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Blacks are three percent of the population but 10 percent of federal prisoners.

Ayanle Hassan Ali was born in Canada.

Jamaican immigrant to Canada allegedly disinherited his daughter for miscegenation.

Eskimos who marry non-Eskimos are kicked off Canadian reservation.

Non-whites hope the data will boost their calls for more non-white staff.

And all children may choose their sex.

Perp yelled “fuck white people” before the unprovoked attack.

Being Canadian will instead be based on squishy “values.”

He fears he will be killed by police because he is black.

University spokeswoman: “A poster like that is obviously a cause for concern . . . .”

Racial crime stats are “racist,” but racial policing stats reveal “racism.”

A North Carolinian expat filed the case.

East Africans chased white family out of public-housing complex in Calgary.

Locals say Chinese are pricing them out of the market.

Paranoid schizophrenic Jamaican was deported due to “serious criminality.”

Rwandan refugee wants Canada to give him more “socio-economic opportunities.”

It is an ethical obligation.

Eskimo mayor responds in tears to Macleans magazine accusation.

Ethiopian wore a latex mask that made him look white.

Professor wants to preserve the European character of Canada.

Professor says Asian immigrants are undermining Vancouver’s British character.

And not speak to the media, either.

“Marry out; stay out.”

Shooter’s father is Lebanese. Mother is a top immigration official.

Doctors at fertility clinic say mixed-race children will have trouble with racial identity.

Nelson Mandela Park Public School enjoy stories like Chocolate Me and I Like Myself.

Canadian prof: “It is time Whites show respect for themselves.”

He says he was a member of a persecuted minority in South Africa.

It’s “racism” because the patron was African.

The flyer asks if viewers prefer “mainstream Canadians” or Sikhs.

“Human rights” activists want Canada’s “temporary” low-skill foreign workers to get permanent residency.

And America’s poor are poorer than Europe’s poor.

They all have something in common.

Next to Mexico City, Detroit is the most miserable city in North America.

A Canadian discovers Robert Putnam.

The Conservative government wants to stop birth tourism make citizenship harder to get.

“The Charter of Values is the latest expression of Quebec’s dim view of multiculturalism.”

British and Canadian officials tell businesses to raise wages before looking to immigrant labor.

In Montreal, hymen reconstruction is the second-most-popular kind of surgery.

The US still tops the rankings–only because of our large population.

Why We Profile, Those Who Can See

Wherever they live, blacks commit more crime.

Aboriginal judge wants Canadians to understand the “aboriginal experience.”

She says she sees more veiled women in Quebec than when she travels to Pakistan and Morocco.

Secularism and Islam clash in Quebec.

Cheap labor comes at a price.

“Overt and conspicuous” religious symbols will be banned for those providing or receiving state services.

Canada’s “tolerance” has limits.

The Canadian government is actually asking.

It isn’t the first city to make the “mistake.”