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Outside they called for communist revolution and trampled an American flag.

Dozens gathered for a local meet-up in Michigan.

He’s a “stark embodiment of the white supremacy.”

Do You Know an Argument that Works?


How to cure liberals.


Some are calling for a police investigation.

Knocking on Doors for Donald Trump


A few reflections.


Advice from a lawyer on our side.

What Is the Alt Right?, National Policy Institute

AmRen will join a press conference Friday on the subject.

Why are whites failing to reproduce?

Rally for Refugees Is a Dud


Lackluster acts perform for an audience of 300.


Jared Taylor live on NPR with Norman Ornstein, Robert P. Jones, and Rosie Gray.

The beating of a newspaper intern stopped when one attacker said, “Stop! He’s not white! He’s Asian!”

German authorities say Generation Identity’s activities may be “against the free democratic order.”

Jared Taylor on NPR to discuss the Alt Right.

It’s polling at 10 percent nationally.

They say the NAACP is “one of the most racist groups in America.”

Mayor says BLM banner on City Hall is a recognition of “structural racism.”

“Make room for the black and brown brothers and sisters.”

Agitators are blocking interstates and attacking police.

BLM Chaos in Memphis, Special to AR News

James Edwards reports on the lawlessness.

Behind the “Battle of Sacramento”


The Left incites violence with foundation help.


Woman who teaches at MLK middle school assaults political opponents while police watch.

A rare moment of honesty in media.

Five people were stabbed in a clash between “anti-fascists” and the Traditionalist Worker Party.

White teenager’s death sparked a “White Lives Matter” protest.

. . . for their “activism” opposing “racism.”

Press freely admits it was the anti-fa who attacked the Identitarians.

He was hit in the head with a large rock during an 800-strong Identitarian rally.

BLM agitator tried to prevent police from arresting a violent black woman.

Promotional video for a June 11 Identitarian rally in Vienna.

Protestors called 2015 a “turning point.”

Protesters overran barricades, assaulted police, and jumped on squad cars.

Students spent too much time protesting police to complete coursework.

Jury was deadlocked on charges.

Another university surrenders.

The Truth in the Streets


Trump provokes the squabbling racial tribes.


Their signs had slogans like “No Islam on German Soil.”

Hispandering gone wrong.

It took administrators just one day to capitulate.

But it’s Trump who lowers the tone of American politics?

The usual rabble.

Freshman enrollment is down 25 percent and four dorms have had to close.

Hundreds of “anti-racists” fought with the police.

“You are defending the people who kill the lives you say matter.”

The group’s Toronto branch will continue the occupation if their demands are not met.

Katie Hopkins on the anti-immigration protests in Brussels and anarcho-tyranny.

She received a Soros fellowship worth between $58,000 to $110,000.

Generation Identitaire tells illegal immigrants, “no way.”

They wanted her to apologize for mass incarceration.

14,000 rally for funding for sanctuary cities and licenses for illegals.