Joan Walsh: GOP Uses Dog-Whistle Politics to “Lure” White Working Class

Real Clear Politics, January 6, 2012


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  • Oil Can Harry

    Amusing to hear the always clueless Michael Dyson claim that blacks pay more into the system than they take out of  it.

    I guarantee the opposite is true. 

  • Dems Use Dog-Whistle Politics to “Lure” Impoverished Blacks

  • How is Santorum a pro-white candidate? He will not even mention affirmative action or illegal immigration without being asked, and then he sings a song no white likes.

    • Zorro

      I read an article on “News from the Reality Zone” at Freedom Force International, that even Santorum’s nephew is against him for being a Neo-Con.

      We  do not need more of the same thing.

      Ron Paul in 2012.

  • The only thing I knew about Joan Walsh before yesterday was that, from reading the tweets of the few Breitbart types I follow, including Dana Loesch, that she (Walsh)  is linked strongly to some clod that calls himself “Eric Boehlert,” and they both go around making stuff up on George Soros’s dime.  It usually involves around Tea Party and Breitbart “racism,” though if that’s what they want, they should pay more attention to AR.

    And I think that’s going to happen, for ever since AR debuted the ability to tweet AR stories, I have tweeted the AR news items almost every day.  Yesterday, a bunch of people, including Joan Walsh herself, retweeted my tweet of this very AR news item, and then she boasted about how “AR picked up the news about me…” yadda.

  • Oil Can Harry

    I understand that blacks pay less taxes than whites on average because they have less income. That wasn’t my point.

    My point was that blacks take more out the system (welfare, healthcare, social sevices) than they put in in taxes. Which is why every majority-black city eventually goes bankrupt.

  • The “widow’s mite” example of Mark 12:41-44 and Luke 21:1-4 does not apply. Let’s compare the two.

    A. The Widow’s Mite

    1. The woman and the rich both WERE GIVING to the temple: she from what little she had saved to provide for her own NEEDS, the wealthy from the excess beyond what they need to provide for their own NEEDS. 

    2. They (the widow nor the rich), were NOT RECEIVING any material benefit in exchange for their gifts. 
    B. Welfare Recipients 1. People on welfare are NOT GIVING/paying anything in federal taxes.2. People on various forms of “welfare” ARE RECEIVING benefits from the federal government (free schools for their kids (they don’t pay property taxes); free medical care (MedicAid) and free ER service; free housing (projects/Section 8); food stamps/WIC (or whatever they’re called nowadays with Newspeak). BTW they get so MUCH beyond meeting their needs they have cable/satellite TV, fancy sneakers, etc. And this goes on from one generation to the next, without them ever paying a dime.All those “free” things are disproportionately paid for by whites. We’ve been paying blacks “reparations” for DECADES! A disproportionately large number of the remainder of them are in either jail or prison where, once again, whites are disproportionately paying for their food, housing, medical care, etc. 

    An aside: By looking at Table 42 of this Bureau of Justice Statistics’ webpage you’ll see that every year tens of thousands of white women are raped by black men whereas fewer than 10 black women are raped by white men. Where’s the outrage? Where’s the reporting of this? Nowhere because whites are the victims of “institutional racism.”

  • One more thing:  I doubt there are any dog whistling politics going on here, but I wouldn’t engage in them, because dog whistling is wickedly risky from a communications standpoint.  Heck, when you say what  you mean in direct, clear, lucid language, not every person will take away the exact same message.  When you dog whistle in front of an audience of ten million people, those people will walk away with ten million different messages.  The only reason Joan Walsh can walk away with the message that “food stamps” equals black is because that’s what she thinks and many of her cohorts think — People outside a certain San Francisco neighborhood might not interpret it the same way.

  • To Everyone here:
     I have a question, do the GOP or do you people even care about working class/poor white?
    I’m just curious because it seems you’re simply trying to divide groups of people who are in the same rut. Thanks!!
    P.S. There more whites on welfare than blacks or hispanics. Also, the majority of people on welfare are the huge corporations. It’s called corporate welfare through subsidies, specialized loans, plus handouts. Think about that for awhile. Thanks again!!

    • Anonymous

      “Per capita.”  Learn that term.

      Say you have a population of 100.  Twenty of these people are black.  Say you have ten blacks on welfare and twenty whites on welfare.  There are more whites on welfare, but look at it this way:  50% of blacks in this town are on welfare (10 out of 20) as opposed to 25% of whites (20 out of 80).


      • Anonymous

        That’s great, except there’s no need for the “per capita” analysis.  There are more blacks on welfare than whites, period. 

    • Anonymous

      No, there are not more Whites than Blacks on welfare.    That was true until about 10-15 years ago. 

      In 1994, the Overview of Entitlement Programs, Committee on Ways and Means, U.S. House of Representatives (U.S. Government Printing Office, 1994) reported the following breakdown of AFDC recipients:

      White    38.8%
      Black    37.2%
      Hispanic 17.8%
      Asian     2.8%
      Other     3.4%

      That was a long time ago.