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January 5, 2006

Other cultures do not share the West’s kindness towards animals.

January 4, 2006

Immigration lawyer outlines just how radical House immigration bill really is.

Study finds Hispanics cost government more than they pay in taxes and drive down wages.

Black and Hispanic fourth graders can’t classify a number as even or odd.

Burning Richmond’s Race Card, East Bay Express (Emeryville, Ca.)

Majority black city so sick of misrule that mayor is willing to put whites in charge.

Australian nationalist party revives after Cronulla race riots.

Australia took in 5,656 Sudanese refugees last year.

Armoured Ambulances in Johannesburg’s Inner City, Mail and Guardian (Johannesburg)

Since residents are prone to attack them, only armored ambulances come to neighborhood.

Spain will give asylum to women and homosexuals who have suffered discrimination.

Rural region will buy camels so that refugees will feel more at home.

January 3, 2006

It’s the Demography, Stupid, The New Criterion

Commentator says Sharia law for Europe possible by 2040.

Teenagers from Middle East epitomize “The Norwegian Dream,” says Prime Minister.

“Too Many Immigrants”, Say Spaniards, MercoPress (Montevideo, Uruguay)

Forty percent of Spaniards identify immigration as the country’s main problem.

Influential group wants Muslim world to boycott Denmark over Mohammed cartoons.

Birthright citizenship ends in New Zealand.

Mexico uses border death to inveigh against House immigration bill.

Nominee more likely than most judges to support deportation of foreign criminals.

Minnesota governor wants to do away with sanctuary cities. readers think he “made the most positive impact on the Black community.”

Black law student wants to remove limit on number of times bar exam can be taken.

Will give cameras to blacks so they can record police abuse.

December 31, 2005

Washington Post slams city that tries to control the effects of immigration.

December 30, 2005

Zirkle Settles Job Suit, Yakima Herald-Republic (Wash.)

Corporation charged with racketeering for hiring illegals settles for $1.3 million.

California alternative rock station changes to “La Preciosa.”

Former official wants school to be named for Cesar Chavez rather than “racist” general.

California apologizes for deporting Mexicans and may pay reparations.

DC government already has offices of Hispanic and Asian affairs.

Black girls and Mexican boys are America’s least fit children.

President’s program encourages schools to ignore the needs of smart children.

Holy Cows In A Small Town, (Buffalo)

White Hindus will appeal ruling that required they remove holy cows from their yard.

Dialoguing for Dollars, OpinionJournal

Ford Foundation spends millions to promote “dialogues” on race at universities.

Guatemala Slashes U.S. Immigration Bill, People’s Daily Online (Beijing)

VP says US treats Latin America as though it were a “sub-hemisphere of criminals.”

British conservatives “reviewing” campaign promise to put quotas on immigrants.

Poland tries to boost population by paying women to have children.

December 29, 2005

First lawsuit in which Justice Dept. has claimed whites suffered racial discrimination in voting.

Houston mayor wants FEMA to help control Katrina refugee crime wave.

Racketeering Claims Cast, Yakima Herald-Republic (Wash.)

Lawsuit soon to begin will decide whether hiring illegals is a crime against American workers.

Local Births Mirror Nation, Courier News (Elgin, Ill.)

Hispanic birth rate nearly twice that of whites.

Supported by public, congressmen will continue to fight for end of birthright citizenship.

Only four states check citizenship before awarding Medicaid.

Law firm tries to revive suit against school that taught students how to “become Muslims.”

Net migration has gone from 50,000 to 223,000 per year under British Labour rule.

French politician wants racial preferences for non-whites, but also calls them “louts.”

Mexican commentator: “Corruption seems to be part of our DNA.”

Town of liberal artists in South Africa doesn’t like it when blacks build settlement nearby.

December 28, 2005

Black, Indian, and Hispanic gangs plague Canadian cities.

Policeman: “It is near impossible to get criminals deported from Canada.”

Eight to ten people are kidnapped every day in Haiti.

India builds wall to keep out Bangladeshis.

Father’s gruesome murder of three daughters over “honor” typical of Pakistan.