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February 14, 2006

Chicago school renamed “Emmett Louis Till Math & Science Academy.”

Illegal aliens sue FEMA for not giving them aid after Katrina.

Hispanic Navy men to be tried for human smuggling.

Debit cards used to buy pornography and make bail payments.

Rally urges Americans to contemplate the desolation of life without immigrants.

Boehner, or GOP, Must Bend, Washington Post

New House majority leader one of the few who voted against immigration enforcement bill.

6 Arrests Tied to E. African Gang, Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Gang of Ethiopians and Somalis terrorizes university neighborhood in Seattle.

Latin American countries to lobby American politicians over House immigration bill.

Only Muslims protest proposal for stricter immigration laws.

Non-whites two and a half times more likelty to be unemployed than native Dutch.

German artist withdraws sculpture critical of Islam after threats.

February 13, 2006

Second killing in recent black-Hispanic riots in Los Angeles jails.

Jail race riots a sign of broader black-Hispanic hostility.

New movie features Border Patrol agent who murders an illegal.

Integration Later, Inside Higher Ed

University of Alabama’s fraternities and sororities remain racially segregated.

African refugees in America now find themselves persecuted by American blacks.

US customs finds macabre contraband in Haitian’s luggage.

Many of Kinshasa’s street children were turned out for being witches.

French don’t take kindly to black evangelical churches.

On surveillance tape, imam also says non-Muslims “cockroaches” ripe for extermination.

Border Patrol agent calls on US to end military foreign aid to Mexico after border incursions.

February 10, 2006

Tale of the sufferings of a black basketball team in the ’60s mostly lies.

Article claims race doesn’t matter for today’s college students.

Hispanic gangs punish any jail inmate caught acting friendly to blacks.

Hispanic customs officer took bribes to let in illegals.

Drug cartel warns witnesses to Mexican military incursion to stay away from the border.

Andrew Fraser, professor who supports a white Australia, will return to the classroom

British government spends more on Ramadan than on Christmas.

Swedish government shuts down right-wing party’s website displaying cartoons of Mohammed.

Nature, not nurture, determines whether children are good at reading.

February 9, 2006

Not enough blacks and Hispanics passed.

Lawyer challenges high school exam on the ground that it discriminates against non-whites.

White Washington policeman loses racial profiling lawsuit.

Website sued for ads that specify race of desired roommates.

Brawling between blacks and Hispanics continues at California jail.

White coed explains what bugs her about ethnic men.

Congressmen speak at Minuteman rally outside Capitol.

Poll of British Muslims, Populus (London)

One quarter of British Muslims agree with Abu Hamza.

Police think weapons found in London mosque used at terror training-camps in Britain.

White farmer greets offer with disgust.

February 8, 2006

A Bigger, Blacker GOP, Frontpage Magazine

White voters jump at the chance to vote for black candidates who are remotely palatable.

Universities recruit blacks into PhD programs, but care less about whether they graduate.

Black Spending Habits, Digital Digest (Detroit)

Detroit is the world’s largest market for Cognac.

Anti-gang program gets off to a poor start.

Lecturer: Blacks Have Yet to Heal, Herald News (Paterson, NJ)

Black lecturer tells university audience blacks suffer from “post-traumatic slave syndrome.”

Most Katrina looting won’t show up in city’s crime reports.

Judge Rules Against Immigration Group, KFMB News 8 (San Diego)

Judge upholds town’s decision to bar Minutemen from parade.

Bonfire of the Pieties, Wall Street Journal (New York City)

Islam does not forbid making images of Mohammed.

Jamaica’s homicide rate is 10 times higher than that of US.

Haiti is worse than ever.