Posted on January 10, 2012

MSNBC Caves in to Pro-Black Group, Suspends Buchanan

Jason Daugherty, American Renaissance, January 10, 2012

Already dealing with dwindling respectability and plummeting ratings, MSNBC kowtowed to an explicitly pro-black group and its demands to have the network’s resident conservative Pat Buchanan — who in his latest book dares to speak out on behalf of white America — removed from the TV news network. is the leader of this crusade against free speech that began a few months ago. Mr. Buchanan, the token conservative contributor to relentlessly liberal MSNBC, has been suspended from the station indefinitely. The irony of a pro-black group, whose stated goal is to “empower Black Americans” and their “allies,” silencing a solitary conservative commentator who writes about issues that concern white people, is so glaring that even the most committed multiculturalist probably sees it., which says its main function is keeping blacks “informed about the most pressing issues for Black people in America,” has clear goals: to silence any hint of a white racial consciousness; and to further tilt the balance of power in America towards its own people. In ColorofChange’s ideal world, blacks are allowed, indeed encouraged, to speak in terms of their own interests as a race, while whites are denied this right. Unfortunately, America already resembles that ideal world envisioned by ColorofChange, though Buchanan and his followers have shown some signs of fighting back against black and Hispanic racial advocacy.

A visit to shows that stifling free speech is a dominant thrust of the organization. Earlier, it took aim at conservative commentator Glenn Beck, because he said that Barack Obama has “a deep-seated hatred for white people.” In its campaign against Mr. Beck, ColorofChange did not even try to refute his claim, but instead called Mr. Beck’s commentary “divisive” and “repulsive,” and urged people to contact his advertisers and tell them to stop sponsoring his show.

The charge against Mr. Buchanan is that he is preaching “white supremacist ideology,” but what did he actually say? He claimed that Justice Sonia Sotomayor believes in race-based justice at the expense of white men; he said that “America has been the best country on earth for black folks;” and he offered the view that racial diversity is a threat to America. Again, ColorofChange neglected to actually challenge any of Buchanan’s views, but instead called him names in its quest to garner support.

In addition to Mr. Buchanan and Mr. Beck, ColorofChange has targeted Andrew Brietbart, Bill Bennett, John McCain, Sarah Palin, Eric Bolling, Hans von Spakovsky, and Lou Dobbs. Any time a notable figure says anything that could be construed as even mildly offensive to blacks or President Obama, ColorofChange is on the scene to petition, call for boycotts, and howl about supposed injustice. The organization also raises awareness for every black criminal it thinks has been a victim of a “racist justice system,” and tries to arouse the public for support.

As for MSNBC, it is hardly surprising that a far-left network decided to cut ties in the face of a charge of “racism.” But if MSNBC dismisses Pat Buchanan on the grounds of “white supremacy,” then what does MSNBC President Phil Griffin have to say about the network’s resident black supremacist, Al Sharpton? Mr. Sharpton’s record includes smearing scores of innocent whites, inciting violence that led to a Hasidic Jew being killed by a black man in 1991, and leading a protest four years later that resulted in eight deaths. In addition to the blood on Mr. Sharpton’s hands, he owes millions of dollars in back taxes. Despite these transgressions — not to mention his unabashed pro-black rhetoric — Mr. Sharpton remains employed by MSNBC. Mr. Buchanan, meanwhile, has lost his strongest link to mainstream America because he warned whites about the consequences of a plummeting birthrate.

On, seven out of eight reviews of Mr. Buchanan’s latest book, Suicide of a Superpower, are positive. Regardless of which viewpoints MSNBC and other establishment news outlets choose to push, and which ones they choose to ignore, the truth will eventually win out. But in the interim, things may get ugly. By suppressing free speech and smothering legitimate opinions, ColorofChange and MSNBC are only adding power to the ticking time bomb of political correctness that is destined to explode in the coming years.

[Editor’s Note: Update. Pat Buchanan seems to be denying he has been suspended despite comments by MSNBC’s President.]