Hispanic Gang Violence Prompts Peyton Manning Jersey Ban

Michael Thompson, WND, October 18, 2012

Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning might have the hottest-selling jersey in the entire National Football League, but you won’t see it being worn by students at the public schools of Weld District 6 in Greeley, Colo.

Because Manning’s jersey number 18 is affiliated with an area gang (along with Broncos wide receiver Brandon Stokley’s number 14 and the numbers 13, 31, 41, and 81), students aren’t allowed to support the quarterback.

First reported by the USA Today in early September, third grader Konnor Vanatta told FOX31 in Denver that he was told “to remove his jersey because of its gang ties.”

“I’m pretty upset the schools have come down to this and I think they need to start paying attention to the education the children are getting rather than what they’re wearing,” said Konnor’s mom, Pam, to FOX31.

Neither FOX31 nor the USA Today reported that the “gang problem” that keeps students like Vanatta from wearing a Manning jersey is entirely a Hispanic gang problem.

Not far from Denver, the city of Greeley is home to a booming agriculture industry and the JBS USA meatpacking plant, which attracts illegal aliens.

Weld District 6, which has 19,726 students, is 58 percent Hispanic, 37 percent white, 2 percent black and 2 percent Asian. Fifty-nine percent of the city students in the district receive free or reduced lunches.


Back in 2007 the Rocky Mountain News reported that the two biggest gangs in Greeley were Hispanic (Gangs: Small-town America’s big-city battle, June 7, 2007, by Bianca Preito), noting, “the city’s gang unit has tracked more than 500 gang members within the city limits.” To make the list, a member has to be associated with a known street gang and linked to a specific crime.

Greeley has roughly one gang member for every 175 people, while Denver’s ratio—with 8,811 gang members—is one for every 63 people.

{snip} Police say most of the [Hispanic] members are U.S. citizens.

On June 10 of this year, the Greeley Tribune published an article with the headline

“Officials may revive war against gang violence,” after five gang-related shootings happened to kick off the summer.

The article noted that Greeley Police Chief Jerry Garner would convene his “Latino Advisory Group” in which they would start the conversation to stop the violence.

Meanwhile, students can’t wear Peyton Manning’s jersey to school.

The ban on the wearing of numbers at schools in Weld District 6 went into effect three years ago, as an attempt to cut down on gang paraphernalia and recruiting efforts by gangs in the classrooms, Teresa Myers, communications director of Weld District 6 in Greeley, told WND.

“They are banned because gangs in Greeley and the greater Denver area use these numbers for recruiting/identification purposes,” said Myers.

Students also can’t wear solid blue or solid red clothes, as these are also gang colors, Myers said.

“Jersey’s aren’t banned. Only those with the 13, 14, 18, 31, 41 and 81 numbers. They can wear all the Peyton Manning memorabilia they want—any Broncos paraphernalia they want—but they can’t wear the number ‘18′ (which is Manning’s number), because it is a gang-affiliated number.”

“We are excited about the cultural enrichment and diversity that we have in Weld District 6,” she said.

Not everyone likes the cultural enrichment of the schools of Greeley.

Tom Tancredo, the former congressman from Colorado and runner-up in the 2010 Colorado governor’s election (as a candidate of the Constitution Party), told WND that banning certain numbers because of a fear of Hispanic gang recruitment and denying American children the chance to wear the jersey’s of their athletic heroes is a clear sign something is wrong with the United States immigration policy.

“There’s a huge illegal alien population in Greeley. There’s a meat packing company there, and it’s rich in agricultural jobs, which is a combination of things that have made it a haven for illegal immigration,” Tancredo said.

“A community, just like any nation, cannot rely on diversity as a benefit to society when it reaches a point where there’s nothing left that we have in common. There’s a great saying that a nation is not defined by what it debates, it’s defined by what it has in common, what it takes for granted,” he said.

“If you can’t wear a jersey with Peyton Manning’s number to school because of a fear of a problem that wasn’t there ten, twenty or thirty years ago, well, what does that tell you about the true nature of diversity?”

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  • Puggg

    So what?  They won’t be able to wear an orange, navy blue or white shirt with the number 18 on it.  Without it, they’re still Hispanic gang bangers.

    •  Yeah they’ll never recognize each other without the number 18 on a blue shirt!  I mean these invaders are dumb but NOT that dumb. 

  • “We are excited about the cultural enrichment and diversity that we have in Weld District 6,” she said.

    What part of the cultural enrichment is she most excited about?  The fact that 59% of the majority hispanic high school receives tax payer provided lunches? (notice how they always call them free/reduced lunches and NOT tax payer provided).  The fact that the hispanics bring gang violence to an otherwise peaceful town?  The fact that these people cause the loss of liberty among the NATIVE white students? 

    “Police say most of the [Hispanic] members are U.S. citizens.”

    They might be U.S. citizens but they are NOT AMERICANS!

    • Puggg

      Except all that cultural enrichment and diversity can’t wear shirts with the number 18 on them because that would mean the vibrant people will start shooting and stabbing each other.

  • “We are excited about the cultural enrichment and diversity that we have in Weld District 6,” she said.

    What’s to be” excited” about? Anchor babies, illegal invaders, poverty, gang violence,
    hostilities. Just once I would love to ask one of these multicults what is so
    “great” about diversity! White European culture does not need any “enrichment,”
    especially from third-world illegal invaders and their anchor babies! There
    culture has nothing to enrich us with.

    • Sorry…that should read “their” culture….

  • Instead of banning jerseys, ban illegal invading hispanics!

    • sammy

      Why was Eisenhower able to expel 12 million illegal mexicans in the ’50s and we “can’t” today?

      • Because Eisenhower took his oath of office seriously, that is, to protect this country from foreign invaders. He understood the absolute damage caused to Americans by illegal invaders. In essence, he had the will to deport illegals.

        Contrast that with what is going on today, where illegal invaders are essentially a protected class, immune from the full wrath of our immigration laws. This especially hold true for mexican invaders. Instead of deporting them, our leaders pander to them, telling them how” important” they are to the future of this country.

        Illegal invaders have emerged from “beneath the shadows,” becoming arrogant, emboldened and militant in their demands and behavior. Operation Wet Back commenced in 1954. Illegals were treated as the invaders they are. Border patrol and local police went door to door, rounded illegals up, and deported them. This is exactly what should be happening today. But with our current crop of corrupted politicians, as well as hispanic “advocacy” groups funded by our federal government; it will never happen.

    • Tom_in_Miami

      Our alleged “leaders” don’t have the cojones to do anything that can be called “racist.”  It appears that our own laws are racist in themselves.  Both presidential candidates go to extreme lengths to assure us they will not carry out immigration laws.  They are apologetic that we even have immigration laws.

  • bluffcreek1967

    Pretty soon no one’s going to be able to wear any particular clothing or color because so many of our ethnic gangs are wearing them. We will all be walking around shirtless or in potato sacks so we don’t get confused for gang members! Of course, some gang will probably use those same damn potato sacks as their attire and we will all be walking around in the buff!?

    • Puggg

      Once that happens, then the gangs will order their bangers to get certain kinds of tattoos.  That train has probably left the station.


    These are the people the capitalists say we need to keep America going.  

  • WmarkW

    >Jersey’s aren’t banned. Only those with the 13, 14, 18, 31, 41 and 81 numbers.
    >“We are excited about the cultural enrichment and diversity that we have in Weld District 6,”

    Yes, we’re very enriched to have criminalized six percent of the integers below a hundred.

  • Yes, we need more jersey control.  These darn jerseys are just causing too much trouble. Not the actual juvenile perps who are causing the trouble but the jerseys themselves. If only we had more money for the school kids.  AND as a side note did anyone catch the irony of the school lunches?  The school is 58% hispanic and 2% black and somehow 59% of the students are receiving free or reduced fee lunches. It doesn’t add up. I’m still wondering if it’s possible that somehow 1% of the blacks and hispanics are actually feeding their kids.

    • The__Bobster

      It’s a rounding error.

  • Diamond_Lil

    From the website:
    “JBS began as a family business and today our principles remain the same. We value honesty, integrity and sincerity” (- but not from our latino employees.)

    • John_H_Holliday

      “(-but not from our latino employees” …. who believe they are exempt from washing their hands.)

  • The__Bobster

    I don’t mind if a few good immigrants are here and want to live good honest lives of hard work. 

    I mind. Some of the gang bangers are children of the “good” ones. The “good” ones don’t do enough “good” to offset the harm done by the bad ones. Besides, we don’t have time to sort out the “good” ones from the bad ones, so ship them all back and let real Americans do the hard work.

  • A brief google has turned up the site “neighborhoodscout”. Greeley “The Exact Opposite Of Hawaii” has the crime index of 16; Denver’s is 14. 100 is safest. (I’d fled Houston, which rate was 3. The CO town in which I live now, filled with white Obama voters, is well over 50.)

    So Michael Scott is within an error margin.

    Denver is larger than Greeley. One will find ‘hoods that are under 14 and ‘hoods over 16.

  • First I’d heard that “18” was a NAM gangbanger signal. The Southern Poverty Law Center assured me that “18” meant white neo Nazis.

    Who knew.

    Clearly the number is evil and should be banned. None of this has anything to do with criminals who would be criminals if they rallied around a My Little Pony flag

    • NASCAR’s Kyle Busch drives the No. 18 car. Does that make him a criminal?

      • Puggg

        If NASCAR’s “Drive for Diversity” ever results in NASCAR getting more Hispanic fans, then Kyle Busch will have to pick a different number.

  • Just another way we have to change our way of life to accommodate theirs. It wouldn’t be so bad if they had a half way civilized way of life.

  • Michael C. Scott

    I’m just glad I don’t have any silk-screening equipment, or I might turn out a T-shirt printed with the number natural log “e” raised to the pi times “i” power.

    The display of that combination of numbers would probably get me stabbed or shot.

    Just say no to numbers.

    • You must have the T-shirt that has pi and the square root of -1 telling each other, “get real” and “be rational.”

      Speaking of -1, that’s the answer to your problem.  Not counting the two of us, there are probably only ten other people on Earth who regularly use Wolfram Alpha.

    •  You just gave John Derbyshire a funny feeling, down there

    • I actually saw a t-shirt in a catalogue with a picture of Albert Einstein, and his famous equation on it –  e= mc(2).

      Underneath it, the caption says:

      “It’s a white thing. You wouldn’t understand”.


    I say let them wear the shirts with their gang colors and numbers or whatever.  This makes gang members easy to identify, throw in jail, and then deport.   But as usual liberal hysteria and lack  of common sense takes over.   We must ban a inanimate object in order to stop crime.   How about if we ban criminals in order to stop crime?    

  • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

    I sincerely believe this isn’t about being concerned about crime at all but rather, taking everything they possibly can under the guise of “safety” from us.

    Banning an inanimate object, a piece of clothing with a number on it, is just one more step closer to banning Free Speech.

  • In a sane country, if they know who the gang members are, they would round them up and eliminate them. Problem solved. After that, people could wear whatever they pleased. This is yet another example of how “diversity” leads to our loss of freedom.