Into the Heart of Darkness

Michael McGregor, American Renaissance, March 20, 2013

Vice Magazine ventures into Liberia.

Joseph Conrad’s classic novella Heart of Darkness depicts Africa as a continent of primordial darkness where savage impulses reign. Heart of Darkness was published in 1899, but The Vice Guide to Liberia presents a similarly brutal image of the Dark Continent, except that the darkness has crept out of the jungle into the dilapidated cities. This is not a really a travel guide, however; it is a deliberate search for degeneracy.

Degeneracy is easy to find in Liberia, which is a particularly wretched place, even for Africa. It is a country where underage hookers sell their bodies for less than a dollar to feed their drug addictions, and where cannibal warlords transform themselves into evangelical preachers overnight. The film is reminiscent of a documentary made in the 1960s, Africa Addio. Both show aspects of Africa the West refuses to see, and suggest how difficult it is for Africans to manage a Western-style state.

The Guide to Liberia is part of Vice Magazine’s series that documents the worst countries in the world—there are Vice guides to North Korea and Lebanon. The Guide to Liberia is arguably the most politically incorrect.

All of the guides follow Vice personnel as they tramp their way into the unknown, and this one stars Vice Magazine co-founder Shane Smith. In the opening scene, Mr. Smith is wading through a river with a former warlord known as General Butt Naked, who tells Mr. Smith how he earned his nom de guerre: He and his troops went into battle completely naked in order to terrify their enemies, and as a sign that bullets could not touch them. Gen. Butt Naked, whose troops reportedly killed more than 20,000 people, also describes how his men would kill a child and drink his blood as a pre-battle ritual. The guide then cuts to a clip of a child soldier holding up a human heart, boasting that he is about to eat it.

Mr. Smith then gives us a history lesson. Liberia was founded by American abolitionists as a haven for freed slaves who wanted to return to their home continent. Many abolitionists, including Abraham Lincoln, promoted repatriation but it was not popular among blacks; only 13,000 made the journey.

The ex-slaves who did return to Africa brought ideas from their former masters: They enslaved the natives and established a society like that of the antebellum South. The descendents of slaves, known as Americo-Liberians, continued to dominate Liberia until 1980, when Samuel Doe, one of the “aborigines,” as the former American slaves called them, took power in a coup that left the president and dozens of top government officials dead. A decade later, a rebellion led by Charles Taylor toppled Doe. Mr. Taylor’s father was an Americo-Liberian, and Charles earned a degree at Bentley College in Massachusetts in 1977. At one time he worked for the Doe regime, but was fired for embezzlement.

Doe was captured by an ally of Mr. Taylor, Prince Johnson, who tortured and killed Doe before cutting up his body and giving the parts to his men to eat. The torture was filmed and distributed to media, recording that Mr. Johnson sipped Budweiser as his men sliced off Doe’s ears.

After Doe’s fall, Liberia became a playground for dozens of warlords who fought each other over petty swaths of land. Eventually, they reached a peace agreement and there were elections in 1997. Mr. Taylor won, with the campaign slogan: “He killed my ma, He killed my pa, but I will vote for him.” Mr. Taylor’s rule was marked by generalized chaos, and came to an end in 2003 when mounting foreign pressure forced him out. In 2012, Mr. Taylor was convicted of war crimes by a UN tribunal condemned to 50 years in prison. Since Mr. Taylor’s exit, Liberia has enjoyed relative stability, though the country is still overrun with “veterans” of decades of war and has an estimated unemployment rate of 80 percent.

Mr. Smith meets a white journalist who will help him find former warlords who still have influence among their followers. They have names such as General Mosquito, after the insect that spreads malaria; Gen. Mosquito’s rival was called General Mosquito Spray. Liberians think these are fearsome names.

The journalist leads Mr. Smith to a warlord known as General Bin Laden, but he is locked up in a slum called Baboon Town. Mr. Smith learns he must spring Gen. Bin Laden from jail in order to interview him, but this is easily done by bribing the jail chief.

Gen. Bin Laden seems young for a former war lord: He looks to be only in his twenties. He takes Mr. Smith and his crew to his gang stronghold, where they are soon surrounded by a curious crowd. Mr. Bin Laden explains that the warlords are now community leaders, and provide valuable services to the people. As an example of his community service, Mr. Bin Laden says he teaches karate to the people of Baboon Town.

Mr. Smith has to cut the interview short; the crowd is growing, and seems to think he is a white foreigner with plenty of money to dole out. The Vice crew makes its way back to downtown Monrovia, and finds a Liberian journalist who shows them around.

The journalist takes the crew to the worst slum in the country, West Point. The streets are open sewers, piled with garbage and human feces; the stench is overwhelming. The journalist explains that the slum was devastated by the war and that its residents do not use toilets. Instead, they use the nearby beach. The beach is covered with trash and human waste, but children scamper about, seemingly undisturbed. When Mr. Smith notes that “one of the first basic rules is ‘Don’t shit where you eat’,” the Liberian replies that even the commissioner of the district “squats and shits with the people.”

Mr. Smith notes the influence of black American culture on the Liberians—many of the children wear American basketball jerseys and Tupac shirts. An aspiring rapper does a song for the crew about AIDS, that includes the line: “What type of sickness kills everybody? AIDS!”

The crew goes to a heroin den and finds a young boy who spends all his money there. He says he raped a “big-belly woman” and stole her money. “Break noses, break teeth, cut ears . . . what else are we going to do for money?” he asks.

The journalist takes the Vice crew to a West Point brothel where prostitutes offer sex for less than one US dollar. The brothel is strewn with used condoms and blood. The prostitutes say the UN troops and officials beat them, and have sex with small children. One prostitue appears to be pregnant, while another one is clearly drugged. She starts screaming for money, which draws a crowd that also starts screaming for money. Mr. Smith and his crew escape.

Mr. Smith recounts some sobering statistics: Liberia is the world’s fourth poorest country, half the country is illiterate, seventy percent of Liberian women have been raped, and many Liberians have eaten human meat. The film then cuts to a child soldier from the civil war saying how much he likes human flesh, while other soldiers cut organs from a dead body.

Mr. Smith meets a warlord named General Rambo who says that during the civil wars, local merchants drove wagons of human meat through the city and sold it to residents. He claims he talked to the American government about sending his band of soldiers to fight in Iraq. He says the plan was scrapped, but Gen. Rambo said that he felt Liberians were “the reserve troops of America,” and that he wanted to fight for the US. He says Liberia could quickly erupt into civil war because jungle-dwelling rebels are still heavily armed. He says only the UN keeps the rebels from attacking.

The film returns to General Butt Naked, who says his real name is Joshua Blahyi. He had recently been pardoned for war crimes by a Liberian commission because of his conversion to Christianity, but he had nevertheless just survived an assassination attempt. Mr. Blahyi is now a suit-wearing preacher rather than a nude cannibal warlord. He cuts an imposing figure. He is significantly bigger than the other Liberians in the film, most of whom look weak and emaciated.

Mr. Blahyi takes the crew to his old stronghold where he describes, in detail, his pre-battle routine of killing a child. He says they would stab the child through the back, rip out the heart, cut it into pieces, and feed them to the soldiers. He believed this made them braver during battle. He says he also gave them drugs to make them brave and keep them loyal.


During one such sacrifice, Mr. Blahyi claims he saw an angelic figure urging him to accept Jesus Christ or face death. His gun jammed during the battle, which he took as a sign that he needed to change his ways. He says not all Liberians believe his conversion story, and adds that he has trouble escaping violence because there have been many attempts on his life.

One of the men at Blahyi’s mission was a rival warlord of General Butt Naked. He says he was left with nothing after the fighting, and had to go to a cemetery for shelter. This is common in Liberia, and Mr. Blahyi takes Mr. Smith and his crew to a cemetery to observe this disturbing trend. Mr. Blahyi says homeless veterans dig the bodies out of the graves, where they live. Mr. Smith says an estimated 4,000 people have lived in graves in Liberia.

Mr. Blahyi says he is never sure about eating meat because it might be human flesh. He recognizes the taste of human meat, and a cut he recently ate that turned out to be human. He says that when he was a cannibal, he preferred meat from the back.

The rest of the guide follows Mr. Blahyi’s career as an evangelist. He gives a rousing sermon, and leads the congregation in uplifting songs that sound like rock and roll. Mr. Smith is asked to speak to the congregation, and he congratulates Mr. Blahyi on the “good work” he is doing. Mr. Blahyi comes across as very charismatic and likeable, despite his record. Mr. Smith confesses that his cordial relationship with Mr. Blahyi may be a case of Stockholm syndrome. Still, he wonders if Mr. Blahyi will stick with Christianity or go back to being General Butt Naked.

The Vice Guide to Liberia is clearly meant to appeal to young viewers who enjoy humor and don’t mind profanity. It treats Liberia’s problems seriously, but never hints that they are the West’s fault or that the world owes Liberia anything. What the guide shows are no doubt the most disturbing and incongruous images Mr. Smith could find, but a continent that can produce scenes such as these is one that is unlikely to produce anything that could be called a civilization.

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Michael McGregor
Mr. McGregor writes for Radix Journal.
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  • sbuffalonative

    I always say, the best thing to do is to put up a fence around the coast line of Africa with signs saying, “ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK” or “Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here”

    • Except there are a lot of natural resources there. I think the Chinese communists know how to interact realistically with the societal structures in these countries.

      • kerrysmith

        Yes, I have a nasty feeling that they will acquire an empire on that continent, with none of the moral restraints that Kipling characterized as “the white man’s burden”.

  • Morris LeChat

    This shows how black behavior is the same, everywhere. What is shown in this documentary is pretty much the same as what we see in the inner cities of America, or the whole country of Haiti, or pretty much anywhere else on this earth where blacks are “themselves”. Living in white countries they have, until recently, felt compelled to live under what they consider to be the “restraints” of white society. Of course, these are not constraints to white people, they are accepted norms. Blacks have a discord or conflict between their true nature and the norms of white societies. They hate “whiteness”. They quite correctly recognize that it is fundamentally different from the nature they were born with. What we see in this documentary is the same nature and mind that perpetrated the gratuitous slaughter of a white one year old in a stroller in Brunswick Georgia.

    What we see is why segregation existed, and why we need it to be brought back. Human beings need to be able to be safe from the animals.

    • saxonsun

      A side-note to this: I saw on the news that blacks are claiming the TV show “Cops” is racist because (of course!) it shows so many black criminals. I laughed out loud when I saw it. What a joke.

      • Nathanwartooth

        You should check out the AmRen news on the homepage:

      • Morris LeChat

        Then Judge Judy would also be considered racist because of the way blacks conduct themselves on that show, and how they are very overrepresented. Another site just made the connection between the death of the one year old white child, Antonio Santiago, and the lack of segregation

      • jay11

        The last time I checked in on that show most of the criminals seemed to be trashy whites.

        • The creator and executive producer of COPS, John Langley, admitted he skews the races of degenerates shown so that whites are presented as the majority of criminals when we are not. He’s far from the only part of the media that does this:

          There certainly are trashy whites; we simply have a (much, much) smaller proportion of our population that are lumpen. And of course the poorest of whites were once kept in line by middle class attitudes as well. But now violent, high school dropout rappers such as Eminem and Insane Clown Posse are promoted as their heroes.

          Also why is AmRen only now getting around to VICE’s videos? I saw this video in August, way to keep tabs on the pulse of the internet and youth culture. (Knowing what youth are watching is vital to advancing the white cause)

          • I despise white trash (not an economic class, but rather a CONSCIOUS CULTURAL CHOICE of White people to act like buffoons, drunks, speed freaks, and so on, living in filth and decay and laziness) more than bestial-criminal-sociopathic Other ethnic groups. What’s their (Whites) excuse??

    • Felix_M

      I guess they don’t like people to see what life is really like in da’ ‘hood.

      That show on America’s black neurosurgeons ended after only one season. They couldn’t keep interviewing the same three people over and over and over again.

      • Morris LeChat

        black neurosurgeons? There are THREE of them? That many? One for each braincell in the negro brain.

      • Wait, was there truly such a show?

    • It could be Southern Africa today…

    • newscomments70

      Hi Morris,
      I hope you share your comment with the mainstream media as well. How many more white babies need to die needlessly?

    • elreyjones

      Amen. We must arm to the teeth and bring back segregation. The Bolshevik regime in power including the international criminals in banking, left wing organizations, and the newspapers, must be crushed non-violently. Guns will give us the power to non-violently end the anti-white oppression and bring back segregation.

  • Morris LeChat

    But… but…. but….. but….. but blacks are so nice and harmless, we know this because we saw them on shows such as “Good Times”, “what’s Happenin'”, “Sanford and Son”, “The Cosby Show” etc…etc…. but… but…but… the accepted narrative is that blacks poverty and violence are the result of white people’s racist attitudes. If this is how they act when they are free from white influence then that would mean that the narrative we have been fed is totally false. That would mean they are a dangerous, primitive, retarded, vile, corrupt animal and that segregation existed to PROTECT whites from blacks. That would mean blacks have always been the aggressor, the corrupter, the violator, and that whites have merely been innocently trying to live unmolested and free from a black reign of terror.

    • BonusGift

      But… but… but… wait a minute, hey, you are right!

    • A Girl

      Either you’re dead serious or this is humorously sarcastic. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and for the moment assume you intended the latter to be the desired effect.

  • [Guest]

    Liberia is an emerging country, you know. Just pump in a few billion U.S. dollars, send over some energetic and compassionate college coeds (blondes preferred) to study the evil effects of colonialism, and establish an Adapt a Liberian campaign to culturally enrich Western nations, and see the improvement.

    Who knows? The next president of the United States might be a native. What are General Butt Naked’s plans for 2016?

    • Nathanwartooth

      Right, it’s not a 3rd world hellhole, it’s a “Developing Country”.

      Because every country that is not Asian or White is just “Developing”. They’ll get their one day.

    • bluffcreek1967

      Hey, maybe we can convince General Butt Naked to be a conservative and he can be the Republican ticket (along with Ben Carson) for the 2016 Presidential run? Maybe he can also sing like Herman Cain did before all those adoring white Republicans last year? Maybe we can get him to say bad things about Obama and, if anyone complains, we can point to Butt Naked and Ben Carson for how all-inclusive Republicans are? Yeah, that’s the ticket!

      • dukem1

        Just due to the fact I like weird stuff, a presidential debate between the general and Lurleen Clinton might hold some interest.

      • [Guest]

        You sound as if you could be chairman of the RNC!

  • “.. the Liberian replies that even the commissioner of the district “squats and shits with the people.”
    See– even though they are backwards, at least their leaders take the time to interact with the common man. I for one am touched.

    • nobody

      That cracked me and my girlfriend up. I just about lost it.

    • Robb

      He probably organizes the community poop, if you know what I’m sayin….

  • purestocles

    “He had recently been pardoned for war crimes by a Liberian commission because of his conversion to Christianity…Mr. Blahyi is now a suit-wearing preacher rather than a nude cannibal warlord.”

    Why do Black Leaders take on the mantle of preachers? Why are preachers so respected in the black community? Why are they the voice of the black people?

    Black preachers in America call themselves by names that invoke the Prophet. A prophet claims to speak with the voice of God. Therefore black preachers claim to speak for God. As God’s voice, they promise their people liberation. Liberation from what? Oppression.

    What is oppression? Oppression is whatever prevents one from attaining the goals they imagine and from enjoying the rewards to which they think they are entitled. Freedom is the experience of enjoying those rewards without interference.

    Blacks imagine that they are entitled to many things as befits so noble a people. They imagine that oppression by the White Race is all that stands between them and that enjoyment. Black preachers promise them liberation from their travails and FREEDOM. This is an intoxicating message.

    Unfortunately it is impossible and unrealistic. There are only degrees of freedom, no unconditional freedom. The promise of FREEDOM is a cruel illusion but it has immense appeal. Any person who promises you the cruel illusion of FREEDOM is a sham. All Black Preachers who pretend to speak with the voice of God are shams and all black people who submit to their schemes are fools.

    • Morris LeChat

      I want freedom FROM black people. I want to be free of them. to be rid of them. That is not impossible nor unrealistic. I would support an authoritarian state if it would achieve that goal. I know I would be more free in such a society than in our current one. When white people can not take a baby for a stroll without the possibility of that baby being killed by blacks then we are not free.

      • purestocles

        I agree with you completely. I only point out that freedom is conditional and relative because as any mature person knows, we are always bound by our physical and emotional natures and our social obligations. That FREEDOM per se has so much appeal to Blacks is evidence of their emotional immaturity and compliments their scapegoating Whites as the alleged barrier between themselves and entry into the Promised Land.

      • Anders

        I could easily live in an authoritarian state of the sort you describe. People such as ourselves that go to work, for instance, would have nothing to fear. You’d probably get fairer treatment under such a regime.

        Most people’s idea of ‘freedom’ is unlimited access to drugs and pornography. The desire to act like an ignorant a/hole ‘just because they can and who’s gonna stop me’ really seems to be the basic tenet of freedom from what I can observe when I leave my home everyday.

        • White Mom in WDC

          People, such as many blacks, forget that with freedom comes responsibility. Those freed blacks in Africa were left behind infrastructure by the white man for free, all they had to do was exercise the responsibility to maintain it. Couldn’t do it. Will never do it. We need segregation again in the US before we turn into Africa

          • saxonsun

            So true. There’s no such thing as rights without responsibility. We whites indulge non-whites by allowing them the first and retaining the last only for ourselves.

      • Morris…Sooooo accurate…I have been thinking about how wonderful it would be to have a peaceful place to live with only other peaceful people…makes you also wish that AIDS would hurry up and do its job.

    • Felix_M

      Why do Black Leaders take on the mantle of preachers?

      Because being a “man of God” doesn’t require many brains…even sadly among a lot of white people. Watch any born-again preacher in his polyester suit railing for his congregation to “Give! Give! Give!” on amy Sunday morning to see what I’m talking about.

      Why are preachers so respected in the black community?

      No doubt for the same reasons the witch doctors were back in their ancestors’ villages.

      • Morris LeChat

        black preachers are the same as witchdoctors. They jump up and down, scream, dance, chant etc. Before the antebellum south and the corruption of some branches of christianity by association with africans, Christian church services were not highly emotionalized , frenzied events. The music was one that was calm, peaceful, and brought people to a higher state of consciousness by de-emotionalising them. In fact, in the very beginning so the church, music was not allowed at all. The nature of the religion was to be INTROspective,reflective, meditative. The preachers may have given fiery sermons but the parishoners were not all yelling and screaming and chiming in. Blacks behave this exact same way when they go to the movies. They sit in the audience and yell and scream things in response to the dialogue in the film.White christianity is about letting go of the ego self while black christians go to church for ego glorification, for engaging in a desperate one upsmanship game of acting out to get the most attention, to be the one who praises “Jeebus” the loudest, to be the one who is the most obsequious. They believe they can fool God into thinking they are to be favored above all the others in the church because of the behavior they display. It is a mad scramble amongst them all for imagined power over all the rest.

        • pcmustgo

          Wait a minute now, pastors, popes, all these religious leaders in general across races are a bunch of child-molesting, smooth talking, narcissistic con artists.

          Not just black ones.

          They’re like cult leaders, and they all exploit the fact that their dumbed-down flock places absolute trust in them and views them as “a man of god”.

          I’m a christian, but organized religion in general is corrupt.

          • Morris LeChat

            Pastors have nothing to do with Christ’s’ teachings. He specifically said “call no man father, call no man teacher” Nevertheless, the churches, being man’s creation, still propagate Christ’s teaching, but in a very imperfect way. Sometimes more imperfect than others. Not all popes and preachers are scoundrels. There are magnitudes more public school teachers that are child molesters than there ever have been priests that have molested children. Christ taught people to be anti authority for a reason. Religion does not have a monopoly on authoritarian figures who abuse their power.

          • saxonsun

            So true.

        • sbuffalonative

          Exactly. Being a preacher bestows the white mans’ juju on the black man.

      • dmxinc

        “Because being a “man of God” doesn’t require many brains.”

        Really? Study history. The most educated in our past both in America and in Europe were the theologians, who also made a vast amount of the scientific and mathematical discoveries that benefit us today. Read the “Discoverers.”

        Even those that were not clergy, like Newton, based their drive to learn and discover on finding out more about God and how he made the world.

        • saxonsun

          Yes, Newton never divorced science from God…never. And Einstein said he wanted to know the mind of God.

          • dmxinc

            You may be surprised to find out that Amren moderat ors deleted most of my comments on this subject. It’s a sad commentary on their integrity that they would attempt to block such a conversation that was being conducted in a civil manner. So much for wanting “No truth” hidden…..

            We can be Christian and still fight for the survival of our people and our children. Can’t we?

      • kjh64

        “Watch any born-again preacher in his polyester suit railing for his congregation to “Give! Give! Give!”
        More like in his Armani suit that he can afford BECAUSE his congregation gives, gives, gives LOL!!!!

    • pcmustgo


      Literally, the Black People are gods. Rastafarianism, etc.


    • Andy

      I think black leaders are often preachers because blacks respond to power, and believe that preachers have it. Blacks in power tend to give themselves grandiose titles, and pretending that they are prophets and making up their own religions seems to me to be along the same lines. There’s nothing higher than God, so if you can fool people that you speak for Him, you can get a lot of power and prestige. Not many people can fool a lot of whites into thinking they’re prophets, but blacks tend to be more credulous.

      • purestocles

        Thanks Andy, that’s more along the lines of what I was looking into.

  • William Allingham

    everything is relative, compared to apes Liberians are civilized and smart, they are evolving at their own pace so we must not pressure them to be like us.

    let them learn their own lessons, have their own disputes and develop solutions by their own (on their own countries of origin), you know egalitarianism is the greatest form of oppression (to whites and blacks alike)

    I call them “the narcissistic elite” they are elite psychopaths around the world, mercenaries, mostly with middle eastern ancestry with a lot of money who care just about profit and want a mixed race, mediocre IQ, sedated population, bred to love each other in ignorance and servitude.

    they are replacing real Culture with “universally-friendly-bogus-culture”, facts are not important just feel-good-popularity, in order to win as diverse and as much people as possible (potential work force and thus profit tools).

    • Luca

      I am looking at your first sentence and wondering what possessed you to insult apes in such a way.

  • JohnEngelman

    During the 1960s and early 1970s black militants in the United States liked to wear sweat shirts that had a map of the United States inside of a map of Africa. The implication was that American blacks would be liberated from the shackles of white racism by their black brothers in Africa.

    No one who thinks thinks that way any more. Because blacks and their white apologists cannot take pride in Africa they hope the topic does not come up, and try to punish those who raise it.

    • Morris LeChat

      ape-freeka is reverting to the primitive state it was in before the white man came. Nothing has been maintained. The road systems are almost gone. Journeys between towns that required only a few hours only two decades ago now require DAYS of travel . Whole mining towns now lay abandoned as there is no way to transport the ores from the mines to anywhere else. The sewerage system in cities no longer operate. Even wells that were constructed by western aid groups just a few years ago were never maintained and none of them work anymore. It has all just crumbled. The blacks are more interested in committing violence against each other and eating each other. They show that it is a genetic trait of the black race to live for nothing else besides the degradation and violation of others. The simplest tasks of maintaing what was left to them interested them not the slightest. They live for violence, nothing else, and this is consistent in all black societies around the world.

      • sbuffalonative

        I often say, the best way to destroy the black man is to give him what he wants or to leave him alone.
        If we could leave them alone, they would revert within 3 generations. Unfortunately, THEY won’t leave US alone.

        • Morris LeChat

          hmmm. I often say the same thing about women. Let them have what they want. their desires are contradictory and they soon self destruct.

  • Cannot Tell

    Articles like these produce cognitive dissonance in blacks, like myself, who hold white nationalist views. On one hand, I believe in freedom of association and sympathize with whites who want to live among themselves. On the other hand, I fear that if whites become racially aware again I would be repatriated back to Nigeria, which doesn’t fare much better than Liberia.

    • JohnEngelman

      According to 2006 census data, 37 percent of Nigerians in the U.S. had bachelor’s degrees, 17 percent held master’s degrees and 4 percent had doctorates. In contrast, the same census data showed only 19 percent of white Americans had bachelor’s degrees, 8 percent held master’s degrees and only 1 percent held doctorates, the paper reports.

      The census data was bolstered by an independent analysis of 13 annual Houston-area surveys conducted by Rice University and commissioned by the Chronicle.

      Cannot Tell,

      Please post on American Renaissance more often. Your voice is needed here. BTW, one of the most fascinating friends I ever had was a black college professor at Howard University in Washington, DC.

      • Luca

        Did it occur to you to find out how many were here on student visas? If many of them come here with the express purpose of education then I would expect very high numbers of educated Nigerians. I guess the rest are busy concocting email scams.

        • Morris LeChat

          yes, this is one big “duhhhh…”.

        • JohnEngelman

          When I did a google search for

          Nigerian + immigrants + education

          I got 153,000,000 results. Most of the hits seem to document degrees earned, rather than people who come over here to earn degrees.


          I find it difficult to believe too, but I do not think those 153,000,000 websites are conspiring to collectively lie.

          • Guest

            You are up to your old tricks again. When you lose an argument you try to play some sort of numbers game and cite “sources”. You always end up offering nothing but nonsense. Nigeria is a country where every other day a plane flies into a building. It is a country where one out of every three new buildings collapses DURING construction, and the other two are not very safe either.Their national industry is world wide internet scams. Please don’t try to tell us that any degree they earned there actually means anything when most degrees earned in the US today don’t mean anything.

          • JohnEngelman

            When have I lost an argument? Post the web ab address and explain how lost it.

            From the web addresses I posted it seem like Nigerians are earning their degrees here in the United States.

          • Morris LeChat

            so what? That does not contradict the fact that the only nigerians likely to immigrate here are the ones who do so for purposes of education. Not only did you lose the argument, you don’t even understand what it is about!

          • Defoe

            Yeah, we keep track of such vital information. Get another clue.

          • A Girl

            I would’ve thought your first three sentences a critique of many AmRen commentators’ arguments had I not read on. This is why we read.

          • Morris LeChat

            So you did a google search, but it means nothing. The point made was that Nigerians were only likely to immigrate to the US for reasons of education, therefore, the rate of Nigerians with a degree would be very high. Nothing in your google search contradicts this. So you found that nigerians actually earned some degrees, so what? Nigeria is a country where every other day a plane flies into a building. It is a country where one out of every three new buildings collapses DURING construction, and the other two are not very safe either.Their national industry is world wide internet scams. Please don’t try to tell us that any degree they earned there or here actually means anything. American higher education will give away degrees to africans even though they do not merit it.

          • A Girl

            ‘Nigeria is a country where every other day a plane flies into a building’. Are we making up statistics now? Oh, silly me. I guess the question shouldn’t be ‘Are we making up statistics now’ but ‘for how long’. I want to see the site you get your data from or if you are a first hand source. ‘American higher education will give away degrees to africans even though they do not merit it’. Are you accusing the best higher educational system in the world of giving hand-outs? Last time a checked the only exception were legacies.

          • Luca

            I read different articles but Nigeria may be the number one country sending students to the US. Kinda makes you wonder how a poor nation can afford to ship kids over here and how they pay tuition. I’m guessing they get student loans from the US that they never pay back. The US taxpayer is the sucker again.

            Here’s one for you:

            Looks like around 7,000 and God knows for how many years and how many stay or return. Does look like they have easy access to loan money though.


            Another one:

          • MBlanc46

            They’ve got all that oil money. Those who control that money could probably buy Harvard.

          • pcmustgo

            They hold the highest rates of phd’s of ANY group… that being said, affirmative action plays it’s role.

            African immigrants are also the most endogamous, along with East Indians… I guess African men just aren’t as into the white womens…

      • KevinPhillipsBong

        It’s not like the US picks up Nigerians at random and sends them to the US. If they did and boasted these kinds of percentages then you would have a point.

      • Could that be because the Nigerians that bother to come here tend to be better educated to begin with?

        Ditto on your comment to Cannot Tell.

        • JohnEngelman

          That is probably the explanation. Nigeria is the most heavily populated country in Africa.

      • Katherine McChesney

        I don’t trust a poll run by BET.

      • a multiracial individual


        Did becoming a race realist increase, or decrease your sympathy toward Blacks and Hispanics? You seem to be a race realists that tries to rid yourself of emotional baggage with regard to race.

        • JohnEngelman

          a multiracial individual,

          that is an intriguing question. I hope my answer is worthy of it.

          I really do not have any sympathy for blacks and Hispanics in the sense that I think whites are responsible for their lower average IQs and higher rates of crime. I attribute these characteristics to their greater proximity to a paleolithic way of life.

          During the paleolithic and even the neolithic era a much higher percentage of men were killed in fighting between hunting bands and tribes. The best warriors had more than one wife, and consequently more sons who inherited their skill in killing, and their propensity to kill.

          In an urban civilization there is division of labor. Warfare becomes a specialty, rather than something that is expected of all men. Physically aggressive men are attracted to the military, or they become criminals. In either field they become less prolific, rather than more so.

          What matters in urban civilization is superior intelligence. Intelligent men tend to become prosperous, and to have more children who survive and reproduce.

          With welfare, late marriages among professionals, and so on, it may not seem that what I have written is the way things are. I am thinking in terms of what has usually happened in history.

          Over the centuries and thousands of years civilization has selected for intelligence, and against an inclination toward violent crime.

          Whites and Orientals began agriculture about ten thousand years ago, and civilization about five thousand years ago. American Indians began agriculture about five thousand years ago, and civilization less than three thousand years ago. Negroes began agriculture about four thousand years ago. Large numbers of them only began living in cities during the twentieth century.

          Hispanics are a hybrid race composed of whites, American Indians, and Negroes.

          All of this explains why whites and Orientals have higher average IQs and lower crime rates than Hispanics, who have higher average IQs and lower crime rates than blacks.

          I never encountered the term “race realist” until I discovered the writings of Jared Taylor and this website two and a half years ago, but yes I am a race realist. By this I mean that I think racial differences in average ability levels and behavior are significant, and due to different population pressures lasting for long periods of time, rather than to different environments.

          Before I thought of myself as a race realist I though of myself as a genetic determinist, in that I thought (and still obviously think) that genetics is considerably more important than any other factor in determining not only ability levels, but also personality and character.

          I will not dislike a person because of that person’s race.

          I hope this answers your question.

          • dmxinc

            “. Intelligent men tend to become prosperous, and to have more children who survive and reproduce.”

            You need to watch “Idiocracy.” A comedy maybe, but do you really believe that the most intelligent reproduce more than the least in Western societies?

          • Morris LeChat

            today, the more intelligent tend to have fewer children.

          • JohnEngelman

            The current tendency toward dysgenics is historically unprecedented, and probably temporary. Computer technology increases the relationship between intelligence and income. It is becoming increasingly difficult for people of below average, or even average IQs to earn decent incomes.

          • dmxinc

            Since when do the “poor” care about their income when it comes to having babies?

            They demand that you and I pay for those kids and “our” government goes right along with the idea.

          • JohnEngelman

            The Welfare Reform Act of 1996 ended AID to Families With Dependent Children as a lifetime entitlement.

            Poor, unmarried women with low IQs are more likely to have abortions than affluent married women with high IQs.

          • dmxinc

            First of all, welfare or not, abortion or not, the birthrates of the “poor” still far exceed those of the wealthy.

            Second, don’t fool yourself into thinking the “poor” are taking any financial hit. The government makes certain the benefits keep coming one way or another:


          • kjh64

            True. Even if these people do not get lifetime welfare, they get section 8 that ends up for a lifetime, food stamps or medicaid that ends up for a lifetime, or government cash in the form of tax credits and there is a lot of fraud.

          • a multiracial individual

            Don’t most male criminals reproduce before they are sent away?
            I have not seen the data. However, it certainly seems that way.

          • David Ashton

            Two “EU” problems: (1) Sex with prison visitors of opposite gender (e.g. wives) another “human right” to “family life”. (2) More babies, more money in Britain, but less help for stay-home married mums.

      • concernedcollegekid

        Apparently there is one specific Nigerian tribe called the Igbo whose members do especially well in Western civilization. Chinua Achebe, who wrote Things Fall Apart, was a member of that tribe.
        Google it if you’re curious.

        • Andy

          I’ve been researching them lately – apparently they’re claiming to be part Jewish, although that may simply be to get out of Nigeria etc. They are lighter than neighboring tribes, though, and have some language similarities with Hebrew. They had a more advanced civilization than their neighbors prior to colonization as well. There are certainly other groups (Hausa, Fulani, et c) with some white blood from long ago. Hausa, Fulani, and Igbo are three of the biggest tribes in Nigeria, which, I suspect, is why Nigeria is less of a mess than other West African countries and why we can import a fair number of successful Nigerians.

          • zimriel

            Yeah, the Hausa and Fulani are intertwined. The Hausa in particular speak a Chadic language, which implies they trickled down from North Africa (like Berbers, later Arabs). Also, their Islam would have opened the door for a secondary wave of Arab and Berber immigrants.

        • Defoe

          No one disputes that there are second sigma Africans, but the absolute numbers who fall into that category are small.

      • rightrightright

        Because Nigerians of some intelligence came to the USA to study for their degrees, hence the higher percentages. The percentages for whites are presumably drawn from the general white population, most of whom go directly into employment rather than higher education.

      • Defoe

        Ph.ds can be had for about $5k, maybe even less in Nigeria. Get a clue.

      • Viking_61

        What are their degrees in? Affrican Studies? Did they receive their degrees in Afreaka?

        Now I know why so many American universities play host to these colorful cape wearing cultural studies professors.

        In reality most African immigrants are cab drivers (if they work) or maids or janitors.

    • a multiracial individual


      Let me put it to you like Taylor Swift, Repatriation is never, ever, ever gonna happen!

      When whites (and especially white liberals) accept race realism it will INCREASE their paternalistic inclinations, not decrease them. And I am a bit agnostic as to if there will EVER be a great awakening.

      • Morris LeChat

        you are living in your head. History shows that when white’s get fed up, they bring gotterdamerung on their enemies

        • a multiracial individual

          I agree with you. I mean if they become race realists BEFORE they are backed into a corner.

    • pcmustgo

      I don’t support more third world immigration, but find African blacks to be much more pleasant than American blacks and Caribbean Blacks slightly better as well.

      American black “attitude” and victim mentality really holds them down.

      Then again, African immigrants are the top 1% of Africans.

      Maybe you can teach Africans the error of their ways.

      My biggest problem with Latino and African/Caribbean immigration is that they get affirmative action over whites. Which will someday turn into a big issue.

      I don’t want any immigrants getting affirmative action

      • Nancy Thomas

        So true. I have Ethiopian friends, the kindest and gentlest people you could ever meet. Coptic Christians. Honest, decent, hard working….nothing at all like African Americans.

        • Mahound

          Ethiopians are not black.

          • Nancy Thomas

            Really? They consider themselves to be black. But like I said, they don’t act anything like african americans.

          • Drvst

            The are a semi-caucasoid/semite gradient between Semites and blacks. Well and truly their own separate people though, and much higher intelligence than average negroes. Not their more gracile features.

          • zimriel

            That’s the first I heard of this. The Ethiopians I met considered themselves to be Semites.

            I’m sure it differs from place to place / “tribe” to “tribe” admittedly.

          • Luca

            Ethiopians maintain a majority of sub-Saharan DNA but are mixed with some smaller amounts of Mediterranean DNA as well. They also have some Ashkenazi markers as well.

          • Sun

            The Jeeeeeeeews are everywhere

        • hastings88

          Ethiopia is a mini-empire with different tribes and ethnicities held together by force and need. There is no one Ethiopian people, and there are plenty of bantu groups among them. I’ve never seen an Ethiopian that looks anything but black to me.

      • Sun

        Jamaicans are the best–the most chill. Africans from Africa who come here (tell by their accent) tend to be nicer than their African American counterpart. Which is pretty ironic.

        • MBlanc46

          I used to know quite a few Jamaican guys and got along with them pretty well. However, Jamaica is also the home of the murderous Yardie gangs.

    • jeffaral

      Why would you oppose being repatriated to Nigeria? It’s a wonderful country

    • Cannot-Tell makes good points. I think the final answer is very strongly segregation of various groupings of blacks, maybe of Mexicans in the US too. And whites. Also getting into society as a whole the idea that segregation is gooood.
      There are a number of blacks who are very good people. But sex being what it is, segregation is necessary for the preservation of whites (and the preservation of other groups who want preservation.)
      Within each grouping, there would be allowed a large amount of freedom of whatever kind the group wanted. And maybe some contractual arrangement with the white groups or whatever. But segregation definitely and with certain agreed upon channels of interaction, and no guilt for having segregation, provided it is not drain on whites the way it is today.

      Morality of a fair number of whites will not allow mass harm to good blacks.

    • Luca

      The problem is, we live in a society that has forced integration upon us whether we like it or not. And most of us, on all sides of the fence, don’t. The appropriate course of action would have been for slavery to have never been allowed, or once established it should have been curtailed and phased out with freed slaves repatriated to Liberia.

      The races living together has proved over and over again, that there is very limited capacity for compatibility or harmony. This is true in neighborhoods, schools, employment, politics, military and prisons. You name it.

      Intelligent men who were giants of the 18th and 19th centuries noted time and again that the races were not equal and could not live together. Now such talk is deemed racist but it is pure realism, just check any crime stats.

      Clearly, blacks enjoy the company of other blacks and that is perfectly normal. People like people who are similar to them in culture, appearance and temperament, but if a White says something like this in the Liberal world we are immediately ostracized.

      People should live among whom they please. Integration would probably happen at a natural limited pace but when forced by Government and Liberal social pressure the outcome is always disaster. Even the French and English in Canada have difficulties living together and want to separate..

      Common sense has been abandoned and practically outlawed. I fear the only solution will be a major race war or some form of social upheaval.

      Good luck.

      • Sun

        Well if your (in the abstract sense) has validity then the Liberal worldview will have to die because it won’t be sustainable.

        If the Liberal worldview is correct then you and racism will become non existent.

        One side says racism is born from a lack of knowing good individuals, proving generalities to be wrong, and realizing that all people are equal.

        Another side says racism is born from the interaction with many bad individuals which then formulate an accurate assessment of a group, along with the eventual strife when multiple groups live in close proximity, realizing that not all people are equal.

        We are going to find out through time which side is actually right.

        • Sun…amazing assessment…I definitely am one that thought every race was the same…but as time has come to show they are not…the more I see of blacks the more I am disgusted by them.

    • Andy

      I hope we don’t swing too far in the other direction like that. I think largely homogeneous countries fare the best, but you can certainly assimilate a small minority into a majority. We do not need to purge our country of decent people just because they are black. Having policies that deal with chronic unemployment and crime instead of encouraging it, and keep the country united under one culture, should be enough to salvage the situation. I am very worried we will go from “black and white people average the same on absolutely everything, and if you contradict this you’re EVIL!” to “there’s no good in any black people, and they’re all worthless”. I worry that many of those who become aware of racial differences will do so through very unpleasant experiences, and whites will be carried aware by their anger.

      • zimriel

        – and then when the whites get over being angry, they cry out “o what have we done” and get even *more* p.c. Like what’s happened in western Europe.

      • Sun

        There is extremism in every idea. Some here are pretty moderate…while others are not so much. However, things have gotten pretty out of control when we are talking about demographics.

      • concernedcollegekid

        Excellent comment and excellent point. It truly made me happy to see this get thumbs up. I remember reading that one reason Charles Murray was so upset with the hugely negative media response to the Bell Curve was not because he was vilified but because he thought the longer it took people to accept that IQ mattered and that the races had different averages, the more resentment would build up against blacks and the worse it would be for blacks when the dam burst and the resentment started pouring out.
        I really agree with this. Whites as a group are slowly getting angrier at blacks as a group, and whites are having an extremely long fuse about it but the longer the government and media try to force the fuse to be, the worse the explosion will be for blacks when it blows.

    • Conrad

      The problem could be dealt with rather easily. First, blacks would be stripped of all political rights, accept in black towns where they could serve as mayors or hold other such positions. Blacks that want to go back to Africa could be given a bit of help in doing so. Blacks that do not wish to be sent to Africa could stay here provided that they are sterilized so that they cannot reproduce, and simply live out their lives here in peace. After a generation or so the problem would be solved without a lot of pain. Blacks that commit serious crimes would be sent to Africa or killed.

  • Luca

    Liberia is a wonderful case study of what becomes of blacks in the absence of White Privilege and White Racism. I am simply wondering how long it will be before Detroit makes the full conversion. Crime, rape, drugs, waste, fraud, poverty and corruption have already crept in and I suppose open warfare, cannibalism, and child sacrifice wouldn’t be much further in the future. It is only being held back by those few remaining White racists trying to hang on so they can live in a African-created paradise. (sarcasm)

    If I hadn’t known better I would swear this was fiction. It seems to describe a society run by sociopathic 12-year olds on LSD.

    If only this article could hit the mainstream media. It boggles my mind to try to visualize how entertaining it would be to hear the stories the Liberals would concoct as excuses for this behavior.

    • Nathanwartooth

      We already know the answer of what they would say.

      “Colonialism, White Racism and legacy of slavery”.

    • pcmustgo

      To be fair, Romans practiced human sacrifice about 2,000 years ago…

      • Yeah, and look what it got them.

      • tjs3023

        But it was still evolved away from. Blacks, starting from the other end, worked themselves backwards, and devolved back into it.

        • Morris LeChat

          No, sorry, you bought the false premise that Romans practiced human sacrifice- They DIDN’T

          • Mithras88

            Again, please see my above post.

          • Themistocles

            Comparing the Western Practices of Human Sacrifice to the vicious ritualized violence of Africa is a false comparison. As a Classicist I find the comparison sick and twisted. As well as intellectually dishonest and a skewing of the truth to compare what is happening in Liberia as anything similar to Romans.

            The Romans would use execution as a means of sending a message or making a demonstration. Every civilized society has rules, laws, and order that are ENFORCED. In Roman society they knew the importance of adhering to the rule of the law, they were a militant society you know. A general who failed deserved to off himself, just like military units that turned coward would have to execute every tenth man of his own, because they were the shield of the state and people if they failed thousands could die. Enemies of the State were nailed to a piece of wood or torn apart in the arena to show a point that criminals deserved ignominious and priests and priestess that didn’t honor their vows were not trustworthy you do know that temples and their priests were the banks and security deposits of their day, if their keepers were untrustworthy then very important people risked losing a lot of the wrath of the state.

            The Romans founded an Empire that ran on the rule of law, something fundamental to the modern West, and law without punishment is powerless, a joke like what we have today.

          • Mithras88

            I never compared the “western practices of human sacrifice to the vicious ritualized violence of Africa,” I merely corrected the erroneous, if not outright outrageous statement by several users that “Rome never scarified people.” There is no comparison or equivocation of any sorts, within any section of my previous post. A comparison is an illustration by similitude, not a series of historical points used to justify a conclusory statement. Our movement, which is already under intense scrutiny, must strive for truth, so as not to give any more ammunition to our detractors. I agree that contemporary western society is relatively lawless and without honor, specifically when compared to the greatness of ancient Rome, but I shall not stand by and have my honor sullied, no matter the medium, virtual or otherwise, and have my words distorted by some neophyte of an amateur historian masquerading as a “classicist.” I found the demeanor of your whole post distasteful and ultimately counterproductive.

            Furthermore, I believe that the preeminence of the literalist interpretation of the rule of law in western society, is partially to blame for the current perilous state that our people find themselves in. Enemies of our race, from within and without, misrepresent and pervert our laws through subtle manipulations of language, applying laws meant specifically for white peoples to all peoples by virtue of lecherous chicanery. If our people weren’t such suckers for “rule of law,” then we wouldn’t be in the precarious situation that we are now. My main problem with a dogmatic adherence to the rule of law, specifically of the contemporary variety, is that modern people, particularly in America, mistake “law” for actual “justice.” And this is the hallmark of a failing state.

            I don’t wish to delve into an antagonistic clash of ad hominem attacks, particularly with a fellow comrade in our struggle, but you are obviously not a “classicist” as you say. Your syntax and inflections are written like that of an amateur historian, a dilettante, and not that of a classically educated scholar. The Romans were a bellicose people, ruled by laws, as you say, nevertheless this still doesn’t negate the fact that they did in fact practice ritualistic human sacrifice.

            Firstly, the “devotio” wasn’t initiated by Roman generals who failed, it wasn’t an egotistical suicide of the type we see today, it was a ritualistic prophylactic used to ensure victory. You are mistakenly referring to, I am assuming, the oath of the “Sacramentum Militare” taken by Roman military officers. Being a “classicist” as you say you are, you should possess a firm grasp of both Latin and Greek, and thus realize that all citizens, could be “given to the gods” (sacer). And that this type of sacrifice, either of a voluntary or involuntary nature, was considered a sacred honor that all loyal citizens would have gladly undertaken; the term itself refers to “unspoiled purity” and “perfection.” As you should know, the Romans were a hyper religious people, particularly during the glorious pagan years, and that sacrifice, of any type, voluntary, involuntary or otherwise was perceived as being a gift to the gods; the “act” of the sacrifice itself at least. In fact, those who were sacrificed, properly that is, were quite literally considered to be the divine property of the gods, and thus honored, both criminals and generals alike. Their corporal remains however, as I alluded to previously, was an altogether different matter.

            Secondly, I am assuming your statement about soldiers being ritualistically murdered for cowardice, is in reference to the practice of the “decimation.” Being “decimated,” which in Latin means the “removal of a tenth” wasn’t religious in nature, nor was it a sacrifice of any type, is was a disciplinary measure utilized to ensure loyalty. Moreover, this disciplinary measure was rarely practiced, and fell out of disuse, writ large, by the time of the Principate of Augustus (i.e. by the beginning of the Imperial period). Sure, it still happened on occasion during the Imperial period, but its ineffectiveness as a disciplinary measure rendered it generally useless. Why was the act of decimation useless? Because it executed indiscriminately, regardless of fault, and thus ended up killing many a good soldier.

            Thirdly, my above post referenced the priestesses of Vesta (i.e. the Vestal Virgins) and they were not a “bank” of any sort. The handling of money was considered profane (a reason for the prominence of the Jew within the later Empire, who did handle money), and the six women who constituted the Vestal priestesshood, at its zenith, weren’t allowed to possess any type of currency; nor were they allowed to leave the city of Rome for that matter. The Vestals did maintain the sacred fire of Vesta, house religious artifacts (some priceless, some not so priceless) and guard the last will and testaments of important citizens (like Caesar and Pompey), but they were not a bank in the modern sense of term.

      • KevinPhillipsBong

        Not really. In fact Romans used to look down their Roman noses at other cultures who practiced human sacrifice (like the Carthaginians – though we can’t be sure they did it either). Romans even looked down on Christianity for the same reason (eating the flesh of the Son of God).

        • Alexandra

          Catholics believe the bread and wine become flesh and blood (transubstantiation). Those who actually believe the Bible know it’s only SYMBOLIC. In fact Catholics have persecuted Christians for that reason, back in the days of the Inquisition…they didn’t only go after Jews.

        • Anders

          The Romans were thoroughly disgusted at the ancient Britons’ practice of human sacrifice.
          Then again, they didn’t mind ‘sacrificing’ some of those Christians to the lions eh? Hail Caesar!

          • Mithras88

            The Romans did in fact practice human sacrifice, at least during the regal (monarchical) and early republican periods, respectively. Human sacrifice wasn’t outlawed officially in Roman lands until 97 BC, by the Consul P. Licinius Crassus, via senatorial decree.

            There are three examples of Roman human sacrifice that we know about, thanks to the writings of both Livy and Plutarch. These three instances of human sacrifice took place in the years 228, 216 and 113
            BC. The actual act of sacrifice was later replaced by the rituals of the Argei. During the Argei rituals, puppets and other effigies were sacrificed in lieu of human beings; thus the actual act of sacrifice moved from the literal to the symbolic. Many criminals in the early Republic were also considered “sacer,” which “meant for the gods” and sacrificed, occasionally even for minor offences. Also, lets not forget that there are numerous instances of Vestal Virgins being scarified for amongst other things, violating their chastity. For example, the Vestal Oppia was buried alive in 483 BC because she broke her oath of celibacy. It’s also important to note that victims of involuntary human sacrifice couldn’t be cremated, they had to be buried, which was perceived as being dishonorable. Also, of related note, was the Roman military practice of the “devotio” in which Roman generals, and other upper echelon officers, would sacrifice themselves to gods (specifically Manes) for victory. A concrete example of this is the case of the General Publius Decius Mus, who in 340 BC, sacrificed himself for victory.

            Secondly, I wanted to point out that the Romans adopted the idea of gladiatorial contest from the Etruscans, as another user pointed out. However, the Etruscan and early Roman gladiatorial feats of combat were voluntary in nature and considered honorable, and rarely resulted in death. And lastly, it was actually the Sabellian people of central and southern Italy who developed gladiatorial combat; the Etruscans merely adopted this practice.

          • Luca

            You speak of a time thousands of years ago before Western man developed more sophisticated religions, morals and societies. At least as a people we have been able to evolve socially to bring about a better world. The Africans are still in the stone-age even after being exposed to Western culture, values and inventions. Clearly they are hardly capable of civilized behavior and not deserving of any comparison with the Romans. But thanks for the history lesson.

          • Mithras88

            For the second and final time, I never compared the civilization (the key word here being civilization) of ancient Rome to the tribal primitives of Liberia. As I stated in the post below, “A comparison is an illustration by similitude, not a series of historical points used to justify a conclusory statement.” Several users erroneously stated the following (paraphrased): THE ROMANS NEVER COMMITTED HUMAN SACRIFICE, WHEN IN FACT THEY DID. I merely tried to correct to this fallacious statement. As I said in my post below, our belief system and its corresponding sociopolitical perspective makes our movement “easy pickings” for our detractors, thus I find it prudent (as I hope others would as well) to dispel fallacy, so we may not be labeled as delusional by our adversaries.

            To reiterate, there was no comparison of any sort made between ancient Rome and contemporary Liberia, within any aspect of my post. Despite your crass attitude, and obviously disingenuous “thank you,” you are still nonetheless “welcome.”

            I am a bit taken aghast with the seemingly cursory and overly simplistic responses to my lengthy, and well thought out discussion postings here on AmRen. Did you even bother to read my entire post, or did you merely glance at it before you began espousing fallacious a priori statements? I am a new user here and to put it quite bluntly I am not impressed with the conversational dialogue that I’ve experienced thus far. Thank you for further degrading my already low opinion of humanity.

          • Luca

            I certainly read the whole post. My comment was intended for everyone, although I only replied to you. I think we are wasting time and space talking about the possible historical existence of a Roman practice when in fact, the subject was Liberia. My comment to you was sarcastic not crass. If you also find it unworthy of comparison, then why entertain the argument at length when all you needed to shut it down was about one sentence. Instead you went into a history lesson which you say is in part, off the top of your head. Aside from sarcasm we use a bit of humor here, it helps to keep us sane. Don’t be offended, or thin-skinned, you obviously have a lot to offer.

          • Mithras88

            Thank you for the explanation. The “virtual word” is a poor conduit for expressing intent and I apologize for the choleric nature of my response. I misinterpreted your response as an ad-hominem attack against my personage.

          • Xanthippe2

            I thought your post was great! It reminded me of things I learned in my younger days and taught me more besides! And don’t really expect “humanity” to be at its best on an internet forum. Lots of people do just glance over things as there is a lot of material and it is easy to skip around Some people are going to read you carefully and some will not. Just put out great stuff and do not worry too much about people’s reactions.

          • Mithras88

            Thank you for the compliment.

          • kerrysmith

            Extremely well-written; thank you!

      • KenelmDigby

        Believe it or not humans sacrifice was illegal under Roman law. In fact the Romans used the fact that British Celts practised human scarifice as an excuse to justify the conquest of Britain.

        • Mithras88

          Please see my above post. The Roman practice of human sacrifice wasn’t officially outlawed until 97 BC.

      • zimriel

        That was more the Etruscans. The gladiatorial matches, for instance, were originally religious. The Romans secularised it and made it entertainment.

    • pcmustgo

      Hey, speaking IQ, I recently found out the results of a close friends IQ test… unsurprisingly, it’s very low… 87. She grew up very poor. She’s mostly white, with a tiny, tiny bit of amer-indian in her.

      But she’s nothing like Blacks. No aggression, none of that. Artistically gifted.

      Low IQ alone does not explain Blacks.

      • Whites Only

        “Low IQ alone does not explain Blacks.”

        Exactly. Plenty of Whites have average and low IQ, but are nowhere as impulsive, promiscuous or as violent as most blacks.

        Whether it’s high or low, IQ does not solely explains one’s behavior, not even most of it. What explains most of it is TEMPERAMENT, and that is what mental differences between races are truly about.

        • MBlanc46

          Reduced ability to judge the consequences of actions and reduced impulse control.

      • Jefferson

        There are many poor Southeast Asian countries like Cambodia and Laos for example where the average person has a low I.Q. Yet Laotians and Cambodians on average are nowhere near as violent as the Sub Saharan African race.

        You have a way higher chance of being murdered in Detroit, Haiti, or South Africa than you do in Cambodia or Laos.

  • Funruffian

    Mr. Smith’s courage is proverbial and I commend him for that. To be willing to witness, without any protection, the insane chaos and eminent dangers in such a Negro infested environment is an acheivement worthy of praise. He had to befriend these savages to a degree in order to travel and discover through film. He did a fine job.

  • BonusGift

    You could easily do a pair of reality shows (and I mean truly reality shows) on various black countries and places where blacks dominate politically. Sure, Liberia, Haiti, Zimbabwe/Rhodesia, Detroit, etc., etcetera … It would be a kind of horror travel channel show. That could be for the 5PM slot, and to follow it up for say the 6PM slot a show on traveling to Switzerland, Norway, most of Minnesota (i.e., avoid any black/Somali areas), etc., etcetera; and then provide prizes for people that can find the cause of why the two places are different. I’m not much of a TV person these days, but I’d watch that type of programming. I think I’ll send a letter to the ZOG and see what they think.

  • NeanderthalDNA

    Hey! Vice World! I pointed this out not long ago. The shockumentary about burrito sex in Colombia is great too. Interesting tradition there.

    I love the “Mondo Cane” gonzo nature of these guys. Who needs fantasy horror and post apocalypto savagery when there’s a whole world of it out there, especially in certain places, especially in black Africa. The piece on Rwandan moonshinin’ was sweet too.

    Nothing evokes in me some of the stories relayed in Hinton Helper’s “Of the Negroes in Negroeland” more than some of this Vice stuff.

    By the way, I think I may be the first blog response troll to have pushed Vice World here, lol…

    Regardless, as crude and soulless as the Vice series is, it’s eminently entertaining, educational, and strangely…seems to…

    Impel one toward morality, decency, and civilization by showing the reality in no uncertain terms of the absence of such. The money shot for me is the point where the somewhat casually cool white liblefty indoctrinated journalist experiences something so revolting or pathetic or sick that you can see something changes in him…


    If this is the only life we got, this the only world and reality that exists, then this place is what all religious traditions refer to as Hell.

    Oh Lord, deliver us from evil…

    • whiteyyyyy

      I clicked on that link you gave last week. Didnt watch it all. There was 1 scene though, that cracked me up. This columbian is talking about his donkey love exploits as if he’s talking about a chick, the white guy looks like he wants to curl up into a ball and die. I was half expecting him to starting sucking his thumb. He probably did’nt sleep right for a month.

      • NeanderthalDNA

        Where he’s talking about his walk home and seeing a pretty little pregnant donkita with a nice round posterior? Yeah, a couple of money shots in that one regarding the kid. “I don’t think there’s enough rum to get this outta my head…”

        HA HA HA!!!!

  • Mariner33

    Send in Bill and Melinda Gates. Money can fix anything, even make up for Bill Gates’ premature demented delusions. “Obama has picked a good team” (I’m not making this up).
    Melinda can truck in some tofu as a meat substitute and make them all vegans. She may however, want to a full auto machine piston slung over her neck, when conversing with 11 year olds.

  • [Guest]

    In answer to comments already made and some that are sure to follow, I’d like to suggest that anti-Christian sentiments would be equally at home on websites devoted to spreading anti-white, anti-Western, anti-civilization ideas. Although many people wish to pretend otherwise, one cannot be both a champion of white Western civilization and also an anti-Christian.

    Also, corruption of Christianity—especially by legions of imitative black Africans—is no argument against Christianity. To believe otherwise is tantamount to mocking all Christians because, after all, Al Sharpton, Barack Hussein Obama, and Jesse Jackson are “Christians.”

    • Morris LeChat

      Yes, I refer anyone who thinks that blacks are christians to this article

      They can not be christians, they can not be moral. Their minds do not understand morality only the prospect of punishment and reward. A christian will do the right thing for it’s own sake,. Doing the right think is it’s own reward. This Christian morality has enabled free societies to thrive. Blacks can not comprehend the idea that doing right is it’s own reward. Their form of christianity and those blacks who call themselves christians believe they will be rewarded after they die for all of the times they resisted their inner chimp.

      • Katherine McChesney

        I agree with you. Their ‘churches’ are just social clubs. They are political and skew the message of scripture in an effort to prove that they are the superior race. They organize in those churches. They are anti-White. They cover for their criminal kind.

      • zimriel

        I’ve had interaction with bums here and there; all races. The interesting point about some of the black bums is how they used Christianity to convince me that I should give them free cash.

    • brengunn

      Although many people wish to pretend otherwise, one cannot be both a
      champion of white Western civilization and also an anti-Christian.

      Why? There’s no doubt that Christianity has played a central role in European culture for over a thousand years. Christianity has been both good and bad, it’s as flawed as it’s human followers and as great as it’s human followers. I share your dislike of people who give Christianity no historical context and judge it by 21st century secular standards but I also see that Christianity, and all other God based religions, is a relic of a past that was unscientific and superstitious. To hold onto religion for some misplaced cultural pride when we now live in a more enlightened time would be foolish. It’s best to accept that religion was something we needed in the absence of knowledge and move on and embrace scientific discovery, which is just as European as Christianity.

      • dmxinc


        If you believe that God and life after death are fantasies, why care about anything “race realist”? Why care about anything at all? Just serve yourself. Anything else is foolishness, whether it be loyalty to a people, a country, your wife, children – none of it matters if it gets in the way of your “happiness.”

        Do you really think everything in the Universe is just an “accident”?

        • a multiracial individual

          Why would God allow certain races to possess an IQ that essentially guarantees misery and suffering? That doesn’t seem cruel to you?

        • a multiracial individual

          Also, most whites do not believe in God anymore. Europe, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada are very secular nations. As society becomes less chaotic, belief goes down.
          Belief in God is America:
          Guess what feature of human beings leads to societal advancement?

          • Derelictus

            Most whites (and other races) believe in some sort of higher power and purpose to their lives/the universe/etc. They have children, love, create, solve problems. Indeed, any honest person could look at the evidence and decide we live in a universe that, although arguably ‘flawed’ in some regards, still exhibits functions of purposeful design (not just those made by human hands). If you mean the specific Deity of Christianity, then I wouldn’t necessarily disagree with your statement. Organized religion does have lower rates of attendance in first-world nations.

            But the end result of believing in a truly naturalistic/inherently purposeless universe is, of course, nihilism, which isn’t really conducive to ‘societal advancement’ at all, just destruction. Why ‘advance’ if we’re mere human fertilizer? The most genocidal monsters in history were staunch atheists…Stalin, Mao, etc. Nihilism isn’t conducive to white nationalism/separatism either, or any other goal-oriented society.

          • ZeitTrash

            It has little to do with society becoming less chaotic. It has everything to do with life spans greatly increasing, the reassurance of advances in medical science, the tremendous decrease in material want for the staples – food, shelter, etc. People simply don’t fear death now the way they used to when the average lifespan was about 30 years.

            Predictably, when people today become seriously ill, they tend to “get religion” pretty quick. Nothing like staring death in the face to greatly increase one’s interest in the hereafter.

          • A M.R.I

            All those advances are precisely what I meant by being less chaotic.

        • a multiracial individual

          Nations within Europe.

        • brengunn

          This is a common misconception among the religious, that our morality is based on the words of the Bible and that without it there is no reason to lead a civil life. When in actual fact, the Bible and religious doctrine is based on innate human morality and the cultural values of the society that interprets them at any given time. Agnostics and Atheists are not violent criminals, they don’t abandon their wives and children and live their lives in a libertine pursuit of debauchery and gratification because they are free of religious constraints. No, they live their lives as other normal humans do because on the whole, humans are innately humane.

          Religion is a man made construct, which I respect in an historical sense but that now lacks the insight to tell us anything new about the world. We now have science as a much superior mode of thought. It’s evolutionary.

          • dmxinc

            “Humans are innately humane.”

            There is the classic argument of humanism vs Christianity. Humanists believe people are inherently good. Christianity teaches that people are inherently bad.

            I believe that not only history proves Christianity correct, but also our daily lives.

            As far as “not living a life of debauchery,” what does that mean? Who defines “debauchery”? Homosexuality used to be considered the worst of “debauchery,” now it is becoming so-called mainstream. So which is it? That’s the problem with humanism – it is unstable and illogical.

            Also, I did not say that Atheists live lives of debauchery. I stated that they might as well. Why not? They have no one to answer for it if they can get away with it. They can murder, steal, lie, cheat, commit adultery, incest. What difference should it make to them. They are their own god. Anything less than doing what satisfies what ever desire they have at the moment is just a ruse.

            Now don’t get me wrong. I believe God desires for us to be happy, but He made the world and us and has put rules in place for our own good. Deviate from those rules at your own risk. God genuinely wants the best for you. Your genes only want you to procreate. Your brain desires pleasure. The combination does not always end up so well for most people.

            Also, since God made the Universe and us, he’s in charge like a CEO of a company. You may not like his rules or his methods or what he says you must do for forgiveness (Jesus Christ), but none of what we think or like changes how things are. Accept it and live. Reject it and die.

          • brengunn

            Christianity teaches that people are inherently bad. I believe that not only history proves Christianity correct, but also our daily lives.

            Of course, there are bad people but on the whole, people are moral, so I have to disagree with you.

            Homosexuality used to be considered the worst of “debauchery,” now it
            is becoming so-called mainstream. So which is it? That’s the problem
            with humanism – it is unstable and illogical.

            Homosexuality is a part of the human condition and has been there before Christianity or humanism. It’s a behaviour that is observed in other higher primates like Gorillas and Chimps, so was almost certainly there in our earlier human forms. Why can’t we say that it’s Christianity that is illogical for condemning Homosexuality when it’s an inherent part of humanity.

            Also, I did not say that Atheists live lives of debauchery. I stated
            that they might as well. Why not? They have no one to answer for it if
            they can get away with it.

            Typical religious thought. They don’t behave like that because it’s not in their nature to behave like that. Fear of hell is not what keeps Humans on the straight and narrow, just as fear of prison doesn’t keep most people from being a murderer.

            It’s not that I don’t like God or Jesus’ rules. There is plenty to like about Jesus. I just don’t believe he was a God, nor do I believe in a higher power. It’s clear from the historical evolution of religion that it is man made and not Holy.

            Accept it and live. Reject it and die.

            Fear mongering doesn’t really work on people who know the truth about religion. It is empty.

          • dmxinc

            You claim to know the “truth about religion.” Then you know more than the billions that have come before you. Can you really say with certainty how the Universe, the Earth, and humanity came into existence? All of this something from nothing is just random and meaningless? How do you know with certainty what happens after you die? You are certain you have no soul? How can you possibly be sure?

            The real question: “Is there life after death?” That’s why in two cases that I know of Josh McDowell (“Evidence than Demands a Verdict”) and Lew Wallace (“Ben Hur”) both understood that if they could disprove Christ’s resurrection, Christianity would be meaningless. They were correct. Both left to do their research atheists, both returned Christians.

            Perhaps you should look into the facts of Christ’s life. If He was who He said He was, it would be wise to follow Him. It’s not scare tactics. It’s a fuller life.

            I would also recommend the writing of another former ardent atheist, C.S. Lewis. His book “Mere Christianity” is a thoughtful look at God.

          • saxonsun

            Thanks for the great post–you are correct on all accounts.

          • verity

            You make an assertion, frequently made by atheists, that is unsupportable, namely that atheists and agnostics are just as moral as people who follow Christianity. I know of no proof of that statement; atheists like to boast of their own morality so as to ”prove” Christianity has no beneficial effect on human behavior.

            And there are no atheists or agnostics in the West who can boast that they are totally free of any Christian influence during their childhood. None can say that they grew up devoid of the pervasive influence of Christianity, because up until recent years it was part of the air we breathe.
            Now, thanks to ”postmodern” society and immigration from non-Christian lands, we will see what a society without any Christian underpinnings looks like. It won’t be ”moral”. That I am sure of.

          • brengunn

            Western Europe, at least the white part, is the most secular, atheistic or agnostic place there has ever been. Though we have made this move from Christianity to secularism there has been no degradation of morals, in fact, Western Europe has become a safer, more law abiding society in that time. Proof, that Christianity is not the heart of our morality.

            But, had that not been the case, Christianity, like the other world religions, is a man made movement and not divine or holy. To adhere to it when we know that is the case would be a lie.

        • brengunn

          For some reason your posts have been taken down. This is a response to your last comment.

          Of course, I cannot be sure about the beginnings of the universe or what happens to humans after death but I am sure that Jesus was not the son of God, that the God of the bible is a myth and that there is no such thing as heaven and hell. Religious scholars know that the whole history of the Abrahamic religions was a progression of ideas where older gods and religious stories would evolve into newer ones, gods would be amalgamated into one god etc. until eventually we were left with the God. This would not happen if there really were a true deity. The history of Christianity is a mish mash of ideas and images blended together, it’s not sacred, it’s not holy, it’s human.

          • dmxinc

            Thanks for letting me know about the posts. Too bad a civil discussion isn’t allowed even if we are off topic a bit.

            I hope that one day you’ll know that what I told you is not false. Have a good evening.

      • [Guest]

        >>>There’s no doubt that Christianity has played a central role in European culture for over a thousand years.

        That’s why, as I see it, to oppose Christianity while professing to be a champion of what the rest of the world calls the “Christian” nations makes little sense.

        The fundamental transformation of the U.S. is more than just racial/demographic. We can’t lop off something as central to our culture as its religion without participating in that fundamental transformation ourselves.

        • brengunn

          I’m not saying don’t acknowledge Christianity’s role in our collective history. Just that we now know it to be false and to hang onto it for no other reason than cultural pride is nothing more than fearful luddism. We now have scientific enquiry which is no less European.

          • [Guest]

            I’m convinced that to work to remove one of the pillars that supports the structure of white Christian Western nations means to work for fundamental transformation. In that respect, “post-Christian” is no different from “post-racial” (which is actually open hostility to white people), and “post-Western” (or multicultural, which actually means open hostility to the traditional culture in favor of the alien). The U.S. doesn’t need fundamental transformation; it needs to return to the cultural forces that made it great.

    • Dude

      Why would I accept a religion that basically says that General Butt Naked is now a better person than me, because he believes in a magic jew?

      • [Guest]

        I’m not speaking of personal beliefs; I’m speaking of Christianity as a cultural force.

      • Brutus

        That is a truly bizarre interpretation of the Gospel.

  • guest

    I watched this. The guys behind Vice seem like your ordinary left-wing college educated whites, meaning they think we’re all the same, but they have accidentally created a very subversive video that shows that nothing changes in Africa. No amount of foreign aid, schools, or anything makes any difference. They adopt Western religions, or parrot Western liberal social ideas, but at the end of the day they slaughter and eat each other.

    Everyone who gives a single dollar to Africa, or thinks its cool to allow Africans to resettle here, should be forced to watch that video.

  • LHathaway

    “I fear that if whites become racially aware again I would be repatriated back to Nigeria, which doesn’t fare much better than Liberia”.

    Little chance of that. There is a chance, however, that if whites wake up to reality and begin to resist it the US could turn into Liberia. . .

  • 48224

    My God and I thought Detroit was bad. Any notion that these folks are equal to whites is pure nonsense.

    • bluffcreek1967

      Absolutely! If only more Americans saw how blacks really are without the constraints of whites, their laws and their culture, we might be less inclined to fawn all over them as so many Americans do. Although even this is no guarantee.

    • sbuffalonative

      Without tax dollars to keep up the patina of civilization, Detroit would be Liberia.

      • Ted

        Remember the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina? Reports of cannibalism? Unfounded, as it turned out, but blacks were entirely ready to accept the fact that their people woud resort to cannibalism after only two days without food.

  • KevinPhillipsBong

    HuffPo did an article on this film in 2010. The article itself wasn’t that bad for a lefty rag but the comments…euggh. Everyone’s view seemed to be that people should not criticize Liberia when there are so many people there struggling to deal with the massive unemployment and rebuilding…blah, blah, blah…you know the story…if someone’s poor and black then they are pure of soul and beyond scrutiny. The other comments there voiced the opinion that this was staged or not representative of the country, and therefore unfair.

    I think that anyone wanting to major in Social Work or ethnic or gender studies should be required to spend 2 years in Monrovia.

    • Morris LeChat

      the only comments allowed on the huffpo are the fluff of the POlitically correct. My money is that if the comments were not censored, they would be 10 race realists to one racial apologist.

      • Andy

        I get some comments through on there. I’m suspecting most don’t get through, though, because I’d get more angry replies. The double standard cracks me up. I’m always as polite as possible, but many of my comments seem to go missing, but I’ve received death threats that have gone unmoderated.

        • Morris LeChat

          a death threat. Those always crack me up. People always threaten that they can find your address, but this is not possible unless you send an email to their personal email account, and even then you need to be able to do things that most people don’t have the authority to do.

        • NM156

          What would they kill you with? A rubber hose? A banana?

          • stewardofthemystery

            A knife to the back and then eat your heart out….

        • Sun

          People who go against the grain there get moderated. People who go against the grain here get moderated.

          You think it as a unique phenomena. Funny.

  • a multiracial individual

    I thought Liberia is a paradise. After all, the evil white man never colonized the place…..

    • pcmustgo

      It’s first president was an Octoroon. 1/8th black guy…

      • a multiracial individual

        I am more black than Joe Jenkins, so maybe they did have white leadership.

  • guest

    It’s so cool that these left-wing subversives, who have never done anything subversive, accidentally made a right-wing subversive video!

  • a multiracial individual

    Liberia had 4.1 Million people. I really feel sorry for the tiny amount of people born on the far right of the bell curve. They must be in complete dispair (if they make it to adulthood).

    • guest

      General Butt Naked is one of those on the far right of the bell curve, both mentally and physically. He’s physically larger and better looking, and he’s more intelligent and capable of leading and organizing. I don’t feel sorry for General Butt Naked.

      Are there any people born there with civilized personalities? I doubt it, because they would be killed off before they could reach reproductive age, so the traits of civilization couldn’t survive even briefly in a single individual.

      • Guest:

        Actually there was a very intelligent Liberian at one time. They tell me his brain was absolutely delicious.

  • Unperson

    Mr. Taylor won, with the campaign slogan: “He killed my ma, He killed my pa, but I will vote for him.”
    In any place on earth besides Africa, such a “campaign slogan” would be regarded only as some comedian’s attempt at making sick political joke. Yet in Africa, this can not only be taken seriously as a slogan, but it can be a WINNING slogan!
    Just think — Liberia is what President Obama’s life would be like if only he had stayed in his natural habitat. If not for white intervention, Barack H. Obama would be living like this. Might even be going by the name “President Butt-Naked”.

    • zimriel

      That effete little worm would have been raped and killed by his 15th birthday. Obama owes his success not to his charisma among blacks (blacks lined up behind him because they have no-one better) but more to his charisma among SWPLs.

      When Obama ran against a black candidate, Bobby Rush, he got whipped.

    • TheAntidote

      Brings to mind the “Bizarros” of Superman comic fame. They desperately try to imitate normality yet always do something half-assed or a fun house image of normality.

      • kerrysmith

        “Bizarro… what’s happened to you? I can’t believe you’ve really destroyed your homeworld!”
        “Ha! That am only the beginning! Next, me realize that Superman never kill, so me kill lots of people! Them very grateful! Scream with happiness!”
        —Indeed it does sound like Liberia!

    • vladdy1

      About that campaign slogan: It’s as if obama’s slogan had been “He killed my country, but I will still for for him.” Guess guilt-filled whites and low-IQ blacks think the same everywhere. (Yeah, I know it’s not JUST “low IQ blacks,” but there are a few (very few) black conservatives who love and praise traditional America as much as whites do. Ever read the book by the black journalist who was sent to cover Africa for a few years and wrote a book when he came back, practically kissing the ground because he his ancestors had been brought here?)

  • jeffaral

    That video is a scam: It isn’t Liberia, it’s Mississippi.

    • Morris LeChat

      buddy, that is the best post of the month!

  • Biff_Maliboo

    G-d help us if that misplaced hipster the best we can do as far as a modern-day “Col. Kurtz.”

  • These guys are the Ultimate Soldier. The U.S. should hire them to take care of the Taliban.
    We would not need to provide mess facilities or latrines for them. Sorry Halliburton. Justification to hiring them could be blamed upon the sequestration. It’s a win-win situation.

    But, we won’t.

    Eat your hearts out, guys! Er, ah, eat their hearts out, guys!

    BTW, do these soldiers get PTSD?

  • Young Man

    If you’re wondering what else gets published in Vice Magazine google slutever. NSFW. It’s exactly what you think it is.

  • Stentorian_Commentator

    Ah, what might have been if, instead of opting for a disastrous war, Lincoln started buying slaves in the non-Confederate south and put them on ships for Liberia, whether they liked it or not. People forget that much of the south did not secede until he called for war on the gulf state confederacy. Maybe we could have avoided war and got almost all the blacks to Liberia. Ah, one can dream.

    • dmxinc

      Lincoln was for repatriation of blacks. He even did some of it. It was the foolish South that seceded almost the day he was elected. They never gave him a chance to govern.
      If some in the South had their way, they wanted to take Cuba, Central America and increase the level of slaves in the US.

      We would have hit the point of no return 50 years ago if the South had been left to its devices.

      That said, it was probably legal for them to secede.

      • zimriel

        Most southern whites wanted to be left alone. It was the southern political class which pushed for the Deep South to secede and, yes, these guys did want to expand into the Caribbean.

  • whiteyyyyy

    I’ve always imagined people who do evil, murdeous things would be marked, as in their story would be etched in their face. I see some of that, but mostly they dont really look the monsters they are. They evolved differently is my opinion, they’re incapable or missing key traits that humans possess. Guilt just does’nt register with them. This modern idea of raising them to their full potential ( either by eugenics or economic means) is delusional. This idea is more immoral than colonialism in my view. You cant alter their basic nature, the best of them will learn to mimic and parrot values that are alien to them. They cant be what they’re not meant to be. Leave them to their own devices. It’s best to recognise we belong to different breeds when dealing with these people.

    • Andy

      I’ve thought about that. With semi-restrictive policies (no breeding for those who are moderately or severely retarded, and later those who are retarded at all, and tax incentives for more intelligent people to breed), we could bring the African IQ up to white standards within a century or two easily. Usually I think of black crime and unemployment as a result of their low IQ (when you adjust for IQ, blacks make as much money as whites, although that doesn’t account for affirmative action and says nothing about crime). But if it is the result of high testosterone or something *not* linked intelligence, jerking the average African IQ up 30 points will be a disaster for the world rather than an improvement.

      • whiteyyyyy

        Exactly my point,I.Q. is not about morality.Intelligence is neutral.It can be used for good or bad dependent on your nature.Maybe they’re i.q’s are meant to be low.

      • Since the Civil Rights Act granted them preferential opportunities that have far outweighed any governmental benevolence toward white or other Americans, they have not only failed to thrive and prosper – they are actually devolving more with each generation. Intelligence requires personal responsibility. In any functional society one must possess an ingrained sense of right or wrong. We white Americans simply refer to it as morals or values, doing the right thing. At least, those are the character traits of most white Americans, especially those over 30 or so. We all certainly remember instances of parental instruction and correction which instilled these values. Simple things like doing our chores before we played, or eating our dinner without complaint. Our father went to work every morning and brought the pay home every Friday for groceries, clothes, school things, our home. Our homes were clean and our mothers wholesome and kind. I think we don’t even realize how truly valuable being raised a white, middle-class American is in terms of deep character and worth! And I don’t think we realize the truly desperate lives these ignorant blacks live. Intelligence would most likely be wasted on them. They don’t have the stable upbringing, core values, solid personal, psychological and lifestyle behaviors that would respond well to introducing intelligence to their gene pool.
        You can take them out of the jungle, but you can’t take the jungle out of them…

      • a multiracial individual

        I think you guys are being needlessly pessimistic. All pathological human behaviors will be correlated to certain genetic markers. Forcibly raising IQ could quite easily coincide with forcibly breeding out immorality as well. For instance, you mentioned that using positive and negative could raise group IQ. The same practices could be applied to criminals and other violent people.

  • David Ashton

    Re warfare & atrocities, not ONLY blacks.
    Just one example: the brutalities in the area of Yugoslavia during, after and long after WW2.

    • IstvanIN

      Oh good golly, how can you compare Yugoslavia to anywhere in Africa? When white Christians, the Serbs, were attempting to protect the territorial integrity of their country, as well as defend themselves against the muslims, it was called brutalities, when in fact it was self-defense. And as far as I know the Serbs weren’t hacking off arms and legs and eating the Muslims.

      On a bright (from your point of view) note, the Muslims have almost completely ethnically cleansed Kosovo of its native population.

      • David Ashton

        I simply asserted that war and atrocities are not exclusively characteristic of black Africans. I was not attacking the Serbs or any other other white national group, merely citing one example, among many, of European brutalities that included the wartime Croatian attacks on Serbs, Tito’s crimes against various groups during and after WW2, and civil-war crimes on all sides during the break-up of Yugoslavia. My viewpoint is NOT at all sympathetic to the prolonged Muslim takeover of Kosovo with its historic lands, churches and people of Serbian origin; indeed, I see it as a warning to all Europe.
        Of course, Serbian and all European civilization is more advanced than black Africa. Nevertheless, western technology can produce horrors equal to the cannibalism of primitives; for example, bombing campaigns.
        We need white unity and the use of our science for the good of our peoples.

  • shmo123

    I’m still laughing about “General Mosquito” and his enemy “General Mosquito Spray”. This could only happen in a place like Liberia, and I’m sure both “Generals” take their role seriously.

  • brengunn

    I’ve seen a previous documentary about Gen. Butt Naked, it was grotesque. These people are really plumbing the depths of humanity. Rape, torture, cannibalism, child soldiers and murder, mind control, drug dependency, they’ve got it all.

    This guy also used to show his child soldiers Hollywood action movie gun fights where the shooters never died to make the kids think they were invincible. The kids were so impressionable and drugged up they swallowed it whole. Poor bastards.

  • antiallanbloom

    As a benchmark for comparison, it is worth watching same guy same Vice documenting North Korea.

    When you watch this documentary, ask yourself the similarities and differences between North Korean civilization and Liberia, and how genetic Koreans come across vs Africans

    the artwork and music instrument seems talented and people seem friendly, if brainwashed.

    as fucked up as N Korea is, Korean genetics seems to allow brainwashed poor N Koreans to have something that resembles civilization cut off from the world.

    • Andy

      What’s wrong with Allan Bloom? His account of race relations in the universities gave me one of my first steps toward race realism.

      • antiallanbloom

        Great books = great nonsense

  • jeffaral

    Blacks can’t run African countries, but apparently they can run america.

    • antiallanbloom

      into the ground

    • sablegsd

      No, they can’t.

  • Upton Sinclair

    “Gen. Mosquito’s rival was called General Mosquito Spray.
    Liberians think these are fearsome names.”

    “She starts screaming for money, which draws a crowd that
    also starts screaming for money. Mr. Smith and his crew escape.”

    Jeez, it’s like a scene from that movie Idiocracy…”I like

    • Unperson

      I can’t believe you like money too. We should hang out!

  • Elena Andbasket

    What an incredible culture. Such an exciting and vibrant place. Unfortunately there was no mention of facilities for the disabled, wheelchair access or supervised activities for the children. I’ll have to do more research before booking a holiday there.

  • IndridCold

    All one needs to do is look at the banner pic to know just how intellectually feeble the Africans are. There is a smart way to tape 2 magazines together and there is that way. Its a very simple concept.

    • Vyncennt

      They’re taped like that for easy re-load. Look closely. You’ll see that all that animal has to do is flip the assemble 180 degrees. If they were taped side by side perfectly, they wouldn’t slide back up into the weapon. =)

      • IndridCold

        No I get it. But you tape them side x side at opposite ends. This creates a drop and flip action to quickly reload while reducing the snag potential and reduce the weapon profile.

  • jeffaral

    Liberians are profoundly Christian, what might explain all the insane violence; a bit like the American deep South, also known as the Bible belt.

  • Der Typ

    I stumbled upon this a couple of weeks ago. A few friends and I watched it together. We weren’t surprised and actually found it to be quite funny. I mean who can forget “Gen. Butt Naked?” (sorry I just chuckled to myself again)

    I’m just very thankful for the proliferation of cheap film equipment. From the IPhone cams on worldstarhiphop to these semi-professional HD cams being used by Vice, it’s getting harder and harder to hide the true colors of those of African descent.

  • RisingReich

    Just think about how nice the planet could be without these sorry excuses for ‘people’.
    Let’s face it – they aren’t enjoying life much anyway.

  • NYB

    “He claims he talked to the American government about sending his band of soldiers to fight in Iraq.”
    Many west African men hold out hope of joining the U.S. Marines as a pathway to U.S. citizenship.

  • Robert L. Thomas

    Blacks really are animals.Wherever Africans are that’s where Africa is.No truer words were ever spoken.

  • Fredrik_H

    And the average liberal would welcome these into our midst. And they would have their 20-something, college-educated daughters help these “poor souls” reintegrate into society.

  • reading comments like these makes it really hard for me to walk around my society knowing that the majority of people i encounter still feel like this is the 1860s..

  • Arbeideren

    That is the most shocking documentary I’ve ever seen! And what will happen when the UN leaves Liberia? There is no reason to be optimistic, that General Butt-Naked is clearly a psychopath and the horrors shall certainly return to the heart of darkness.

  • NeoconsNailed

    “The ex-slaves who did return to Africa brought ideas from their former masters: They enslaved the natives and established a society like that of the antebellum South.”

    I respect AR immensely but wonder how such a purely ignorant, piously bigoted and “liberal” statement as that could pass here. Sure, there was no slavery happening in Africa, so they took a cue form those EVIL WHITE SOUTHERNERS back in the US, right?

  • drofmanythings

    The recent Washington Post article regarding gun deaths in America appeared in AR as well. It showed 151 blacks per million per year are victims of gun murder, almost all of whom are murdered by other blacks. In contrast, only 15 per million whites die by guns annually, and a fair percentage of whites are killed by blacks or Hispanics. The rate is TEN TIMES (1,000%) higher for blacks as compared to whites. The racial disparity is huge and rarely highlighted in the MSM. Liberia is raw violence and pure sexual licentiousness, far beyond the worst slums in American cities, reflecting unimaginable degeneracy beyond even the slums of South Africa. It is a Lord of the Flies nation completely lacking in civilizational restraint. Perhaps within some of the churches and a few upper income neighborhoods, civility prevails. I am canceling my vacation to Monrovia and going to Maui instead.

  • Seth Blair

    This is potentially the most hysterical thing I’ve read/watched all month! I laughed until i cried… which is probably inappropriate on some level.

  • Gerjen

    This is an interesting article about the dark continent and also about the future of Europe and North America.

  • Tim jones

    It’s not right that they claim the Liberians brought slavery to Liberia and say it was learned from America as though we invented slavery.

    We didn’t.

    Slavery was in Africa and exported to the USA. So at most the Liberians returned to their ancestral lands with exactly the same culture Africa exported to America in essence confirming what goes around, comes around.

  • Seriously people

    Everyone on this website is sick homophobic racist who are blinded. Don’t say I am stupid for saying this as I can program in various different languages and received the highest mark in most of the subjects I am doing. Plus I lived in Africa for some time and all the people there were kind and greatful for everything they had yet here we don’t even care that we have immensely complex and powerful machines eg. Computers, phones ect. That are made of billions of transistors and advanced circuitry. Even I can see your all horrible people and I’m 11

  • so many missed chances

    And if you doubt for one second the Santa Domingo slave revolt and war against the few French troops resulting in the new so called “Haitians” killing every single on of the 60k white French man woman and child and cannibalizing them in 1801 you are brain dead. This was the same year Jefferson took office in DC and did nothing about the slave situation in America knowing full well what savage cannibals they were if they had the bigger numbers that Obama is trying to give them with the mexicans and miscegenation.
    The South made the major mistake in 1821 when the Virginia Company organized the formation of Liberia not to organize and return all their African slaves back and revamp their entire inferior economic system to sharecropping and paid wages to white labor since the system of slavery was outrageous in costs and upkeep. Another missed opportunity of the many others but plantations were businesses and owners were more concerned with profit and losses not changing an entire social structure. That was unfortunate considering Liberia would have been the final chance to correct the flawed system and start anew with white labor who were starving and living worse than slaves.

  • Licurg Enescu

    “We are all the same.”

  • Keep Honkin, I’m Reloading

    If you like your Ebola, you can keep your Ebola.