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“We have to have a bigger, better, bolder party–and that means a more diverse party.”

The Spanish version promised amnesty.

Clinton’s phoniness could backfire on her.

Hispanics didn’t take well to Mrs. Clinton’s pandering.

“They are drawing attention to issues that need to be drawn to.”

She was trying to pander to them but they wouldn’t listen.

Black activists want a full presidential debate on Black Lives Matter.

Civil-Rights Republicanism, National Review

National Review thinks Republicans can win black votes by promoting “civil rights.”

LA mayor’s attempt to pander ends in chaos.

Democrats are not good enough for them.

Says it’s “bizarre” to ask people to speak English in the US.

. . . in Spanish.

Even arch-panderers Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio poll low with Hispanics.

Says Trump’s immigration plan might “create friction” with Mexico.

Hispanics think their interests are sacred.

Says “no one will fight harder to end institutional racism.”

Says it’s “clear as could be” that the justice system favors whites.

Bush cultivates the National Urban League.

“I have Hispanic children. I have Hispanic grandchildren. I’m part of the community.”

Candidates are being bullied to talk about “issues of color.”

Because blacks are not yet included in “all lives.”

He’s taking attention away from candidates who are squishy on immigration.

Ann Coulter says working-class whites are the only swing voters.

He cites a case from 2011 to show whites commit crime too.

Wants to know what Hillary is “going to do for poor people in Philadelphia.”

She says Obama hasn’t done nearly enough.

She says Republicans offer only “second-class” legal status to illegals.

Labour leader says “Islamophobia” should be an “aggravated crime.”

White Man: Why Are You Giving Away Your Country?


A Hispanic student wants to know.


Pandering gone wrong.

He called for the repeal of “any law that disproportionately incarcerates people of color.”

He says “Es muy importante para la comunidad.”

He has been elected ethnic vice chair of the Michigan party.

Jay-Z bends the ear of the governor of New York.

Ferguson mayor says city has “severed ties” with Officer Wilson.

Hispanics held signs outside the White House that read “Gracias, Presidente Obama.”

Sen. Paul thinks the GOP can get a third of the black vote in 2016.

And the governor has created a commission to “propose systemic and policy changes.”

Non-white women and girls will receive special treatment from the government.

He is now virtually deputy mayor of New York.

This is part of “justice” for Michael Brown.

Yet more “justice” for Michael Brown.

Promises more handouts for blacks.

The campaign is sponsored by the US Chamber of Commerce.

Certainly not a legislature.

Tom Perez: “The question of executive action, my friends, is a ‘when’ question.”

“. . . and he’s going to do an awful lot.”

“When our party looks like America . . . we’re going to win again.”

State senator: “It’s a political move to try to calm down the African-American community.”

Pena: “This is the other Mexico.”