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Jared Taylor on NPR to discuss the Alt Right.

Hillary Clinton and the Alt Right

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Hillary Clinton tries to tie the “Alt Right” to Donald Trump.


Donald Trump and the Demographics of Protest


What Donald Trump rallies tell us about America’s future.


. . . and American Renaissance.

“I refuse to let the burkini impose itself in French beaches and swimming pools . . . .”

He asks them, “What the hell do you have to lose?”

Soros has bankrolled voter registration campaigns for non-whites and challenges to voter ID laws.

It’s polling at 10 percent nationally.

More AR mentions in Washington Post.

Trump’s new top adviser: “A country is more than an economy.”

Breitbart’s Steve Bannon will be the chief executive of the Trump campaign.

The White House Task Force on New Americans is encouraging naturalization.

They worry they’ll be accused of discrimination.

Concerted efforts to mobilize Hispanics. Is anyone doing the same for whites?

At press conference for black and Hispanic journalists.

The Establishment takes notice.

Good question.

“This is not the US Constitution. This is not the US Bill of Rights.”

There are still enough whites to send Trump to the White House.

Coverage of the Trump campaign has become “inseparable . . . from attempts to tear it down.”

What Trump Must Do to Win


He must concentrate on the white vote.


Clinton adviser finds some white voters are unwilling to tell pollsters they support Trump.

The GOP Convention: Race, Identity, and Power


What should really frighten Democrats is what comes next.


How Trump Could Pull It Off


A full-scale analysis of white voters could be a road map for the Trump campaign.

Review by Thomas Jackson

FAIR says he has a mixed record on immigration.

The “far-right” may have lost due to irregularities.

Only half of Trump supporters say blacks are more violent than whites.

Trump is beating Clinton by 13 points among whites, and is backed by 33 percent of Hispanics.

Poll suggests most Americans don’t like Trump’s signature policy positions.

Congressional candidate says a white supermajority used to be America’s strength.

73 percent of Republican voters think party leaders haven’t represented them.

Exit polls in 2012 underestimated the working-class white vote by millions.

Black author: “The Sanders insurgency is largely a white revolution.”

The number of approved citizenship applications is down compared to 2012.

Electorate is sharply divided by race.

Why Trump is pulling ahead.

The vote was 50.3 to 49.7 percent.

Between remaining a nation that serves its people or surrendering to “soulless globalism.”

He’d be the first Muslim mayor of any major Western city.

Hillary concedes: “It’s gotten increasingly challenging” for Dems to win Appalachia.

“I want to vote against racism and hate.”

The end of America would shut her up.

“She has lived her life; it’s like our lives. And she knows what we need.”

Another unconstitutional act by a Democrat executive.

The Austrian Freedom Party got 36 percent of the vote in the first round of presidential elections.

Says move is to rectify “long and sad history” of suppressing black voting power.

Only Trump seems to target them.

Says he’s “not a great optimist” about the West’s prospects.

Sharp age split among Hispanics on which Democrat to support.

Our Next VP?


What you need to know about Julian Castro.