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October 5, 2005

The Color of Crime, Men’s News Daily

Our report is “the most scientifically rigorous research on crime and race available.”

Trinidadian murderer in NYPD the “poster boy” for today’s diverse police force.

Black congressmen and leaders continue to support him despite Katrina conspiracy theory.

Black employee says he’ll drop discrimination lawsuit for sinecure.

Lawsuit claims racial gaps in test scores prove schools discriminating against blacks.

Brooklyn sees another black-on-white attack.

“American Idol” winner can’t read her recording contracts.

Minuteman founder forces Republican into runoff in congressional race.

Hispanic border officials convicted of drug and human smuggling.

Senate Democrats petition relief agencies not to inquire about immigration status.

Ohio sheriff stands up to Mexican consul on “racial profiling.”

Tempers Flare at Valletta Protest, Times (Valletta, Malta)

Hundreds protest illegal immigrants’ invasion of Malta.

October 4, 2005

Prison bans staff from wearing English national flag for fear of offense to Muslims.

Britain’s “descent into dhimmitude is beyond parody.”

US encourages Europe to accept Turkey into the EU.

Republicans offer no resistance to absurd provisions of Voting Rights Act.

Other top-10 picks for world president include Kofi Annan and George Soros.

How Corruption Holds Back Africa’s Oil Industry, Daily Mail and Guardian (Johannesburg)

Poor countries in Africa have enough oil to make them rich, says economist.

Reported crime is declining in city because people taking the law into own hands.

Fresno just brought in 2,000 Hmong; now mayor wants Katrina refugees too.

Discrimination lawsuit against Cleveland Fire Dept. creates bad blood.

Outrage Erupts At Anti-Affirmative Action Rally, Daily Illini (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Brave college student attracts angry mob.

80 malpractice lawsuits against immigrant doctor who is now health official in Pakistan.

Sexual assaults reach ten-year high in majority Hispanic town.

White advocacy group will remember string of black-on-white murders in the 1970s.

October 3, 2005

Class action lawsuit charges school district gives blacks an inadequate education.

Rushton Revisited, Ottawa Citizen

Outrage towards race realist diminishes over time.

“Latino tsunami” will mean blacks no longer occupy prize place in “minority politics.”

Black women’s high AIDS rate due in part to homosexuality among black men.

Pundit fears scandal over his remarks on black criminality may harm company.

US Citizenship and Immigration Service faces 2,500 misconduct charges.

Illegal immigration a central issue in Virginia gubernatorial race.

Minuteman founder Jim Gilchrist runs for Congress.

Students were suing over racial preferences in university admissions.

Mayor wants to erect statue of Nelson Mandela in London landmark.

British council office must remove all items depicting pigs.

September 30, 2005

“Citizenism” is not the answer.

Symposium asks why only American Renaissance could see the truth about Katrina.

Postscript on Katrina, Jared Taylor

Some of the facts about Katrina may have been wrong, but the lesson remains the same.

The Hallmark of the Underclass, Charles Murray, Wall Street Journal

Katrina has reintroduced America to the underclass.

New Orleans police investigated for looting during Katrina.

Guilty Whites, FrontPageMagazine

Columnist thinks whites don’t defend themselves against charges of racism because of guilt.

Reagan official in hot water after he says aborting blacks would lower crime.

Black congressman says cabinet official’s remarks are “foreboding.”

Congresswoman thinks 2000 elections the cause of poor federal response to Katrina.

Mr. King can’t get along with his family.

Minutemen to begin patrolling this weekend in all states that border on Mexico.

Greyhound’s Policies Have Many Fuming, Vida en el Valle (Fresno)

Bus company tells employees not to sell tickets to illegal aliens.

Immigration minister wants Indians to stay in Britain.

The Revolution in Haiti, American Renaissance, Apr. 2001

A slaughter of whites brought Africa to our doorstep.