Posted on June 28, 2018

Aprés Ocasio-Cortez, le Deluge

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, June 28, 2018

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, 28 years old, defeated Congressman Joe Crowley in the Democrat primary in New York’s 14th district. She will easily win the general election against another old white guy, Republican Anthony Pappas. Most journalists and Democrat politicians are shocked. Republicans are gleeful. All of them are wrong. Miss Ocasio-Cortez is what’s coming.

Miss Ocasio-Cortez ran on a hard-left platform of universal Medicare, abolishing ICE, free college tuition, and a federal universal jobs program. More importantly, she framed her candidacy as a generational and racial changing of the guard. Her campaign posters were bilingual; her ads could be seen as a thinly veiled appeal to racial pride. Her slogan was “It’s time for one of us.”

An outspoken opponent of President Trump, Mr. Crowley spent his life pushing mass immigration. His lifetime rating from Numbers USA is F-. And his policies destroyed him. In a race in which he said his opponent was dragging race into the campaign and that this was “unnecessarily divisive,” he was reduced to pleading: “I can’t help that I was born white.” He was mocked from the beginning.

Miss Ocasio-Cortez herself was blunt.

She is a champion of the “Latinx” people (the words “Latino” and “Latina” are outdated because they designate someone’s sex).

Once known as the “Archie Bunker district,” whites have long since been displaced, and it’s no surprise Miss Ocasio-Cortez wants to abolish ICE: “We have families and communities here from Ecuador and Colombia, Bangladesh, Korea, Pakistan, and I see them every day, many of them are very scared about what’s going on. . . . Hey, we’ve got your back.”

Many Republicans celebrated her victory because Miss Ocasio-Cortez is a member of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), a once fringe group that has grown since the 2016 election. Republicans think open socialists have no future.

But “socialism” no longer scares away voters. Single-payer medicine is one of the dominant issues of the upcoming election. The slogan “Medicare for all” got majority support in a 2017 poll from the Kaiser Family Foundation. The University of Chicago’s GenFoward Survey of Young Americans found a plurality of 18 to 34 year olds favor socialism over capitalism, with majorities of non-whites supporting socialism outright. Miss Ocasio-Cortez understands the youth vote far better than conservatives do.

Her victory also symbolizes one of the great underground political developments since President Trump’s election. Despite (or because of) media coverage, racial dissidents have lost the ability to organize openly, while the socialist Left has gained in strength. White advocates are being deplatformed, and hampered in their ability to raise money, host conferences, or recruit. The established conservative movement has largely cheered this process. The Trump victory did not lead to a more welcoming environment for identitarians within the GOP but increased scrutiny and barriers. An entire sub-genre of American journalism has sprung up to target figures that associate too closely with dissident beliefs, making it hard for even race-blind “MAGA” groups to organize without constantly being on the defensive.

In contrast, the DSA has the most powerful combination in politics — revolutionary cachet combined with support from the power structure. There is no social or economic cost to being a socialist. You get no hostile media for displaying the hammer-and-sickle or discussing Leninism at a national conference. No socialist risks having his or her Patreon taken away or losing his bank account. Capitalism will do nothing to a young Bolshevik, but it will try to crush a young identitarian. Therefore, to enjoy being a revolutionary without risking anything, join the DSA. It’s not surprising so many have.

Republicans assume the thriving economy will lead to a “Red Wave” this November. Not likely. The most recent polls shows Democrats enjoy a 7 point advantage in the generic ballot. Republicans are trailing in the Ohio Senate race by double digits; all potential GOP Senate candidates are at least 10 points behind in Arizona. Lou Barletta, who built his national career on immigration, is 15 point behind in the Pennsylvania Senate race, one of the key states in the Trump coalition. Another “Trumpian” Republican, Corey Stewart, trails by almost 20 points in the Virginia Senate race. This Republican weakness is especially striking in a strong economy. There is a possibility of annual GNP growth of 5 percent this spring — the highest for a single quarter in 15 years. It makes no difference.

Democrats may gain from the transition to an anti-white, Third World, socialist party. It would have a firm sense of moral righteousness, a strong activist base, and a constantly growing demographic advantage. Democrats can win at least some white working-class voters with promises of universal health care, a high minimum wage, free college tuition, and affordable housing. Whether such programs are possible is immaterial; the appeal is powerful. The Republican message of “economic growth” is uninspiring compared to the Democrats’ racial socialism, especially when corporate America and economic elites are more favorably disposed towards multiculturalism than they are to Trump-style nationalism. Unless President Trump can truly transform the GOP into the “Workers’ Party” as he promised during the campaign, it’s unlikely his coalition will last.

White advocates should not be fooled by conservatives’ Pollyannaish predictions. Republicans may be able to hold on to majorities this November, but unless there is radical change — and soon — demographics will prove that the victory of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was just the beginning. The Democrats are not destroying themselves, but forging a new governing majority built — at best — on disregard for whites and utter contempt at worst. As history shows, successful or even substantial white resistance to anti-white movements is not guaranteed, even as those movements grow more extreme. Rather than fight back, some whites will scrape by under the new system or simply move away.

Whites are running out of places to move to. White advocates should be taking this time not to daydream about Donald Trump’s “Red Tide,” but to build institutions to ensure our people’s survival in the years when whites will be living under an occupation government. The time to organize is now. The time to build the collective racial consciousness non-whites currently have, and that our ancestors took for granted, is now. An important step is to reach out to white liberals. They must understand they have no future in the Democrat party, no future apart from white identity. Mr. Crowley didn’t realize that, and now his career ends in humiliation.

In 1994, Jared Taylor spoke about the thousands of square miles within the United States where whites have already been displaced. “These are all areas which for all practical purposes have been lost to Western Civilization.” New York’s 14th District, less than 18.4 percent white, was lost long ago. During his concession speech, Mr. Crowley said, “The Trump administration is a threat to everything we stand for here in Queens and the Bronx, and if we don’t win back the House this November, we will lose the nation we love.” He cannot see that “America” is already gone in the 14th district — and that’s why his career is over.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has nothing to do with traditional America. She is as foreign to white America as Xi Jinping. But she happens to be a citizen, will become a legislator, and is far more hostile. She represents the post-American population occupying what used to be our country. If Democrats don’t understand this after the back of the hand they got from voters, they never will.