Posted on January 25, 2021

Whites Must Stop Pandering

Lipton Matthews, American Renaissance, January 25, 2021

White Americans seem oblivious to the fact that no matter how intensely they pander to blacks, they will always be characterized as racist. Once, I attended a George Floyd protest, hoping to counter the nonsense of Black Lives Matter. I noticed that many black protesters were upset by the presence of a few white women — who were supporting their cause. One black man was so infuriated, he unleashed a torrent of abuse on a trio of white women. There were even people chanting that whites are aliens. Whites are suffering from a political form of “battered woman syndrome.”

Whites never get tired of black people rejecting their goodwill. Even when dismissed by blacks, white liberals continue to write ridiculous articles blaming white Americans for most everything. White people can always genuflect to the hysterical demands of blacks, but their gestures will never be appreciated. All school districts could reform grading systems to appease black activists, but this would not allay charges of racism. For some blacks and white liberals, whiteness is innately racist, so there is nothing whites can do to cleanse themselves of their inherent racism. Yet, politicians often promote policies by arguing that the alternatives are racist. For instance, to get voters to oppose gun control, conservatives remind us of the perceived racist roots of gun control legislation. For some white politicians, policies only serve a purpose to the extent that they help or hurt black people.

Whites may assume that patronizing blacks is a smart strategy to stem allegations of racism. However, their pandering doesn’t get them very far. Blacks are more ethnocentric than white Americans, and according to a 2013 poll, a significant percentage of black Americans think that blacks are more racist than whites. Western culture is individualistic, and whites tend to judge people as individuals. In contrast, black Americans are more likely to think as a group.

From an evolutionary standpoint, if blacks uncritically think that whites are the enemy, there is little whites can do to ameliorate race relations. Black activists often argue that whites are the problem, so destroying white people is the sole route to progress. And yet, some whites reward blacks for treating them with hostility — which blacks will respond to, logically, by becoming more radical.

Allowing blacks to fail or succeed on their own terms is a better strategy. White liberals should provide blacks with the freedom to improve their conditions, since accommodating hostile and greedy demands will only make society worse off. Reducing standards to placate blacks can cause significant losses for Americans of all races. Who would feel comfortable knowing that the doctor slated to perform surgery on his grandmother is a beneficiary of affirmative action?

At some point, whites must concede that satiating the egos of black activists is an impossible task. Whites must stop intervening in the affairs of blacks. The burdens of black Americans should not become the ailments of whites.