Posted on September 14, 2017

Feminists Don’t Care About Gang Rape

Nicholas Farrell, American Renaissance, September 14, 2017

Whenever a Muslim shouting “Allahu Akbar” commits a terrorist outrage the reaction of the liberal élite is always the same: The attack has nothing to do with Islam and what it preaches about the infidel.

It is exactly the same with rape: It has nothing to do with Islam and what it preaches about women — especially infidel women.

Nor does terrorism or rape committed by immigrants from Africa, the Middle East or the Indian sub-continent, ever have anything to do with mass immigration.

It was the same old story late last month in Italy. One night in the city of Rimini, on the beach among the pedal boats and umbrellas, four Africans — at least two of them Muslims — gang-raped a 26-year-old Polish tourist. They did so after beating her boyfriend unconscious and robbing him. Later that night, they gang-raped a transgendered Peruvian as well.

Italian journalists, like journalists everywhere in Europe and America, are so beholden to the diktats of political correctness that nearly all declined to publish the racial origins of the suspects sought by police. In a normal world, to publish and broadcast the racial characteristics of a suspect whom the police want the public to help them track down is just plain common sense.

Yet those few Italian journalists who dared reveal the race of the suspects in this truly appalling case of gang rape were vilified by the media and political mainstream as racist bigots and Islamophobes.

The Marxists may not have taken control of the means of production in the West, but they sure as hell have taken control of the means of thought — so much so that strident feminists such as Laura Boldrini, the left-wing president of the Italian lower house, who can never keep her mouth shut about white men being misogynistic, homophobic, and racist, remained completely silent.

When this woman, who holds Italy’s third highest office of state, did at long last break her silence, she did so to condemn white people for their racist reaction.

She did not speak out against the Muslim/African view that women are the property of men. Or speak out against the Muslim/African view that Western women behave and dress like sluts and that it is their fault if they are raped.

The unholy alliance between feminism and Islam — and everything African — never fails to amaze me.

According to an analysis of Italian Interior Ministry figures, published in the Milan daily Il Giornale last week, 39 percent of rapes in Italy from 2010-2014 were committed by foreigners. Yet in 2014, only 8.1 percent of residents in Italy were foreign.

Did that 39 percent statistic provoke Italy’s feminists to take to the streets or bombard mainstream and social media, demanding the reeducation or castration of misogynistic foreign men?

No. Italy’s feminists just turned a blind eye to it — as feminists everywhere inevitably do when men from a foreign culture — especially an Islamic/African culture — rape women.

Police have since arrested two Italian-born Moroccan brothers, aged 15 and 17. Their parents are illegal immigrants who should have been deported from Italy 20 years ago, but instead managed to remain there and even get their hands on a precious, rent-subsidized apartment (alloggio popolare) in the small town of Vallefoglia in the Apennine hills near Rimini.

The police also arrested a Nigerian, aged 17, who was born in Italy, and a Congolese, aged 20. The Congolese, as an adult, is the only suspect the police have named.

His name is Guerlin Butungu, and he arrived in Italy from Libya in 2015 by a people-smuggler boat on the tiny Italian island of Lampedusa, 185 miles north of Libya and 170 miles south of Sicily, claiming he was a refugee.

More than half a million migrants like him have arrived in Italy by sea from Libya since 2013. Nearly all were picked up from flimsy people-smuggler boats by NGO charities and EU vessels near the Libyan coast and taxied 300 miles to Italy.

Yet even the Holy See of political correctness, the United Nations, admits that the vast majority are not refugees and so not eligible for political asylum. Most are young single men from sub-Saharan Africa or Bangladesh. Hardly any are Syrians, or women, or children.

Italy’s notoriously slow and contorted judicial system rejects 95 percent of asylum applications. But this changes little considering less than 10 percent of failed asylum seekers are expelled from Italy. The rest just “disappear.”

Guerlin Butungu is no exception. On arrival in 2015, he applied for asylum and his application was eventually rejected for the obvious reason: The Congo is not a war-zone. But he was granted permission to stay in Italy until 2018 on “humanitarian grounds.”

It has now emerged from medical tests done on him since his arrest that he has Tuberculosis.

Mass illegal immigration brings into Europe not just medieval attitudes towards women but also dangerous infectious diseases which had been more-or-less wiped out.

Apparently, Mr. Butungu spent much of his time in Rimini, which is the birthplace of Italian film director, Federico Fellini, who set his 1973 Oscar-winning classic Amarcord in the resort town during the Fascist era. In the 1960s and 1970s, Rimini became the epicenter of the Latin-lover phenomenon and therefore a mecca for female tourists from Scandinavia and Germany.

It is now a vulgar mass-tourist resort — a seaside version of Las Vegas with mile after mile of beach umbrellas instead of one-armed bandits — very popular with Eastern Europeans. In Rimini these days, if you dare go down to the beach at night for a romantic stroll under the stars, you are more likely to be accosted by a bogus asylum seeker than a bona fide Latin lover.

However, even the Italian Left and its claque in the media had trouble sweeping under the carpet the commentary by Abid Jee, a Muslim cultural mediator of Pakistani origin, employed by a taxpayer-funded cooperative in Bologna to help migrants integrate.

Here’s what Jee — “the cultural mediator” — wrote on Facebook: “Rape is a bad act but only at the beginning, for once the willy enters, the woman calms down and enjoys it as a normal sexual act.” This caused national outrage. And for once, the liberal Left was lost for words, unable to blame white men.

Mr. Jee, aged 24, who is also studying law at Bologna University, was even sacked by his leftist employer.

But let us never forget: His views have nothing to do with Islam, or what it preaches about women — especially infidel women — do they?