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Brits gave away 0.7 percent of GDP.

State rep said Alabama whites don’t want to adopt black babies or have mulatto grandchildren.

“Having an instant multicultural family was magical . . . for about two weeks.”

Stolen food could have fed 100,000 families for a month.

Philanthropies pledge $330 million to Detroit pensions and hope to save the city’s art collection from auction.

An unforeseeable tragedy.

Lefties, for a change, are on the back foot for racial insensitivity.

A role model for us all.

Norwegian prime minister thinks returns will be just as high as investments in developed nations.

Filipinos revert to savagery.

But blacks give more to black charities.

It was his white great-grandmother.

President Jimmy Carter was scheduled to visit the construction site next week.

He claimed it would be “easy.”

White parents endanger their children to see what it’s like to live in a black slum.

British broadcaster says what’s needed in Africa is population control.

Observatory trustee comes from a long line of racial do-gooders.

Black mob violence and white altruism start early.

Amy’s mother doubled down on the altruism that got her daughter killed.

Brits send £900 million in aid to Nigeria, while Nigeria spends money training an astronaut.

Christians, moderate Muslims, and foreigners are targets for Tanzanian fundamentalists.

The perils of African charity.

Some blacks see it as white intrusion into a black conversation.

Doesn’t he realize this is other peoples’ money?

The network debated whether to air the segment and decided it was too funny to bury.

White Man Visits the Black Republic


Reissue of classic work on Haiti now available through AR.

Review by F. Roger Devlin

Africa for Norway, Africa for Norway

How Africans can help freezing Norwegians.

The inimitable insanity of white people.

They are trying to buy influence and good relations.

Its preferences are social constructs, she says.

This fact moved a white woman on the school board to tears.

Volunteer in the United States—2011, Bureau of Labor Statistics

There are substantial racial differences in volunteering.

He says “Canada is very bad” for stopping aid due to lack of progress.

They make potential donors think the continent is hopeless.

Norway has written off nearly half a billion dollars in Third World debt.

Conservative prime minister says UK has a moral obligation to help foreigners.

Blacks don’t volunteer for program that helps many blacks.

Westerners shamed because Africans can’t solve their own problems.

Hispanic congressman looking out for his ethnic cohorts.

In 2011, $23 billion left the country for Mexico.

LA mayor sticks up for his own.

“I think the majority of Iranians of all types hate Arabs, and I believe they hate us, too.”

Chinese man helped fellow Chinese file bogus claims.

Five whites accuse blacks on Board of Trustees of a “blatantly discriminatory agenda.”

Free dialysis ends; at least one indigent illegal flies home.

Chinese man helped smuggle in other Chinese.

Move along, nothing to see here.

. . . and fancy sneakers?

Many believe that without a whole body, they will not be able to get into heaven.

Last Chance to Help Refugees and Get 2010 Tax Savings, U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI)

Lavina Limón wants you to help immigrants and refugees share the American dream.