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He’s been a staunch backer of open borders and the displacement of American workers.

Migrants’ valuables worth more than £1,000 will be seized.

The Court will decide in June whether Obama’s DAPA amnesty is constitutional.

They want Obama to grant Temporary Protected Status to over a million Central American illegals.

Without Supreme Court action, Obama’s amnesty will be dead.

State wants appeals court ruling on DACA to remain in force.

Texas has passed a law targeting “coyotes” and may pass one banning sanctuary cities.

And kicked out a lot of Iranian students.

Bill would prohibit religious discrimination in immigration decisions.

Congress and the Supreme Court have laid the groundwork for such a plan.

Luis Gutierrez calls it “a victory to celebrate.”

An appeals court has upheld the injunction against Obama’s expanded amnesty.

He had waffled on H-1Bs during the debate.

Bill also expands the state’s use of E-verify.

The House Freedom Caucus demanded this.

“Steinle’s Law” again fails to pass.

Good sense in National Review.

A new wrinkle on how to use H-1B visas to take American jobs.

Jared Taylor asks a panel of immigration experts.

The Great Replacement, Special to AR News

What the think tanks think about 50 years of non-white immigration.

President Johnson said the law would “not affect the lives of millions.”

He says he would be tortured if he was deported back to Mexico.

Mexico bans immigrants who upset “the equilibrium of the national demographics.”

Ann Coulter schools more “experts.”

Second Amendment means illegals can bear arms but federal forbids it.

At least 33 other countries have some form of birthright citizenship.

Donald Trump: A Call for Deportation


A discussion with Peter Brimelow about Trump’s immigration plan.


He could do it through legislation or by executive action.

Ann Coulter gives a history lesson to people who should know better.

But Gov. Brown did veto a bill that would let illegals serve on juries.

It relaxes the criteria for amnesty.

He was released because of a 2013 case a judge said “will not flood our streets with fearsome criminals.”

Conservative judges are likely to side against the administration.

Liberals suddenly discover federalism.

The program let companies replace US workers with underpaid foreigners.

U.S. has released over 1,000 criminal immigrants this year because their countries don’t want them.

It was planning to hire 3,100 employees to implement executive amnesty.

Also passed an amendment blocking spending on trade deals that add visas.

Most of the state’s voter-approved enforcement laws have been dismantled by courts.

DOJ will not ask the Supreme Court for permission to start implementing the program.

An estimated 250,000 immigrants would benefit within the next two years.

Appeals court upholds judge’s stay on his executive amnesty.

More tricks to try to legalize illegals.

Hispanic Republican: Young illegals “love this country and want to serve it.”

“DREAMers” who enlist would get permanent legal status.

Columnist says trade deal will not lead to more immigration.

Top Republicans file amicus brief saying Obama’s executive amnesty is unconstitutional.

2,000 amnesty applications were approved after the injunction.

. . . is about to get more rigid.

SPLC testified in favor of birthright citizenship.