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Unilateral amnesty before the elections could hurt Obama’s fellow Democrats.

ICE kept the releases secret.

The judges are “the most lenient in the country.”

Says the “criminal element” at the border is increasing.

It all began with “prosecutorial discretion.”

HHs has found enough private shelters so it will no longer house illegals on military bases.

Including countries most affected by the Ebola outbreak.

ACLU wants legal representation for young illegals.

Bill would halt DACA, but is mostly symbolic.

ACLU had brought charges.

It costs $140 per day per illegal.

The sex-trafficking law applies only to young immigrants with no relatives in the US.

A report from a border we’re told is secured.

Harry Reid sees “an opening” for a legislative conference on amnesty.

He thinks Obama will grant amnesty by executive order.

Governor doesn’t want the eight young illegals dumped in his state.

Your chance to pick up some extra cash.

They don’t meet ICE’s “enforcement priorities.”

“What we see is not immigration, but an invasion, a deliberate invasion.”

Obama may grant executive amnesty to five million illegals by summer’s end.

57 percent think they’re coming for amnesty.

Honduras’ president brings up DACA.

“He either enforces the laws on the books . . . or he leaves Congress no option.”

Activists weren’t fooled.

A green card costs $500,000. Plenty of people have their eyes on that half million.

Texas has already decided to put 1,000 national guardsmen on the border.

Nat’l Guard will detain illegals “only if they interfere with their mission.”

The idea is to remove the “stigma” from ID card for illegals.

$1.5 billion plan promises quick deportations of young illegals.

Forty-six percent of young immigrants fail to appear for their hearings

Officials were “ringing alarm bells” as early as 2012.

Gov. Perry takes action.

Mainstream media ignores these protests.

It’s part of the $5.5 billion the US will spend on immigration enforcement.

Wants amnesty for “millions of our undocumented.”

Child Refugees? No, They’re Stealing Our Country


Straight talk about the “border crisis.”


Numbers USA warns of backdoor amnesty.

And just 31 percent of voters think the young illegals are coming to escape violence.

And say all the wrong things.

“Illegal aliens . . . are not our most vulnerable citizens.”

600-bed resort with 650 staffers has tennis courts, Olympic size pool, jacuzzis.

From 3 percent to 17 percent.

Jose Antonio Vargas has a summons to appear before a judge.

Their message? “It’s law–deport.”

Another town says “no” to child illegals.

Feds won’t talk, but states must incur costs.

TSA is accepting “Notice to Appear” forms as ID.

The deal would permit deportation of Central Americans right away, just as we do with Mexicans.

Analysis of the Supplemental Budget Request, Center for Immigration Studies

More funds would go to resettlement than to speedy deportations.

His administration claims that half of young illegals show up to their deportation hearings.