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Tells graduates: “Be confident in your heritage. Be confident in your blackness.”

Says such “twisted thinking” led to the Holocaust.

Jared Taylor in video interview with the Washington Post.

Obama thinks “our openness to refugees” will help defeat ISIS.

Chairman of Congressional Black Caucus: “It’s more than a political motive–it has a smell of racism.”

Do we have a gun problem or a race problem?

You can guess the new name.

Says activists are “not just making this up” and “we have to take it seriously.”

Children with cancer cleared out of Lafayette Park to to make way for POTUS.

Nobel committee wanted to “strengthen” Obama.

Says there should be a way to prevent people who are “racist” from getting guns.

She says she’s faced extra scrutiny because she is black.

Is the president a pathological liar?

He says the solution involves more “investments in urban communities.”

Obama part of a steady trend toward government secrecy.

20-year-old video shows Obama struggling with black identity.

“To be cool, you need to be part of a minority . . . .”

He calls Obama’s treatment of the case a “dereliction of duty.”

“That didn’t concern me as much as had he been completely white.”

Or a “President Chen.”

Extremism is caused when “people spew hatred towards others.”

“Over the long term . . . this country just becomes more and more of a hodgepodge of folks.”

Says Americans do much better with Muslims.

President is warming to the task of blaming “racism” and the police.

But blacks are behind because of slavery and Jim Crow.

First couple are victims, just like all other blacks.

He says non-whites have “less margin for error.”

His approval among young whites is down 27 percent since 2009.

WaPo editorial board: Obama’s amnesty is unjustified.

Obama thinks “people of color” are uniquely targeted.

He says protests are “rooted in realities.”

Obama on Ferguson: The Problem Is the Justice System, Not Violent Criminals


Americans are losing patience with baloney in high places.


Buchanan: US will be “Third World country . . . no more a Western nation.”

He thinks it will shore up his “legacy.”

The president reveals his post-midterm priorities.

The Obama Brief, New Yorker

The president speaks on judicial diversity and racial preferences.

Blacks support him more than Hispanics do.

Certainly not a legislature.

The book, published 20 years ago, was really about the rise of a cognitive elite.

Obama pretends Michael Brown was shot for “walking while black.”

He let them down on immigration, government surveillance, and Middle East.

Obama says black shortcomings are the fault of an unjust society.

In 2004, cleric supported violent resistance against US troops in Iraq.

Three quarters of voters say immigration is an important issue.

Our president has priorities.

Al Sharpton is Obama’s favorite black “leader.”

It’s the same Hashim Nzinga who offered a “dead or alive” bounty on Zimmerman.

The Congressional Black Caucus smells racial profiling.

President also said, “Islam has always been part of America.”

“He either enforces the laws on the books . . . or he leaves Congress no option.”