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Her dancers dressed as Black Panthers and made black power gestures.

Yale Capitulates


Anatomy of a shakedown.


Black Lives Matter activist wants to bring “transformational change” to Baltimore.

“I will not tolerate hate or bigotry in our community or from my fellow officers . . . .”

The university is expecting 900 fewer students next year due to non-whites’ activism.

Even as he campaigns on Capitol Hill for better police-community relations.

The Black Queer Liberation Collective blocked all traffic for half an hour.

They want to stop trading so as to “redistribute the pain.”

Black interim president will meet all protesters’ demands at Mizzou.

Activists disagree violently on best approach to stopping violence.

Neither grand juries nor trial juries are swayed by nonsense about “racist” cops.

Blacks want to free themselves from the tyranny of having a police force.

And quoting Martin Luther King is also “condescending.”

Police chief calls it a “transformational time in law enforcement.”

Black Lives Matter: Hysteria and Lies


Today’s best argument for white racial consciousness.


Hundreds stormed Mall of America, while others blocked airport access roads.

Black activist: “Make them uncomfortable as hell.”

Hispanics fall in between.

Non-whites say it is “violence” to have to walk past his statue each day.

Group tells Board of Trustees: “You owe us money.”

“It’s not comfortable for us to do this, to call out members of our own community . . . .”

They want to register one million new Hispanic voters to punish Republicans.

This and Halloween costumes were the big grievances of non-whites on campus.

Non-whites also want more classes about non-whites and more sensitivity training.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel thinks it’s a good idea.

And is so terrified he does so anonymously.

Brown students say the supine administration’s concessions are “not enough.”

Former homecoming queen tweeted about bombing and shooting black students.

Another leader fired due to agitation by blacks.

The Blackening of Yale


School’s president sets it on the path to Detroit.


Not all Princeton students are insane.

They’re accused of not doing enough to placate blacks.

Blacks at Vanderbilt wrongly assumed it was a hate crime.

They say if their demands aren’t met, the president has to go.

Alan Dershowitz has a spasm of good sense.

Princeton pres shows a hint of backbone.

She said Black Lives Matter is “misguided and out of hand.”

A few timid voices of good sense.

They also want “physicians of color” to treat injuries “associated with issues of identity.”

Black Lives Matter activists invade Dartmouth library, yell “F*ck you, you filthy white f*cks!”

We Dissent, Claremont Independent

A voice of sanity on a college campus!

White president says, “I’m really glad you’re here.”

Donor club gives $500 million every year to lefty groups.

Madness at Mizzou


The usual combination of black hysteria and white cowardice​.


The dean of students has resigned.

Too few non-whites were involved.

Non-white groups want other presidents to resign.

It looks like they will get those as well.

Yale descends into lunacy.

Non-whites said he ignored their complaints; demanded he admit his “white male privilege.”