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. . . from 2009 to 2013.

But they can’t be deported before their asylum hearing.

Mostly due to unaccompanied minors.

Obama administration undermines even its own enforcement priorities.

More criminal illegals are being released instead of deported.

Tom Perez: “The question of executive action, my friends, is a ‘when’ question.”

Some have been here since the Liberian civil wars.

Congressman defends the sanctuary movement.

An estimated 40,000 have gone underground.

“. . . and he’s going to do an awful lot.”

A White-House amnesty for Omar J. Gonzalez!

Nearly 3,000 since 2009.

Jeff Sessions hammers the “powerful interest groups” now pushing for executive amnesty.

Guarantees executive amnesty before year’s end.

Just 319 of the recent 59,000 Central American illegals have been deported.

Obama is still promising executive amnesty.

Citizens pick up where the Border Patrol falls short.

Straight talk from a man who has to deal with underage illegals.

DOJ argues that child illegals do not have a constitutional right to a lawyer.

And wishes them a wonderful time in school.

ICE official: “Some of them could be here to do us harm.”

“Perhaps thousands” of illegals will be allowed back into the US.

Typical “loyalty” pattern for illegal immigrants.

Illegals landed on neighborhood beach in broad daylight.

He may argue Congress hasn’t allocated enough money for immigration enforcement.

“I would compare it to a kid asking his parents for Christmas [presents].”

Their own countries refuse to take them back.

TSA insisted the initial reports were “completely wrong.”

Businesses want executive action for more green cards.

Unilateral amnesty before the elections could hurt Obama’s fellow Democrats.

ICE kept the releases secret.

The judges are “the most lenient in the country.”

Says the “criminal element” at the border is increasing.

It all began with “prosecutorial discretion.”

HHs has found enough private shelters so it will no longer house illegals on military bases.

Including countries most affected by the Ebola outbreak.

ACLU wants legal representation for young illegals.

Bill would halt DACA, but is mostly symbolic.

ACLU had brought charges.

It costs $140 per day per illegal.

The sex-trafficking law applies only to young immigrants with no relatives in the US.

A report from a border we’re told is secured.

Harry Reid sees “an opening” for a legislative conference on amnesty.

He thinks Obama will grant amnesty by executive order.

Governor doesn’t want the eight young illegals dumped in his state.

Your chance to pick up some extra cash.

They don’t meet ICE’s “enforcement priorities.”

“What we see is not immigration, but an invasion, a deliberate invasion.”

Obama may grant executive amnesty to five million illegals by summer’s end.

57 percent think they’re coming for amnesty.