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September 12, 2005

New Orleans mayor suggests federal government hates black people.

Experts give various explanations of why there are so few black campers.

On TV today, “color is cool and white is washed out.”

Political analysts keep a close eye on Jerry Kilgore’s gubernatorial campaign.

Al-Qaeda agent planned to bring fellows in through Mexico.

BNP Newspapers Seized at Dover, British National Party Website

No British company will print BNP’s newspaper.

Columnist notes parallels between the rise of Nazism and current growth of European Islam.

Ontario Sharia Plan Protested, Globe and Mail (Toronto)

Feminists protest plan to allow sharia tribunals for Muslim family disputes.

Teacher suing school district for racial discrimination to appear on TV.

September 9, 2005

National Guard finds 40 mutilated bodies in Convention Center.

New Orleans resident says the police taught neighborhood how to loot.

Blacks take care of their own.

White Chicago politician has strong words for black who cries racism.

Study finds living in white countries bad for blacks’ health.

Two candidates, both named Nguyen, vie for city council seat.

House Panel Approves Bill to Abolish Diversity Lottery, Federation for American Immigration Reform

Subcommittee on Immigration wants to get rid of immigration crap shoot.

Deportation Likely for Ill Immigrant, San Antonio Express-News

Hospital staff say they will miss demented illegal alien with criminal record.

Racial disparities are as bad in Britain as in the US.

Foreign-born population surges.

Living standards decline in Africa, especially South Africa, mainly because of AIDS.

Will address local group in Northern Virginia.

September 8, 2005

Gun sales soar in Baton Rouge and Houston.

Rapper who said President doesn’t care about blacks is “filling a void of leadership.”

Mayor insisted on Greyhound buses for hurricane evacuation.

Man Shot In Possible Bias Attack, New York Daily News

Black shouts racial slurs and shoots white in the back.

Forum Canceled on Border Project, San Jose Mercury News

Appearance by Minuteman Chris Simcox cancelled after Hispanics threaten violence.

Pro-immigrant groups protest arrests of menacing illegals.

Largely Hispanic state assembly continues to push licences for illegals.

New York schools translate report cards into Haitian Creole, Urdu, and Arabic.

A Niche in Ethnic Hitches, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Georgia civic center hosts curious ethnic weddings.

So many Kenyan farmers have AIDS that the amount of cultivated land has declined 68 percent.

September 7, 2005

New Orleans “is like Baghdad on a bad day,” says National Guardsman.

British tourists complain of shameful treatment by New Orleans police.

City was largely responsible for weak levees.

Some of the whitest parts of the country prepare for refugees.

Blacks believe hurricane evacuation a plot to run them out of the city.

ICE official thinks illegals have only “technically” violated the law.

Entrant Costs Triple $1.5M Gov. Promised, Arizona Daily Star (Tucson)

Arizona officials say country needs to declare a national immigration emergency.

Cal. state assembly passes bill to give reparations to Mexicans deported in 1930s.

Asian fraternity is developing a reputation for violence.

Europeans increasingly suspect that integration isn’t what Muslims want.

September 6, 2005

New Orleans refugees may be headed your way.

White columnist believes fear of refugees is due to Southerners’ prejudices.

Celine Dion: Let ‘Em Loot!,

Pop diva believes the poor have a right to loot.

Black leader declares “refugee” a racist term.

Looters were merely angry they weren’t getting value for their tax dollars.

Loot Loops,

Urban legend watchdog takes on a claim of anti-black media bias.

US tells Mexico it will not prosecute New Orleans illegals.

Legal foundation helps residents sue town for abetting illegal immigrants.

Hispanic soldiers smuggled cocaine from Columbia.