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March 16, 2006

Violent Crime Rips the Heart out of Family, Sunday Times (Johannesburg)

Eight members of white South African farm family have been murdered.

MS-13 now active in Canada.

March 15, 2006

At California churches, not only are many parishioners illegals, but so are many pastors.

States try to compensate for lack of federal immigration law enforcement.

Non-white lawyers’ groups demand sensitivity training for judges.

SD Immigrant Prostitution, North County Times (Escondido, Cal.)

Two Mexican men convicted of forcing their wives to work as prostitutes.

China refuses to take back 39,000 illegal immigrants.

Truth Still Matters, Michigan Review (U. of Michigan, Ann Arbor)

Evidence for highly publicized “hate crime” at university lacking.

Racial gap in math scores widen as students get older.

Black. White.,

Whites are on the defensive in new TV reality show.

Two Asian men killed after attacking whites in Manchester, England gang war.

British police department threw out 200 applications from white men.

Krekar Claims Islam Will Win, Aftenposten (Oslo)

“We’re the ones who will change you,” declares Iraqi refugee in Norway.

March 14, 2006

In Los Angeles, two out of three deaths of young black men are from homicide.

Successful black women have a hard time finding anyone to date.

Better or Verse, New York Post

Parents get their backs up when 7-year-old black power poet recites at rural NY schools.

After 40 years of desegregation, church has only one elderly white member.

Hispanics are out to get judge who asks defendants whether they’re here illegally.

Activism by illegal immigration protestors changes government policy.

Southeast Asian Youths at Risk, Study Concludes, Contra Costa Times (Walnut Creek, Cal.)

They are more likely to be arrested than any other group except blacks in California city.

Zimbabwe went from bread-basket to basket-case during his rule.

German birth rate declines yet further.

March 13, 2006

School in LA’s gangland a disaster zone despite new computers and ballet studio.

Study finds rise in AIDS rate among blacks caused by rise in incarceration rate.

Illinois governor dedicates Feb. 12 to Nation of Islam group.

Town’s public art committee opposes statue of white family.

Colorado representative apologizes for propagating essay on black behavior during Katrina.

Quiz will screen immigrants for tolerance of homosexuality and knowledge of Dutch.

Turkey believes Mohammed cartoons fit grounds for prosecution.

Canadian court rules it illegal for web hosts to do business with “hate” websites.

Prospects for the White Tribe, AR Conference Presentation

Dan Roodt’s talk on South African whites at the AR conference now online.

March 10, 2006

Senate Panel Approves Plan to Hire 10,000 More Border Officers, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin (Ontario, Cal.)

Judiciary Committee votes down plan for border fence.

Md. city councilor discovers Hispanic activists and politicians have no sense of humor.

Police cry foul when Hispanic throws carcass from car after sacrificing chicken for luck.

Minnesota Prof Censored for Posting Mohammed Cartoons, Foundation for Individual Rights in Education

College professor causes stir by posting Mohammed cartoons on bulletin board.

Marion Barry racks up another conviction.

The desecration of churches under Turkish rule a portent for the rest of Europe.

Denmark’s Intifada, American Conservative

Denmark shows that Europe may not yet be lost.

Betrayal of Brick Lane, Daily Mail (London)

How Bangladeshis came to the East End of London and didn’t integrate.

No European country is taking in immigrants more rapidly than Spain.

At Spanish festivals, only Muslims are exempt from satire.

March 9, 2006

Muslim vote throws immigration-restrictionists out of office in Holland.

New British immigration system will draw low-skilled labor from Europe.

Poll says Norway’s Progress Party the most popular in the country.

Is This Racist?, Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, UK)

British government official draws fire for calling city “hideously white.”

Belgian paying illegal aliens and rejected asylum seekers to go home.

French president hopes more non-whites on TV will prevent future rioting.

Senate proposal for ‘gold cards’ would let illegals stay forever.

Whistle-blower reveals shambles at US immigration services.

Senate Ratifies Limits on Illegals, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Bill to deny illegals welfare benefits passes Georgia Senate.