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Precious white students much be shared equally.

New voucher scheme will drive non-whites to the suburbs.

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But blacks move away from Hispanics, too.

Our Next VP?


What you need to know about Julian Castro.


Self-segregation for the golden years.

Northern whites were fleeing blacks as early as 1900.

They will “hex those who profit from [gentrification], and protect those who suffer from it.”

All-black dorm will protect black students from a “hostile” campus environment.

Baltimore is resettling thousands of poor blacks in prosperous white suburbs.

Blacks and whites are most segregated in Milwaukee.

Crowd-sourced info is bad because people notice race.

Woodrow Wilson: Good or Bad for Whites?


He was sound on race, but some of his policies were doubtful.


This is true for both black and white students.

Both blacks and whites resist proposed school integration.

And they all want to live with people like themselves.

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Non-whites chasing whites into private schools.

A year after Ferguson, blacks still want to live close to whites.

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Blacks should stop complaining about “racism” and get to work.

Blacks propose rule to help blacks stay in their neighborhoods.

Atticus Finch Grows Up


The hero of To Kill A Mockingbird is now a “racist.”


Analysis says new housing rule is even further-reaching than we thought.

Goal is equal outcomes in all areas.

Blacks don’t want diversity in their neighborhood.

Will rich Democrats accept Section 8 housing in their backyards?

City of Seattle: Zoning “has roots in racial and class exclusion.”

Feds will use every possible means to promote integration.

“Disparate Impact”and Housing


What the Supreme Court’s ruling means.


“Discrimination” need not be deliberate or even conscious.

People naturally segregate.

Everybody in the Pool!


‘Space to destroy’ in McKinney and beyond.


Federal incentives would encourage subsidized housing for non-whites in wealthy white areas.

She says blacks are the ones causing “racial tension.”

As blacks move to the suburbs, “race-space wars will heat up.”

19 of NYC’s 32 school districts have less than 10 percent white enrollment.

They say they are tired of their all-immigrant school.

New horizons in racial indoctrination.

City diversity is not the same thing as neighborhood diversity.

Blacks must be protected from the rising prices of their own property.

Researchers analyze self-segregation of rich whites.

Only 40 percent of congregants say “yes.”

HuffPost tries to defend disparate impact.