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Time Warner, UPS, Ford . . .

Says tuition receipts will drop $30 million due to “grim” freshman enrollment.

Dr. Dyson is “calling for confrontation.”

“Don’t bring flags from any other countries. If you do, we will ask you to leave our demonstration.”

“I wish this many people came out to our racial demonstrations.”

Mario Obledo was a notorious white-hater.

Pat Buchanan is right on target.

He didn’t arrest violent protesters for fear it would make them mad.

BLM agitator tried to prevent police from arresting a violent black woman.

But mayor blames Trump.

Her black lawyer says it’s because she is black.

There is still time to join Target, UPS, and Toyota as a sponsor.

Police again had to use pepper spray and gas against Mexican-flag-waving protesters.

Even HuffPo is appalled.

They’ll make sure businesses are forced to serve black bikers.

Protesters overran barricades, assaulted police, and jumped on squad cars.

University security did nothing to stop “Black Lives Matter” hecklers.

Students spent too much time protesting police to complete coursework.

The Panthers began as a group “policing the police” but switched to demands for handouts.

He’s accused of pimping a 17 year old.

“Alien” is “harmful, dehumanizing.”

Urban League wants $1 trillion spent on blacks over next five years.

More thuggish black behavior.

Administrators will meet and discuss the matter with student illegals.

Transgender illegal immigrants are held in “deplorable conditions.”

Jury was deadlocked on charges.

The curriculum is “Eurocentric” and “stifling.”

Another university surrenders.

The Truth in the Streets


Trump provokes the squabbling racial tribes.


Heather Mac Donald supplies the facts on race and crime.

It is an “absolute business imperative.”

Fred Reed wants to know exactly what the movement wants.

Hard Truths About Race on Campus, Wall Street Journal

Non-whites’ demands on campus may cause the opposite of their intended effect.

Never satisfied.

They also want students who chalk pro-Trump messages to be punished.

It took administrators just one day to capitulate.

Because “black lives matter” at the University of Kansas.

Something else to worry about.

The usual rabble.

Hispanics show their true colors.

Seventeen demonstrators arrested.

“Police in riot gear” sparked “a series of fires and acts of violence.”

There’s “been a bit of a backlash within the company.”

White alumna is guilty of “cultural appropriation” for holding a presentation on Hindu chanting.

Freshman enrollment is down 25 percent and four dorms have had to close.

Non-whites can’t decide whether they like or hate standardized testing.

She tweeted, “I will kill all the blacks tonight . . . if they go to Kean University.”

Blacks insist known gang member who posed for photos with a gun was innocent.

39 percent of blacks say groups like Black Lives Matter speak for them.

“You are defending the people who kill the lives you say matter.”