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New owners plan to remove cross from steeple and put up a chain-link security fence.

Another Haiti


Former slaves try their hand at self rule.

Review by Thomas Jackson

The district agreed to drop the language after media inquiries.

One of the first-ever academic studies of SPLC bias.

It was “disrespectful of Hinduism’s Gods and Goddesses.”

They don’t like his support for homosexual marriage.

“Diversity for thee, but not for me.”

Notes for Revolutionaries


Why the regime must fall.

Review by Jared Taylor

Presence of journalists is no deterrent.

UN Secretary General warns of possible genocide.

The white man’s new burden.

Remembering Sam Francis


A good man is hard to find.


Government has long used SPLC as a “resource.”

Fired Again!


Catholic Church continues to punish Frank Borzellieri.


One-third of Hispanic Catholics say they are “Charismatic.”

This is apparently not considered an important human rights problem.

Religious and tribal groups slaughtering each other.

He told migrants he hopes they keep “the values of [their] culture of origin.”

A few people are waking up to the crisis.

He and his accomplices are all “Christian.”

Eating grass “demonstrates that, with God’s power, we can do anything.”

War is obsolete. Instead, this is the era of massacre.

6,000 children have been recruited as soldiers.

“A child is born, a son is given.”

In the lead-up to the presidential election, he wanted to focus on non-whites.

She was responding to the view that Santa Claus “should not be a white man anymore.”

African Christians and Muslims are killing each other.

The “creed of relativism” is “the scourge of the twentieth century.”

“We Are at the End of Something”


A conversation with Alain de Benoist.

Interview with Alain de Benoist

Jobbik leader Gábor Vona clarifies his controversial statements about Islam.

Salon psychoanalyzes “white supremacists.”

UN adviser says there is a possibility of genocide.

A Black Man’s Path to Race Realism


And where it led.


Not everyone has given up on passing amnesty this year.

This “signals the end of chances for action on immigration this year.”

They want millions of new workers every year.

Some black Chicago preachers think he should stay home in New York.

Hosted by Catholic Charities and Office of Catholic Social Services.

They say he neglects his own community.

Mexicans have mixed folk custom with Christian forms.

Another Muslim response to religious diversity.

Don’t Islam apologists assure us this will never happen?

“Overt and conspicuous” religious symbols will be banned for those providing or receiving state services.

Eric Holder told black preachers how to skirt the law and promote Obama.

Genetically Tamed?


Are we declining for the same reason as the Romans?


Will tell priests to preach amnesty from the pulpit.

Forty-four churches have been attacked in the past week.

Christians, moderate Muslims, and foreigners are targets for Tanzanian fundamentalists.

Says Christianity is to blame for racism in America.

“It Is Safe To Kill Black People In Amerikkka.”