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84 Republicans joined Democrats in support of the ban.

Louisville mayor planned to move the 70-foot-tall monument.

Hundreds of “anti-racists” fought with the police.

One Mississippi congressman is pleased “the Capitol will no longer display symbols of hatred and bigotry.”

Some Charlottesville residents want Lee Park renamed and a statue of General Lee removed.

The city is unable to find a contractor to do the work.

Southerners seek legal safeguards for their symbols.

The MS legislature also decline to remove the Confederate battle emblem from the state’s flag.

City lawyer: National “groundswell of racial tension” means the monuments could be sites of violence.

There were punches thrown, students shouting “black power,” and threats of mass shootings.

Baltimore looks for “new art that better reflects who we are today.”

Grady, Dowling, Jackson, and Lee must all go.

Sales of Confederate flags are “off the charts.”

The mayor and city council have approved the removal.

You can guess the new name.

The mayor and city council will probably remove four major Confederate monuments.

But will not ban the flag outright.

Six blacks attack two whites.

The next target for removal is a campus monument to the Confederate dead.

Blacks say flaggers shouted racial slurs and flashed guns.

A Monument to MLK Will Crown Stone Mountain, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

The mountain is supposed to be a memorial only to the Confederacy.

What Happened to the Warrior’s Ethic?


Yankees respected Confederates. Why must we despise them today?


Black students didn’t like the flag.

Monument to Confederate dead will be moved from prominent location.

They say they are defending their heritage.

Police chief and deputy mayor support removal.

The purgers will be quickly purged by the Third-Worlders they are letting in.

SPLC wants to lead the charge to erase Southern heritage.

Some students sing “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye.”

Georgia residents fight NAACP effort to remove their symbols.

“There might soon be a place where Barack Obama and Martin Luther King Jr. meet . . . .”

Free association is a horror to liberals.

Author says Southern sorority life is a “choreography of exclusion.”

“I’m just very proud of my Southern heritage. That’s why I fly it.”

Danville City Council will vote Wednesday whether to take down the Third National.

Police are mulling what charges to bring.

Blacks shot a white man after an argument over the flag.

They don’t think General Forrest is being exhumed quickly enough.

They’d like MLK to appear next to Jefferson, Jackson, and Lee.

A North Carolinian expat filed the case.

Will give free concealed carry training to patriots.

Southerners rally for their flag.

He had just attended a rally to save a Confederate monument.

Chapter president says he’d be “elated” if the relief was erased.

James Edwards report on rally in Memphis.

County commissioners had decided to remove the flag, but have now put it back up.

Obama calls it “a meaningful step towards a better future.”

SPLC founder says it is as much part of his heritage as Martin Luther King.

They may also sell his statue.

Woman on Nashville city council calls it “an offensive display of hatred.”