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. . . race riots that took place 93 years ago.


Another Haiti


Former slaves try their hand at self rule.

Review by Thomas Jackson

Good Bye, Older Brother, Special to AR News

David Yeagley is gathered to his people.

They were worried the film would be upsetting.

He will replace Tom Watson. Vote was 173-3.

Despite grossing just $50 million in North America.

The National School Boards Association says public schools should add it to their curricula.

Pat Buchanan asks what would happen if we repealed civil rights laws.

Some ancestors of the 12,600-year-old Montana skeleton probably lived in present-day Germany.

Indians reportedly tortured and killed black man who wanted to help fight “social injustice.”

Mulatto and quadroon are definitely out.

The oldest genome found in the New World is ancestor to 80 percent of American Indians.

“These are going to be game changers.”

Says northern elites treat him worse than Southerners.

Historian says “It’s been about maximizing the dollar value of Dr. King’s legacy.”

The beard, apparently, was a symbol of “white, masculine supremacy.”

A nation of cowards.

How much do you know about America’s greatest man?

He wanted to cover “issues of adultery, conflicts within the movement, and King’s spiritual transformation.”

Did Women and Slaves Defeat the Confederacy?


Critical Theory meets the Civil War.

Review by Gerald Martin

The Army War College may remove paintings of the generals.

Chicago students will learn about blacks even during physical education.

Erasing our “Racist” Past


How to control the future.


Isn’t the purpose of movies about “racism” to make people angry?

The children want to squeeze every penny out of the old man’s “legacy.”

Wants plenty of other “racists” removed as well.

One black theatergoer to another: “Doesn’t it make you hate white people?”

Who Are These Losers?


The origins of Anti-Racist Action.


White Apocalypse Republished, Special to AR News

Adventure novel explores the Solutrean Hypothesis.

Movies and TV must always remind us of slavery.

The visit is to remind agents of past FBI “abuses.”

Even the Ivy League is tainted by slavery.

Pat Buchanan recalls a time before racial sensitivity ran amok.

He hopes his new film series will be shown in classrooms nationwide.

King children claim they are just protecting their father’s estate.

Barack Obama honors “our rich Nordic-American heritage.”

Why We Profile, Those Who Can See

Wherever they live, blacks commit more crime.

Salon editor thinks GOP wants to defund Obamacare for racial reasons.

Those claiming German ancestry cover the most territory, but Mexicans are catching up.

Property and Freedom


Dissecting Taboos on the Aegean.


A Brief History of American Race Relations


Conflict is inherent; tragedy is frequent.


Black director John Singleton says it’s possible, but not desirable.

It’s based on a book that some credit with starting the War Between the States.

Jim DeMint peddles myths about America’s founding.

“Civil rights” boosters struggle to remain relevant.

The Bad, the Ugly, and the Good, Part II


The battle over Texas history.


The Bad, the Ugly, and the Good, Part I


The battle over Texas history.


A side American media dare not touch.

President Carter says MLK was the greatest leader America has ever produced.