Two Men Exchange Gun Fire After an Argument Over Who Could Make the Best Kool Aid!

World Star Hip Hop, May 31, 2012

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  • Facebook and World Star Hip Hop:  It’s how certain people forfeit their Fifth Amendment rights.

  • WmarkW

    I suspect it will eventually come out that  Fox News Detroit has a naively literal interpretation of “Kool Aid.”

  • Francis Galton

    Several observations about this video:

    1) Note how all the old commercials have jovial WHITE children in them (and no diversity!), while all the contemporary footage is ugly diversity.  All those old commercials just scream White Privilege!

    2) I laughed at the juxtaposition at 0:20 between the civilized White children singing an innocent jingle, versus the black ghetto thug snarling at us to “drink the Kool-Aid!”  It was a perfect metaphor for White civilization versus black barbarism.

    3) Is it just me, or does the female Compensatory Black Reporter have a strange cadence to her voice, as if she’s trying too hard to mimic the news reporter style of speaking?  She also sounds like she’s treating this story as a big joke (oh those boys, those fellas!  How silly they are!).

    4) At 2:01, we finally discover Eric “my people” Holder’s long-lost father, who found a job as a Compensatory Black Reporter! 

  • Up to my neck in CA

    Actually it  has just come out, the disagreement was over what vintage wine was the best from Bordeaux.

    Gentleman # 1: I say sir, it was the 2000 vintage.
    Gentleman # 2: Au contraire my friend it was 1982.
    Gentleman # 1: “slaps #2 with white glove”
    Gentleman # 2: Pistols at dawn sir, you have dishonored me.

    • “I do my killin before breakfast.”

      Mad Dog Tannen

  • mikejones91

    If any outsiders have come to this site to criticize our views, I suggest you go on ANY world star hip hop video featuring a white person. We are very polite in comparison to things they say. I would recommend “bitches aint shit–acoustic cover–white girl”. The comments are very offensive. Then again, if your on our site to criticize US you don’t give a d*** about black “racism”.

    • I just went to check out their comments section for the “kool-aid” shooting…disabled.  That site is a train wreck.  It’s a rare peek inside the mind of the real black community.   Not the articulate blacks we see on TV, but the 85 and under crowd.  

      The comments encourage some of the most vile behavior I have ever seen.  I would have never thought a world like that existed.   More than anything, I think it shows how they respond to certain stimuli.  Oversexed and savage behavior makes them feel proud to be “hood” and gives them a sense of right.  There is some, but very little shame or condemnation expressed.  At the end of the videos the one filming, the victorious participant, or the girl “twerking” her booty says, “World Star Hip Hop”.   They have no self management skills.  

      • mikejones91

        You nailed it my friend. Was that your first time reading on that site? Anytime someone tries to bring up “racism”, which is obviously exclusively white, I send them over the WSHH to see what real “racism” is.

        • I went on the WSHH site for the first time and I’m speechless.

          Talk about unimaginable scum.

          • mikejones91

            Yeah man, it’s pretty horrific. At least WE back our arguments with logic/TRUTH. They are just pissed off Negros ranting about how much they hate us. I stopped going on that site. I would go on , read idiotic comments and just debate for hours. There is just SO much stupidity it would keep you busy for days. It will also drive you crazy trying to reason with those simians. 

  • Hey,
    will use a gun – even over Kool-Aid

    Whites won’t even pack heat when they get murderaped in Baltimore.

  • I must not have the culinary expertese these “yooffs” have as I didnt know there was a different way to make kool aid other than just adding water. Is this a case of putting bottles of cough syrup in it or something like trayvon’s DXM habit.

  • Black People . . . 

  • ncpride

    Here they go again. Blame guns for the violence of two grown men who had an argument one would normally hear 5 year olds engaged in. ‘My mom makes better kool-aid than yours!’ ‘Nuh-uh, MY mom makes better kool-aid, so you better take that back!’ Ridiculous.

  • JackKrak

    Oh, come on people – I’m sure there are disputes over trivial things like Kool-Aid that end in gunfire all the time in places like Vermont, Wyoming and Iowa too.

    Oh, wait.

  • I’m guessing you didn’t advocate holding the gun sideways and firing aimlessly.

  • LOL!!!! I almost spit my cereal up when I read that.

  • IstvanIN

    They probably having trouble reading the instruction and wondering what a cup is.

    “Doez they meanz a coffee cup, or a soder cup, or a brazeers cups of water in da pitcher?”

  • loyalwhitebriton

    “Kool Aid” is not sold in the UK (as far as I know); but from the link provided I guess it’s some kind of crystally thing that you add to water, and gives you a soft drink?
    Doesn’t surprise me, though, that a couple of diversities took pot shots at each other over something crystally!

    • Spartan24708

      It is a powdered “fruit” flavored mix that you combine with water and sugar to make a drink that is popular mostly with minorities. I don’t allow it since it is basically a permanent dye that will color anything it comes into any sort of contact with including, but not limited to carpet, clothing, walls and blonde hair. 

  • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

    And of course, to the reporterette, it’s all because of the guns. It’s because guns are there, and no one knows how to settle an argument without them.  Really? I don’t think you could find three consecutive houses without guns in them where I live, and yet we all seem to settle our differences without them.

    As for the local woman who said ‘it’s the way people are nowadays’- no, darling. It’s not the way ‘people’ are. A certain subset of Homo Sapien Sapien, absolutely. But not ‘people.’

  • dukem1

    “Hopefully these kids can learn something…”

    What a moron…this is a – teaching moment?…looks like we gotta problem’ with impulse control…

  • sbuffalonative

    I noticed how in the end they blamed it on ‘guns being as easy to get as tic-tacs.’


    • mikejones91

      you have to buy a gun, regardless of how easy it is to get. They are right in that assumption, it is easy to get guns. Solution- Make it mandatory for EVERY one who buys a gun to also purchase a safe. Guns aren’t cheap, even if you get them on the street. Well, they are cheap compared to store prices but if these blacks are so impoverished, they sure do buy a lot of guns. 

      • Jerrybear

        Some gun stores in CA do do that. You have to buy some cheesy safe that anyone can get into if they just steal the whole thing. I think it defeats the purpose. Plus, it’s very authoritarian to make people purchase a completely different product as a prerequisite to buy a gun.

      • Sorry Mike, I can’t get behind that idea.

        The answer isn’t MORE government intrusion (coercing us into buying something we might not want, nor need), it’s LESS government intrusion.

        Regardless of where the Uruk Hai get their guns, they WILL get them, eventually.. you cannot change that.  Even if they have to make them by hand.  You would not believe some of the ghetto inventions I have seen in my life that are ‘firearms’ in name only… more dangerous to the shooter than the shootee, often they explode when the Uruk tries to use it.

        When I was in central america, it was common for the Uruk to dive bomb the cops walking on the sidewalk… they would drop a cinderblock from the 3rd story and hit the cop in the head, killing him… most often, there would be a 2nd Uruk at street level, waiting for the cop to get beaned so he could swoop in and steal the now-dead-cop’s sidearm, extra ammo and tactical radio..  a 3-fer.

        The only thing worse than coercing someone into buying a safe, is coercing them into buying a crappy safe… the false sense of security will eventually lead to a sense of betrayal when an Uruk breaks into your home/apt and just steals the whole thing.  Some of what passes for a ‘safe’ is made so poorly you can break into it with little more than a cheap can-opener.

        I do have a safe.  A 6+ ft steel monster that’s lagged to the floor joists and wall studs.  You would have to disassemble that part of the house to get it loose, but then what?  It takes 4 grown men to move it.  THAT is a safe, but they’re high end.  No way can you coerce someone into buying a safe that is 3X to 6X the cost of a firearm, just so they can buy a firearm….

        • mikejones91

          Very good point. I suppose this logics destroys my OP.

  • sbuffalonative

     Of course, ‘Kool Aid’ could also be a slang for a street drug concoction.

    One definition for Kool-Aide on is “the water of the ghettos’.

  • Ohhhhh yeah!!

  • Keep your hand on your gun. Don’t you trust anyone. Be the first one to fire. Every man is a liar. There’s just one kind of man that you can trust and that’s a dead man. Or a koolaid drinking gringo like me.

  • JackKrak

    You forgot the part about one of them driving off in a purple Caprice – the perfect finishing touch.

    • Major

      I can see it now…..they left out the 26″ wheels that spin while they’re stopped.

      They can spend 5K on wheels and a skank – pimp mobile paint job…but they can’t afford to raise their “kids”.
      And I have to laugh my tail off….what black skank is smitten with a doorag hood with a purple car and big wheels? guessed it…it must work for them on the hos they call “girls”.

      Oh look Letecia…that be ma man Jerome…ain’t he cool?

  • blight14

    It should come naturally since they’re so good at taking an ounce of ‘powder’, diluting it with an inert powder and then dividing into small, equal portions for resale…..

  • TNB

  • mikejones91

    It’s funny you bring that up haha. I was at a Burger King and I tried to get on Amren as well. It was blocked…. Fascists!

  • Johnny Reb

    Even negroes buy into the doctrine of spinning their fellow negroes into something more human.   “Kids” seems to be the operative word.  Also “children.”

    Hate to break it to you jemima, but an armed 17-year old buck hanging out with his fellow predators is no “child.”   He is a battle-hardened thug who needs to  be in jail, six feet under or packed off to Africa.  He has no business on the streets of America.  Even black streets.

    • Major

      Yea..there’s only a few million more Saint Skittles Martins to deal with.

  • If Americans knew what they were letting themselves in for, 200 years of dysfunctional negroes to deal with. I think whites would have picked their own cotton.

    The Bongo Bongo madness never ends.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      You’d be wrong.  Cheap labor traitors have always been with us, and have almost completely destroyed the US middle class.

    • mikejones91

      “If we knew you boys would have been so much trouble, we would have picked the cotton ourselves”. The Last Supper— The biggest piece of anti-white filth I have EVER watched.

  • My point was blacks proactively have the will to use firearms thousands of times a year against whites.

    While whites do nothing but fall. And you bolster the discussion with a personal anecdote about Your Gun Expertise.

    Great job.

  • Djinn42

    Maybe someone can clear this up for me.
     At 1:24 something is spray painted on a sign, did it say Goon life or Coon life?
    Just wondering.

  • Understanding the Black mind

    ” FRUIT JUICE “: Blacks absolutely go ape over any fruit-flavored drink such as Tiki Punch or Kool-Aid. This is hard wired into their chimp brain pan, and like the appendix, appears to be a vestigial remnant from earlier times. The Black in the distant past was a lazy, useless scrounger — finding ripe and rotting fruit on the ground was a major component of their diet being that they were too stupid and lethargic to actually go hunt something. Blacks today survive on free Government Cheese, Welfare, FEMA Checks, and hand-outs from YT, but the Inner Chimp still gets all excited when brightly colored fruit drinks are served and will consume them in gluttonous amounts.

  • ageofknowledge

    No problem. Put them on a chain gang working to make Detroit a better place. Since they can’t figure out how to do that themselves, lend them a hand.

  • El_Magyar

    This is not “our” future, it is “your” future. This is what Blacks have degenerated their ridiculously stupid selves to. There is nothing these genetic failures can’t destroy or violate. Honest to God, inner-city Black America needs to be destroyed.

    • IstvanIN

      They are rather like termites.

  • The__Bobster

    Imagine what the Bantus would do over one of these puppies. And yes, it be a black thang.

    A GALLON jar of pickles sits near the register at Lee’s Washerette and Food Market, a mustard-colored cinder-block bunker on the western fringe of this Mississippi Delta town.

    Those pickles were once mere dills. They were once green. Their exteriors remain pebbly, a reminder that long ago they began their lives on a farm, on the ground, as cucumbers.

    But they now have an arresting color that combines green and garnet, and a bracing sour-sweet taste that they owe to a long marinade in cherry or tropical fruit or strawberry Kool-Aid.

    Kool-Aid pickles violate tradition, maybe even propriety. Depending on your palate and perspective, they are either the worst thing to happen to pickles since plastic brining barrels or a brave new taste sensation to be celebrated.

  • Major


    Hoodlums, gangsters, felons, predators, animals…17 is old enough to qualify as anyone of those descriptions.

    Look at the waannabe “nolimitnigga”…Saint Trayvon. Any city where these vermin appear is already a wasteland.

  • Major

    Me too. Thankfully I  live in Florida…I can legally buy a gun every damn day if I want to. But with this economy I try to keep it to once a month.

    • mikejones91

      I think they should make it so everyone that buys a gun, should have to buy a safe as well. Gun owners are usually very responsible. They always say they are stolen from gun owners but I have yet to meet a white gun owner who doesn’t take precautions.

      • I think the most common vector of gun thefts is from thugs breaking into cars and raiding the glove compartment, because the person with the CCW permit can’t carry into wherever they’re going.

        I have always heard and thought that burglaries and thefts were the most common vector for guns to flow between the legal and illegal markets.  However, I’m beginning to doubt that for common sense reasons.   I think most “thefts” are actually straw purchases. The victim “reports” a “theft” to cover for his or her straw purchasing.

        • mikejones91

          Exactly. They offer some 21 year old black guy (without a record, yet) money to buy them a gun. From there, they just get passed around. With every body that gun has, the price goes down. The body count rises, the price lowers.

          •  I tend to think that most black straw purchasers are women, because they’re far less likely than the men to have felony sheets.  It is also presumed that a woman buying a firearm in the legal market is doing it for self-defense. 

      • Up to my neck in CA

        They already do this in CA. the question “Do you own a safe, what kind?” is right on the form. I would prefer an IQ test to buy a gun.

  • SLCain

    I think to better understand this story, one should – for the term “Kool-Aid” – substitute “Purple Drank” or “Red Drank”, or “Orange Drank” – i.e. Kool-Aid fortified with Ny-Quil, Cough-Syrup, Aristocrat Vodka, or some combination of the aforementioned.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    It’s dangerous just to be friends/relatives of blacks removed the article about the 15 year old Oakland yoof who shot his best friend because he felt disrepected. Shot that one down the memory hole real quickly!

  • IKantunderstand

    I’m sorry, but the winner was decided a long time ago. Jim Jones.