Posted on November 21, 2011

Belgium: 25 Percent of Brussels Population Is Muslim

Eurasia Review, November 18, 2011

More than 250,000 residents out of a total population of one million in Brussels have Muslim roots, according to a study carried out by the Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium and published in the Belgian media Friday.

The study was carried out by Felice Dasetto, a sociologist and a professor at the university who is considered to be an expert in issues relating to Muslims in Belgium.

Brussels the political capital of the European Union accounts for half of the total number of Muslims in Belgium.

The figure puts Belgium among other European cities with a big Muslim presence like Birmingham in the UK, says the study.

It claims that the Islamic presence is becoming more and more visible in Brussels with more mosques and minarets, more women wearing a veil and more Muslim organisations.

The study argues that the Islamic faith has the power to mobilise people to a a very big extent, more than for example the Catholic church or political parties.

16 responses to “Belgium: 25 Percent of Brussels Population Is Muslim”

  1. paul rim says:

    If 25% of total pop. is Islamic that will read 50%+ for U-18sie Brussels will shortly be an Islamic city. We are talking about the Capital of the EU in the hands of the ‘Religion of Terrorism, sorry Peace’. The present Islamic pop. in Europe is 67 million& rising sharply.It has largely arrivedd in the post1960 period & is concentrated in the big cities. With the centres about to fall to Islam from London to Moscow, Europe itself could topple within two decades.

  2. Anonymous says:

    While not directly related to the Brussels info I thought readers here would enjoy the following bit of leftist idiocy. It’s from a blog named LEFT OUTSIDE. I’ll condense it but provide the link for the full thing.

    It begins:

    “Population density

    Here is my first post of many in my series defending immigration. These are designed to slowly become a resource to defend migrants, in print, speech or online……”

    “It is often claimed that the UK cannot absorb any more immigrants because we already have one of the highest population densities in the world.

    This claim is refuted below. The UK has a relatively high population density but it is not one of the highest in the world.

    The UK is the 51st most densely populated country or dependency in the World. The top quartile, but nothing terrifying. In fact a quarter of the world’s population live in more cramp quarters than us.

    However, that does include some small Islands, dependencies, city states etc. Which it could be argued are unfair to include (although, I’m sure the people living there would think otherwise). So if we take them out we end up with the below list , in descending order of population density.”

    [list showing UK at 18th most dense]

    “Another tactic often employed is to refer to England only (for no particular reason that I can work out – I don’t judge all the US on New York, or all of Germany by Saxony). England has a population of 51 million and a land mass of 50,000 square miles and this gives a population density of a little over 1,000 per square mile. Excluding islands, city states, and dependencies, this still places us behind


    The Palestinian territories


    South Korea

    The Netherlands


    This puts England 6th on the world stage in terms of population density. Now it becomes a little clearer why people bemoaning immigration refer to England; it inflates their figures.

    So population density does not appear to be a dreadfully important reason to reduce immigration.”

    end of blog excerpt

    So you see this twit actually says that in spite of England being the 6th most densely populated country (excluding tiny islands and places like Monaco and Vatican City) POPULATION DENSITY DOES NOT APPEAR TO BE A DREADFULLY IMPORTANT REASON TO REDUCE IMMIGRATION. I sure want her to be in charge of Quality of Life issues!

    Further, as to the legitimacy of focusing down from the entire UK to just England when considering immigration to the UK I refer you to a post yesterday on the vdare blog by Brenda Walker in which she quoted a UK Daily Mail article from 11/19/11:

    “High immigration has made England one of the most crowded countries in the world, a report said yesterday.

    It found that 6.6 million foreign-born people live in England – and only 500,000 elsewhere in the UK.”

    So of course it is relevant to focus on England – that’s where the impact is felt.

    The LEFT OUTSIDE twit is like those people who say it’s preposterous to ever bemoan crowding in the US (population up about 50% since 1970, largely due to immigrants and their offspring, accompanied by massive sprawl, jammed freeways and loss of valuable cropland etc) because most of Nevada is virtually empty.

    Or imagine the lefty twit lives in a 2 bedroom house on a 2 acre lot. Then 10 uninvited people show up and camp out evenly dispersed on the 2 acres. I think she would find the imposition to be much worse if nine of the ten instead moved directly into her house even though the density on the entire 2 acres is the same either way.

    And this discussion involves only issues of density impinging upon quality of life and not the even more important matter of NATION-BREAKING, electing a new people, dispossessing the native British, destroying cultural cohesion, burdening the taxpayer, conflict and strife.

    LEFT OUT blog:

    vdare blog post:

  3. Anonymous says:

    The only important question to ask is: Who allow,support and promote this mass invasion? I can reveal that one of the most enthusiastic pro-immigrant do-gooders is the Pope himself who is the head of a globalist organisation hellbent on destroying sovereign states and nationhooda in the name of an universal egalitarianism. Not long ago he even kissed the Koran as a goodwill gesture towards the religion of peace. And how similar to Marxism: the same egalitarian discourse! The enemy inside.

  4. Alexander from Flanders says:

    I live in the Flemish part of Belgium and Brussels is not that far from my little town (40 km). Although the last time I was there was on a schooltrip when I was like 12 or 13 years old (I’m now 33…).

    To me it’s like another country. Most people there do not even speak Dutch (white or non-white), although it lies in the Flemish zone. The Walloons have pushed out everything and everybody that even looks or smells Flemish. They have made it possible for thousands upon thousands of immigrants to overflow the city. It’s a dirty and ugly place. They have literally chased away the indigenous people.

    The Wallons would like to take the city away from the Flemish zone. And since there are not many Flemish people left there they might just get away with that. My humble opinion is: “death before giving up that region” and “whatever it takes”.

    Sadly the main Flemish parties all bow and grovel before the Belgium king (read Walloon king) and the Walloon political side. It’s quite revolting to see these ‘traitors’ in action. They truly hate and despise they’re own people.

    As long as we Flemish people do not have independence from that rotten thing called Belgium; little or nothing will change. They keep telling us how to rule our side of the country (thanks to the collaboration with the traitors of the Flemish left-liberal side, which gives there side more power that they would normally have). The result is:

    – more immigrants

    – more Flemish money to the Walloons (we are talking of milliards of euros)

    – less freedom on our side

    – more interfering with our affairs

    More force feeding of crazy left wing stuff day in day out. And then people wonder WHY the Flemish people dislike the French (Walloon) side. Unfreaking believable! These people are about as left wing as Marx himself.

    België BARST!!


  5. Anonymous says:

    Considering the fact that at the maximum expansion of the Caliphate of Cordoba, moors made up only to a roughly 5% of the total population of Spain… You can guess my point.

  6. rockman says:

    You get what you pay for. lack the guts to send them home and they will take over and you can live under sharia law. Wont that be nice?

  7. Seneca the Younger says:

    Coming from the same nut jobs in the EU to declare water bad, they must look at this as a good thing.

    I have heard of no-go zones in Paris and London, but surely there must be some in Brussels. What do the unelected marxists in the EU think about that?

    How are we not hearing about rioting “youths” in Brussels yet?

    Maybe I haven’t been checking frequently enough.

    And btw, 250,000 in just one city in a country the size of Maryland (or 1/10th the size of Arizona) is probably enough to take it over. Especially considering the fact that they do not have many guns doled out to law abiding citizens.

    How can someone NOT look at these simple stats and come to the conclusion that:

    this = not good

  8. Periapsis says:

    If the Belgian people don’t see this as a prelude to their enslavement than extermination, then they are doomed to be eliminated from the face of the Earth. Women and girls will be taken by force as baby making machines for these heathens, while the males will be killed or forced to convert to Islam. Either way, these people are doomed to be dispossessed and genocided out of existance unless they take up arms or end up like the Jews, the Goths or even the Huns, a wandering tribe in search of a new home in a world bent on eradicating the white race.

  9. Jack Krak says:

    Brussels would be a lovely place if you could turn it upside down, shake out all of the people & put it back. Just like London and Paris, it’s full of people who could never build a Brussels, London or Paris but make the descendants of those who did feel like strangers in their own country. Belgians are lovely people, especially the Flemish, but everyone there looks at Brussels and says “No, thanks”. Much like most Americans feel about New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, Houston, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Cleveland, Atlanta…….

  10. Anonymous says:

    “Especially considering the fact that they do not have many guns doled out to law abiding citizens.”

    Can you please name just one example where all of these guns in the U.S has helped keep even one area White? Just one will do!

  11. Sardonicus says:

    Belgium should be broken up into two countries: Walloon land and Flanderland. After that is done, most Third World immigrants should be paid to re-immigrate to their native countries. The replacement of indigenous European peoples by government policy must stop immediately.

  12. elitist says:

    I spent time in Brussels in 91, it was already an absolute horror – more likely Lagos then Europe.

    Since then, things have dramatically worsened all over the continent.

    Probably because things are so extraordinarily bad, public opinion is moving quickly in the right direction in Europe – the question is whether we can elect anti-Islamization governments here in time.

    It is time to stop whining and build a viable movement eject Islam from Europe.

    The following article is a good place to start:

    Europe now has a set of leaders, including Geert Wilders in the Netherlands, were perfectly capable of leading Europe back from the brink.

    The question is whether they will be elected to power soon enough.

    If Europeans can stop all the squabbling about extraneous issues and focus on the Islamic threat, we may yet have a Churchill moment and push back the tide.

    Despite the intoxicating fog of political correctness, it is beginning to dawn on the majority of Europeans that Islam is the new National Socialism, and will engulf us all if we do not defend ourselves.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Being Muslim and having muslim roots is not the same thing.

  14. jdavis says:

    The major and beautiful cities of the world are inhabited by people who couldn’t build or develop anything close to these levels of sophistication. This world (as the USA), has been sacrificed for the unworthy and unqualifed in the name of diversity.

    Diversity isn’t a strength, its a downfall and weakness which will lead to tribal warfare and ultimate dissolution.

  15. rjf101 says:

    “Another tactic often employed is to refer to England only (for no particular reason that I can work out – I don’t judge all the US on New York, or all of Germany by Saxony). England has a population of 51 million and a land mass of 50,000 square miles and this gives a population density of a little over 1,000 per square mile. Excluding islands, city states, and dependencies, this still places us behind


    The Palestinian territories


    South Korea

    The Netherlands


    Just because the UK isn’t AS over-populated as some say it is, doesn’t mena that it isn’t overpopulated. The whole world has 30 times as many people as it did during Roman times, and six times as many people as during the Industrial Revolution. The UK had around eight million people at the start of industrialization, and today has over 50 million. This is a tremendous change, and, just because it has happened to other countries as well, doesn’t mean its acceptable. Also, the writer of this blog doesn’t seem to realize that two of those countries which have population densities above (but not far above) England’s(Bangladesh and Palestine) totally suck, and all the countries he (or she) listed are noted for their overpopulation (everyone knows the Netherlands and South Korea have way too many people).

  16. Whirlwinder says:

    VS Naipaul in his book on travels in Islam “Among the Believers” had a chapter titled Killing History. After Islam conquers a land and its peoples, the warrior class is slaughtered and their wives and childres are sent into slavery. Afterwards, the school textbooks go no further back in time than the glorious ascendency of Islam and bring forward the glories of Islam and their heros.

    It is sad to see Europe going the way of all of Islams conquered territories. Western Civilization is and was the greatest creation by man to date but after Islam, there will be nothing to remember. The glorious cathedrals, the art, the construction of beautiful cities-all will not even be a memory because Islam destroys everything. Consider Persia-they do not know of their history. Byzantium knows only the Hagia Sofia cathederal because Islam did not destroy it. Consider the Armenians who were the glorious civilization of Anatolia now known as the genocidal victims of Islam. I am glad that I got to tour Europe to see what a civilization can be. So sad.