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At least the police have the right attitude.

But some Frenchmen are fighting back.

New rules in the 11 towns the National Front controls.

Gains could be significant in the May elections.

The Front won 1,200 municipal seats and probably have mayors in 8 cities.

Secession and independence movements are flourishing.

More detailed results of the French elections.

Could win mayoral elections in 10 to 15 mid-sized towns.

They need money to heal their collective “psychological trauma.”

A portrait of a party’s ascension and one man behind it.

46 percent of French say she is “the face of patriotic conservatives, with traditional values.”

A British analysis of what “right wing” means.

We must act now to put a stop to “emotional harm” and “mental trauma.”

Warning French travelers to avoid high-crime areas in Boston is “racist.”

An estimated 700 “Frenchmen” are fighting in Syria.

“I am pained to see that the French mode of European civilization is threatened.”

Tales from a French ‘hood.

American professor says fears of natives are overblown.

“Disadvantaged youths” burn 1,067 cars.

Government report says France should recognize the “Arab-oriental dimension” of its identity,

“She does not want to be wrongly perceived as the symbol of a supposed rampant Islamisation.”

“We Are at the End of Something”


A conversation with Alain de Benoist.

Interview with Alain de Benoist

Compares black justice minister to a monkey.

Black French newsreader finds “deep-seated racism” in France.

French novelist: “I have lived in France for 1500 years.”

Caribbean countries want reparations from France, Britain, and the Netherlands.

The US still tops the rankings–only because of our large population.

War of words breaks out in France.

She expects record gains for Euro-sceptics in the next Euro-elections.

National Front could become the leading party.

She says she is ready to be President.

Socialist candidate for mayor wants to fight violent crime and drug dealers.

He doesn’t think the Gypsies can integrate.

The ruling Socialist Party says this is “inciting violence.”

Conventional parties are in a panic.

He dared suggest that France will need immigration reform . . . in ten years.

Why Are Europeans More Racially Aware?


History and national character explain a lot.


Husband tried to strangle arresting officer.

US-based company bows to French speech laws.

A Gallic earthquake in the making.

Dominique Venner’s message to the West.

The socialists threw their support behind the center-right candidate to help him secure victory.

European Parliament legal committee votes to strip her of immunity.

She may be prosecuted for comparing Muslim street prayers to the Nazi occupation.

Victim was told “This is a place for Arabs.”

White Man Visits the Black Republic


Reissue of classic work on Haiti now available through AR.

Review by F. Roger Devlin

Death on the altar of Notre Dame.

It appears to be an attempted copycat of the slaying in Britain.

French Identitarian: “I give myself over to death to awaken slumbering consciences.”

Bill says “the word ‘race’ has no scientific validity. . . .”