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“Right” and Left ganged up against it in the second round.

Court says redistricting plans can’t put too many blacks in one district.

Law requiring government-issued ID to vote is similar to laws in seven other states.

Pollster: For Front National, first round of elections will be “historic by any definition.”

Mexico is drifting north.

Driver’s licenses and social security numbers will make it easy.

Expected Republican presidential candidates are hopeless on immigration.

Asians vote as they are told by elders.

Just 5 percent of majority-white districts are represented by non-whites.

Four million people born abroad will vote in Britain’s May elections.

The party came in third even though Greece has jailed its leaders.

Demographic change will make it hard for the GOP to win the presidency in 2016.

Black challenger says Rahm Emanuel is trying to suppress black voters.

If Mary Landrieu loses, there will be no Democrat senators in the South.

Professor at University of Maryland realizes what is happening.

Politics and White Consciousness


An analysis of the 2014 elections.


Will There Be a Resurgence of White Political Power?


We may have one last chance.


Republicans use Voting Rights Act to defend racial gerrymandering.

Pat Buchanan says ethnonationalism is taking root in the South.

Working-class whites voted for Republican House candidates by a 61-31 margin.

Senate Democrats lost an average 10 points with whites compared to 2008.

More than half of the people caught at the Mexican border are not Mexican.

Voters reject amnesty and driver’s licenses for illegals.

But not thanks to black voters.

Even after his party’s midterm rout.

Cruz says he will block an executive amnesty.

Will Hispanics forgive Obama for putting off amnesty by executive order?

He says voter ID laws are “out of step with history.”

Non-Citizens Are Voting, National Review

James O’Keefe catches a campaign manager telling an illegal it’s OK to vote.

One flier says voting is the only thing that can “prevent another Ferguson.”

They also pay less attention to public affairs.

Republican accuses Democrat of being soft on crime.

The 2014 Race Card, Wall Street Journal

“Hope and change” have long been forgotten.

Data suggest they might.

Why Do We Vote as We Do?


“Conservative” and “liberal” explain very little.

Review by Thomas Jackson

He hoped to help the Justice Department’s suit against North Carolina voter ID law.

But only because the election is coming up soon, not because of the law’s merits.

UKIP surge frightens British Conservatives.

Claims the law even had “a discriminatory purpose.”

He let them down on immigration, government surveillance, and Middle East.

Some think it’s because the national GOP is preparing to sell-out on amnesty.

Accompanied by accusations of racism, as usual.

This is true for Hispanics and Asians.

Immigration-control party now the third-largest in Sweden.

Obama is still promising executive amnesty.

Democrats are running fewer non-whites than Republicans.

Obama says he will act after the elections, but before year’s end.

54 percent to 46 percent.

Judge is Nelva Gonzales Ramos, appointed by Obama.