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Quite a record for the “deporter in chief.”

“Fixes” mean de facto amnesty for more illegals.

Without passage of amnesty legislation, that’s probably what he will do.

Philadelphia won’t honor detainer requests for illegals convicted of misdemeanors and nonviolent felonies.

Thousands are pouring in, attracted by lax enforcement.

Illegals now calling themselves “undocumented and unafraid.”

NYT editorial board decries “neo-nativist Republicans” and calls for unilateral executive action.

The White House awarded her the title for being like Cesar Chavez.

Authorities make camp so unpleasant that illegals go home “voluntarily.”

34,000 children entered illegally in 2013.

They will cross any bit of unprotected border.

Amnesty is yet another farm subsidy.

“If you are a run-of-the-mill immigrant here illegally, your odds of getting deported are close to zero.”

ICE knows of 870,000 aliens who have been ordered out of the US, but refuse to go.

Almost no illegals who make it past the border and avoid arrest are deported.

Even criminal illegals are eligible for waivers to stay in the country.

Illegals were locked into a 1,500-square-foot house in residential neighborhood.

Six hundred Africans tried to force their way into Spanish territory.

Obama wants to stop enforcing immigration laws for yet more illegals.

Another loss for interior enforcement.

But administration counts many of them as deportations from the interior.

La Raza wants him to stop all deportations.

He wants illegal Mexican expats to be granted US citizenship.

So much for reducing immigration to “tens of thousands.”

An immigration moratorium!

Fines are cut an average of 40 percent.

“Obama, Obama, don’t deport my mama!”’

He hosted a Spanish-language town-hall meeting with Hispanics.

It discouraged illegal immigration.

Even Labour attacks Tory enforcement record.

Deportation numbers increasing every month.

Australia tells asylum seekers “No way.”

Bill de Blasio doesn’t want illegals “to live their lives in the shadows.”

If the laws were enforced, would there even be an amnesty debate?

Economics professor says Mr. Cantor is bowing to “crony capitalism.”

No “refugees” have reached Australia by boat in 50 days.

He also claims increasing temporary and skilled legal immigration will create jobs.

What works for Australia would work for the US.

He gave an extensive “Myth vs. Fact” report on immigration to House Republicans.

Young illegals would get citizenship; the rest would get legalization.

They want the laws enforced, not amnesty for illegals.

420,000 were caught. But that’s down from 1,189,000 in 2005.

The President wants to let the Republican House do whatever posturing it must.

There’s been a sharp increase in voters who say they’re less likely to vote for amnesty supporters.

One of the party’s soon-to-be-released “principles” for reform is amnesty.

This is mostly to protect Muslims and Hispanics from special attention.

Bob Goodlatte now says he sees “no reason” why we can’t have amnesty after enforcement.

Author manages a few glimmers of insight.

He sees “no reason” why illegals shouldn’t receive amnesty.

Obama’s Overreaching Military-Related Amnesty, Center for Immigration Studies

President again goes around Congress to grant amnesty to a whole new class of people.