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At least some criminals who have served their time will be deported.

Hungary shows how to stop illegal immigration.

And one of every five illegals caught has a criminal record.

Though only 48 percent favor building a wall on the US-Mexico border.

78 percent were Mexicans.

Says Trump’s immigration plan might “create friction” with Mexico.

A majority also oppose birthright citizenship.

New technology for crossing the border.

Perps are an illegal immigrant and a legal resident.

Europeans could learn from Australians.

He is a “DREAMer.”

The Mexican border isn’t our only problem.

Very strong talk about lax enforcement.

But the border, we’re told, is secure.

New guidelines halve the number of illegals considered “enforcement priorities.”

Meanwhile Trump takes his campaign to the southern border.

Sarah Saldaña doesn’t want a crackdown on sanctuary cities.

Mexicans doing the job Americans won’t.

ICE spokesman: “Going forward, ICE will generally not detain mothers with children.”

Some went on to commit new crimes such as child sex abuse.

Responding to hecklers, Trump said “Don’t worry, we’ll take our country back.”

Under new rules, the problem is likely to get worse.

84 percent have gone “into the shadows.”

At the workplace and jailhouse, Obama has stopped enforcing immigration laws.

Mexico does the job America won’t.

Audits and arrests are down to a trickle.

More than half of the releases were discretionary.

Apprehensions were down 34 percent from this point last year.

Broetje Orchards employed 950 illegal immigrants.

They are the top priorities for deportation.

Most of the state’s voter-approved enforcement laws have been dismantled by courts.

It’s unclear whether that’s due to better border enforcement.

Mexicans are keeping them out of Mexico.

. . . is about to get more rigid.

Deportations–even of criminals–continue to decline.

NYT: It’s Europe’s fault that illegal immigrants are drowning in the Mediterranean.

Arrests and deportations of criminal aliens are down 30 percent.

She herself carries one of the cheat sheets.

Hispanics call him a “rogue sheriff.”

More coddling for immigrants.

He is 26 years old.

Confirms the position of the 26 states that sued to block amnesty.

While not as many as last year, there are still more than in 2012 and 2013.

They say fulfilling oaths of office may mean disobeying executive orders.

Last month 2,395 unaccompanied non-Mexican children were caught crossing the border.

Lawmakers give illegals tips and tools to avoid deportation.

Down from 36,000 the year prior.

National park was so dangerous that parts of it were closed to the public for more than 10 years.

SSA is acting as though the federal judge’s injunction against amnesty will be overturned.

They won’t have the staff to have face-to-face interviews with executive amnesty applicants.