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Gavin McInnes finds that the French are living in dreamland.

Marion Le Pen is polling 10 points above her nearest competitor.

Yes, due to dysgenic fertility and non-white immigration.

His female cousin set off a suicide bomb during the pre-dawn raid.

Says it’s the country’s “humanitarian duty.”

NPR runs 4.5-minute interview with Marine Le Pen.

She’s France’s youngest MP.

Officials now say three terrorists may have posed as refugees.

Suggests renewed surveillance of mosques suspected of radicalism.

Interior minister wants “systematic and coordinated checks on borders inside the European Union.”

Terrorists went out of their way to kill people in wheelchairs.

Some were “refugees;” others French citizens.

Police seize a rocket launcher, flak jackets, and weapons caches.

The Paris attacks were just one of many this year.

He arrived on the island of Leros in early October.

Eight terrorists killed 130 people, wounded at least 300.

The only solution is the de-Islamization of Europe.

It is the most deadly attack in modern French history.

Terrorists have taken over 100 hostages.

Calais wants to spruce up its image.

French mayor dares to want France only for the French.

She overwhelmed her accusers.

They now defend both the nation and the working man.

Charity realizes “migrants” are just looking “to get money and a better economic situation.”

She insists she said nothing wrong.

The prophetic novelist on the “refugee” crisis.

“I don’t feel like seeing France becoming Muslim.”

Dystopian novel will be released in English next month.

Five years ago, Marine Le Pen compared Muslim street prayer to Nazi occupation.

It’s a good start.

According to the media, this is a cause for shame.

From Protest to Power, The Economist

74 percent of residents of towns run by the Front National are happy with its leadership.

The French even have plans to take back French territory captured my Muslims.

That’s the train station where Americans helped stop a Muslim attack.

“My aim is clear: to stop immigration both legal and illegal.”

His “fiery persona” has become a liability to his daughter.

French lefties invited them to take over an empty high school.

How to solve the Calais problem? Fine the truck drivers!

Authorities are helpless against determined infiltrators.

David Cameron says a “swarm” of Africans is trying to break into Britain.

British welfare is quite a draw.

Dylann Roof vs. the Jihadis


Who is a terrorist? Who is a threat?


The Islamic State Attacks Europeans


Is it race or religion?


Will France now ban minarets?

It includes Jobbik and Geert Wilders’ party.

“Racists” in study could say they have no Arab ancestry.

Tent city in France now has its own mosque.

It’s a way black immigrants show disapproval.

They say they were better fed, clothed, and housed in Italy.

Their deaths provoked the worst immigrant riots in French history.