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Some think a “hafu” shouldn’t represent Japan.

They also blew up a library of 10,000 books and more than 700 rare manuscripts.

Chinese etiquette schools teach Asians how to behave like whites.

Muslims who call it “un-Islamic” have “a cotton-candy view of their own religion.”

She proposed that foreigners be let in to work but live apart from Japanese.

You can get an ultrasound in villages that don’t have clean water.

The whole country believes in spirits.

Three tons of cats in one truck.

“Six of the top eight porn-searching countries are Muslim.”

Asians vote as they are told by elders.

Black co-pilot was left flying the plane.

Facebook in Turkey preventing users from posting cartoons.

If Hebdo attacks have nothing to do with Islam, why are Muslims rioting?

Twenty-four percent of Japanese women find sex “bothersome.”

More conflict between Han Chinese and Muslim Uyghurs.

Protesters tried to force their way into the French consulate.

Saudi Arabia follows Shariah law.

Publishing Charlie Hebdo in Pakistan would be a capital crime.

After 13 years of American nation-building.

The astonishing lengths to which Chinese will go to get into college.

This had long been suspected.

“This is a geopolitical earthquake.”

Japanese were getting epicanthic fold surgery in the 1800s.

In May 2013, the SAT was cancelled in Korea because of cheating.

Bill Gates’ millions down the drain.

A dispatch from UN Special Rapporteur Mutuma Ruteere.

Whites seem to have more visceral feelings of empathy.

The heroes are a mixed-race couple.

Chinese government wants Uighurs to mix with Han.

Typical “loyalty” pattern for illegal immigrants.

Australian MP bows to pressure.

New book says racial hostility is common.

South Korea has one of the lowest fertility rates in the world: 1.4 children per woman.

Executioner speaks with a British accent.

“Aryan” Yazidis say they have survived 72 attempted genocides.

Diversity doesn’t work in Burma either.

Legal permanent residents are not entitled to Japanese welfare.

They don’t get along with the country’s Muslim minority.

How China handles mixed-race marriages in the country’s “Little Africa.”

He is happy with his new, slanted eyes and black hair.

A Weekend of Fellowship, Part I


Talks by John Derbyshire, Douglas Whitman, and Jack Donovan.


“We need to unite, we must declare jihad.”

Cambodia offers to take “refugees” who want to go to Australia. Many refuse.

American journalists are terrified of racial differences.

First US-listed Chinese company to be indicted for securities fraud.

Says Obama is an unevolved monkey.

Individualists grew wheat; conformists grew rice.

Number of children down 41 percent since 1981

Realtor: People from India and China “are not people who are house proud.”

2014 American Renaissance Conference


A weekend of fellowship and commitment.