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Afterward, he asked his beaten victim if she’d enjoyed it.

While in Syria he wanted to be a suicide bomber, but settled for being an officer.

There were anti-Muslim marches in Dresden, Prague, Calais, Dublin and Amsterdam.

Rapist told 10-year-old boy it was a “sexual emergency.”

Prime Minister: Over 2,000 French residents are affiliated with jihadi networks in Syria and Iraq.

A “lack of opportunities” and “social stigma” are to blame.

Almost half were born in Britain.

One was an ISIS operative who wanted to commit “severe acts of violence.”

“I was expecting [Belgium] to give me a house, a good job . . . .”

Breitbart reports on the French Identitarians.

A woman he was with fled the scene, but was then caught.

Muslim teenager wanted to use an explosives-filled kangaroo to kill police.

Rape was by “Arabic looking men.”

New problems for German tax dollars to solve.

ISIS is developing new methods for large-scale attacks abroad.

There were 126 claims of “rape by a group.”

France has thwarted six terror plots since the Paris attack in November.

One more step to emphasize that Denmark is Danish.

Geert Wilders addresses Brits’ proposed Trump ban.

“The events of New Year’s Eve were the girls’ own fault . . . .”

For some migrants, “any part a woman shows (is) a sign she wants to have sex.”

Piers Morgan blasts the “embarrassing farce.”

Raising the marriage age to 18 would be “blasphemous.”

Town has a program to teach migrants to respect women.

40 percent of North-African immigrants who arrive in Cologne are caught for a crime within a year.

Over three years, 11,000 people were robbed in Cologne; a majority of perps were North Africans.

Mosque closed after Paris attacks will remain shuttered.

It’s the same thing that happened in Tahrir Square during the 2011 uprising.

At least eight Germans died in the attack.

Germany on the Brink, New York Times

Straight talk on German demographics from the New York Times.

18 of 31 identified suspects are asylum seekers.

“This is a completely new phenomenon in Helsinki.”

He had a picture of the ISIS flag and a fake suicide vest on his body.

The attackers may have been frustrated by the slow pace of asylum.

Syrian migrant to German police: “You need to treat me nicely. I was personally invited by Mrs. Merkel.”

Katie Hopkins: “White women are nothing to some Islamic and Arabic men.”

120 women have said they were assaulted.

250,000 Muslims took to the streets in India.

And were hushed up because the attackers were “migrants.”

The former leader of the EDL has launched the British arm of PEGIDA.

White Renegade of the Year–2015

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Angela Merkel is betraying her people, her nation, and her race.


PEGIDA is donating its portion to homeless Germans.

New details emerge.

They wanted to commemorate the London bombings.

The Whipping Girl, Daily Mail

Indonesian girl caned in public for showing affection to a man.

PEGIDA song is now top tune on Amazon Germany.

Corsican nationalists don’t like Muslim immigrants.

You may not rape two sisters at the same time; if you rape a mother you mustn’t touch her daughter.

NYT is surprised that after years of American intervention Afghans are still Afghan.

Alaa, Ferhat, and Walid top the list.