Exercise Benefits Black Girls Less than Whites, Study Shows

Melissa Healy, Los Angeles Times, June 5, 2012

In a dispiriting finding for African American girls and women, a new study finds that while engaging in high levels of physical activity is a good bet for preventing obesity in white adolescent girls, it does not give their black peers the same benefit.

The study, published in the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, found that among black adolescent girls who moved the most at age 12, obesity at age 14 was nearly as likely as it was for those whose activity rates were far lower.

For white girls, by contrast, regular exercise at 12 appeared a nearly sure way to head off obesity at 14. That finding held, even when the calorie intakes of an African American youngster and her white counterpart were the same.

The authors, a pair of British researchers using data from a government health study that followed American adolescents for several years, said their findings pointed to a significant metabolic disadvantage for African American girls hoping to maintain a healthy weight. They concluded that “obesity-prevention interventions may need to be adapted to account for the finding that black girls are less sensitive to the effects of physical activity” than their white sisters.

In the national effort to stem a crisis of obesity in the United States, the state of African American women stands out as a particular challenge. At 39.4%, their rate of obesity is the highest of any single ethnic or gender group measured. Four in five black women are overweight or obese when measured by the most widely accepted gauge of fatness, the body mass index, or BMI.


The study, which draws from a database of 1,148 adolescents, is the first to explore differences between white and black girls’ physical activity rates and their effect on weight. (Just under half—538—identified themselves as African American.) But it falls in line with research that finds black women oxidize fat more slowly in response to exercise, and that their resting metabolic rates are lower than those of white women.


For 28-year-old Toni Carey of Norfolk, Va., co-founder of the national running group Black Girls Run!, that harsh reality compounds an already challenging situation for African American girls. When Carey took up running to improve her health, she said her mother’s “first reaction was, ‘That’s something that black people don’t do.’ She said, ‘Your uterus is going to fall out’ and all sorts of things.”

In African American households headed by a single-parent struggling to feed kids on a limited income, she said, “if you have to eat off the dollar menu, that’s what you do.” In others, she added, family cooking traditions that emphasize less healthful foods and food preparation can be difficult to change.

Beyond that, “if you aren’t seeing your peers out there running and exercising, or you hear them say, ‘I don’t want to mess up my hair,’ it’s more than likely you’re not going to engage in that physical activity.”


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  • A lot of black women inevitably get heavier in their 20s.  It probably has to do with food conservation — Back in Mother Africa, food needed to be conserved for the young’ens, so “older” women did well if their metabolism slowed.  Here in the land of milk and honey and EBT cards and food from clown’s heads, it only means dangerous obesity.

    • If only obesity were more deadly…

    •  Black women have different levels of hormones.  Black women have bigger nipples and areolas because they have high progesterone.

      White women have smaller nipples and areolas, but bigger breasts because of higher testosterone to progesterone ratio. 

      So exercise helps White women.  Its tragic that white men waste their time with video games and TV, when they should be creating plenty of white babies with beautiful white women. 

      • Hi FF..

        I can only marvel at your vast knowledge of womens’ breasts…

        What kind of life-path did you take to make you such an expert?  😉

      •  Your final statement is so very, very true. If we don’t get our birth rates up, we’re doomed as a race.

        • whiteuncleruckus

          the problem is whites, unlike blacks, care more about having careers than having babies. most black men have no intention of taking care of any children they have and black women know the state will take care of any children they have. i dont see a solution.

          • Sherman_McCoy

            That is sadly true.  And when a white woman gets bored, she divorces that faithful, boring white husband, leaving him a broken (both emotionally and financially) weekend father, who would rather place his manhood into a paper shredder than to father more children who will be raised by someone else at his expense.

            Whoever cursed us with feminism deserves to burn in the lowest pits of hell.

  • Aha!  So THIS study explains WHY they DON’T WORK – sit at home all day on WELFARE gettin’ high and poppin out kids by the dozen.

  • Ban it, Mayor Bloomberg!

    • I dont think Queen Bloomberg would ban exercise, he would just ban white people from doing it

    • Ban WHAT? Niggers?

  • First electricity is racist electricuting mostly hispanics, and now exercise is racist. School also seems to be racist since whites and asians do better in it than others

  • I find the African womans body shape quite offensive to look at . Large round head, vapid expression, no neck, large , over sized,  bordering on cartoonish buttocks and breasts. Shuffling and ambling down the street like a hippo. I call them ” Precious types ” after the movie.


    • Me, neither.  I hate to say things like this, but the women in this movie nauseated me.  There is no beauty in what I saw.

      • kerrysmith

         If you’d held on to 1:01, you’d have seen a very attractive black woman. Just sayin’….

        • Sherman_McCoy

          Sorry, Kerry, but I I don’t believe I have EVER seen an attractive black female.  Now, some which are less than 100% bantu have inherited attractive almost white features, but that is as far as I am willing to go.

        • CharlesFinley

          “Water them down” long enough and, sure, you get a few good outcomes…

        • If you mean Paula Patton, she’s biracial & appears before. True BW who appears around 1:04 is -a feisty student-  better looking, but I wouldn’t say she’s attractive to average WM.

          • kerrysmith

            Yes, I meant Paula Patton.

      • CharlesFinley

        What about how the LIGHT-skinned “woman” spells her name?

        Mo’ Nique

    • I actually made it to 19 seconds…. then… well….

      Sometimes, when we go to ‘town’ to pick up groceries, supplies for the farm, etc, by chance I see a Uruk female on one of those motorized handicapped carts… the only thing wrong with them is morbid obesity- they literally cannot walk.  Their carts (always plural) are filled with high-carb garbage, Kool Aid packets, fried things, Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs (or whatever)…

      Yeah, I like junky food sometimes too, but come ON!! 

      •  I got to 23 seconds, then had to click “close.” Nauseating and disgusting.

        By the way, my first post supposedly addressed to David Brims actually was intended to reply to an earlier post by someone else; it appears to have been removed. Just in case people were wondering.

        •  This video is truly rodeo.  See if you can hold on for the eight count.

        • MikeofAges

           Not to make light of human misery  or anything, but I don’t think I made 23 seconds as much as I went into it intending to gut it out. Fortunately, since it was You Tube, a few keystrokes and there I was, listening to and watching Agnetha Faltskog happily chirp away. Thank god for his small mercies.

      • Sherman_McCoy

        I was under the impression that the Uruk are spawned in slime pits, and that there were no females.  Then again, they have to feed them SOMETHING.

      • Unlike most of commentators, I watched not only a trailer, but the movie. This is a powerful film, not preachy at all & not anti-White in any way.
        Although the author has tried to inject a dose of optimism at the end- to movie is a naturalistic portrayal of Black condition in the ghetto.
        Life is suffering, and that’s all.

        • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

          Not surprised by your take on it. I have not seen it, just bits and pieces. I first heard of it via an online review where someone was complaining about how the film “promotes negative racial stereotypes” or some stupid thing like that. In particular I laughed out loud when the writer complained about Precious stealing a bucket of fried chicken and eating the entire thing.

          So naturally, I figured it might be a worthwhile flick.

          I’m sure one day it will be on cable at a time I just happen to be watching (pretty much the only way I see movies). Also sure it will be one of those guilty pleasures I wouldn’t want anyone to SEE me watching, like Hoarders or Boondocks reruns.

    •  I’ve read the last two books you mentioned. I found “The Dispossessed Majority,” which dates to the early ’70s, fascinating. “Camp of the Saints” I found so depressing that I couldn’t finish it. Too accurate a prediction of what would happen to Europe in the 1990s and later.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Pardon me, but do you have any eye bleach, for I am in desperate need of same? 

    • CharlesFinley

      That is a gorilla.  Good God. 

    • Up to my neck in CA

      The beginning of the video is nauseating. The idea that this “woman” is sexy is disgusting and wrong on many levels. It’s as bad as calling Mrs. Obama a fashion icon. This continued false praise of blacks reminds me of my youth and Mr. Rogers neighborhood’s the Land of Make-Believe. Go to the :55 in the video and you will see why she is fat.

  • Fredrik_H

    Obviously we need to ban something so blatantly rascist as this exercise thingy.

  • Church_of_Jed

    Of course it is racist to say “blacks attacking Whites,” and it’s also the right thing to do. Racism is justified every time a blacks attacks Whites. The hate should get bigger, and we will see too it that it does.

    Just because we might have memories of by gone White privilege, doesn’t mean we are legitimate targets for black violence, but black violence does legitimize our racism against Diversity.

    “Racism is the fastest growing trend in the White community right now, as it should be. Diversity has already defeated our White privilege, so without our racism, we’d have nothing at all.”

    -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “Channon Christian should be on our Easter calendar,” 2008

    • kerrysmith

      By the way, is there really a “Rev. Jed DeValleyism”? or is he an avatar like “Bob” in the Church of the Subgenius?

  • splitsing

    Stories like this make me so very proud to have two beautiful, athletic and healthy-eating White daughters.

  • So how do we fix the “disparate impact” of exercise?  I know, have the ACLU and SPLC declare exercise to be Racist (Tm) and therefore an activity that disproportionately grants people of light skin more unearned racist White privilege. 

  • Church_of_Jed

    Search images online for Hottentot, if you can withstand an afrovoodoo assault upon your decent sensibilities.

    When you see White girls with behinds like an Hottentot, they usually have tattoos on their necks and hideously ugly mulatto mongrel babies in tow.

    Mongrelization is the dysgenic death of Whiteness.   Our lowest Whites breed with the most predatory afrovoodoo n’groes, creating a dangerous admixture of our worst and their worst elements.  Miscegnation evils gave us Obama and Holder.

    • I first became aware of Uruk body types when I was reading contemporaneous accounts written by white explorers back in the 19th century.. I thought they were just exagerrating when they related how fat would accumulate in the buttocks of the female Uruks.  Sometimes so much fat would accumulate, their children would be able to stand on the “shelf” of fat while the Uruk mother was walking around…

      Then I saw the pictures…

      But they’re just the same as us, right?


      • Church_of_Jed

        If you are a reader of Ethnology, you won’t find better than Hinton Rowan Helper’s masterpieces: Nojoque, Negroes in Negroeland, and Noonday Exigencies.

        More for your library of N’ggerology:

        Charles Carroll’s The Negro a Beast
        John Campbell’s Negromania
        Carlton Putnam’s Race and Reason and Race and Reality
        Anthony Jacob’s White Man, Think Again!
        Jean Raspial’s Camp of the Saints
        Wilmot Robertson’s Dispossessed Majority

  • JackKrak

    I guess we can add this to the long list of physical differences that don’t exist.

  • I guess we shouldn’t be ‘racist’ and expect black women to live by white standards and exert themselves in any kind of physical activity.

  • eunometic

     “obesity-prevention interventions may need to be adapted to account for
    the finding that black girls are less sensitive to the effects of
    physical activity” than their white SISTERS.

    With around 100,000 years of evolutionary separationm more than any other race and clear genetic based metabolic differences  this  has got to be the most idiotic usage of the word “sister”  ever.

    Clearly the writer is fearful and circumspect or a genuine PC idiot.

    Hopefully Black women will target what is better for their body types in terms of health.  It appears in any-case that Blacks have a metabolic advantage and therefore less to gain from exercise.   

    Anyone whose been to Africa can see that young black men have the chiseled musculature young White men acquired only through exercise.  Any advantage they have is however appears to be quickly lost with age and diet.

    • Major

      “Any advantage they have is however appears to be quickly lost with age and diet.”

      Ummm considering the choices…I’d rather have a functioning brain than pecs.

      •  Right you are, Major. You don’t have to have a “chiseled musculature” to be healthy — or smart. In fact, many blacks who have that, are neither.

      • eunometic

         In still calorie restricted Africa few men appear fat but women more likely are, moreover the men like it that way, thye comment that to me!  To an extent they carry it well as they can retain an hourglass figure (fat goes into the bum, not waist) and their often good skeletal structure helps as well.  Africa’s favorite sport is soccer.

        My sister made an statistical observation on Black athletic prowess, she noted that Africans (really only West Africans)  often excelled at sprint sports and  dominated at the 100m run in the Olympics, while Nth Africans dominated at the long distance Marathon.   Little known is that Whites dominate at running in the 400m-600m runs.  Presumably in our evolutionary past this balance of endurance and speed was what was important for survival of our ancestor.  Maybe it was ambushing an oryx or running from a bear in the snow?

        Either way we will have different dietary and exercise requirements.

        Quite likely we will need different cultural requirements.  IQ tests show a different BALANCE of  IQ vectors.  So its likely we perceive and interpret events slightly differently as well.

        • ricpic

          No they don’t. They don’t “carry it well.” They are walking caricatures. Stop the non-judgmentalism. It is the mark of a coward.

  • This article is just more crap. Weight gain calculations are really easy. Behold:
    Calories eaten minus calories burned equals calories stored.
    If Melissa were smarter, she would realize that her actual findings were that African-descended humans have no moral problem with lying.

  • Major

    Well…it explains that curse of being black, 5 foot tall and 6 feet wide…with a chrome bumper for that trailer.

  • Mainstreaming_Diversity

    What black mammy’s got time fo’ de exercise when she’s be work’n on dat fine collection of tattoos?

    If you haven’t yet earned your daily Continuing Education credits to keep your N’ggrologist certification current, then just watch this video and earn at least two days worth-


  • Look for Jesse and Al to announce that the study is “racist.” Or that it proves that even Mother Nature is “biased against African Americans.”

    Of course, it could also be that this is just an elaborate dog-and-pony show to try to disguise the fact that black girls and women tend to be fat, lazy hogs who eat way too much and exercise way too little. The truth hurts when you can’t blame it on “White racism.”

    • They’ll find a way. White people invented fried chicken and ho-ho’s to try and exterminate the blacks, racist!

    • CharlesFinley

      You’re my main man, Wayne!

      W-a-y-n-e… (Rainman)

    • Up to my neck in CA

       I can’t wait for Me$$y Jack$on and Al $harlton to go after Mickey D’s because the Black/365 ad campaign is unhealthy and racist towards poor black folks. Wayne is 100% correct.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

     heads up, amreners  this black clown warren ballentine on the sharpton
    radio channel   show is threatening that al-qaeda is going to finance
    and arm young black males to foment a race war. it was stated on
    tonights show. i say bring it on. blacks are clowns but dont
    underestimate them. prepare

  • MikeofAges

    Recently, I have wanted lose some weight for medical reasons. As a result I have made a very depressing discovery. By not nibbling between meals, eating smaller portion and cutting out extra portions I have lost about eight pounds in two months. What is so disturbing is that after all of the billions spent on diet plans, health club memberships, and special meals, I, and I alone, have discovered what the secret is. Eat less.

    Yeah, I admit it’s hard. But anyone can do it. All you have to do is change your self image a little. From glutton to not.  

  • eunometic

     I find the idea of blaming Whites for every Black problem Offensive and racially hateful (in negative sense).  It’s pure scapegoating.

    If  Whites blamed every problem we had on Blacks or Jews we wouldn’t solve our real problems either.

  • StivD

    ‘It would seem that the higher the testosterone the better the results.’

    But that must not be uniformly true, or black women, if they usually do have higher testosterone levels, would find it the easiest of all to lose weight. But,  as is pointed out  here they mostly can’t lose it as well.  There is obviously an inborn genetic component.

    • Its the hunter-gatherer genome. If I’m not mistaken the Hopi Native Americans have a similar problem. When Eurasians developed agriculture on a massive scale the body became less obsessed with storing energy in the form of fat cells.

  • If you type into google ” Hottentots, ” they’re an African tribe with very large cartoonish buttocks. If one breeds with another, their off spring will have even bigger buttocks. And so the vicious cycle goes on.They’re body type has been like that for 50,000 years.

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  • whiteuncleruckus

    i just  saw an article on yahoo that referred to serena williams as “cute” and “feminine.” i immediately stopped reading the article.

    • CharlesFinley

      Put wigs on Mike Tyson and Patrick Ewing and you have the Williams sisters.

  • haroldcrews

    If a population is more prone to famine because of less foresight or for whatever chronic reason then lower metabolic rates make sense and convey an advantage. 

  • I didnt see any movie…

    • Up to my neck in CA

      I think Don Imus’ descriptor fits perfectly in this story. She is truly a disgusting animal.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    In a dispiriting finding for African American girls and women…high levels of physical activity is a good bet for White adolescent girls, it does not give their black peers the same benefit.

    Exercise is a racist notion set up by Whites to hold down and oppress innocent black girls.

    The government is out of money –  Big Tobacco coughed up its share, now it’s time for “Big Food” to do its part to bail out the government and democrat party.   First declare that exercise is dangerous:

    Daily Mail: Excess exercise ‘hurts the heart’ and cause dangerous long-term harm, say scientists

    News from the Fat Front: Exercise Bad for Some; Once Fat, Alwaysan Fat;

     and useless and that it disproportionally  hurts poor, oppressed minorities, especially blacks — that leaves “Big Food” as a government target (can’t sue “exercise”).

     First, set up “Big Food” for vilification as in what is happening in New York with Bloomberg and soda sizes:

    The Tyrant in Us All: Bloomberg Takes on Big Syrup

    Next comes grilling of CEOs of “Big Food” in front of Congress to explain why they have been knowingly contributing to early death rates via obesity caused by THEIR evil product, followed by huge new taxes on “Big Food” ‘targeted’ at paying for studies into obesity, also look for new anti-obesity advertising.

    After that, come John Edwards-type lawyers to muster up a class action suit against “Big Food” for big payouts to THEM — expect large black women to be called to testify as to what the Big Food industry has done to them through no fault of their own.

    The government, democratic party and lawyers will be the big winners, Big Food products will be priced ‘out of reach,’ with the development of a Black Market in illegal foods.

    Hey…pssst — Wanna buy a Twinkie??


  • No doubt the results of this study will provide yet another excuse  for more gibs me dat!

  • Sheila Dinehart

    And this is important to the need for racial identity unification in what way exactly?

    • StivD

      I agree. This is a pretty superficial thing to dwell on.  I really only care about their behavior and how/if it impacts me and the white population.

      ‘Content of character’ not how big their butts can be. 

  • The__Bobster

    They were muscular because they were/are heavy steroid users.

  • Mainstreaming_Diversity

    She get’s her excercise while earning for us our daily Continuing Education credits for our Diversity Sensitivity certification-


  • alastairabbacle

    Four in five black women are overweight or obese when measured by the most widely accepted gauge of fatness, the body mass index, or BMI.

    Black women should have a different standard for obesity. They generally have larger buttocks and breasts. Blacks, as a seperate subspecies of humankind, should be respected with different measurements for obesity.

    Not only for health issues, but also for academic performance therr must be different accepted norms for Blacks. This is not because they are inferior of superior humans, but only because they are different.

    Blacks have many skills in interpersonal confidence, athleticism, singing, and at times, in being motivated and precise.
    Blacks also have disadvantages though, particularily in taking IQ tests, and in general academic testing in math and reading.
    Any individual Black may recognize the best way to function knowing his strengths and weaknesses, and excel. In the end, a human being is an individual, free to make choices.

    For Black community schools, it is unfair to judge all Blacks in academic testing according to White standards. Blacks are newer to civilization, and on average will not do as well.
    It is terrible to judge the majority of the Black population as “failing”, when they may be actually be doing just fine. It is like calling large-buttock and breast having Black women “obese”.

    Blacks, for both obesity, and for academics, must be allowed to have their own standards. Anything else is demeaning and racist.

    • I’ve always thought so- as well as for other races- but- this is unacceptable for global cultural paradigm that has evolved out of Western Enlightenment  & French revolution (not to speak of Christianity & US Constitution).

      The trend in past 200-300 has been towards total equality & I don’t think it can be reversed just like that.

      • eunometic

         Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder.

        We have the oddness of a subset of the biracial ‘mulatto’ the ones with the fine facial bones of a Nordic combined with a good skeletal structure and then spruced up with hair straightening and or wigs.  They are often used in advertisements and as a soft introduction to diversity.

        Most biracials don’t end up with fortunate features of course but they are used an an ideal.

      • alastairabbacle

        I understand this idea, the in the end we will need to treat individuals, within government treatment, equally.

        What my direction is though, is to think of how communities of peoples can do better by understanding their own race better, and thus create their own way of treating themselves to best advance.

        In other words, higher levels of ahievement will manifest amongst non-whites, if they recognize their own advantages and disadvantages.
        Know thyself, carried to race.
        I don’t propose government imposition to set different standards, but rather the relaxation of government imposition.
        Allow Blacks, with White guidance, to develop a system of education and vocation that works best for them.

        This is actually where the whole “charter” school movement comes in. A return to all Black school, that are run according to the unusual behavioral mechanism of their Black students.

        • Mr logical guy

          Melanin envy is real……seek so help. I feel sorry for you that you melt in the sun…..god hates you.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     Sounds like you are projecting your own attraction to black women onto all white men.  Most white men are NOT attracted to black women, which is why they do not pair up with them as a rule.  Black women seem cartoonish to me, with exaggerated everything.  But then, so do black men.

  • StivD

    All of that would depend on the black woman. There are –closer-to- typical–black women that are attractive, but they sometimes are a lot more than firm and toned; because they have a hardness about their bodies, especially arms, that isn’t very feminine. Some of them are also just plain too big, not fat, but tall and broad with large wrists and ankles. Most black women don’t have much grace or elegance.

  • kerrysmith

    why would you attack my motives, Le Gaulois? Mr. Hardin had said there was no feminine beauty in the video, which I thought odd given the presence of Paula Patton in it. I called her black, you called her mulatto, so what? Mulatto counts as black for most purposes — Obama is generally called black, for example. I don’t deny that Patton is mulatto. Take a Valium.

  • They’re not my type. I wish them well, but they’re too different.

    • Mr logical guy

      ……..your type is the teen boy body look I guess. I’m sure you’re a devoted member of MAMBA.

  • BritishGirl :-)

    Why is everyone always going on about race? No offence America, but it’s as though you’re still stuck in the early 1900s. You don’t see many race related arguments in another parts of the world, other than America. Plus, it is statistically noted most AMERICANS, are obese.