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Some African countries already have more obesity than the US.

Earliest known massacre took place in Africa 10,000 years ago.

He says falling commodity prices could trigger an African exodus.

The rankings show an inexplicable pattern.

South African website shuts down comments section because too many were “racist.”

An African Planet? Part II


Africa could collapse into Malthusian catastrophe.


Casual comments lead to criminal charges.

What comes of forcing “liberal” views on others.

Business as usual.

Their own country is a mess.

Speaking event required “tight security” and “armed UN peacekeepers.”

But it’s not “genocide.”

Many end up in Europe.

Spokesman says “We are protecting the gates of Europe.”

African priest: “These witches they eat human flesh, they drink human blood.”

Liberian woman killed by her fiancé.

75 percent of Nigerian women regularly use skin-lightening products.

Zimbabwe’s economy is in shambles and Mugabe’s party may even force him out.

Her new music video takes place in Africa, but features no Africans.

And Winnie sends a thug to intimidate the victim’s family.

“I love light skin,” says Fatou. “I can’t stop.”

Half of the 11 billion could be Africans.

Some mature faster than others.

Worrying about a dead lion is a “First World Problem.”

Keeping white ownership for some farms is “of strategic economic importance.”

The virus is not contained in Guinea and Sierra Leone, and is now reappearing in Liberia.

The Islamic State Attacks Europeans


Is it race or religion?


An African Planet?


Is this the way our world ends?


Attacker gunned down European tourists for more than half an hour.

ICC nearly nabs Sudanese head of state. Mugabe is outraged.

The Fortunes of Africa


A history of Africa before independence.

Reviewed by Thomas Jackson

The fruits of black rule.

“Refugee” Invasion is European Suicide


Europeans have a choice: Wake up or die.


Demand for albino body parts increases in the run-up to elections.

40 percent of South African women can expect to be raped in their lifetimes.

Another chapter in the chaos that is Africa.

Black Immigrants Pouring into South Africa


Dan Roodt describes a growing crisis.


Hostages fired on their rescuers, killing seven.

“And no white person can do anything about it.”

Made these remarks the day John Kerry arrived for talks.

Yet another legacy of apartheid.

They all have something in common.

Map of population trends for Europe and Africa puts Mediterranean debate in perspective.

South African blacks are burning out stores run by African immigrants.

South African blacks spit on the white past.

“If you were a Christian you were shot on the spot.”

Black activists flung excrement at Cecil Rhodes statue, which will now be removed from campus.

Shows on ebola and nature preservation featured only whites.

“Whose heritage are we preserving?” blacks ask.

Owner was afraid of customers who may be part of al-Shabaab.