Suburbs Fight ‘Taxation Without Representation’

Michael Thompson, WND, March 11, 2013

The push for local governance and greater control of tax revenue in communities in the northern suburbs of Fulton County, Ga., has a moniker: “Taxation without representation.”

This is how Phil Kent, co-host of the “The Georgia Gang” program on WAGA-TV in Atlanta, describes what’s happening in the Fulton County government.

“Tax revenue is being, let’s call it what it is, confiscated from the North Fulton suburbs and redistributed to pay for services in other areas of the county, which—for decades—has left large sections of the county without services and infrastructure capital,” Kent said. “People are frustrated with the status quo.”


As a result of the unsavory politics in urban Atlanta, northern suburban communities have acted to distance themselves. Beginning in 2005, many communities began the process of incorporating into cities.

Thus far, Milton, Sandy Springs, Brookhaven, Dunwoody, Chattahoochee Hills and Johns Creek have done so.

“All too many areas of Fulton County, Clayton and DeKalb County are slipping into Third World status through governance and people are trying to find a better alternative and a better solution to the problems,” said Kent.

Critics have charged that the push for the creation of incorporated cities in North Fulton—and even the attempt to secede from Fulton County and create a new county—is tied to race.


Kent said North Fulton County “hasn’t been properly represented for over 30 years, but it’s their tax revenue that has been supporting the whole county.”

There has been a drive to create a new county, but what will likely happen is a reconfiguration of how the county commission is selected, he said. The move would allow greater North Fulton participation and a voice in how a quarter of billion dollars in tax funds are distributed.


WND has acquired the racial breakdown of public employees of Fulton County, the city of Atlanta and the transportation system MARTA, and they illustrate a pattern of racial hiring.

According to the 2010 census, Fulton County is 47.5-percent white and 40-percent black, however, a review of the 2012 employment records for Fulton County found that of the 4,851 full-time county employees, 3,980 are black (82 percent). Of the 916 county employees who are classified as “other than full-time employees,” 787 are black (85 percent).

A quick breakdown of certain departments shows a trend of exclusion in Fulton County public jobs, with 86 percent of the arts and culture department personnel black; 93 percent of 140 people in the behavioral health department black; 81 percent of the 98 people in the county managers department black; 90 percent of the 65 people in the emergency services black; 89 percent of the 118 in the finance department black. Of the 353 in the health and wellness department, 306 are black; of the 37 people in the purchasing department, 100 percent are black; of the 19 in the registrations and elections department, 100 percent are black; of the 150 employed in the tax assessor department, 84 percent are black; of the 185 employed in the tax commissioner department, 94 percent are black.

For the city of Atlanta, a city that is 54 percent black and 36 percent white, government employment resembled that of Fulton County.

Of 8,616 employees, 6,466 (74.8 percent) were black, while 1,884 (21.9 percent) of the positions were filled by whites. In the Department of Corrections, of 335 positions, 95 percent were filled by blacks; the department of human resources has 154 positions, 94 percent going to blacks; the department of information technology is 79 percent black; finance is 86 percent black (177 positions); procurement is 100 percent black (40 positions); public works, 822 jobs, is 96.8 percent black; watershed management (1,686 jobs) is 80 percent black; the executive department is 73 percent black; parks and community development is 69 percent black; the ethics/citizen review board is 83 percent black; judicial agencies are 78.9 percent black; public defender agencies is 70 percent black; of 292 jobs in the department of parks, recreation and cultural affairs, 88 percent are black; and the solicitors office is 84 percent black (45 positions).

MARTA, which is funded via tax revenue collected from Fulton and DeKalb counties, has a work force of 4,527 employees, of which 83 percent are black.


“The push for North Fulton County cities’ incorporation is not racially motivated, but when you see the jobs data, you wonder if the allocation of public money in Atlanta, for jobs at MARTA and Fulton County has been racially motivated in a way we aren’t supposed to notice,” Kent said.


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  • GeneticsareDestiny

    Good for them. I hope the white suburbanites will be allowed to continue incorporating into their own cities. Of course, even if they do, the undertow will just follow them there, looking for more gibsmedat.

    • The__Bobster

      Meanwhile, the Obongo administration is trying to get boon-infested cities to incorporate their wealthy White suburbs.

    • ms_anthro

      The day is coming, if it isn’t already here, when the word “allowed” doesn’t apply to White communities that choose to withdraw. They simply will, and defy with force anyone who tries to stop them. When this trend catches on it will spread like wildfire. Why should we continue to support the same violent criminals that prey upon us, trash our cities, destroy our local common areas, and hate our guts?

      • GeneticsareDestiny

        I certainly hope so. But it will require whites to have racial consciousness and to be willing to put up with being called “racist.” Luckily, exposure to minorities tends to increase people’s recognition of racial realities, so as the percentage of the population that is non-white increases, more and more whites will wake up.

        • ms_anthro

          There’s a sea change happening. Can you feel it? “Racist” doesn’t have nearly the power it used to. The anti-Whites have worn it thin with overuse. I see it on the internet and in everyday conversation with other White people.

          It feels like something big and unstoppable has been set into motion. Tensions are at a boiling point and people are too mad to care whether some politician and MSM shill calls them the r-word. No taxation without representation is right.

          • NoHope4us

            I think all of us should start wearing t-shirts and caps with “Yes, I am a Racist” printed in huge letters across the front and the back. But of course – huge numbers of us would have to do it because they can’t kill us all (simultaneously at least). We HAVE to take that weapon away from them. It is imperative. They wield it like a club and beat us into submission with it. Enough is enough,

          • Epiminondas

            Actually, we should wear t-shirts emblazoned with “I’m a racist. So are you.” Think about it.

        • D. H. Andrews

          I’ve been saying that for YEARS now. E.g. states like N. Hampshire, Vermont, Minnesota etc. suffer from White guilt due to their lack of exposure. In a few years, when their communities are besieged with diversity, they will adopt another viewpoint. In a few years, it will be too late for us, a dwindling minority, to do anything about it. I’m afraid we’ve reached that point now. As I sat with my sister and brother-in-law election night, we all echoed the same sentiments. We’re witnessing the beginning of the end of White America.

          • saxonsun

            I live on the upper east side of Manhattan. The number of mexicans has increased here to the point where there are times they outnumber whites…on the UES in NYC! There’s a nursery school here which features all mexican kids. If you know NYC you know that the UES is a white haven, so this demograhic shift is shocking.

          • Epiminondas

            Wow. I know it well. That must be depressing.

          • DudeWheresMyCountry?

            No. we are in phase two. The initial phase was the 60s through 80s.

      • USA1861

        That’s a good point. That’s why I scoffed at these online petitions for secession. Basically, mostly white conservatives didn’t like the election results (nor did I), felt there was fraud (so did I), felt the government was too tyrannical (so do I), but they thought they could ask ‘permission’ to divorce themselves from it? Not only that, are those conservatives naive enough to think the government will just allow them to peacefully secede? To let lots of tax revenue and power slip away from the government? The King of England didn’t let us passively break away, and most of the colonies were willing to use violence and die for it. The South didn’t ask Lincoln for permission to secede and they had to use violence to resist and many were willing to die (even though they lost the war). Whites have been buying all these guns and ammo lately. Are they willing to use that against people who are threatening them and people they care about? What are these states and counties who secede going to do when gangs and military come in to put down the secession? The last major battle Americans fought was in WWII and that was overseas. I have no doubt there is a fighting, patriotic spirit in us and I am for secession, but don’t kid yourselves into thinking it’s going to be peaceful.

        • Mr_Blootarsky

          I would say it was the TET Offensive.

      • Michael Ryan

        dream on you cant break laws and they control the law move to conservative white states let the libs reap the whirlwind

        • ms_anthro

          Your cowardly desire to curl up and let yourself be kicked is duly noted.

          • DudeWheresMyCountry?

            Yes. I’m in California and me and more Whites than you think aren’t going anywhere without a big fight. Most of us honestly can’t wait. Let’s light this candle!

          • Epiminondas

            But unless you have a significant number of military and police willing to join you, it is hopeless. And you have to be in fairly close proximity to those units, otherwise you will be snuffed out by the minions of a pitiless state. Be careful what you wish for.

        • NoHope4us

          There soon will be many less conservative white states once this administration allows all the illegals in along with their families. And gives amnesty to those already here illegally. They will soon outnumber everyone. And the US will turn into Mexico. Other countries will be posting travel advisories to their citizens about US. I strongly suspect Obama is giddy with delight thinking about the destruction of Texas and Arizona – as if they aren’t in bad enough shape as it is due to Illegals scurrying over and under the borders.

      • Strider73

        That’s pretty much what I said in a comment on the first WND article (shown here on the 11th). If the whites are not allowed to vote with their feet, then they will vote with their guns. Either way, the blacks will lose.

        Mao Tse-Tung was a brutal tyrant, but he was 100% correct when he said “Political power flows from the barrel of a gun.” The 2nd Amendment is an acknowledgment of that fact.

    • NoHope4us

      The parasites Need their hosts to survive. The crime will follow them wherever they go. Sad but true. They will go where the money is.

  • Tom Iron

    There’s going to be plenty more of this. Secession is going to see a new day. But this time, it’s going to take different forms. It will succeed this time around.

    • Robert Binion

      It will take passive forms. Imagine the economic chaos if dilatory conservatives choked major thoroughfares, if angry mailers deleted the zip codes on financial payments, if parents instructed their children to fail in school. Commerce would be shaken in a season. I suspect some of this at the macroeconomic level even now.

      • NoHope4us

        I wish whites could find the courage to quit their jobs (those that still have jobs anyway) – at least for a little while. Without their taxes – everything would fall into chaos – and it wouldn’t take long. If we could just hold out and suffer in the short term – I think something would HAVE to happen. Without our money… this government couldn’t support 47% of the people – soon many more than that once the Mexicans are cleared – and who will be there to pay all the minorities’ governmental employee paycheck and exorbitant lifetime benefits?

      • Epiminondas

        Leftists have advocated this approach for decades. Now that they run our institutions, we can turn this against them.

    • So CAL Snowman

      Ghandi was right, sort of, with the whole passive aggressive thing. His methods certainly have their time and place.

      • Michael Ryan

        ghandi? listen MLK and Ghandi got the passive resistance from Henry David Thoreau ‘s civil disobedience

        • Koff

          No, Gandhi’s core concepts of peace, non-violence and Absolute reality came from Hinduism and Jainism. The works of Tolstoy and Ruskin influenced him more than Thoreau’s Civil Disobedience.

    • Polico

      Not as a new country formed from former states. Changes in county revenue boundaries, and state level avoidance of revenue transfers, maybe. The bureaucrat guilds will fight it. Will taxpayers fight back hard enough to win?

  • The brain dead whites of the United States are blissfully unaware of this story. Instead, they wear their White privilege bracelets.

  • John

    Blacks in civilization are exactly like the savages in Black Africa, except that Whites have dressed Blacks in civilization with attire like our own and trained them to speak our language. Otherwise, no significant difference, save some peripheral improvements in some Blacks due to admixture resulting from miscegenation.

    • The__Bobster

      Well, the ooking and chuttering sort of sound like English.

    • Some Guy

      Don’t forget they have been completely relived of personal responsibility. Nothing they do is their own fault! They are like overgrown children.

    • MBlanc46

      Trained them to speak our language, sort of.

  • By logical extension this should lead to two new, separate countries. At least this is my dream!

  • 48224

    I heard Charlton Heston was seen in Atlanta pounding sand and scraming “they blew it up….damn them all”

    • Cape to Cairo

      He was also seen in Sandy Springs screaming, “Take your filthy paws off me, you damn dirty ape!”

    • DudeWheresMyCountry?

      When I see him look up at the ruins of The Statue of Liberty I think… life really does imitate art. I’ve wondered for years if very many people see the true symbolism of Planet of The Apes.

    • liberalsuck

      This was the same Charlton Heston that marched during the Civil Rights Movement. As much as I respect his 2nd Amendment fight and him as a person, I was shocked to know such a conservative man supported a left-wing initiative that ended up being very destructive to our country.

      • Strider73

        Hindsight is always 20/20. Only Heston knew if he ever regretted being in those marches. I suspect most of us who were around in the 1960s swallowed the MSM’s propaganda about blacks because we didn’t know any better (and because the MSM in those days had an information monopoly they no longer enjoy). I did not become racially aware until my early 30s (late 1980s). Thirty years ago while in the USAF, a good-looking black co-worker claimed to be hugely attracted to me; had I been single I would have dated her. Today under identical circumstances I would never consider it.

      • NoHope4us

        I don’t think anyone could have ever imagined this…

  • The__Bobster

    MARTA = Moving Afreakans Rapidly Through Atlanta? Okay, the word isn’t “Afreakans”.

    • George

      Muggers Are Ready To Assault?

  • Truth Teller

    The precedent has been set, the idea has flowered. Now, I wait for the state as a whole to do the same.

  • MobyWhite

    Whatever bad you can say about Atlanta, you will say it eventually about all of Georgia.
    Demographic change in Georgia is turning it into a Blue State, and White privilege there is doomed. Just ask Brittny Watts.

    The cities that secede from Fulton County’s Diversity chaos will get pulled back into the black hole when the State Govt. is run by a black-brown coalition that will change the State Constitution and outlaw privatization.

    But it won’t really be like that. They won’t have to change the Constitution- they’ll just send a team of armed Sons of Obama door to door as the Civiliam Tax Collection Army.

    If your daughter is home when they knock, well, just as Brittny.

    • StillModerated

      The fact that Georgia is a red state is an aberration. It went for George Wallace in 1972 — and he was a Democrat. It’s high time for a Dixie-crat revival!

      • Epiminondas

        Maybe. But not yet. We need the support of western and midwestern states. That sort of talk will get us nowhere.

  • sarah stein

    If people don’t like being screwed, move. Noone is forcing them to reside there.

    • Bobbala

      Apparently, you haven’t noticed the pattern.

    • dd121

      That would be a good idea if it were as easy as that. Sarah, they won’t leave us alone to associate with our own kind and live our lives as we please. As their grip tightens the marxist line will be towed or else. Look what they did in Waco and Ruby Ridge. It’s coming to a community near you. One glimmer of hope…resistance is not futile.

      • Epiminondas

        Waco and Ruby Ridge are nothing. Look what they did in Ukraine and eastern Europe. And China. And Cambodia. They will simply murder ten percent of the population at random to create terror and hopelessness. It’s headed our way. Never forget that our ally in WW2 won that war. His intellectual heirs run our institutions now.

    • MBlanc46

      Why should people be forced to leave their homes?

      • sarah stein

        Because people have no choice unless, as dd121 pointed out, they’re willing to die.

  • AutomaticSlim

    There is very good extra information on this topic on Mr. Kersey’s website.
    An excerpt:

    “The Georgia Legislative Black Caucus filed a lawsuit Monday against
    the state of Georgia seeking to dissolve the city charters of Dunwoody,
    Sandy Springs, Johns Creek, Milton and Chattahoochee Hills. Further, the
    lawmakers, joined by civil rights leader the Rev. Joseph Lowery, aim to
    dash any hopes of a Milton County.”

    Can you imagine? The blacks are suing to keep the Whites from breaking off!
    After all, who would they have to rob, rape and murder if the Whites are allowed their own towns.

    • Jss

      That is a priceless observation. The psychosis of blacks is something to behold. They hate our guys but know they are totally doomed with out us. Yet they will still drive those Whites out of the suburbs all the same. And then blame racism for their return to an African level of existence.

      Whites have no friends anywhere. Everyone is coming to pick clean this nations bones but only Africans seem to be so utterly…moronic I suppose. I guess my point is Hispanics don’t seem to cry and wonder why they are so poor and wretched. They just take and push us out. Blacks really think everything is our fault.

      • NoHope4us

        I think they hate us BECAUSE they need us. And because they are not white. We are what they can never be.

    • Michael Ryan

      i cant imagine why white live down south come to the northwest

  • Barrack Osama

    When the money vanishes, only the truth will remain. Black success is an illusion. Nothing more than forced wealth redistribution.

    • anonymous

      But when will white people’s collective guilt and concern for them drop? When will they say, “NO! NO! You are not living around us. You are not getting any of our money. You are not wanted”? Most whites deep down don’t think blacks are equal or that they can help themselves, which is why they say “Oh, let’s help out these poor third-world people” or “Oh, it’s not DeShawntae’s fault he’s a gangster. He’s just angry and lacks opportunities.”

      • GeneticsareDestiny

        This is going to be a major hurdle to overcome. White people don’t like to see others suffering. This is why whites are the biggest donators and volunteers in the world.

        It’s going to be very difficult indeed to get them to stop letting their pity for third-worlders overwhelm their common sense.

        • liberalsuck

          I don’t even blame the church or Christianity for the guilt since Christianity and the white race flourished for centuries before all this feminism, hatred of our race, hatred of our ancestors, multiculturalism, communism and other socially liberal ills have infected us.

      • Old Right

        Damned if you do, and damned if you don’t. Ignore them and you’re racist; try to help, and you’re accused of being patronizing (and in some cases, maybe this is true). Years ago, the white churches in one city held a big event to help bring the black and white communities together, but in the end all that happened was the black pastors accused the white churches of being condescending and not letting the blacks shoulder enough of the responsibilities. So why bother?

      • Michael Ryan

        when they meet blacks outside of grad school,most whites have limited contact with the talented tenth, many of whom really are great people the problem is maybe the bottom 25-50%? i think we need to focus on immigration from an econmic standpoint you have no idea how many blacks are recent immigrants probably half

      • Non Humans

        I find your mention of and that of the whole concept of “Collective White Guilt” interesting. Why is it that most whites demonstrate this? A collective feeling of Jadedness and Indifference seems more appropriate given everything that has been done for the nonhumans since emancipation, especially in the last 50 years, and their sullen bitter attitudes towards us for their failures and inherent inadequacies.
        On that topic, though. An American History course that I took in college touched on slavery. The instructor then briefly veered the class discussion towards the persistent attitudes maintained by nonhumans since emancipation. Being that the class was taught by a nonhuman, of course extra time and emphasis was spent on that chapter. She picked students (mostly libtards and nonhumans) and ask them how they felt given their heritage and its’ history. You can probably guess the responses they gave.
        She made the mistake of picking me. Well I know my heritage and family origins quite well. I am only of the 3rd generation of my father’s side of my family born here since they migrated from Germany just before WW2. My mother’s heritage is mostly French. So my answer was “What do I have to feel guilty for?” Caught her pretty off-guard. I did ask her, at that point, “Why most blacks feel the need to perpetuate this part of history, why they feel that people living today should feel any guilt at all for the actions of their ancestors, if they happened to have any part in it, and what gains that they (blacks) hoped to achieve in doing so?”
        Ever seen a nonhuman turn red? I think that was about as close as they get. She had no answer at all other than some babbling about “Deys Strugglins”.
        And yeah, I was sitting in an administrator’s office a couple of days after that. Pulled out of it with the whole “Need for open honest discussion and she asked my opinion argument”, which is exactly what it was.

        • pro-me

          I wish I was there myself. I know my family history as well. However, I never have claimed victim hood because the English fucked over my Irish Catholic Ancestors for hundreds of years. Why do Blacks insist on perpetuating their victim hood? Guess what? They love the power and control it gives them over YT. Guilt is just another form of control. Unfortunately, due to our cultural heritage and religion we are highly susceptible to guilt. Why don’t people read history and understand how it is normal for groups to resist control from other groups. I hate to sound like fascist, but power falls to those who have the strength to take it. That’s what I think, we don’t have to tolerate this guilt-tripping!

          • NoHope4us

            My suspicions are that white guilt does NOT occur due to slavery. It is a result of the fact that white people are so happy, so giddy that they (we) are white and not black – that we can then feel superior and magnanimous and choose a benevolent position – and any favored treatment we then give blacks is due to this overwhelming relief and gratitude that we were born the way we were.

      • saxonsun

        You are right about most whites not seeing blacks as equal–and it is all instinct. The group comes first. They just don’t want to admit it.

  • thurlow

    Obviously racial discrimination because there isn’t 100% black hiring in government positions, not including the no show jobs. Eric Holder better get on this.

  • ImnotracistohwaityesIam

    I watch “The Georgia Gang” about twice a month (it’s a Sunday morning show) and Kent dances around race a lot. Case in point, this statement at the end of the article:

    you wonder if the allocation of public money in Atlanta… has been racially motivated in a way we aren’t supposed to notice.

    37 years in Atlanta (born here) and I knew black money/jobs were disproportionate to black people in the public sector by the mid 80’s. Get on the train, go to a post office, observe road crews, enter the federal court house and municipalities, catch a plane, notice police officers, get a building or zoning or any city permit, go before the school board, or observe who takes your trash and recyclables and who processes it. It is overwhelmingly and obviously black.

    Phil Kent has been here long enough to know that this was set up by Atlanta’s first black mayor, Maynard Jackson. His Affirmative Action programs were established (it was called “Maynard’s Millionaires”) in the 1970’s and blacks haven’t voted in a non-black mayor since. Subsequently, same goes for police chiefs, fire chiefs, district attorneys… You name it.

    Mr. Kent, like on the show, is avoiding the truth. He does get some credit for hinting at it, though. It’s not that courageous, since we residents have known this for over fourth years.

  • “department of human resources has 154 positions, 94 percent going to blacks;”

    HR is the traditional dumping ground for afro-action blacks, tailor made for their dubious education resumes. HR is a dept that doesn’t have to produce anything, doesn’t have worry about turning a profit, and very difficult to quantify performance.

  • As I said yesterday:

    The Georgia Legislative Black Caucus is never going to allow Atlanta’s northern suburban communities to take their tax revenue away (the “gibsmedat”).

    They will be forced into a regional tax sharing plan like the one used in Minneapolis/St Paul.

    SCOTUS will make sure of this, just as they are making suburban school districts pick up failing city school districts – Shelby County, Tennessee.

  • brengunn

    Now that’s an effective protest!

    There were no figures for the PD/FD/AS, are these also heavily skewed?

    This is also the reason why minorities are hit harder by economic downturns. I have to say though, I’m a bit shocked by the complete imbalance in the workforce, it speaks of something really unhealthy going on in that city. And I’m saying that as a person that doesn’t mind a certain amount of ‘leg up’ employment in public departments.

  • Michigan Patriot

    Finally , after 48 years of self-hating, unconstitutional laws of self destruction on our federal level, pockets of logical & moral rebellion are popping -up piecemeal; of course our Marxist politicians and fifth column media will denounce this freedom from tax slavery as ” racism ” on the part of the victim only because of their skin color, Caucasian! so transparent , for so long; yet most Whites still clueless on their impending extinction from their own countries; both the Marxist, hypocritical mass media & leftist church leaders are o.k. with this pogrom.

  • bigone4u

    The argument the professors use to justify a city like Atlanta gobbling up the surrounding areas and taxing everybody is that suburban and exurban whites use or BENEFIT FROM city services (roads, police, garbage pickup, etc.) and so should pay their “fair share” for them. More than that, the jobs that whites have, even jobs in the suburbs, exist only because the city proper exists. Thus, whites out in the sticks benefit from Atlanta’s existence and so should pay to keep it going. The sad thing is that I think this is true. Sad, because it does justify a city like Atlanta annexing the surrounding towns and imposing taxes on them. I wish I had an argument against annexation, but it’s going on like crazy in Texas and nobody opposes it.

    • IstvanIN

      We could live in the cities if it weren’t for blacks. We wouldn’t need as many police if it weren’t for blacks. We wouldn’t need as many school employees if it weren’t for blacks. Now, I can not speak for Texas, but here in NJ the cities are pretty much a giant drain. Other than government offices and the few companies that are blackmailed into keeping their headquarters in the major cities, the only thing the cities have that the suburbs don’t are the ports, and that is a natural phenomenon.

    • sickandtired

      The whites moved out because of the crime and having their tax money simply thrown away without them recieving anything back from their tax monies.
      It’s the same all over the country.

  • IstvanIN

    How come a black municipality is never denounced for having a “super black majority”?

  • Michael Ryan

    no they wont allow this sort of stuff for long we must flee to states that are white vote out all social services and get ready for war

  • Epiminondas

    If you live in a black dominated county or even in a congressional district that is gerrymandered to keep a black in office, get out of there if you can. At some point in the not-too-distant future, the welfare state as we know it will implode. When it does, you want to be in a place where you can trust your neighbors. Stay away from large cities.

    • DudeWheresMyCountry?

      Yes and you will see this as your property taxes start to skyrocket.

    • NoHope4us

      Think of all the poor old whites that have lived in their homes for decades – who have nowhere to go, and no money to move, Now living in the middle of war zones. It is so sad.

  • thoughtcrime1933

    Once Dear Leader Obama gets wind of this, he will send his attack drones to strafe a few white neighborhoods after declaring them terrorists for NON compliance with his plans to redistribute the wealth. This evil racist conspiracy goes against that plan. How DARE those evil white devils NOT follow the mandate of racial suicide by continuing to carry nonwhite dead weight ad infinitum!

  • Will

    The Kansas City public schools de-segregation “reach for utopia” had a central element of
    flagrant taxation without representation. The details of the monumental failure are so
    captivating (see AR, Dec. 1995, “Catastrophe in Kansas City” ) that the basic historical
    outrage of taxation without representation tended to get obscured

  • Zackers

    The larger trend is probably toward ‘annexation’, where central cities ‘annex’ the regions outside themselves. Anyone know much about this?

    • DudeWheresMyCountry?

      In Southern California Hollywood and The San Fernando Valley have put together big movements to break free of downtown Los Angeles, making the same arguments… that their money is being funneled away and that the majority of voters in those places want to break away. Of course in both cases these two movements were mysteriously shot down. And yes, most people do think it is fixed because there was simply too much support for it in both cases.

  • archer

    The black middle class is largely a myth, if weren’t for affimative action, many of these “civil servants” would be unemployed. I saw the same thing on a trip to Chicago, all the bus drivers, train conductors, traffic police were all black. If you were a white without any college or trade you could forget about a civil service job.

    • sickandtired

      I see the same thing where I live. The blacks have all the good city, county, and state jobs here and when we had factories, they were 85% of the employees in those factories.
      It’s such a shame that we have sat back and let this go on for so long because now it will be almost impossible to stop.

      • pablo

        Its a real eye opener to see all the blacks hired in to these factories that should be hiring whites. They hire these types just as a selling point to get work. These days, a shop has to not only hire blacks but be majority black. Its now a race to get as black as possible to impress the big automakers.
        And have I seen some screwups by these lowlifes. Machines crashed. Programming messed up because some AA hire doesn’t know what its doing or is too dumb to know what to do with a fault. And the company keeps them around.

        I left a place because it became way too dark, if you know what I mean.

        • sickandtired

          Yes sir, I sure do. i have lost 5 good jobs because of the inexperienced and the ignorant. My city had sevral big industries in it back in the 70’s and now…..they all went somewhere where they could get some decent workers.
          The cancer of America goes on and on…

        • NoHope4us

          The Corp of Engineer jobs in New Orleans will let a white contract worker go instead of renewing contract (very good skilled (educated)and conscientious worker) – then immediately hire 2 NON-whites to take his place. Both To do the exact same job he did alone. I personally know of this happening and I strongly suspect it is not an isolated event.

    • DudeWheresMyCountry?

      Even with college and a trade. Who is going to hire you? A Black? A Mexican? An Oriental or South Asian? A liberal White or gay / lesbian? A feminist? Blood is thicker than water and you ain’t their blood.

    • NoHope4us

      In my city – almost every single public office is overwhelmingly dark. You have to SEARCH for a pale face. Utilities, police, schools, any governmental office – esp the Post office. Which I personally suspect may have a lot to do with their present situation. It is like they are trying to only employ minorities, as many as they possibly can, and at a 2:1 ratio at that (meaning hire 2 minorities instead of one non-minority) and bring up the employment rates by having the taxpayers employ them all. And this is allowed. At a governmental level across the entire country. IN a country that is SUPPOSED to be impartial and equal. What a joke.

  • Whirlwinder

    And so, another beautiful American city falls prey to the inner city black undertow. There are many more cities that have been created by white enterprise that will be pulled into the hell hole of the black undertow.


    This area is not unique. My son lives in Kona, HI’s Big Island, and he’s constantly complaining that the island is ruled by the folks on the Hilo side who rarely spend any taxes on the Kona side.