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Natives think Ebola was invented by whites to kill blacks.

3,000 US troops to be sent to infected countries.

Even small hospitals are being warned.

Liberian professor says the US infects Africans through vaccines.

70 million Africans, that is.

African countries don’t get “demographic dividends.”

Study Simulates Likelihood of Ebola Spread, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Study suggests US has an 18 percent chance of an outbreak by the end of the month.

Snuffing Out South African Identity


The campaign against the Afrikaners.

Review by F. Roger Devlin

Poachers kill them for various reasons.

The protesters were trying to escape quarantine.

States of emergency declared in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone

Club-wielding raiders yelled “there’s no Ebola!”

Liberians ignoring health warnings.

The Bukusu people insist that strangers adopt Bukusu customs.

The West must be “shamed into real commitment.”

Boko Haram increasingly using women and girls.

Seven out of 10 black Africans don’t have toilets.

Dark-skinned Nigerian defends skin lightening.

Yet more racism?

New Kru Town has 50,000 people and almost no functioning toilets.

They were working for Boko Haram.

VICE shows how blacks’ attitudes help spread Ebola.

Two Americans to be brought back in isolation tents.

Victims don’t seek treatment because they think the disease is sorcery.

Liberian native was returning to Michigan from Africa.

Africans spend months repeatedly trying to climb the fence into Spanish enclaves in North Africa.

Museveni says his people can get along without aid if they “stop sleeping.”

Whites may have killed blacks with arrows.

Disease has already killed 500 people.

Its population is expected to triple by the end of the century.

Amnesty International is “deeply disappointed.”

Ghana bought energy from Ivory Coast to power televisions .

“Kenya’s Kim Kardashian” has spent $170,000 on skin-lightening treatments.

Sorcery at War, New York Times

In the Central African Republic, 60 percent of the women in prison are convicted witches.

Nigerians want to use their “spiritual hunting skills” to take on Boko Haram.

31 percent of Swazi adults have HIV.

26-year-old woman’s body found by French troops.

Captors claim girls have converted to Islam.

Africa’s largest economy is a mess.

The President says “We’re going to do everything we can to provide assistance to them.”

From January to March, 11,000 Africans landed in Italy.

“When you have one million you want ten million.”

“I will marry off a girl at the age of nine.”

The Nuer are killing the Dinka.

Twelve police were injured.

230 schoolgirls were kidnapped from a school.

Separation may be a solution to “massive ethnic-religious cleansing.”

A piece of Africa came along with North America when the continents split.

“Boko Haram” has killed at least 2,000 people in the past six months.

It’s lawful to cut clitorises in Somliland. It is done with only local anesthetic.