals are at our throats. YOU and your kind will be remembered for being on the side of the animals. So, there will be a day when the upside down world is righted again, where will you be when that day comes?

          • brengunn

            You honestly think there is going to be some war where the West is put right? You’re dreaming. There may be hope for the science on race being accepted but there is certainly not going to be a reckoning where your glorious society is forged.

          • William

            Why don’t you go back to Stormfront? We don’t need your kind here.

          • IstvanIN

            This entire thread should be deleted, this wasn’t about gay marriage. I am not sure if thread is the right word.

          • brengunn

            I didn’t bring it up.

          • IstvanIN

            You are right, I meant all the nutty off topic posts. I find it disturbing when people have to bring their personal hatred of gays, or Catholics, or feminists, or whatever, into a discussion that had nothing to do with any of the above.

          • Morris LeChat

            There is no hatred in believing marriage is between a man and a woman. Where is the hatred in that stance? Tell us, we want to know.

          • IstvanIN

            This article, or topic, has nothing to do with marriage, nothing at all. I find it bizarre when people bring totally unrelated issues into a discussion. Is that a clearer stating of my position?

          • Morris LeChat

            you said that stating that marriage is between a man and a woman is hateful, where is the hate in that belief and statement?

          • IstvanIN

            No, I did no such thing.

          • Morris LeChat

            Someone else brought it up, not me. The deviant started pushing his agenda when it was brought up. I responded to that, do you have this all clear now?

          • Morris LeChat

            you were eager to go down on it though

          • brengunn

            You were, too, it seems.

          • Morris LeChat

            You were going down on something, I was standing up for something, big difference

          • brengunn

            You are infantile.

          • Morris LeChat

            so you lose an argument and the name calling starts

          • brengunn

            The person who talks the loudest doesn’t win the argument. You were the one alluding to gay sex, showing you can’t have a civilised discussion without getting personal and slinging insults.

          • Morris LeChat

            You are so gay, always have to get the last petty swipe in. The argument was over and won by me long ago.

          • Morris LeChat

            wow, look at the gays crying and whining

          • Morris LeChat

            she just outed herself

          • brengunn

            I’m not a she.

          • Morris LeChat

            yes, you are

          • Morris LeChat

            It is not a prejudice. It is a biological reality. Children are produced from the union of a man and a woman. The definition of marriage also existed long before I ever walked this earth, it is as old as mankind, and it always reflected the acknowledgement of that biological reality. Gays are the ones trying to redefine things. Their sexuality is deviant and they are trying to bend society to their deviancy. Gay marriage does indeed infringe on peoples rights. When people are told to treat gay couples as they do real couples, then they are losing their rights to live as their religion and common sense and sense of decency tells them to and forces them to live the way a bitter resentful, unhappy deviant thinks they should. You can be bitter at the world for you condition, that is your problem, leave everyone else alone.

          • brengunn

            Homosexuality is observed in higher primates so it has been around longer than the idea of ‘marriage’ as we know it today. Whether you agree with it or not, it’s a part of human nature. I don’t see any reason to deny it or treat gays any different than straights.

          • Morris LeChat

            You repeat claptrap. Yo believe it because it justifies you. No, it rarely happens and when it does it is more of a subjugation submission thing. There are no higher primates that show a constant desire only for members of it’s own sex.

          • Defoe

            The overriding issue is fulfilling the biological imperative which, obviously, a homosexual “couple” cannot accomplish. After all, procreating appears to be the primary function of all biological entities. Since homosexuals cannot procreate, they are, in fact, second class citizens. Stop trying to normalize what is so obviously abnormal behavior.

          • brengunn

            Yes, procreation is obviously the purpose of life but I don’t see that as a reason to classify homosexuals as second class citizens, especially in times like these where we are reaching the upper limits of the human population the world can safely sustain. There sexuality is not normal but I would not go so far as to classify it as abnormal, maybe irregular. I would only classify it as deviant if the behaviour was conducted with an unwilling person or being.

            Whatever we classify it as, it happens, and is, IMO, harmless.

          • Defoe

            “… where we are reaching the upper limits of the human population the world can safely sustain.”

            How do you know this?

          • brengunn

            It has a consensus among scientists. There may already be too many people for the Earth to sustain long term, though if we’ve not reached that point yet, I imagine we’re fast getting there, with natural resources being depleted, rainforests being cut down, the seas over fished and not enough land for agriculture, not to mention the growing list of extinctions as the human population grows.

            Sometime in this century or the next, governments will have to think about population controls, if the four horsemen don’t get there first.

          • Defoe

            So these “gays” think they have the intelligence and wisdom to refute millennia of customs? Look, I don’t think we should push these deviants back in the closet. Let them wallow in their behavior. The vast majority of people agree that the “traditional family” is the corner stone of a stable society. Why do you want to remove that corner stone?

          • brengunn

            I don’t see gay marriage as an attack on traditional marriage. It’s not an either/or situation, if it were, then of course I would be anti-gay marriage. I see no reason the world cannot accommodate a plurality of marriages where people can choose the traditional route of the nuclear family, if they’re gay they can choose gay marriage and I would also allow polygamous marriages where consenting adults can have several wives/husbands should they choose to.

            Besides, those who worry about traditional marriage have more pressing concerns like the huge divorce rates and increasing levels of single parent families without worrying about whether gays can marry.

      • Gay Black Man

        You are deeply ignorant and misguided.

        • betsy

          that comment would apply to you… moreso than the poster Moby

        • Morris LeChat

          you are a bad reject from a tyler perry script

        • jambi19

          There is nothing more misguided than the Ebonic translation “IGNENCE”! and “IGNINT”. Anyone ever notice that is the new jive word said by third worlders in an attempt to gain moral/intellectual high ground? I swear the last time I had a conversation on politics with a black citing facts on history, philosophy and statistics I was called a “ignent”. Talk about misguided.

      • Gottfried_Gundisalvus

        ‘So why even try to protect kids today?’

        Teach them that being a Race Realist is the new trendy form of teenage rebellion!

        Want to make your teacher mad? Saying something Race Realist!

        Whenever I hang out with my Nephew he is always complaining about all the hispanics moving up here to the Pacific Northwest that don’t even speak English and are short like Orcs (4′ 9″). Sometimes I slip in some racial jokes he has never heard before, to let him know that it is O.K. to laugh behind the back of the colored Affirmative Action folks.

        Youngsters can read History books, they know that ‘diversity’ is not normal and they want the normalcy of Race Realism!

      • anarchyst

        The homosexual lobby has been successful in distancing itself from the homosexuality of Catholic clergy. This was done with “help” from the so-called “mainstream media” which incorrectly called homosexual “chickenhawk” behavior, “child sexual abuse” and “pedophilia”. For those of you who are unaware, a “chickenhawk” is an adult that “recruits” young boys into the depraved practice of homosexuality. Boys as young as 7 years old are “ripe” targets as their sexual “mores” are not fully developed and can be easily swayed into thinking that homosexuality is “normal”.
        The “lavender lobby” in the Catholic seminary system purposely denied the priesthood to “straight” candidates while promoting their depraved “lifestyle” to suitable (homosexual) candidates. What better “cover” for a homosexual than to be a Catholic priest–the “targets of opportunity” (young boys) are almost endless.
        It may be interesting to know that predatory homosexual behavior is not limited to priests, but is rampant in the teaching “profession” as well as clergy of other faiths.

        • Morris LeChat

          The Catholic church forbade the clergy to marry because the wife would have inherited the priests worldly goods, which could be quite considerable. Once they forbade marriage, everything belonged to the church when the priest died. That may have had unintended consequences but the motivation for the rule was monetary greed, not homosexual lust.

          • anarchyst

            You are correct. Inheritance by spouses was a major reason for celibacy. In fact, there is no church “dogma” to cover enforced celibacy of Catholic priests. It was (and still remains) a purely administrative “rule” that could be changed at any time.
            In fact, Episcopal (Anglican) priests that convert to Catholicism are permitted to bring their families with them.

          • Morris LeChat

            Thank you . I’d also like to add that those who claim that the priesthood is gay and always has been are just plain wrong. Read what Martin Luther’s impressions of Rome were. He was appalled at the number of prostitutes and mistresses that the clergy and church officials had.The city was awash in bastards father by churchmen. It will astound you. I don’t think homosexuality was tolerated well within the church. The church was overwhelmingly heterosexual. This was also close to the time of Savaranola. There was an increase in homosexuality in general, but it had more to do with the contemporary discoveries of pagan art, frescoes, sculptures. I think in Pompeii in fact. The Medici funded much of this but eventually, like all gay subcultures, it spiraled out of control very quickly and there was a backlash led by Savaranola and his bonfire of the vanities. They put that genie back in the bottle very quickly. My guess is that disease started running rampant. There is mention of bath houses where much gay activity went on. Many gays were put on the bonfire. My guess is that these were the ones caught fornicating openly in public places- things never really change, do they. Michelangelo may have had gay desires, but it is very questionable if he ever acted on any of them. He was a strong supporter of Savaranola. There was an artists that was called “Sadoma”, the church knew he was an active homosexual, and the nickname shows the disdain they had for him. He also was not given as much work as his talents may have warranted. Raphael was a very heterosexual individual who had many women, he lived the way they portrayed Mozart as living in the movie Amadeus. He liked fine clothes, parties, food, music etc. Raphael was a playboy. Michelangelo was said to be argumentative and downright nasty, frugal, simple in clothes and other things, and above all, celibate.

  • MobyWhite

    Let’s see him do the same in reverse for the crowd at a rap show.

    Oooo, they look so very, very black….

  • Korpiklaani

    I’m so sick of having to be ashamed just for the fact I’m a White man. I say if White American women, and their pet minorities hate us White guys so much we give them what they want. I’m in favor of a mass exodus to Eastern Europe. Lets see how a they fare without us.

  • I read the headline and was trying to figger why anyone would celebrate some heat loss. Boy I’m slow sometimes.

    • IstvanIN

      Don’t feel bad. I was expecting a story about some people in Minnesota who lost power and decided to build snowmen, chop wood, have a winter barbeque or otherwise survive the cold!

      • ncpride

        That’s too funny! I was thinking along the same lines. With this bizarre spring weather, I was thinking the article would be about how Whites pull together to make a bad situation….not so bad.

        • IstvanIN

          You and I must be really white! See, yankees and rebels don’t always think differently!

  • Andy

    I get the impression this was supposed to be insulting, but I didn’t get the cultural references and do not share the idea that whiteness is mockworthy.

  • Luca

    It would be so cool if these guys would say they’re gay and sue the pants off this idiot and charge him with a hate crime.

  • concernedcollegekid

    I don’t see this as “offensive to whites” as much as I see it as offensive to the individuals portrayed… I mean, they’re just regular guys trying to enjoy a game and some awkward-looking photos of them got taken and now some stupid guy with probably no life wants to make a laughingstock of them, when it’s not even really funny.

    Of course it’s obvious that if they had been any other race, this article could not have been written. But it’s also obvious that it’s generally more accepted and politically correct to make fun of ethnic groups when there’s less about them to make fun of. That’s why this isn’t offensive to whites as much as it’s just really stupid and the author seriously needs to get a life and stop trying to be like “OH LOOK AWKWARD PICTURES OF PEOPLE, I FIND THIS FUNNY SO THAT MAKES ME COOL.”

  • Milton Keeney

    We have it all on display with this one.

    1.) Self deprecating white “journalist” seeks to ingratiate himself with blacks.
    2.) Pillowy soft, white suburbanites emotionally engrossed in negro worship AKA (professional sports.)
    Yeah, they all have it coming. Pile on the ridicule.

  • gemjunior

    The combined worth of every black in the world doesn’t add up to these few whites.

  • Paleoconn

    The funny thing is all these guys look a hell of a lot better than Hanstock and they can probably kick his ass.

    Btw, our Nobel Peace Prize Winner in Chief calls them the Miami Heats. And he calls Comiskey Park ‘Kaminsky Field’. Hail to the Fraud

  • IstvanIN

    The original article is surrounded by McDonald’s and Big Mac logos, so it must be a 365Black site.

    • Defoe

      Never eat at McDonalds. If you must do fast food, eat at Hardee’s or Subway. Never 365black McDonalds.

      • newscomments70

        I don’t have a TV anymore, but every McDonalds commercial I see shows a black guy with a blond haired white girl.

        • Morris LeChat

          someone has to pay for the food

  • jay11

    I have seen Asians and latinos celebrating and it didn’t look much different. Now whenever I see older black men celebrating it looks different than this.

  • Digitoxin

    I guess they should be holding their pants up and firing pistols into the air? I’m going to hold my breath for the MSM outrage on this.

  • Aesir

    I actually work at the same company as the first guy featured, with the blue shirt and buzz cut. I’m assuming the other guys featured here are also my coworkers (it’s a huge company).

    It’s a real shame that people like him are so denigrated and mocked by the media. In the few months that I’ve known him, I’ve only found him as a nice, upstanding person. Real easy to get along with. Really, it’s working class people like him that make society run, and that make possible the lavish lifestyle that the animals on the court enjoy.

    Take heart, my brothers. More people than you know are awake and aware. One day, things will be set right.

    • purestocles

      Your comment filled me with a deep sense of shame for the state of America today.

    • concernedcollegekid

      Man, that makes me feel worse about this. Thinking of these as hardworking, morally upstanding people who are able to let loose and do something fun for once, only to get ridiculed for it. That really is messed up.

      • MikeofAges

        Plus’n, supporting the multi-million dollar salaries of the players. Y’all like that word? Plus’n?

      • newscomments70

        Well, they have now know that it doesn’t pay to cheer for people who want to exterminate them. Maybe this humliation is a small price to pay for racial awareness.

    • I actually work at the same company as the first guy featured, with the blue shirt and buzz cut.

      He is cheering on apes. What do you think he would say if he daughter brought one home?

    • Defoe

      ” One day, things will be set right.” When?? I keep reading this, but we (Whites) just keep getting derogated more and more. And murdered, and taxed to support these animals.

      When? When will things be set right?? When will my grandchildren be assured a safe future away from these animals? When? One day? One day when we’re all dead? When.

      • newscomments70

        That is a very good question. The answer is now. The challenge is that no one will complete this task for us…while we rest at home with a beer and a cheeseburger. The revolution starts with you and I. We have take action.

  • Although the journalist is a despicable piece of excrement, these men should have long ago ceased to show any interest in ape-like sports. There are sports galore with almost exclusively White, or vastly dominating White participants (plus some Asians).

    • Luca

      I’d rather watch high school sports than watch a group of black millionaires bouncing balls and swinging from rims.

      • As long as the places where you’re watching HS sports aren’t places where they’re obsessed with HS sports. That leaves out Steubenville, Ohio and Texas. And of course you’ll want teams that are all white or as close to that as you can get.

        Maybe a good example is most of suburban St. Louis, as long as the school district doesn’t participate in interdistrict deseg.

      • The Last White Man Standing

        Weel put. I’d rather watch paint dry than watch a bunch of sweaty blacks do just about anything. The only exception would be to watch them board a plane to Africa and never return. That I could watch.
        My friends can’t believe that I can’t name one sports player on any of the Philadelphia teams, despite growing up in Philly.

    • Morris LeChat

      I agree, when white people get all verspunken about basketball, they just look like they want to lick negro feet.

  • Cape to Cairo

    Every time I read one of these articles written by some Cultural Marxist, self loathing, white liberal, all I say to myself is, “Add his name to the list.”

  • Edward

    And we wonder why so many young White men are so dysfunctional. Look at their elders

  • Gay Black Man

    The guy in the blue jeans and gray sweater looks like one of the married men that physically attacked me when I broke off my relationship with him for being married.

    • betsy

      you showed him

    • jambi19

      All yes, the old “all white people secretly want to sleep with black people” meme. I guess no one ever told you what you see on television is not real. As your story is not true. If it is then that’s an exception and not the norm. I will cite the Brown University workshop for homosexuals that we both know you are aware of.

      • Gay Black Man

        I would not say that, but there indeed a number of Whites from the early years of this nation (Thomas Jefferson and some of the founding fathers), the late Strom Thurmond, rampant miscegenation in the 19th century among Irish,French, other Europeans and Blacks, the notable number of White women who date and sleep with Black men and the number of White men who raped Black women in the south during the mid 20th century, my own experiences…. with both married and unmarried White men etc… I can go on. So no, by no means do all Whites want to sleep or engage in sexual activity with blacks or other non-Whites, but there are certainly a number (past and present) who have done so and still do.

        • Tom Iron

          bugger off mack…

        • Alan

          Sadly, this is true.

        • Defoe

          The best analyses conclude that Randolph, not Thomas, fathered some of Sally’s children. Get your “facts” straight. The vast majority of White men find black women unattractive. I certainly do.

          • Morris LeChat

            I think the annual numbers of interracial rapes where white men rape black women is usually…… ZERO! Black people are EXTREMELY unattractive to white people.

          • Roger

            Actually, there were scientists at Oxford University in 1996 who conducted DNA tests that pretty much confirmed that Thomas Jefferson was indeed the person who impregnated Sally Hemmings and fathered her children.

          • Defoe

            That is not correct; what was concluded was that, yes there was Jefferson DNA in some of Sally’s off-spring, but because of time lines, etc, the likelihood was that Randolph, not Thomas, was the contributor.

        • Morris LeChat

          oh lawdy jeebus, he gots da massah slave fantasy too!

      • Gay Black Man

        Oh for the record, I am aware of that study. In fact, this website had a post discussing it last week I believe. Feel free to see my comments on that post.

      • Dale

        I must admit that it seems to be commonplace for some people to dismiss Gay Black Man’s posts as being untrue, but yet in the very next sentence often concede “well it may be true, but it is unusual, not the norm, out of habit etc…” It is a form of passive/aggressive psychological behavior at its most amusing.

        • Gene

          I agree. It’s called denial.

        • Morris LeChat

          No, his posts aren’t true, anyone who has ever known black people knows that they tell lies all the time. If a black girl told you that hair on her head grew out of her scalp, would you believe it?

          • Tidal Wave

            And White people don’t lie? Please! You are a whacko.

        • jambi19

          Spare me the online assessment there, Freud. One can make a logical assertion based on statistical probabilities. I conceded it as a possibility because it is impossible in our context of internet communication to prove/disprove the claim. Similar to claims/evidence in the pseudoscience that passes for psychology today. Most of it’s theories are impossible to prove/disprove. So objective thinkers reject the entire premise, as I reject GBM’s premise and I reject yours. Enough passive aggressiveness for your amusement? Care to elaborate anymore on my personality axis?

      • Morris LeChat

        Like all black people, he can’t tell the difference between his fantasies about himself and reality. He’s seen some Tyler Perry movies and some gay porn and leave it to beaver and they somehow melded together in his head.

        • Rick

          You sound like a closet case yourself.

        • Rebel Rebel

          You are out of control. I thought I would never say this, but Gay Black man comes across much better than you do. In fact, he has outclassed you thoroughly. You are an immature, homophobic idiot.

          • Morris LeChat

            that is your opinion

          • Paul

            No. It’s a fact. You have proven your ignorance and intolerance.

          • Morris LeChat

            There is no ignorance on my part. I am well aware of biology, I am well aware of all of the evidence about what causes homosexuality. I am well aware of the statistics regarding the dysfunctional, lives and mental illness of homosexuals. You do not like truth and facts, so you call anyone who dares speak them “ignorant and intolerant. It is you that is ignorant and intolerant. Right now, you are just being a silly homosexual, upset with someone spouting objective facts that you don’t like.

    • Morris LeChat

      look its the escapee from a bad Tyler Perry script!!!

      • Confederate Gentleman

        To the moderator, this post needs to be removed along with several of his other (Morris LeChat’s ) posts. They are way over the line

        • Daniel


        • Morris LeChat

          wow, so gay black man creates several other identities and chooses confederate and rebel names.

  • I would rather watch grass grow, then spend one cent watching pumpkin stuffing bums

  • betsy

    hanstock looks like a typical overweight girly boy with a sickly smile.

  • Tom in MI

    I agree with the writer, the guys at the game are a bunch of n-word lovers. That is what the writer meant, isn’t it?

  • thoughtcrime

    how horrible of them to act like depraved sub human savages! how dare they make silly faces, hold up their hands in various poses and clearly show expressions of wretched happiness! HOW DARE THEY!!!! These expressions of civilized jubilation are the EPITOME OF EVIL! CLEARLY RACIST! Because the majority of the team that lost was black. It doesn’t matter that the team that beat them was also majority black. Never mind, I am sure there is racism somewhere in there…I am sure if we look hard enough!

    I say that they need to correct their behavior immediately by celebrating a win in a more democratic, mulit culti, afrocentric way to show solidarity with the oppressed afro bruthas!

    How can they do this? Well they can physically assault a few “random” strangers in the stadium with widely flailing fists and feet. They may even wish to enhance their shows of solidarity with the dusky denizens of the inner cities by dragging some young white person, female, male, don’t matter, into a convenient corner, bathroom, closet and proceed with gang raping them to death. Then as they leave the stadium they an pull some handguns from their trouser waist bands and begin shooting random people in the exiting crowd.

    Finally instead of taking their own vehicle home, they can car jack an elderly white or single parent with a child in the back seat and drive at high speed with the white child dangling from the seat belt outside the door. They can hoot and holler BLACK POWER! as they drive at high rates of speed with the childs body bounces along the pavement.

    They can end their little celebration with a shootout with the police after they ransack a local gas station for beer and cigarettes (and they cant forget to shoot the clerk in the face after they get what they want).

    Yeah. That should be the proper way to celebrate in America today. They can then count themselves among Obama’s sons.

  • ms_anthro

    Add his name to the list of self-loathing anti-Whites who will be fed to their gloriously diverse pets when the time comes to separate the wheat from the chaff. Good luck with your new friends, Comrade Hanstock. You’re going to need it. And no, we will not take you back.

  • josh

    The irony is these gents may not even be white,they are most likely Jews,a group that is irretreviably hostile to us and our culture.Bulls courtside seats are SPENSIVE!!! Given that,it is despicable that this author jerk idiot thinkjs he is being funny;what a pathetic ass-kissing tool.

    • josh

      thats “irretrievably” hostile.

  • sestamibi

    The idiot who wrote this snark piece perhaps forgot that the Heat were defeated by a team that was every bit as black.

  • DelmarJackson

    I stopped watching all professional sports years ago after a football player strike. I sympathize with players and recognize they are the best at what they do in the world, but once I realized they were just another business model I quit.
    There are no home teams to root for.
    Except for Greenbay, who had their stock bought by the town citizens at its inception and can’t leave, there are NO home town pro sports teams, they are all businesses and ready to con the rubes and get the stupid voters to pay for multimillion dollar stadiums and then leave to go to another city any time it is more profitable for them to do so.
    The amount of time and energy I gained once I stopped paying attention to pro sports is amazing.

  • guest

    Huh, can someone explain? I can see that this is about professional basketball but what is Heat and what does it have to do with Amren or whites?

    I personally am boycotting anything to do with basketball. It’s a glamorization of oversized thugs and is, all by itself, a major factor in white women thinking black men are desirable.

  • Jenkem Huffington

    True enough. Blacks typically “celebrate” a big win by their favorite tribe of ball throwing monkeys by looting and burning down their city.

  • zimcool

    dozens of whites shoppers attacked robbed beaten sat night chicago in black mob
    attacks policeman assaulted on horse. look on youtube whites

  • cotton eyed joe

    Whites need to STOP celebrating.

  • khesanh67-68

    Why are those White men even at a game like that?

  • Herman

    White men cheering on a bunch of black men playing a childrens’ game?
    White men make them millionaires.
    And what do black men do with all that money?
    They hit on white women.
    I stop watching the NBA years ago.

  • Herman

    Black men don’t act this way at hockey games.
    I wonder why? Maybe because they wouldn’t spend a dime to cheer on white people.
    For once we can learn something from blacks.

  • Alexandra

    Now let’s look at the black way of celebrating. First we need a few buses to tip over, and plenty of lighters so the little pyromaniacs can get busy celebrating. And some guns so they can bust a few caps, knowhutimean?