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Greatest Comeback: Nixon, Buchanan, and George Wallace


An insider’s look at the 1968 presidential campaign.

Review by Jared Taylor

Immigrants bring their political methods to Britain.

For some Minneapolis voters, what matters is that “He’s Somali. He’s a Muslim.”

Governor doesn’t want the eight young illegals dumped in his state.

They’re stoking fears of voter suppression to boost turnout.

Did Republicans pay for ads calling tea party activists “racist?”

It doesn’t appeal to working-class whites.

Holder says it prevents blacks from voting.

Changing demographics may bring an end to an era.

Poll dismantles myth that election wasn’t about amnesty.

Minority whites are now the swing voters who must be courted.

Citizenship, age, and low turnout limit Hispanic influence.

His support for amnesty was probably his downfall.

Other countries are refusing to be displaced by immigrants.

No complaints of disfranchisement.

The National Front will be the fourth largest party in European Parliament.

The European Elections


A promising shift to the Right.


In Britain, interpreters help non-English-speakers cast their votes.

Lawmakers had even offered free IDs to placate critics.

Jared Taylor asks a smart question; gets stupid answers.

Political strategy for the long term.

Wants to stop the defection to the Democrats.

She’s now the president of “The Black Institute.”

Jobbik won 20.5 percent of the vote in Sunday’s elections.

Report finds hundreds–probably thousands–of cases of voter fraud in North Carolina.

Says her state has become “the butt of jokes.”

And 59 percent don’t think photo ID laws discriminate.

Could win mayoral elections in 10 to 15 mid-sized towns.

Fewer than half of Hispanics in America are eligible to vote.

DOJ says a purge would discriminate against minorities.

Let out early because she is bipolar.

. . . but have as much success as Republicans who court non-whites.

He says “These guys never go away. Hatred never, never goes away.”

Dispossession can increase white racial consciousness.

Laws against felons voting apply disproportionately to non-whites.

One leader says “What we are now doing is to switch tactics from persuasion to punishment.”

The party gave in to the corporate thirst for cheap labor.

Facts the Census Bureau would like you to keep in mind when we celebrate Black History Month.

Though only Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana and Georgia would require “pre-clearance.”

Has a leading GOP strategist realized the party’s demographic fate?

In the lead-up to the presidential election, he wanted to focus on non-whites.

There were 274 non-citizens on the rolls. 17 of them voted.

Paul wants to make Detroit an “economic freedom zone.”

Chris Christie won a majority of New Jersey Hispanics–only 14 percent of whom are Mexican.

Immigration Shifts Political Power, Center for Immigration Studies

Congressional districts and the electoral college count people–including illegals–not citizens.

Hispanics want to be represented by Hispanics.

“The man with the black wife” got 96 percent of the black vote.

There are many ways to play the race game.

Spanish-language ad may have swayed them.