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December 7, 2005

City may ban unsanitary taco trucks. Hispanics cry racism.

‘Racism’ Row Over Fan’s Flag, Manchester Evening News (UK)

Patriotic flag banned at British soccer stadium for being “racist.”

British blacks three times more likely than the rest of population to be sent to insane asylums.

London’s museums get non-white curators.

The Riot Act, Tech Central Station

Much of the French press thinks Alain Finkielkraut is the real villain in the Muslim riots.

December 6, 2005

Museums for blacks are proliferating, but blacks aren’t paying for them.

Pittsburgh is the whitest large city in America, but some want to bring in more immigrants.

Bill requires employers to verify authenticity of workers’ IDs.

Fake document dealers say the police are nothing to worry about.

Deputy president vehemently denies charges.

South African protest against child rape goes awry.

Interior Minister Tests Affirmative Action in French Higher Education, American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers website

Nicolas Sarkozy chooses French university as a testing ground for racial preferences.

Sweden’s Rising Muslim Tide, Christian Science Monitor

Muslim group in Sweden vows to capture and punish pastor who criticizes Islam.

He thinks the military should better reflect diversity of British society.

Anger Over Crucifix Ban, Sky News (UK)

At British school, Sikhs can wear daggers, but Christians can’t wear crucifixes.

African immigrant in Canada explains murder: “Back home that’s how we deal with witches.”

December 5, 2005

Russian nationalist party Rodina barred from election for inciting racial hatred.

Verdicts suggest racially-motivated crimes punished more harshly if criminals are white.

Unbearable stench of uncollected garbage a sign of general collapse in Zimbabwe.

GOP strategists thinks opposition to illegal immigration may give party an edge in 2006.

Government gives National Council of La Raza $4 million in housing bill.

‘See Ya’ Illegals, Brooks Says, Huntsville Times (Al.)

Alabama politician wants to send employers of illegal aliens to prison for 10 years.

Editorialist scolds white youngsters for parties making fun of blacks.

Banks foreclose on two home loans to black congressman.

FEMA removes workers from black New Orleans neighborhood.

Home builder apologizes for information on racial demographics on website.

Residents don’t want the “pimp of the year” to be chosen in Chicago suburb.

Pharoah Furor, Palm Beach Post

Lectures proving Tut was black planned in Fort Lauderdale during archaeological exhibit.

Males who have one variant of the gene have IQs 20 points lower than those who don’t.

My E-Mails Are Proof of White Privilege, Colorado Daily News (Boulder)

American Renaissance readers’ comments distress white privilege professor.

December 2, 2005

New Century Foundation press release objecting to Rosa Parks statue ignored by media.

British tourist refuses to budge from seat meant to be left empty to honor Rosa Parks.

Pimp Juice, Pimp Juice website

Rapper Nelly comes out with new health drink.

Hate crime charges filed against black Muslims who vandalized Arab-owned store.

Ken Mehlman says immigration restrictionists are on the wrong side of history.

US can’t deport serial criminal to Palestine.

Pakistani party puts bounty on head of Danish artists who published cartoons in paper.

Canadian politicians criticize government for not deporting Somali with extensive record.

Race difference studies to follow?

December 1, 2005

“By refusing to give in, Rosa Parks showed that one candle can light the darkness.”

Blacks con welfare and charities by pretending to be Katrina refugees.

The Q-Word & American Realities, National Review Online

Republican politician in Michigan wants to keep racial preferences for diversity’s sake.

Immigration Detention System Strained, San Diego Union-Tribune

Illegal immigrants can spend years in detention centers fighting deportation.

ICE busts “ambitious and creative” marriage fraud scheme.

France to introduce fines for racial discrimination.

Belgian woman who married an Algerian became a suicide bomber in Iraq.

Gunmen Hit German Tour Bus, (SA)

South Africa government effort to promote country to German travel agents goes awry.

African immigrant in Australia knowingly infected European tourists with HIV.

November 30, 2005

“I have embarked on a policy of systematically sending people back,” says Nicolas Sarkozy.

Immigration into Denmark plummets because of restrictive laws.