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Justice or Else!, Justice or Else

Louis Farrakhan invites you to an October 10 rally on the DC mall.

More useless paperwork for the police.

Anchor baby says: “All immigrants just like my dad feed this country.”

A Field Guide to SJWs


Who they are and how to beat them.


A fitting reply.

Michael Brown was shot, so we must raise minimum wage, revamp Medicaid, reorganize police forces, etc.

Democrats are not good enough for them.

Diversity-mongers used to ignore smaller tech companies.

By attacking Democrats, it could depress black voter turnout.

Pressure groups say non-whites “disproportionally face difficulty in accessing loans.”

Taxpayer dollars help train illegals to “transform the country.”

They say the fair is “driven by . . . white supremacy.”

Which candidate will be next?

“Oink Oink . . . Bang Bang!”

“We’re ready for what? We’re ready for war.”

They call the crowd “white supremacist liberals.”

Bush cultivates the National Urban League.

Movement is even more bizarre than you think.

Because they were “racists.”

Al Sharpton: “This is not about people getting money.”

Activists say the officer should have used non-lethal force.

Camp will teach 40 young people how to push for “social justice.”

North Carolina’s second-largest newspaper publishes sensible letter to the editor.

They complain that white “progressives” don’t spend enough money on Hispanics.

They say he hasn’t been tough enough on the police.

Seven officers hurt; one unresponsive.

Texas refuses to offer license plates that honor Confederate heritage.

Black lawyers have filed the charge.

“We don’t want another Ferguson-type of circus here.”

He wants federal accountability for local policing.

“You stand there, [police] shoot. You run, they shoot. We’re going to have to take a different tack.”

“With the gentrification of Detroit . . . African Americans do feel shut out.”

Cop-killer Joanne Chesimard is Tupac Shakur’s aunt.

“A pig is a pig that’s what I said, the only good pig is a pig that’s dead.”

Murky Sharpton associate allegedly set fire in the office.

James O’Keefe strikes again.

Black media group wants to shake down Al Sharpton.

Chinese cop killed a black man. Race complicates everything.

“Leaders” finally realize that cops’ lives are in danger.

Their demands included a ban on “racialized crime alerts.”

He thinks Obama will take executive action to improve the justice system.

Busted, National Review

Al Sharpton’s never-ending career as a tax-cheat.

$4.9 million in corporate sponsorships isn’t enough.

Black sheriff says what no white sheriff dares say.

Question was to be: Is the United States “institutionally racist”?

Group held signs saying “3rd World Unite” and “Third World for Black Power.”

He calls the Oscar nominations “appallingly insulting.”

Angela Davis will collect $20,000 to give a talk at Kennesaw State University.

SPLC explains the difference between white advocacy and every other kind.

Jesse Jackson is pleased.