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It’s the first time a Muslim prayer service has taken place in a C of E church.

Chairman of American Freedom Party explains his views.

Only 40 percent of congregants say “yes.”

. . . by which he meant rampant corruption and drug trafficking.

Straight talk about race and IQ is the kiss of death.

A second woman would supply healthy mitochondrial DNA.

Says it would “be a beautiful sign of brotherhood and help for immigrants.”

Just 1 percent of 51,000 Baptist churches are considered multiracial.

The priest pointed out Europe’s history of conflict with Islam.

French cultural center also attacked.

Of 15 new cardinals, only 5 are European.

She says “ISIS is real Muslim believers who like to follow the Quran.”

Minister wanted diversity . . . and got it.

Associating “whiteness” with “divine favor and heroism” is unacceptable.

Clergy led the marches on “Moral Monday.”

He fleeced church congregations.

Juan Demetrius McFarland has been a pastor for 21 years.

An astonishing tale of white guilt.

Liberals: “True” faith “promotes the kind of behavior we like.”

Blacks want to stop thinking of Jesus as white.

It was Muslim, anti-Christian graffiti.

“Conservatism” takes on a whole new dimension.

Catholic Charities USA has even opened “welcome centers” at the border.

Is it charity if the government pays?

And say all the wrong things.

He says the world needs “new forms of legal and secure migration.”

Protestants not keen on him either.

Grounds for permitted discrimination become even narrower.

In the western states Buddhism is the second largest religion.

BNP spokesman: “It’s like the dark ages when people used to hunt witches.”

Sorcery at War, New York Times

In the Central African Republic, 60 percent of the women in prison are convicted witches.

39 percent believe in “the evil eye.”

This appears to be his plan for Britain.

Even Hispanic evangelicals vote Democrat.

The Nuer are killing the Dinka.

Separation may be a solution to “massive ethnic-religious cleansing.”

He called Britain a “Christian country.”

New owners plan to remove cross from steeple and put up a chain-link security fence.

Another Haiti


Former slaves try their hand at self rule.

Review by Thomas Jackson

The district agreed to drop the language after media inquiries.

One of the first-ever academic studies of SPLC bias.

It was “disrespectful of Hinduism’s Gods and Goddesses.”

They don’t like his support for homosexual marriage.

“Diversity for thee, but not for me.”

Notes for Revolutionaries


Why the regime must fall.

Review by Jared Taylor

Presence of journalists is no deterrent.

UN Secretary General warns of possible genocide.

The white man’s new burden.

Remembering Sam Francis


A good man is hard to find.


Government has long used SPLC as a “resource.”