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And they look just like the rape gangs in Rotherham, Rochdale, etc.

Muslims beat attendees with pipes for drinking during Ramadan.

Seven percent believe violence is justified for the sake of spreading Islam.

The “bacha bereesh” shoot officers in their sleep.

No more underage marriages, either.

He’s upset that media call it a “radical” belief.

But we’re told only “radicals” believe in death for homosexuals.

Killer made a video after the crime and posted it on Facebook.

London’s first Muslim mayor claims the ban is for feminist reasons.

They called his ice cream “unclean merchandise” because he is Christian.

Men called Tunisian waitress a “dirty whore” before slapping her to the ground.

European Union plans to censor Facebook and Twitter.

Turkish president: “A women who rejects motherhood . . . is deficient, is incomplete.”

But restores it after outcry.

Suspects are Syrian.

Scholar taught five students who later joined ISIS.

Expert on Islam acknowledges what mainstream media will not.

Protestors called 2015 a “turning point.”

Three Pakistani asylum seekers have been arrested.

Slovakian PM takes a strong stand.

They planned to assassinate Filip Dewinter, who spoke at last weekend’s AR conference.

If they dress immodestly or talk so loudly a stranger can hear.

AfD embraces PEGIDA, saying, “We have common goals.”

“There are no innocents in the heart of the lands of the Crusaders.”

Sign at entrance of village: “No Muslims allowed to stay overnight.”

Federal police: They migrated “in a targeted, organised way in order to launch attacks in Germany.”

Attacker yelled “Allahu akbar,” but police find “no evidence for an Islamist motive.”

Trump says he was “happy” to see Sadiq Khan elected mayor of London.

Their signs had slogans like “No Islam on German Soil.”

Sky News knocks on the doors of the families of 63 expat jihadis.

There are already 1,600 young Muslims in French “de-radicalization programs.”

Islamic charity’s bank account was closed for fear the funds might be funneled to terrorists.

He prevailed in the face of an “appalling dog whistle campaign.”

61 percent of Germans now say Islam does not belong in Germany.

He’d be the first Muslim mayor of any major Western city.

He was asked if he’d back down on his ban on Muslim immigration.

One would-be terrorist said, “The French must die by the thousands.”

78 percent of Pakistanis think their laws should “strictly follow” the Koran.

“Europe does not realize this, but this is the reality.”

If Europe had no Muslims it would not have this problem.

Hungary’s constitution promotes cultural continuity.

European values give way to Islamic values.

He was part of the terror cell that first imprisoned James Foley.

Two party leaders said Islam is incompatible with Germany’s values and constitution.

All 24 other official languages are tied to countries already in the union.

Even liberal Brits are coming to terms with the nature of Islam.

He’s now accused of carrying bags containing the explosives that killed 32 people.

The country has already banned face-covering veils.

The veiling of German women may begin early.

He admits he “got almost everything wrong” about Muslims.