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Jared Taylor interviewed on CNN.

Jared Taylor is quoted at length.

Phyllis Schlafly and Jeff Sessions say “yes.”

A few Republicans are actually beginning to understand Trump.

Ann Coulter calls this “an existential election like no other has ever been.”

“When it comes to immigration, Fox News is indistinguishable from George Soros.”

Buchanan: “[W]e may be at the onset of a new nationalism in the United States.”

“Conservatives” Blast Trump


National Review spins even further into irrelevance.


Tool lets you tweak voter turnout and racial vote shares to see who would win in 2016.

Both sides of the establishment target the Republican front-runner.

The Washington Post discusses the Sailer Strategy.

Jared Taylor explains Donald Trump’s appeal.

Jared Taylor makes a pitch.

Trump Change, Rasmussen Reports

74 percent of likely Republican voters believe Trump will be the GOP nominee.

He’s now to the right of Trump.

Ad hits illegals and Muslims.

“Trump has displaced President Obama as the central player on the political stage.”

The polls are probably underestimating his support, particularly among the educated.

The phony Right and the Left united against them.

The Socialists have backed rival conservatives to keep her and her aunt from office.

Anti-immigration candidates often do better on election day than in live-interview polling.

Party is leading in six of 13 regions in “historic” election.

Party may gain control of several regions.

Election excludes other races.

Today’s students obviously do not have enough sense to vote.

Illegal alien voted in a presidential primary and a general election.

Anti-immigration party wins an absolute majority in parliamentary elections.

The Rising Migrant Tide, Weekly Standard

And some promising political blowback.

The principal withheld the results because too many winners were white.

Anyone with a driver’s license will be automatically registered to vote.

Presence of foreigners and illegals skews allocation of congressman and electoral college votes.

Trump supporters are “racist”? Now they are ungrammatical.

Talk amnesty, birthright citizenship, and the importance of assimilation.

Policies that drive away Hispanics could attract blacks.

51 percent of Republican voters think Trump will be the nominee.

Only 16 percent of Republican voters say it is not a major issue.

Donald Trump: A Call for Deportation


A discussion with Peter Brimelow about Trump’s immigration plan.


Black man calls for more political power for blacks.

Trump Change, Rasmussen

57 percent of probably Republican voters think Trump will be the nominee.

Over thirty thousand people will attend Alabama rally.

55 percent of whites would vote for The Donald over Hillary.

Roy Beck says Trump has put the immigration issue “front and center.”

Trump is the most trusted candidate on immigration, the economy, and ISIS.

Buchanan says Trump is wise to leave a third party run on the table.

Trump Dominates First GOP Debate


But will he stand up for whites?


“Jeb looks more like Caitlyn Jenner every day.”

Frederick Douglass and MLK are now his models.

Secretary of State feels “compelled by conscience” because non-whites are more likely to be felons.

She’s down among blacks, too.

36 percent of probable GOP voters say they’d vote third party for Trump.