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White Slavery Denial, Taki's Magazine

White privilege? What about the slavery suffered by whites–in America.

Worshiping the ground blacks walked on.

400,000-square-foot museum opens this September.

Film dramatizes the plaintiffs in Loving v. Virginia.

Museum curator “is in talks with Black Lives Matter” to make this happen.

Is Diversity a Strength for America?


Remarks at a debate at Kentucky State University.


School will keep the name to “teach and confront the history of slavery in the U.S.”

‘Hamilton’ as the Ultimate Expression of the System


The musical’s fans are all incoherent in different ways.


He says “maybe we do the $2 bill” for Tubman.

Conservative outrage prompted changes in what would have been an anti-white curriculum.

Show intentionally casts non-whites as America’s founders.

Jason Riley says Black History Month is too “politically useful” to be retired.

Delaware is the eighth state to apologize for slavery.

MTV has curious ideas about the importance of blacks.

Peter Brimelow says the holiday has to go.

Things are not always as they seem.

Blacks want to free themselves from the tyranny of having a police force.

“A Race Man,” First and Last


Thurgood Marshall’s climb to the Supreme Court.

Review by Raymond Wolters

Woodrow Wilson: Good or Bad for Whites?


He was sound on race, but some of his policies were doubtful.


A Monument to MLK Will Crown Stone Mountain, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

The mountain is supposed to be a memorial only to the Confederacy.

If liberals like you, you can still be a “racist.”

And a leftist one at that.

Policies that drive away Hispanics could attract blacks.

Ann Coulter schools more “experts.”

Black man calls for more political power for blacks.

DNA finally proves it.

Ann Coulter gives a history lesson to people who should know better.

Old white racists cannot be Democratic symbols.

Rioting “failed to shift the racial power equation.”

And “all of their goddamn families.”

More reasons to feel bad about being white.

US Treasurer: “We’re engaging in a collaborative process to move the discussion forward.”

Blacks were less violent in the 1950s, when poverty and discrimination were much higher.

Refusing to acknowledge your own privilege is a form of discrimination.

“New Birth of Freedom Day” would have fireworks.

Columnist wants Andrew Jackson to give way to Rosa Parks.

What Explains the Black-White Divide?


A black conservative’s diagnosis.

Review by Jared Taylor

Eric Foner Defines America


If you liked the Underground Railroad, you’ll love illegal immigration.


“We’re the slaves who built the White House and the economy of the South.”

The history you won’t read in National Review.

It’s “racist.”

How whites should teach their children about “white privilege.”

He called the Civil Rights Act “the nigger bill” when he was with Southerners.

And this man is a police commissioner?

The Founders considered Islam an example of despotism.

Rough justice wasn’t limited to the South. No mention of whites who were lynched.

Shame, CNS News

New book says blacks are to blame for their own shortcomings.

Honest conversation about race wasn’t possible 50 years ago either.

Black wants to set up memorials where lynchings took place.

Mayor: “I think if history offends people it needs to be rewritten if possible.”