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70% of whites, but just 37% of non-whites, say it was OK to publish the cartoons.

The Alternative for Germany party may live up to its name.

Facebook in Turkey preventing users from posting cartoons.

If Hebdo attacks have nothing to do with Islam, why are Muslims rioting?

The priest pointed out Europe’s history of conflict with Islam.

They are thought to have been planning a Charlie Hebdo-style attack.

Acts that anger Muslims go beyond the limits of free speech.

Some are special forces soldiers and foreign legionnaires.

His party is polling at 25 percent heading into March elections.

Muslims are 8 percent of French population, 70 percent of prison population.

Homosexuals don’t like Muslims.

The Return of Fear, UNZ Review

Violence among Arabs is probably due to genes, not religion.

Over 500 protested in Berlin, despite the cancellation.

Qatar-based group also urges Muslims not to resort to violence.

Says Americans do much better with Muslims.

Racism, discrimination, and “social misery” are all to blame for terrorism.

Marine Le Pen writes an op-ed for the New York Times.

PEGIDA says it cancelled its rally after a “concrete threat” against one of its organizers.

His party is surging in polls.

French cultural center also attacked.

More conflict between Han Chinese and Muslim Uyghurs.

Some of those arrested had weapons and police uniforms.

Protesters tried to force their way into the French consulate.

Saudi Arabia follows Shariah law.

What Use Is Islam?


It doesn’t belong in the West.


Armed Muslims were planning to attack police buildings.

Demonstrators: “You are Charlie. I am Mohammed.”

This is a commitment to free speech?

Says what no white mayor would dare to say.

64 percent of voters think there is a global conflict between Islam and the West.

Publishing Charlie Hebdo in Pakistan would be a capital crime.

Churchill on Islam, Churchill Centre

“No stronger retrograde force exists in the world.”

The real danger is when they return “home.”

Paper’s lawyer says it will “cede nothing” to Muslim terrorists.

Government says it’s the largest rally ever held in France.

10,000 soldiers are protecting “sensitive sites.”

Tomorrow she’ll join a vigil Muslims are organizing at the Brandenburg Gate.

After 13 years of American nation-building.

When Francois Hollande denies it he is talking nonsense.

“When there are this many bad apples, there’s something wrong with the orchard.”

“Je suis Kouachi,” he says.

What French Free Speech?


French elites who say “I am Charlie” are the first to ban free speech.


Hot Air and the Paris Atrocities, Libertarian Alliance

There is no end to elite posturing about the killings.

Hollande: “The threats facing France are not finished.”

And is accused of exploiting the killings for political gain.

NYT won’t publish Charlie Hebdo cartoons because they might offend Muslims.

Al Qaeda wants to “cause large-scale loss of life.”

The Face of Islam


Intolerance and aggression are inherent in Islam.

Review by Thomas Jackson

Showing them might be insensitive.

Our rulers want Europeans to abolish their own identities.