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Black Immigrants Pouring into South Africa


Dan Roodt describes a growing crisis.


Hostages fired on their rescuers, killing seven.

“And no white person can do anything about it.”

Made these remarks the day John Kerry arrived for talks.

Yet another legacy of apartheid.

They all have something in common.

Map of population trends for Europe and Africa puts Mediterranean debate in perspective.

South African blacks are burning out stores run by African immigrants.

South African blacks spit on the white past.

“If you were a Christian you were shot on the spot.”

Black activists flung excrement at Cecil Rhodes statue, which will now be removed from campus.

Shows on ebola and nature preservation featured only whites.

“Whose heritage are we preserving?” blacks ask.

Owner was afraid of customers who may be part of al-Shabaab.

Muslims killed tourists from Italy, Poland, Germany and Spain.

Islamic State says the “caliphate” has now expanded into West Africa.

Government: Witchdoctors are “holding back the development of our country.”

There are still 300 white farmers in the crosshairs.

Risk will increase “as politicians turn to witchcraft to enhance their prospects.”

Sudanese government blocks investigation.

The End of South Africa, National Review

National Review columnist calls for a Boer ethnostate.

“You would see bodies everywhere.”

This was the “black death” in Europe.

He says Zimbabwe’s “land reforms” are a model for the continent.

South Africans resent immigrants.

Developing countries will soon be emitting the most green-house gases.

Insecticide-treated nets are poisoning fish.

New “caliphate” controls territory the size of Belgium.

Probably won’t work in country where 93% of the population believes in witchcraft.

French cultural center also attacked.

Estimated death toll is up to 2,500.

Boko Haram may have killed thousands.

Africans hope to crowdfund their way into space.

White Renegade of the Year–2014


Who did the most damage when he could have done the most good?


Western clothing; African behavior.

Of those excavated, many have blonde or red hair.

Women are bargained for livestock.

A fourth of the gene variants were never previously identified.

They will get work permits, too.

Their businesses depend on superstitious rumors.

Prevents conception for one month.

He calls the “cellphone number for the ancestors” to cure Ebola.

Their remittances account for 2 percent of black African GDP.

Protesters burn parliament building.

US might still medevac sick health workers to other countries.

He’s the first white head of state in Africa since F.W. de Klerk.

Judicial Watch has also heard of this plan.

Government is canceling visas.

Zimbabwe minister says contraceptives were invented to prevent black births.

He caught the virus in Guinea while working for Doctors Without Borders.