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Paleface decides to let redskins speak for themselves.

Another tradition that’s got to go.

And so she apologizes.

Can’t honor a “racist,” after all.

Whites and Amerindians most affected.

Race is real and so is the “one-drop rule.”

Since he took office, Obama has put 400,000 acres into trust for Indians.

Unmasking the Cucks


How “conservatives” betrayed America.

Review by Jane Weir

Things are not always as they seem.

Yale descends into lunacy.

No one is safe.

More cities celebrating “Indigenous Peoples Day.”

She could be another “pretendian.”

Targets are not just Confederates.

Indians don’t like the “patron saint of immigration.”

The name will be changed to Alaskan Native “Denali.”

Team will appeal.

Unless the team changes its name.

Another woman voluntarily gives up white privilege.

He was an Indian despite the shape of his skull.

Casting directors must navigate a racial minefield.

New study finds multiracial population is higher than the Census Bureau reports.

It portrays “colonialism, imperialism, racism . . . and white supremacy.”

The phrase “drunker than 10,000 Indians” ends a 34-year career.

Should trademarks be an expression of free speech?

Indian students are “appalled by the insensitiveness.”

They say the name is “commercial speech” and is subject to “relaxed First Amendment review.”

It’s “racist.”

Official Census Bureau Projection for 2060


Whites will be just 43.6 percent of the population.


And it can all be blamed on the white man.

“Marry out; stay out.”

City must oppose “systematic racism towards Indigenous people.”

FCC chairman says he finds the name offensive.

Behind the Surge from Guatemala


An eye-opening account of Central American dystopia.

Review by Thomas Jackson

Seals may have brought TB from Africa to the New World.

Anthropologists battled Indians and the government for the right to study the 9,000-year-old skeleton.

“It should never be anything but the Washington Redskins.”

Redskins mascot gives young Indians mental problems.

Bureaucrats bossing us around for our own good.

Moving on from their Redskins victory.

If the ruling stands, anyone could make and sell Redskins merchandise.

“We have got to heal the wreckage of the past.”

Virginia’s two senators did not sign the letter.

They would enjoy tribal sovereignty.

“Don’t make fun of racism or you’ll be called a racist apparently.”

He’s been to 26 Indian reservations in the past four months.

Indian universities receive NASA grants to “inspire the next generation of explorers.”

Good Bye, Older Brother, Special to AR News

David Yeagley is gathered to his people.

David Yeagley has died.

Change of leadership for Northern Paiute.