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  • How typical of what wusses so many of us White people have become. A black knocks him down; he just lies there, like he’s afraid to get up. Then they strip his clothes off; he resists only very feebly. Too bad he didn’t have some backbone, and a piece in his pocket so he could have shown them what happens to people who pull stunts like that.

    Can you imagine what the reaction would be if a video like that went viral, showing a black who wandered into a White neighborhood by mistake, and was knocked down and stripped naked, just for being the “wrong” race? Among many other things, I’ll bet Congressman Bobby Rush would go to the podium in the House and strip his clothes off to show “solidarity” with his “bruthuh.”

    •  I think this video will go viral.

      • It gets taken down from youtube for being shocking, I guess that means it shows what blacks are like

        • I put it under the title “Black ghetto scene”. If they take it down, then – Youtube isn’t the only site. Which are more accessible other sites ?

    • Detroit_WASP

      I wonder if Bobby Rush will go the podium in the House of Rep. wearing a polo shirt and pair of Kakis to protest the brutish behavior?

      I love it when goofy whites try to “keep it real” by hangin’ with the brothers and instead the get a street lesson in Anthropology.  

    • Jerrybear

      These types of videos enrage me to the point that I want to respond in the same manner these animals behave but we know what would happen if a white actually retaliated.  A media circus would ensue.  The guy could have resisted more but then the mob may have killed him.  It’s amazing that we have to fear for our lives and decency if we enter areas of the country dominated by blacks.  I normally try to keep a cool head and avoid blatant hatred of minorities but they are not making it very easy for me.

    • If he did happen to be carrying and shot one of these animals, we would have a media circus much like the Trayvon Martin incident. The video would not matter.  Blacks would be talking about “proportional response” and concealed carry laws. They would ask questions like “Why did he have a gun in a black neighborhood?  He must be racist.”  We would hear remarks like he was hunting blacks and set them up by walking through a black area.  You know the drill. 

    • it’s called KO…… wayne, don’t kick the man while he’s down,,,,, wtf

    • Shawn_thefemale

       I agree with what you’re saying. And I myself am willing to take the chance of fighting back.  But how many gazillion examples have whites been given that fighting back will do nothing but land your white tush, if not in prison, at least in a years-long firestorm of courts, police, black backlash, and huge amounts of fines, charges and total disruption of your life – if you survive the iniital attack. Whites are instantly responsible for and politically liable for any sign (real or imagined) of aggression against anyone but their own. It’s pure insanity that the only people whites have the right to defend themselves against is other whites. We are instantly the loser in any other battle.

  • Detroit_WASP

    It’s like that show on the Discovery Channel….When Animals Attack.

    Too bad whitey didn’t have a Glock with 2 20 round clips….like Trayvon Martin Tweated about.  ‘Cause they would have had 40 problems if he did…like Trayvon said!

    I wonder when the Al Sharpton/Jesse Jackson news conference will be condemning this behavior???? 

    Hate crime charges by the DOJ?  I doubt it. 

    Wake up white people! 

    • you know 1st hand living in Motown. I’m wide awake in MN, couple thousand rds of 7.62

  • IstvanIN

    The real question is: was it really a mistake that he wandered into a African-American neighborhood or was there something more sinister at work that we haven’t been told?  AG Holder better step up tp the plate before whites start thinking they can go anywhere in the US!

  • As far as I’m concerned, Zimmerman is a hero!

  • Hirschibold

    Wow, good thing that white kid wasn’t armed and he didn’t defend himself. Our nation can only handle one racial travesty at a time, please.

  • redshirts

    Why is anyone complaining about this?  He is White, so he is obviously filled with pathological racist White privilege. 

    Those “distinguished, esteemed, and renowned” Sons of Obama were just helping “unburden” him from his shameful White privilege causes the Achievement Gap.   Watch for black SAT scores to start shooting up. 

    When Diversity spots a Whitey and stereotypes him for White privilege, it’s not racism, because it’s just the first step toward social justice.

    Anti-racism is codeword for anti-White. Diversity is a vile hate crime against God’s kingdom plan for our White privilege and violates White Humanity’s ordained destiny.

  • ArturoPendriago

    Obama still has a 48% approval rating!!!  Mother of God, who ‘approves’ of this asshole?  I just cannot believe it after everything that has happened.  I don’t remember if it was here, but someone mentioned earlier that they are seeing a tremendous increase in welfare, baby mommas and illiteracy and that its not just blacks.  This must be the case because how can any self-respecting white person vote for this garbage?  It is just beyond me.

    I don’t come into contact with blacks anymore because I live in a rural mountain town in the Rockies.  It literally is a Paradise.  There are some Mexicans but no crime at all.  Yet each time I turn on the television, I get bombarded with the anti-white, poor black folks, white privilege insanity.  Do other whites around the country really believe what comes out of these zombies’ talking heads?  They are outright liars, it has been proven over and over again, yet we are still here, with blatant bias and hypocrisy, yet no one is held accountable.  It really is mind boggling.

    • Natassia

      My mother likes him. Of course, she’s a self-avowed Communist.

  • JohnEngelman

    As recently as fifteen years ago I thought white flight was caused by irrational color prejudice. 

  • How do you accidentally wander into a black neighborhood unless you’re a clueless tourist or too drunk and/or stoned to realize where you are?  I think most whites are well aware of which areas in their city are filled with less than savory elements.

    There’s a reason why Martin Luther King Blvd is always the most dangerous street in any city, and it’s not exactly a national secret, if you catch my drift.

    •  It is easier than you think. Our family was coming home from that greatest of Potemkin villages, Washington D.C. and we took one little wrong turn.  We wound up in a third world hell hole the likes of which I have never seen in any black community in Lancaster PA. This was government caused poverty and crime. Liquor stores on every corner, pot holes the size of a small state, covered by boards. Whole houses burned out and dilapidated. Just a few blocks from the Mall. Yes. It is quite easy to wind up in a wrong neighborhood.

      • Zorro

        It sounds like you were on a Safari. I am glad to see that the Lions didn’t eat you.

  • ncpride

    For God’s sake…. For any black people or anyone ‘watching’ this site for hate speech, do you SEE!!!?? Do you see why every race of people on earth loathe and despise black people? Just look at them acting and behaving like savage, rabid animals. What excuse could you possibly offer up to explain this? I’ve seen DOGS that are better behaved than this. So, you know what? You can take your woe is me, I’m a black victim mentality and shove it up your…. nose… We, (Whites) are victims of your racial abuse in far greater numbers, so by all means, go ahead and post your ‘funny’ little videos for other Whites to see. Maybe they’ll finally get a damn clue.

  • No

    Sorry, but I’m out of sympathy for this guy.

    I remember back in the days when wife abuse was the hot topic.  It seemed like every other afternoon talk show dealt with it. 

    Eventually, it got to the point where so much had been said and written about it . . . and all the help available . . . that talk show hosts began dismissing the victims.

    “After all that’s been done, there’s no reason for any woman to suffer like this . . . . ”  Etc.

    That’s how I feel about whites being attacked by blacks.  I don’t care if you’re 15 or 65 . . .  cheerleading female or Navy SEAL.  If you’re dumb enough to trust a black (or any non-white) and you get beaten, robbed, raped or killed . . . then as far as I’m concerned, you got what was coming.

    I don’t trust any non-white with my safety or the safety of my family.  As far as I’m concerned, they’re all the enemy.  Even the ones that seem tame don’t get a pass.  I remember what happend to Roy (of Siegfried and Roy):   Never trust a wild animal no matter how tame they appear.

    That means when you go to the mall where 95% of shoppers are white . . . you keep your eyes open on the blacks.  If a school has more than 3-4% blacks . . . find another school for your kids.  If your wife has to work in a store where only 5% of the customers are black . . . make her quit and you do without the money.

    It’s time to wake up!

    • I wonder if this guy might have been stoned; he seems to be moving with uncertainty and lassitude. Like he was in some kind of a dream world; then he walked into a nightmare.

  • Why anyone of moderate intelligence would choose to associate with blacks is beyond my understanding.  They are animals of the worst kind, I would rather throw myself into a pit of cobras than to live among blacks.

  • The greatest realization of my adulthood is how much they hate us.  This is not about whites; it is about them.  They hate us and there is noting we can do about it – but disengage and rebuild our societies without them.

  • 1proactive2

    I have not one shred of sympathy for this guy.  Unless he’s been living in  a cave for the past 30 years, of course, then he wouldn’t know what he was doing.  I’m assuming he hasn’t.

    When will whites learn not to walk near groups of blacks, let alone among them in their neighborhoods?  Where has this guy been?  The only thing he may have forgotten was a paper bullseye target taped to his head.

    Okay, one more time:  White, hispanic, and asian people,  stay away from groups of blacks.  They will harm you.  This is guaranteed.  They are not civilized. 

    As a side note:  It’s a good thing this victim didn’t shoot one of them.  Think of the outrage from the MSM, the black race hustlers, and our prez.  Even the O’Reilly’s Cuties will chime in defending his attackers.  Whites are to take their beatings and even deaths from same without complaint.  We’re supposed to know that by now.  Whites are officially alone in this country now.  Sooner or later, enough of us will understand that and start fighting back.  

    • Impertinent

      “It’s a good thing this victim didn’t shoot one of them…”

      Hmmmm….sometimes I think whites ought to get involved more in defending their rights. Maybe a couple of wrong turns that put a few aware and prepared white men in a unique position…to defend themselves might just be the thing to keep the Bantu’s off their game. They’re not good at multi tasking. And maybe a couple dozen defensive acts by whites…just might frazzle what limited “intelligence” they….have?

      • 1proactive2

        I was trying to be sarcastic. I guess it didin’t work. Of course whites should defend themselves, and that, with a vicious counterattack. Shock and Oh s**t!,  comes to mind.  Blacks currently prey on whites with the support of anyone with a microphone and camera in front of it. It’s time to fight back – hard. 

      • loyalwhitebriton

        “Maybe a couple of wrong turns that put a few aware and prepared white men in a unique position..”
        If I understand you correctly, and I believe that I do, I think that this is a fascinating strategy. Of course, it would need to be planned with nigh military precision. Perhaps street maps could be consulted beforehand to plan the exact route, including a viable escape route just in case the plan goes south (always a possibility). A believable, not too complicated, reason would need to be concocted as to why said white man/men were in the ‘wrong place at the wrong time’, this is do-able with a bit of creative thinking.
        Of course, the media would sensationalise and distort the incident, but certainly to the cops at the scene it should look like a clear cut case of self-defence.
        A fascinating strategy indeed.  

        • A deuce and a half with mortar tubes all around as described in Eugene Burdick’s novel, Sarkhan. Drive into the mob, shoot and back out. Burn the evidence. Only three people need to be in on it.

    • I’m waiting patiently for us to start fighting back. But my patience is running out. It’s not because we’re White, per se, that we’ve become so wimpy. Russians and Ukrainians who have migrated to the U.S. tend to stand up for themselves against blacks much better than we do. Of course, they’ve never taught to be ashamed of being White.

      • anmpr1

        Wayne: This is what the Trayvon reaction is about.  It has NOTHING to do with the No Limit N., but EVERYTHING to do with keeping whites from defending themselves against black violence.  If they can create an atmosphere where whites are afraid to defend themselves for fear of legal or social retaliation, they have won.  Only when whites see that the white-Hispanic Zimmerman did the correct thing, and then when whites do more of it, will whites have reached the required level of racial consciousness.

  • radical7

    While this is horrible, the fact is that, historically, many Black men prior to the 1960s experienced similar forms of humiliation and degradation at the hands of White male mobs.

    • Impertinent

      Yup…all those yellow dog white christian democrats really, really looked at some black dudes butt…..and shouted..”I gotta have me some of that…yessuh…” Like a Happy Meal.

      Of course…you libbie freaks justify outlandish behavior….by adopting outlandish and illegal behavior. Like the silly lap dogs you are.

      • IstvanIN

        Is it possible that white liberals are that way because they have already been beaten in the head with a hammer by blacks?

    • IstvanIN

      Even IF your statement is true (and it isn’t) what may happened 60 years ago does not justify what was done to this young man, or any white person today.  Hopefully you are white and will suffer the fate you seem to think other whites deserve.

    • 1proactive2

      Oh.  That makes it okay then.  Thanks for clearing that up, radical7.  I feel so enlightened now.

      • radical7

        No. it does not make it okay, but it does give a idea of how many Black men who had to endure such humiliating and degrading situations at the hands of Whites without having any legal recourse to defend themselves  felt. Too many people on this board seem to act as if Whites have never  been in the wrong and are entirely free of guilt. No race of people can claim such innocence. 

        • Jerrybear

          That’s because it is ridiculous for someone to carry guilt around their neck simply because they may be related to an ancestor who is guilty of the oppression you whine about. All humans are related to people who did atrocious crimes. You do not comprehend that people lived in an entirely different world in the past. It was kill or be killed. Europeans won. Get over it and stop demonizing whites for things they did not do. Western civilization brought the device you are currently using to communicate with the world. A little appreciation for the wonders and technology that are currently feeding the 3rd world allowing it to overpopulate the planet wouldn’t be too much to ask.

        • ViktorNN

           Tell me how I am guilty of anything.

          You don’t know me. You know nothing about me. You think that just because I’m white I’m guilty of something? What? Let’s hear it.

          You’re ridiculous.

        • Prove it.  Easy to make up stories to hide the savagery of blacks or the ramblings of a race traitor.

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

           It depends upon what you think is wrong and if people living in the present must atone for the events of past historical epochs.  Hundreds of thousands of whites died in our CW in the 19th century, more than half of them to free slaves while most of the others just didn’t want to be dictated to by people they didn’t like (Northerners).  Slavery has been around since the beginning of time and whites have been and still are made slaves in the world.  Did  you know that there were black masters in the South?  Did you know that white indentured servants were treated worse and used for riskier work than black slaves because they were “free,” to the masters?  There is a great deal that people like you are ignorant of.  But after 50 years of continued overcompensation, the time for using your old, tired, stereotypes for conjuring up white guilt is over.

        • Zorro

          So, your logic is to punish the great grandson of someone who may or may not have done the same thing over 60 years ago? How about the Whites who arrived from Euope well after the Civil War? Are they guilty, too?

          Tell me why hordes of coloreds are not attacking Arab Muslims who sold your kind into Slavery hundreds of years ago, and still do it today?

          Because the Muslim Arabs would hit you so damned hard that your kind would never get back up again.

    • Natassia

      Which would mean that blacks are now the oppressors, hmmm?

    • j j

      Name 1

    • ViktorNN

      So your argument is essentially “two wrongs make a right.” Got it.

      Your point of view isn’t that rare actually. Most people intuit that non-whites feel entitled to inflict cruelty on whites as some sort of twisted form of payback, as if whites today bear any responsibility for injustices committed by whites long ago.

      The “payback for whitey” point of view can’t be stated in public, but we all know it’s said behind closed doors, and I’m almost certain that you probably believe it yourself – you’re just not honest enough to come out and say it.

    • robinbishop34

      You should have more than a tenuous understanding of real history before making such idiotic claims. Across the board I see the same Hollywood inspired, boilerplate soundbites parroted by the ignorant so often I could probably finish every sentence you start.

    • ljot

      r7, Do you know this by direct observation or were you taught this in public school and by NPR and SPLC? 

  • This gets taken down from youtube for being shocking, I guess that means it shows what blacks are like.

  • radical7


    My staement is indeed true. Read your history.

    • IstvanIN

      White on black crime was NEVER as high as black on white crime is today.  NEVER.  May you get what you seem to think innocent people deserve.

  • radical7

    No, it does notmake it okay, but it does shine light on how many Blacks must have felt when enduring such humiliating treatment and had no legal recourse to prohibit such injustices.

    • Natassia

      Funny, but now the tables have turned. And now I guess whites need to start marching for their civil rights…

      • j j

        This march, will NOT be the NON-violent variety.

        • You got that right.  The options and time are dwindling down to just a few.

  • razorrare

    Radical 7 meant to say…prior to the 60’s(U.S.A.)  black males didnt experience forms of degradation and humiliation from other black males.

    moderator..put in a good word for an “ignore” button.Thankyou.

  • BO

    My first lesson was in National City California, walking with three white military friends after a fun day in Tijuana. We noticed that we were being trailed by a pack of probably 20 of these fine youth, and elected to hail a taxi. There was something distinctly different about National City than central Wisconsin.

    I’ve been fortunate enough to mostly avoid the problem, other than taxes and having to cover for incompetent minority co-workers (‘we can’t fire the only non-white, it would look bad’). But they keep pushing, out of hate or envy or whatever, and the day is coming when we are going to stop being indifferent. In my opinion the most humane option is repatriation.

    Thanks to American Renaissance for its contribution to awareness.

  • IMO…there should not be ANY neighborhood in America, where simply walking down the street would endanger a White man. The fact there is demonstrates just how far we have allowed our country to deteriorate, by way of diversity and multiculturalism. I do not see things ever getting better without substantial corrective measures taken.

  • No

    “There are people out there that actually believe that they can trust media/government institutions that tell them black mentality and civility is exactly like what you see on TV. ”
    Well of course . . . but that’s exactly what I mean:  How can any white be dumb enough to trust media/government institutions after all the documentation we have about black behavior?
    You’re making my point.  
    This isn’t the 1970s when Archie Bunker was being slapped around by Lionel and George Jefferson.   Or when Good Times was representing blacks as the noble underclass.   Back then, yes, we could excuse whites for being fooled by the media/gubmint.
    But today, the internet is flooded with examples of black on white and black on black depravity.     The media/gubmint case is strong . . . but so is the counter-argument.  If whites CHOOSE to ignore sites like this or the hundreds of other sites like it – too bad.

  • gemjunior

    That was exactly what I thought was about to happen too.  Once I saw they had pulled his underwear down, my stomach dropped and I thought OH NO, my God they are planning to rape him now.  Thank God he was spared this humiliation.  Personally, from watching this I think he was completely drunk – just the way he seemed.  But of course he learned a lesson I would hope. We have good reason to be afraid but I am noticing White Wake-Up more and more every day.  So at least that’s positive. What IS NOT positive is this asshole winning the election.  The country will not survive 4 more years of him, and the blacks who are already showing how emboldened they have become by never being convicted of “hate crimes) are feeling free to go all-out on Whitey.  Whitey’s noticing.  Next step is Whitey seeing clearly on a grand scale and then fighting back.  I am so sick with disgust to see this formerly safe and wonderful White country turning into one big Detroit from these disgusting people.  I only hope something changes.

  •  They’ve removed it. But – don’t underestimate the power of visual media. You can’t even imagine how many people have been “enlightened” by these clips.

    Whites just don’t jump like apes on the first sight of such things.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    My brother was jumped by a group of noble black men while leaving the LA Coliseum after a USC vs Notre Dame game a few years ago. Apperently it is only safe for Whites to leave the stadium through one side only. The other side has black hunting partys waiting like lions for the White gazelle to wonder in their midst. This is a RACIST attack, pure and simple. But not a peep from our “fine” Attorney General. I suggest EVERYONE who can get a CCW to do so, these type of attacks are only escelating under our current administration. Time to get tough with our noble black yoofs.

  • Hm..correction. They haven’t removed it- yet. 

  • Most of you are right, Hispanics and Asians are just as evil. Seriously, you’re out of your minds.  You will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER see this from any other group except for a black one. PERIOD.

  • Francis Galton

    Okay, I have a confession to make: I’m a White male in my early 20s (yes, there ARE some members of Generation Y who have not been thoroughly brainwashed), I live in a city that’s about 45% black and 45% White, and I intentionally walk through these African hellholes all the time (think 70%+ black).  I’ve never had anything bad happen to me; hell, I’ve even worn clothes with my Historically White University’s name/logo emblazoned on them while doing this (which is aggressive, in-your-face White privilege).  I’m not armed, either. 
    Why do I do this?  I like to go on long walks through the city, and I refuse to cower from these places out of principle; I have every (legal) right to walk through these areas, social conventions be d*mn*d. 
    I’ve probably never been “messed with” for several reasons: I’m very vigilant while in these areas (I make a point to look around and over my shoulder every few minutes), and I project a confident, don’t-f***-with-me attitude.  For that matter, I’ll even say “hi” to blacks who look friendlier (i.e., older people, people with NON-vicious dogs, etc.)  It probably doesn’t hurt, either, that I make a point to walk during the early morning hours, when most thugs are still sleeping in after yesterday’s stick-up. 
    The White guy in the video obviously doesn’t know how to handle himself properly.  I would advise him to stick to lily-White environs until he can learn to act like a real man. 

    • Francis,

      I commend you for not hiding away. Oh, and yes, how you project yourself does mean a lot. However, as I got older (I have about 15+ years on you), I noticed myself avoiding black areas more and more. It’s definitely not out of fear. It’s actually out of annoyance.  I find that I don’t have the same tolerance to even be around them. I detest their general lack of mannerisms. Male or female, they’re all the same. In contrast, I feel plenty comfortable in any other neighborhood/area. Black neighborhoods will always be the most detested. That will never change; no way, no how.

    • Impertinent

      Seems like you have a death wish or haven’t been tossed around yet. One things for sure…you will get tossed. Then come back and tell us how you feel, “acting like a real man” when a half dozen Zulu’s, Crips or Bloods decide you’re their next happy meal.

  • Ladies and gentlemen, I present America’s newest conservative! 

    Damn! It’s going to be a long, hot summer.

  • Please, don’t insult the hyenas. They can feed their young way better than African Bantus, any day of the week.

  • Magnum Force

    Go talk to a  tree. You’ll get a better response. Do these well informed White idiots realize that it is the large Trade Unions, and other Employee Unions like AFSCME, that have had their dues money used for fundraising for the Democratic Socialists around the country over the last few decades?

  • Zorro

    What did Dr. William Shockley say?

  • gemjunior

    Exactly.  If Whites were to see this NOW with all the Trayvon bullshit going on, it might cause a lightbult to go off in their lilywhite, media-brainwashed little heads.  But guess what?  It’s only one video, and there will unfortunately be many more attacks on Whites as it never quite stops.  And slowly, ever so slowly, White people are waking up REGARDLESS of these videos – they are simply waking up of their own accord I believe, simply from White IQ seeing that 2+2=4 and not 5 as they’ve been told over and over and over from the idiot box over the past 40 years, seeing all the numinous negros over 40 years has thrown off some Whites, temporarily.  Reality is setting them straight that there are not too many Morgan Freemans and Bill Cosbys.  It’s all BULLSHIT.  They are waking up of their own accord because of their high IQs.  So jootube can take as many videos down and hope with their fingers crossed but it’s too late: the horse is out of the barn, and it’s a thoroughbred, and it’s running at 100 mph.

  • they are fucking animals when you put them in a pack! 1 on 1 they quiver.

  • it’s only a matter of time…(months) before all hell breaks lose. If that was me I would lock-n-load and hunt everyone of them down and kill them!

  • they wont fight 1 on 1

  • they are

  • Impertinent

    Thank you for your service…one vet to another.

  • Impertinent

    There’s not a “brutha” in Harlem that would ever see the 1st “black” President of astro turf, blue stained dresses and the master of the Oral Room of the White House. I’d say his feet never touch more than 2 steps of Harlem pavement from his office door to his bullet proof, secret service, chauffeured Limo.

  • I do understand that, but the reality is we are. However, while it’s not by White people (obviously we can’t “replace” ourselves), it is NOT by black people. The latter is what’s most important to me, all things considered.

  • Natassia

    Right now we are under systemic oppression thanks to BRA. (If you don’t know what that means, visit Paul Kersey’s SBPDL site.)

  • 1Sheba

    TYLER PERRY, ONE OF THE MOST NOTABLE & FAMOUS CELEBS IN THIS COUNTRY SAID THAT HE TOO WAS RACIALLY PROFILED BUT NEVER FILED A COMPLAINT. HE MADE LIGHT OF IT TO GET SOME OF WHITE AMERICA TO UNDER STAND THAT RACE HATE AND PROFILING IS VERY MUCH ALIVE AND HAPPENS TO EVERY BLACK FAMOUS OR NOT, WITH MONEY OR NOT!surely, the white officers who racially profiled Tyler Perry had no clue how that situation would explode in their faces!  Atlanta police has publicly apologized to Mr. perry and without an official complaint from him, is investigating this issue!Tyler Perry and many other celebs, white and black believe that RACE IS THE HEART OF THIS ISSUE and Trayvon was indeed racially profiled!!!this has Nothing to do with Obama!  Obama responded to a question he was asked as did  ricky, newt and willard who made comments about Trayvon also!     WHERE ARE THEY!    they care about america so much, why don’t they speak out on at least these kind of issues concerning white people?!         of course there’s some reasonable explanation, right?!         are any of them involved in or speaking out about the Oklahoma case where two white boys shot 5 blacks, killing 3?!Obama in no way advocated a race war & you can not prove he did because he did not!    race tensions have existed in this country since slavery and kept alive by white people!   its absolutely absurd,  ridiculous, appalling and desperate to blame Obama for ill race relations in this country as if he created this, and this issues does not go back long before he was born!and furthermore, why is it on Obama to unite anyone?!    ill race relation existed long before Obama!   why didnt presidents before him unite the country!  we should have been past racism before Obama entered office and you want him to do in less than 4yrs what white men DID NOT do since the 1800’s?!!!it is on all the citizens of this country to unite!  you are familiar with the saying “YOU CAN LEAD THE HORSE TO WATER BUT YOU CANT MAKE THEM DRINK IT”!!!!!!DID YOU PEOPLE CARE WHEN ALL SORTS OF NASTY, DISTURBING THINGS HAPPENED TO BLACKS AT THE HANDS OF WHITES FROM SLAVERY THRU SEGREGATION, KKK, AND THE 2011 MISSISSIPPI BRUTAL BEATING OF A 49 YR OLD BLACK MAN WHO WAS ALSO RUN OVER BY WHITE TEENS WHO ADMITTED THEY SET OUT LOOKING FOR ANY BLACK PERSON TO KILL?!!meanwhile Obama is a victim of race profiling and much open racism and a target of race hate with encoded remarks,  you people rode him hard for calling sandra fluke!       is she not…  white!

  • josh316

    Wow, at the end you can hear a gay slur. This is a double hate crime, but that’s still not enough to warrant the atonement of Eric H.