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She says it’s “a European invention, and white people go to it. It’s in their DNA.”

He was fired from all his corporate board positions and needs the money.

“The white police officers wouldn’t be there if you weren’t killing each other.”

Finally, a white man with a spine.

They also pay less attention to public affairs.

Rescuing people from sinking boats only encourages more illegal immigration.

Government is canceling visas.

Nigel Farage says HIV carriers should be kept out of Britain.

Russell Pierce had proposed Norplant for Medicaid recipients.

Former defense minister says it is time to fight back.

Straight talk from a man who has to deal with underage illegals.

Accuses Democrats of saying whites “hate everybody else.”

Legal permanent residents are not entitled to Japanese welfare.

“Illegal aliens . . . are not our most vulnerable citizens.”

Canadian prof: “It is time Whites show respect for themselves.”

Common sense spoken on the air for a change.

But immigration minister says it would be “an extreme measure.”

Critics say it calls to mind the “discredited pseudoscience called eugenics.”

And is sending millions of dollars to the countries from which they come.

Senate candidate suggested whites are North Carolina’s “traditional” population.

Preferring your own kind is not “hate.”

Even billionaires grovel.

He’s called “racist” even while trying to be “anti-racist.”

His party is polling behind the Front National for the EU elections.

Sotomayor dissents: She wants to correct the “unfortunate effects of centuries of racial discrimination.”

As diversity goes up, sense of community goes down.

Says John Derbyshire.

“Amnesty is suicide for the conservative movement and the Republican party.”

“This is not the kind of community we want to leave to our children and grandchildren.”

Douglas Murray: “I think it is right for people to have a place they call home.”

He says the African population boom needs to be curbed by birth control.

Someone is finally stating the obvious.

County executive offers sensible advice about visiting Detroit.

So is adult aggression.

“We’re a country. We are not a department store.”

A list of our era’s Galileos.

The firebrand host once had the gall to praise Jared Taylor.

Income, IQ, and Effort, American Thinker

London’s mayor dared suggest IQ has something to do with success.

Fee to be raised from the current $1,500.

Such candor not likely in the United States.

Common sense is immediately denounced.

She wants a new immigration bill that will make deportation easier.

“The new [non-white] majority will start making new rules.”

British broadcaster says what’s needed in Africa is population control.

Former US attorney general argues for common-sense policing.

He dared suggest that France will need immigration reform . . . in ten years.

“This is our country and we determine who comes here.”

Instead of pandering to big business, the GOP should adopt a “humble and honest populism.”

The truth is more important than people’s feelings.

Feeling the Heat, American Spectator

Good sense from Ben Stein.