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There is worry that Breitbart will help tip election to the AfD.

Hispanics Stick Together; Whites Attack Their Own


How elites explain voting behavior.


Last year’s choice was Angela Merkel.

Michelle Malkin on the radical past of this CNN darling.

“Far right” leader still received 46.7 percent of the vote.

Donald Trump Can Expect the Berlusconi Treatment


The liberal elite and media won’t let up just because he’s won.


The election is this Sunday.

Pat Buchanan on the new post-Cold War era.

It is a choice between the Green Party and the “far right.”

National Review begins to embrace the president elect.

46 percent of voters now view him favorably.

Trump won 29 percent as opposed to Romney’s 27 percent.

Buchanan: “The long war of the Trump presidency has only just begun.”

New York Times ponders the difference between “nationalist” and “supremacist.”

Jared Taylor chats with Vox’s Zack Beauchamp.

Ex-President Nicolas Sarkozy eliminated in primary.

A bad sign.

“The beatings will continue until intersectional morale improves.”

Through the Eyes of Sam Francis


What he wrote 25 year ago is even more relevant today.


The majority eventually realizes they have an identity too.

What Victory Feels Like for a Foot Soldier


I didn’t think he had a chance, but I knew I’d hate myself if I didn’t try.


Jared Taylor: Trump’s win is “part of a worldwide reawakening of nationalist sentiment.”

Donald Trump Wins!


How it happened, and what it means both for America and for the world.


“Reason white women chose Trump over Clinton is simple: racism.”

How Trump courted “disenfranchised new Republicans” to win the election.

Rush Limbaugh says there is nothing wrong with whites voting in their own interests.

At Yale, there was a “group primal scream” to express student distress.

Fabled Hispanic vote is yet to materialize.

“People finally woke up and said ‘enough.’”

Pollsters underestimated their impact in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan.

The data.

Foreign Affairs tries to understand Trump.

Chanting “not my president” and waving Mexican flags.

Hillary victory party ends in tears.

Now, the unthinkable has become conceivable.

Whites Hand Trump a Great Victory


They are beginning to vote like people of other races–in their own interests.


Trump: “I am with you and I will fight for you and we will win.”

This election will be seen as the “beginning of a new stage.”

Why Obama Will Win, AR Classic Article

Whites jump at any chance to feel virtuous.

Only 1/84th of what Clinton has received.

Tuesday’s ballot initiative overturning Proposition 227 is likely to pass.

The French Fear Islamization but Do Nothing

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Not even the Front National is prepared to act.


Nation is sharply divided.

It’s become the party for white people–of all classes.

Black early-voting turnout is down about 15 percent in both North Carolina and Florida.

College-educated women who support Clinton are especially intolerant.

“Diversity” increased most in the Midwest.

Early voting by whites and Hispanics is up.

Trump has the same non-white support as Romney.