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Medal could fetch $5 to $10 million.

It was the only state whose constitution kept non-whites out.

A federal holiday for this man?

The parts that Hollywood glossed over.

The real story of Selma is another tale of black failure.

The movie is on track now to be an expensive flop.

Black studies classes are required by a federal desegregation order.

When whites leave things fall apart.

‘We Have a Brand!’, National Review

King family profiting from “the legacy,” as usual.

And it can all be blamed on the white man.

Americans think race relations are the worst they have been since the LA riots of 1992.

Movie paints Lyndon Johnson as lukewarm on “civil rights.”

But blacks are behind because of slavery and Jim Crow.

If Mary Landrieu loses, there will be no Democrat senators in the South.

The terrible legacy of the last amnesty.

Sierra Club is desperate for Hispanic members.

“Those of us who are white have a remarkable capacity for delusions.”

Pat Buchanan says ethnonationalism is taking root in the South.

Infidelity and sexual degeneracy.

This does not stop people claiming Muslims got here before Columbus.

“My heart beats with the African and Caribbean blood of my ancestors.”

They’re suing Quaker Oats for $2 billion and a share of future revenue.

City must oppose “systematic racism towards Indigenous people.”

Cultural Amnesia on Sesame Street


Airbrushing the lefty roots of a cultural icon.


Many appear to be white.

Ten Percent Is Not Enough


The black/white experiment has failed.


There are a million legal black immigrants in the US.

Economist withdraws book review that was not sufficiently anti-slavery.

America is hopelessly racist.

Her apartment was kept as a museum.

Seals may have brought TB from Africa to the New World.

Anthropologists battled Indians and the government for the right to study the 9,000-year-old skeleton.

Blacks have gotten about as far as they can.

Columnist says black students need black teachers.

Greatest Comeback: Nixon, Buchanan, and George Wallace


An insider’s look at the 1968 presidential campaign.

Review by Jared Taylor

Lincoln read an 1854 book called Types of Mankind.

President also said, “Islam has always been part of America.”

Now, high school students could be forced to take them.

Brave New Dead World


Identity is our destiny.


Congress celebrates 50 years of civil rights.

Rename Washington


The nation’s capital is no longer worthy of the name.


Boosting a Civil Rights Legacy, Wall Street Journal

Will yet another civil rights museum attract enough visitors to justify its $100 million cost?

Walter Williams quickly dismantles arguments for reparations.

The George Kennan Diaries


The testament of one of the last great WASPs.


America in 2034


Our flag will still fly on the moon.


“We have got to heal the wreckage of the past.”

Slave had “sucked up all the guilt about black people that was available.”



Ta-Nehisi Coates and the magic words.


From First World to Third World: America’s demographic destiny.

Four years ago, Ta-Nehisi Coates opposed reparations. He’s changed his mind.