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The Blackening of Yale


School’s president sets it on the path to Detroit.


Black woman explains why she won’t graduate with her class.

Compared with just 12 percent of the Silent Generation.

She said Black Lives Matter is “misguided and out of hand.”

Several Yalies cried during speech opposing racial preferences.

The dean of students has resigned.

Yale descends into lunacy.

No one is safe.

Minorities smell blood.

Hispanics have to watch their step, too.

University president wore a sombrero.

Kim Kardashian and Caitlyn Jenner are particular no-no’s.

It’s been done for many years but this year it was “culturally insensitive.”

Whites aren’t allowed to dress up like ghetto blacks.

Band wants to register its name: The Slants.

She insists she said nothing wrong.

Open Letter to Frank Gaffney, Special to AR News

Don’t let your enemies limit the debate.

Student: “Who is going to get offended? Speedy Gonzales?”

Non-white children becoming as nervous about race as white children.

It published an article critical of Black Lives Matter.

Another white police chief is out of a job.

Black Professors Gone Wild


Diversity is its own worst enemy.


One prof says whites will have to “defer” to non-whites to get a good grade.

Even Jeb is a nasty racist.

He said the “hoodrat criminals” in Baltimore need to be exiled.

Colleges coddle students rather than educate them.

They’ve booted him for slurs secretly recorded in a private conversation.

A look inside a faculty “microaggression” seminar at the University of California.

Team will appeal.

Unless the team changes its name.

“Pachycephalosaurus” is “racist.”

Another step in the clampdown.

Official tips from UC Berkeley on how to avoid offending non-whites and women.

“Insensitivity–intentional or perceived–is both unacceptable and inconsistent with our policies.”

Comedian says he won’t perform near college campuses because students are too sensitive.

He was fired in 2007 for saying “nigger” in a discussion about use of the word.

“Ziggin Zaggin” will be removed from buses.

It portrays “colonialism, imperialism, racism . . . and white supremacy.”

The truth always gets people in trouble.

As a result, 540 criminal cases are being reviewed. Charges my be dropped, prisoners freed.

Report recommends courses on “white privilege” to remedy the problem.

System will monitor bias against “protected classes.”

“This kind of racial ugliness has no place anywhere . . . .”

The phrase “drunker than 10,000 Indians” ends a 34-year career.

Should trademarks be an expression of free speech?

Pandering gone wrong.

Some said tweet about bleach could be about whitewashing blacks.

Students who dressed like gangsters must now take a course on social justice.

Someone scrawled graffiti in a bathroom, so classes are cancelled.

Student government wants legal action against microaggressors.