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This is part of “justice” for Michael Brown.

Yet more “justice” for Michael Brown.

Ferguson: Do the Facts Even Matter?


Or does race come first?


There are now 600,000 of them.

Black teen shoots at white police officer; officer returns fire; blacks riot.

Students want more diversity training to counter “macro- and micro-aggressions.”

Guarantees executive amnesty before year’s end.

Judge is Nelva Gonzales Ramos, appointed by Obama.

“I would compare it to a kid asking his parents for Christmas [presents].”

Al Sharpton is Obama’s favorite black “leader.”

It’s the same Hashim Nzinga who offered a “dead or alive” bounty on Zimmerman.

One man was shot after pulling a gun on an officer.

Black shoppers claimed discrimination.

And Eric Holder promises “a fulsome review” of the shooting incident.

Blacks riot.

Says amnesty would have a “disparate impact” on blacks.

Owes more than $800,000 to New York State.

Industry spokesman: Tech firms must “expand the definitions of merit.”

Janet Murgia says protesters have “cloaked their hatred in patriotism.”

Twitter is white and Asian, just like all the other tech companies.

They overcharged for shoddy work, lived the high life.

They want more non-white executives.

“Today’s decision turns back our nation’s commitment to racial equality.”

He says the decision is a “devastating blow to the civil rights community.”

They just want “to better participate in our nation’s political process.”

“Fixes” mean de facto amnesty for more illegals.

Black who scored low on the ACT believes she was rejected due to her “morals.”

Without passage of amnesty legislation, that’s probably what he will do.

Satire on diversity mentions American Renaissance conference.

It will “lead to innovation.”

Like the black table in the lunch room.

And they fear big government.

The usual handwringing; this time at Thurgood Marshall Airport.

La Raza wants him to stop all deportations.

They want an “exact commitment” to each “demand” on their lefty wish list.

“Obama, Obama, don’t deport my mama!”’

They don’t like his support for homosexual marriage.

Indians reportedly tortured and killed black man who wanted to help fight “social injustice.”

Blacks wanting more blacks on campus is “anti-racist activism.”

One leader says “What we are now doing is to switch tactics from persuasion to punishment.”

Blacks were afraid the store would attract whites.

. . . in response to Black Student Union threats of “physical action.”

White policeman acted in self defense.

More idiotic handwringing.

We hope to see you in Nashville this April.

The President wants to let the Republican House do whatever posturing it must.

“Civil rights” leaders want the fraternity expelled.

They want more set-asides for non-whites.

Says Duck Dynasty star must have been suffering from “white privilege.”

Justice for Zimmerman


Anatomy of a racial frame-up.

Review by Gerald Martin