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“The average American . . . must ask whether someone is trying to destroy America.”

Police investigation hampered by “a language barrier.”

Interactive map lets you see the rate for your state.

They’re “flummoxed or alienated by the medical system.”

Universities that are at least 25 percent Hispanic get special federal handouts.

You may call in either English or Spanish.

Only the Spanish version said GOP wants “permanent solutions” to immigration.

Just being born in the US does not mean you speak English well.

Northern Virginia is turning brown–your neighborhood is next.

Life gets trickier for whites all the time.

The campaign is sponsored by the US Chamber of Commerce.

A heart-warming vision of America’s future.

One in ten working-age adults in the US cannot speak proficient English.

Another way around bans on racial preferences.

And some “may refuse to learn English.”

83 percent of Americans want official English.

And wishes them a wonderful time in school.

Local Impact of Illegal Border Surge, Center for Immigration Studies

They mayor of Lynn, Massachusetts, explains what the surge means for her town.

Many have never been to school.

And warns that a wave of “brown power” is coming.

Passengers complained they couldn’t communicate with drivers.

Already Here, Daily Citizen

30 immigrant teenagers dumped in Georgia town don’t speak either English or Spanish.

Wants to serve 178 million free meals this summer (HAMBRE means “hunger” in Spanish).

There are now pockets of them in New York City.

EEOC says requiring English is discrimination based on national origin.

Americanized Hispanics offended by what they consider “slurs.”

America in 2034


Local communities are finding their own way.


In New Mexico, non-English speakers can serve on juries.

America in 2034.

Twenty percent of drivers may be out of a job.

State senator: The ban on bilingual education is “linguistic tyranny.”

Korea, Tagalog, Hmong, Dakota . . .

Schools can’t require identification and must provide interpreters to illegals.

Senate Education Committee approves a ballot measure on bilingual instruction 8-0.

He says Republicans “will come to an agreement” with Democrats this summer.

Denver Public Schools deliberately hire DACA-status teachers.

‘Candid Camera’ for Our Times


The brainwashing of middle Americans.


Amnesty is yet another farm subsidy.

He thinks a majority of Hispanics may be “conservative.”

Perhaps they’re catering to their audience.

There are a million more Puerto Ricans on the US mainland than in Puerto Rico.

There’s been a lack of “culturally sensitive” outreach.

Half the students in Texas public schools are Hispanic.

Illegals who received deferred action can qualify for Medicaid in California.

He hosted a Spanish-language town-hall meeting with Hispanics.

“We’re trying to go beyond what the Hispanic patriarchy has taught us.”

Multi-culti Coke is trying to hook Hispanics on sugar water.

. . . in Texas.

One-third of Hispanic Catholics say they are “Charismatic.”

Somali immigrants riot at a political meeting in Minnesota.