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Girl who was trained to be a jihadi bride is now ward of the state.

British-born Muslim firebrand finally behind bars.

Adolescent girls go for $124.

Australian Muslims go radical at an early age.

Anti-Islam rallies are taking place across Australia.

Swedish bureaucrat calls anyone who points it out “Islamophobic.”

Protesters chant “Slovakia is not Africa!”

British Pakis: 3 percent of births; 30 percent of genetic disease.

Radical Muslim had a British security clearance.

Dylann Roof vs. the Jihadis


Who is a terrorist? Who is a threat?


“It is God that sends me.”

Federica Mogherini: “Islam belongs in Europe. It holds a place in Europe’s history.”

If they had not been let in there would be no problem.

The Islamic State Attacks Europeans


Is it race or religion?


He lives in a free, million-dollar house and gets $75,000 a year in handouts.

Even the prosecutor thinks that’s fine.

Will France now ban minarets?

She has had to “struggle” to succeed.

Tent city in France now has its own mosque.

He does not want “mass-scale” mixing of people with different religions.

Ten Muslim radicals were bound for Norway.

Police will release their “self-declared ethnicity” after they are booked.

Island is a popular vacation spot for Brits.

Said to have killed tourists at Bardo Museum and then gone to Italy.

US diplomats told the Burmese the law is dangerous.

They would be forced to take citizenship in their parents’ country.

Standard pattern repeats itself.

Sweden: Rape Capital of the West, Gatestone Institute

Government refuses to recognize the role of immigrants.

Mayor says anyone practicing Islam should be “immediately escorted to the border.”

More than a third have returned to Britain.

Traditional Islam comes to Libya.

Egypt banned the practice in 2008 but it is still popular.

Muslims posed as policemen to steal old folks’ money for ISIS.

Redacted 125-page report strongly suggests more Muslim sex grooming.

There is a “constant undercurrent of anti-western, anti-American and anti-Israeli sentiment.”

They carried out a 2009 bombing in Peshawar that killed more than 100 people.

All justified by traditional Islam.

Police caught him only because he shot himself and had to call an ambulance.

Former classmates watch in horror as he murders a man on video.

Half of Americans think Muslims worldwide see the US as the enemy.

Campaign will cost 100 million euros.

Muslims tossed Christians overboard on their way to Italy.

British Muslims and non-Muslims see the world differently.

Author worries Europeans may “rediscover Eurocentrism.”

Spoke to a crowd of 10,000.

“These were just two ordinary Yorkshire lads . . . .”

Democracy is just a temporary tool for eventual Muslim power.

Dalil Boubakeur: “We have 2,200 mosques and we need double that within two years.”

They’re suspected of trying to join Muslim militants.

And by 2050, four out of every 10 Christians will live in sub-Saharan Africa.