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They are members of the ruling party.

Part of the plan is improving their own economies to encourage citizens to stay.

Many victims were tortured and dismembered.

People like vigilante justice.

In one state, the boards even “measure lip size, hair texture and nose width.”

This is to fight the “campaign of hate against Mexicans.”

Mexico deported 175,000 Central Americans last year.

US policies encourage them to come.

Apparently receiving back its own citizens is a “a risk to Mexico.”

Immigration is how Mexico exports its social problems.

Africans want asylum in the US so Mexico gives them a free pass.

The Olympian’s fib may not be as egregious as authorities suggest.

Fake police officers robbed four Olympians out to celebrate their victories.

White tourists get a preview of the America of 2050.

Nobody is talking about having the games in Africa or India anymore.

Mexican history, that is.

Six dead, hundreds injured after school teachers riot.

Obama Administration wants the border to seem secure before the election.

There have been 74 vigilante killings in the first four months of this year.

Last year’s oil revenue: $19 billion. Remittances: $25 billion.

This is supposed to be satire?

47 percent of Mexican women say they are victims of sexual violence.

U.S. is pressuring Mexico to stop Central Americans from reaching its border.

Mexico accepted as refugees just 56 of the 35,704 migrant children it caught in 2014.

It’s part of a ritual in which they burn effigies of the devil.

Mexican consulates are hosting “citizenship clinics.”

But still emphasizes that we should build bridges, not walls.

Trump calls the Pope’s statement “disgraceful.”

Only 17 percent left because of “violence and insecurity.”

We can expect the surge of Central American illegals to continue.

They might just catch up with Honduras.

Ad’s message was supposed to be tolerance and acceptance.

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They probably won’t escape from our prisons.

Ad hypes US/Mexico soccer game by quoting Trump: “We don’t have victories anymore.”

He says he would be tortured if he was deported back to Mexico.

Mexico bans immigrants who upset “the equilibrium of the national demographics.”

Says Colombians bring “poverty and misery.”

Brazilians think Spanish-speakers are a different crowd.

About 20 percent of Latin Americans live in slums.

It helps them get racial preferences.

Recognizes that more guns means less crime.

Hardly any students scored in the top three ranges in math.

Our southern neighbor falls further into chaos.

But the border, we’re told, is secure.

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Many Mexicans think El Chapo does more good than the government.