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Some ISIS fighters are coming “home.”

Not one official has been punished.

James Foley’s executioner says he has allies in America.

That number is “likely to be a conservative estimate.”

A “small handful” of “Americans” are fighting for ISIS.

Children of Afghan refugees run wild in Sydney.

New book says racial hostility is common.

Can’t say we weren’t warned.

Tolerance may have left Britain “more exposed.”

Executioner speaks with a British accent.

“Aryan” Yazidis say they have survived 72 attempted genocides.

“Chillin’ with my homie or what’s left of him.”

Son of Lebanese immigrants to Australia goes on family jihad outing to Syria.

ISIS is also destroying ancient shrines.

Diversity doesn’t work in Burma either.

She was fired because she doesn’t like Muslims or illegal immigrants.

Turks are getting tired of Syrians.

The mother of the “Florida boy” is a Muslim convert.

A message to Christians in northern Iraq.

Activists tell mosque to stop using separate entrances for men and women.

All Sharia courts need is a bit of oversight.

They don’t get along with the country’s Muslim minority.

French activists are facing criminal charges for occupying a mosque construction site.

Al-Qaeda operative also wanted to target “the modest and poor French population.”

For Muslim ladies who want to be “glam and modest at the same time.”

Gives interview in a Yorkshire accent.

British Muslims also didn’t like the fact that they were black.

Burka bans could become the norm in Europe.

Caliphate would be for “the Arab and non-Arab, the white man and black man.”

Conservative prime minister praises Islam.

Australia plunges into the future.

Project would cost $3 billion USD and would feature a 1,000-foot minaret.

More than 500 “Britons” have joined the fight with ISIS.

But immigration minister says it would be “an extreme measure.”

The video is titled “There is No Life Without Jihad.”

Asylum seekers bring their customs to Sweden.

He says Islamic militants in Iraq are “planning to attack us here at home in the United Kingdom.”

Five hundred “Brits” may be fighting for ISIS.

Muslims parents wanted their children to go to school with only Muslims.

Columnist says Britain is fighting “barbarism and ignorance.”

Education Secretary says his department will combat the “Islamification” of some schools.

An estimated 2,000 “Europeans” are fighting in Syria.

Other America-born Muslims have also gone to fight in Syria.

British Islamic charity promotes stoning for female adulterers.

Kindergarten was accepting registrations anyway.

“We need to unite, we must declare jihad.”

Shampoo for women who wear veils–and more.

Muslim radicals were taking over public schools in Brimingham, England.

50 to 60 girls may have been victims.

This appears to be his plan for Britain.