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March 10, 2006

Md. city councilor discovers Hispanic activists and politicians have no sense of humor.

Police cry foul when Hispanic throws carcass from car after sacrificing chicken for luck.

Minnesota Prof Censored for Posting Mohammed Cartoons, Foundation for Individual Rights in Education

College professor causes stir by posting Mohammed cartoons on bulletin board.

Marion Barry racks up another conviction.

The desecration of churches under Turkish rule a portent for the rest of Europe.

Denmark’s Intifada, American Conservative

Denmark shows that Europe may not yet be lost.

Betrayal of Brick Lane, Daily Mail (London)

How Bangladeshis came to the East End of London and didn’t integrate.

No European country is taking in immigrants more rapidly than Spain.

At Spanish festivals, only Muslims are exempt from satire.

March 9, 2006

Muslim vote throws immigration-restrictionists out of office in Holland.

New British immigration system will draw low-skilled labor from Europe.

Poll says Norway’s Progress Party the most popular in the country.

Is This Racist?, Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, UK)

British government official draws fire for calling city “hideously white.”

Belgian paying illegal aliens and rejected asylum seekers to go home.

French president hopes more non-whites on TV will prevent future rioting.

Senate proposal for ‘gold cards’ would let illegals stay forever.

Whistle-blower reveals shambles at US immigration services.

Senate Ratifies Limits on Illegals, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Bill to deny illegals welfare benefits passes Georgia Senate.

Customs Agent Arrested, Brownsville Herald

Another Hispanic border official caught taking bribes to let drugs across.

Two Sides of the Same Coin, Center for Immigration Studies

Study finds legal and illegal immigration rise together.

Janet Napolitano sends more National Guardsmen to the border.

March 8, 2006

City will investigate ad agencies’ hiring practices and their attitude toward diversity.

Pre-School Mixing For Diversity, Jersey Journal (Jersey City)

Hoboken school board wants tots from mansions and public housing mixed together.

Workshops ordered after staff member joked about college “Diversification Breakfast.”

Confederate flag T-shirts not allowed at school, but Malcolm X T-shirts are.

Newspaper explains why it doesn’t tell the race of crime suspects.

Black high-schoolers break white classmate’s jaw for intruding on “black-only” bus stop.

Whites’ risk of death increases after spouses die, but not blacks’.

Border counties struggle to pay costs of illegal immigrants.

Immigrants: We Aren’t Criminals, News Journal (Wilmington)

20,000 immigrants rally at Capitol for amnesty.

Professor Pushes Students to Reach out to Immigrants, Kentucky Kernel (University of Kentucky, Lexington)

Professor has illegal aliens speak to students to inspire them to do social work for Hispanics.

Mexican human smuggler tells his men to shoot at Border Patrol.

British race realist professor Frank Ellis goes on the radio to defend his views.

March 7, 2006

Assistant DA fired for attending AR conference points out double standard.

Illegals are 25 percent of agricultural workers.

Non-whites increasingly moving to smaller majority-white cities.

Mortgage lenders won’t operate in county because of law to prevent lending discrimination.

Black fire chief failed to promote them because of their race.

New Orleans mayor tells black audience rival candidates “don’t look like us.”

Areas with Hispanic and Caribbean populations see a surge in machete attacks.

British tots learn to sing “Baa baa, rainbow sheep.”

English police confiscate and then return three black “golliwog” dolls from shop.

Zimbabwe Says It Can’t Remove Every White Farmer, Mail and Guardian (Johannesburg)

Official wants remaining white farmers to stay and calls new black farmers “beggars.”

March 6, 2006

Katrina refugees wear out their welcome.

Teacher Corps Flees, New York Daily News

Group that tries to help students at urban schools finds school too violent even for them.

Hartford neighborhood thinks classical music in park will keep away crooks.

Black Resident Gave Out KKK Fliers, Police Say, Daily Press (Hampton Roads, Va.)

Another hoax.

NAACP demands state explain what actions may be taken against AR conference attendee.

US immigration agency more worried about granting visas quickly than detecting fraud.

Illegals were held 20 to a room in “absolute squalor.”