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Report neglects to mention that blacks attacked the white shooters first.

Black Lives Matter activist attacked at a Birmingham Trump rally.

Neutrality not allowed. College supports the rule.

Black Lives Matter activists invade Dartmouth library, yell “F*ck you, you filthy white f*cks!”

Too few non-whites were involved.

“Poland for the Polish.”

Non-whites said he ignored their complaints; demanded he admit his “white male privilege.”

Says the country is “sliding towards anarchy.”

An attendee’s report.

Older black activist: “All they can do is disrupt and make noise.”

She was trying to pander to them but they wouldn’t listen.

LA mayor’s attempt to pander ends in chaos.

Organizers estimate 40,000 attended.

Trump supporters scuffle with non-white activists.

Farrakhan says “Moses was not an integrationist and neither are we.”

PEGIDA calls Merkel “the most dangerous woman in Europe.”

At least 20 protests are planned.

Justice or Else!, Justice or Else

Louis Farrakhan invites you to an October 10 rally on the DC mall.

25,000 rally against “Islamic flooding.”

With no fear of deportation, younger illegals have grown bold.

Movement attracts people from both Left and Right.

She posed for selfies with them.

Media Lies About the “Refugee” Crisis


Polish media slanted reports on “migrant” demonstrations.


And a few hundred demonstrate to let them in.

University spokeswoman: “A poster like that is obviously a cause for concern . . . .”

An Autopsy of PEGIDA


Lessons for grassroots activists.


That’s the train station where Americans helped stop a Muslim attack.

The great replacement continues in Germany.

They say the fair is “driven by . . . white supremacy.”

He was awarded a scholarship intended for black men, but his parents are white.

Blacks asked her to repudiate the “white supremacist” policies of her husband.

Germans fight displacement.

Which candidate will be next?

“We’re ready for what? We’re ready for war.”

The man fired repeatedly at the police.

They call the crowd “white supremacist liberals.”

Blacks are still pretending Michael Brown was a martyr.

Advertisements apologize for “the mess” caused by “forced begging” in Sweden.

Danville City Council will vote Wednesday whether to take down the Third National.

Movement is even more bizarre than you think.

Northern League is now Italy’s third-most popular party.

Candidates are being bullied to talk about “issues of color.”

Anti-Islam rallies are taking place across Australia.

Southerners rally for their flag.

Protesters chant “Slovakia is not Africa!”

Government started building the 13-foot-high fence this week.

James Edwards report on rally in Memphis.

County commissioners had decided to remove the flag, but have now put it back up.

Flyers pointed out trends in US demographics.

Southerners defend their symbols.