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Black who scored low on the ACT believes she was rejected due to her “morals.”

Without passage of amnesty legislation, that’s probably what he will do.

But some Frenchmen are fighting back.

Illegals now calling themselves “undocumented and unafraid.”

They held signs reading “Marco Rubio wants to replace us.”

“We will escalate as much as we need.”

Jared Taylor will be a guest.

“Obama, Obama, don’t deport my mama!”’

The League of the South wants Florida freed from the Union.

Blacks wanting more blacks on campus is “anti-racist activism.”

And to report anyone who joins the march from the street.

Common sense in North Carolina.

They want more set-asides for non-whites.

It said “Diversity is a code word for white genocide.”

African illegals think they have the right to stay.

His company posted a billboard that read “Anti-Racist is a Code Word for Anti-White.”

Among other things, activists have staged a skit likening John Boehner to the Grinch.

They want Obama to let more illegals stay.

And grovels.

But just as many counter-demonstrators march for “tolerance.”

Who Are These Losers?


The origins of Anti-Racist Action.


Even Luis Gutierrez says they go too far.

“Moscow has only just woken up, and Russians have only just started to recognize their identity.”

Demonstration slogan: “it’s wrong to replace us.”

Activists are hoping for a 30,000-strong turnout.

They want to prevent deportations through direct activism.

It reads “Anti-Racist is a code word for Anti-White.”

Many of those protesting the Border Patrol action appear to have been white.

200 activists had themselves arrested.

30 members of Congress expected to attend.

Unite Red October, Red October

White South Africans will protest dispossession.

Only after they are jailed do they reveal they are US citizens.

Opponents are, of course, “extremists.”

Several dozen people participated in the Million Muslim March.

The group could not protest in a Muslim area because of “fears of a serious public disorder.”

Southern Nationalism Is Growing Up


League of the South mixes regional and racial consciousness


Somehow, the saturation coverage missed this.

Demographics should be at the heart of the amnesty debate.

Quebec for Quebecers!


A conversation with a comrade.

Interview by Jared Taylor

Learn how to contact your Congressman about amnesty.

Join like-minded patriots for a day of fellowship.

Reporter asks how the club will be different from the Ku Klux Klan.

Good Numbers at Birmingham Demo, English Defense League

English Defense League puts 4,000 on the street of Britain’s second-largest city.

School hasn’t even started but there is already outrage.

Whites are a minority at Georgia State University.

Rev. Al has a talent for mobilizing over farcical cases.

Taxpayer money “to provide support for protest deployment in Florida.”

Battle flag, watermelons, and “white history month.”

Fifth annual meeting of Identitarian Idea.

Blacks waking up to the threat of amnesty.