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February 9, 2006

Website sued for ads that specify race of desired roommates.

Brawling between blacks and Hispanics continues at California jail.

White coed explains what bugs her about ethnic men.

Congressmen speak at Minuteman rally outside Capitol.

Poll of British Muslims, Populus (London)

One quarter of British Muslims agree with Abu Hamza.

Police think weapons found in London mosque used at terror training-camps in Britain.

White farmer greets offer with disgust.

February 8, 2006

A Bigger, Blacker GOP, Frontpage Magazine

White voters jump at the chance to vote for black candidates who are remotely palatable.

Universities recruit blacks into PhD programs, but care less about whether they graduate.

Black Spending Habits, Digital Digest (Detroit)

Detroit is the world’s largest market for Cognac.

Anti-gang program gets off to a poor start.

Lecturer: Blacks Have Yet to Heal, Herald News (Paterson, NJ)

Black lecturer tells university audience blacks suffer from “post-traumatic slave syndrome.”

Most Katrina looting won’t show up in city’s crime reports.

Judge Rules Against Immigration Group, KFMB News 8 (San Diego)

Judge upholds town’s decision to bar Minutemen from parade.

Bonfire of the Pieties, Wall Street Journal (New York City)

Islam does not forbid making images of Mohammed.

Jamaica’s homicide rate is 10 times higher than that of US.

Haiti is worse than ever.

Despite a few wealthy blacks driving BMWs, South Africa is still Africa.

February 7, 2006

GOP Tackles Illegal Immigration, Oregonian (Portland)

Illegal immigration is taking on a new importance in gubernatorial campaigns.

Police are becoming increasingly involved in immigration law enforcement.

Pres. Bush includes funding for amnesty in 2006 budget.

Another bank begins offering home loans to illegals.

Producer doesn’t think it’s hard to believe that Jesus was black.

British Muslim cleric who preached death to non-believers sentenced.

French minister wants to make it easier to expel undesirables.

SA will use its right to expropriate white-owned farms without a court order more often.

Pornography, strip joints, and casinos booming in Johannesburg.

Firm will offer vitamins tailored to the needs of different races.

February 6, 2006

Prison segregates black and Hispanic inmates after race riot. But that may be against the law.

Black high school student says he wants to kill white people.

Black cop’s apparently unprovoked shooting of unarmed Hispanic caught on camera.

In Connecticut, you can be arrested for “ridicule on account of race, creed or color.”

Rebel Flag Shakes Up Assembly, Columbia Daily Tribune (SC)

Students protest lack of attention to Southern culture at high school “multicultural assembly.”

President urges Congress to be reasonable and let in more foreign workers.

British government doesn’t arrest Muslim demonstrators who threaten murder of whites.

African immigrant in Britain sends child home to Congo for exorcism.

Britain tells elite universities to admit more non-whites.

Sydney police told not to arrest Muslims on night of revenge attacks for Cronulla riots.

February 3, 2006

Muslims from Palestine to Indonesia riot and condemn Mohammed cartoons.

US slams Jyllands-Posten for inciting religious and ethnic hatred . . .

. . . and the European elites join in.

French companies seek a way to “reflect the diversity of France.”

The Jail Run By Al-Qaeda, Mirror (London)

Al-Qaeda members take over British jail and beat their faith into the other prisoners.

Residents of town want ICE to arrest day laborers. ICE makes excuses.

Man fired for sending “very racial and very discriminatory” e-mail to town councilwoman.

Minneapolis public schools are so bad that “black flight” is now a problem.

Local Educators Confront Black Achievement Gap, North County Times (Escondido, Cal.)

Education official says the key to closing the gap is understanding ebonics.

New book argues against theory that blacks get worse treatment because of racial bias.

February 2, 2006

BNP hate-speech case will be retried after hung jury.

Norwegian Arab lawyer wants to protect minorities from insult or mockery.