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Up to 30,000 people could live in this all-white–and legal–South African community.

Niger’s president suggests population control to stem the flow.

Tunisia and Saudi Arabia are building walls, too.

There are 40,000 West Africans in the Twin Cities, and they want to stay.

Young Obama: “If there were a successful black nation . . . .”

“[T]hey survived kidnapping, torture, imprisonment, eviction attempts and criminal accusations.”

Both factions in South Sudan have corrupt leaders.

Why are whites failing to reproduce?

Even blacks are at risk.

The Biological Reality of Race, AR Classic Article

Choice data are accumulating in a neglected field.

Forty Years Since the Soweto Riots


A legacy of arson, destruction, and killing one’s benefactors.


Americans were targeted.

Black author says if blacks want respect–not just pity–they must build at least one successful society.

ANC politicians are promising to steal from whites to win back black voters.

It was supposed to stop the spread of AIDS.

It takes them through the “no-go zones” occupied by blacks after apartheid.

He has HIV, but villagers think sleeping with him is a “cleansing” ritual.

He has a “blueprint” for making Africa thrive.

Author thinks if Africans can feed themselves they’ll stay home.

880 “migrants” died last week trying to cross the Mediterranean.

Bill would allow government to take whites’ land at prices it determines.

He found room in an austerity budget for luxury cars for his four wives.

She said rape is normal in black culture.

South African activist bragged that be made her cry “typical white tears,” leaving him “unable to stop smiling.”

Citizens of poorer countries are more likely to see themselves as “global citizens.”

South African farmers explore new options in Eastern Europe.

The War on Afrikaans


A fight about language is really a fight about race.


Just yesterday, the Italian coastguard picked up 1,600 migrants off the coast of Libya.

Kenya will now let legitimate doctors advertise so they can compete with witch doctors.

Attackers shouted “Allah Akbar.”

In South Africa, there are 80 squatter camps for homeless whites.

Some African countries already have more obesity than the US.

Earliest known massacre took place in Africa 10,000 years ago.

He says falling commodity prices could trigger an African exodus.

The rankings show an inexplicable pattern.

South African website shuts down comments section because too many were “racist.”

An African Planet? Part II


Africa could collapse into Malthusian catastrophe.


Casual comments lead to criminal charges.

What comes of forcing “liberal” views on others.

Business as usual.

Their own country is a mess.

Speaking event required “tight security” and “armed UN peacekeepers.”

But it’s not “genocide.”

Many end up in Europe.

Spokesman says “We are protecting the gates of Europe.”

African priest: “These witches they eat human flesh, they drink human blood.”

Liberian woman killed by her fiancé.

75 percent of Nigerian women regularly use skin-lightening products.

Zimbabwe’s economy is in shambles and Mugabe’s party may even force him out.

Her new music video takes place in Africa, but features no Africans.