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February 28, 2006

He says he didn’t know it was against the law to have sex with 10-year-old girl.

February 27, 2006

Post is more interested in how people dressed at AR conference than what the speakers said.

First draft of Senate immigration bill contains guest-worker program.

Putting the National Guard on the border is no longer a radical idea.

HIV’s Hidden Victims, Los Angeles Times

Hispanic women twice as likely as whites to have AIDS.

Exit Exam a Test of Determination, San Francisco Chronicle

40,000 high school seniors in California can’t pass English exit exam.

Tucsonans protest Mexican official’s giving speech in Spanish.

Study Links Racism, Disorders, Deseret Morning News (Salt Lake City)

Psychologist has $260,000 grant to study whether “racism” is causing Hispanics to lose sleep.

Tennessee’s suspends giving “driving certificates” to illegals after widespread abuse.

Illegal aliens may be building border fence in San Diego.

Hispanic attack blacks following Black History Month event at prison.

Rest of Europe may soon follow Holland’s lead in rejecting multiculturalism.

February 24, 2006

Jews (but not gentile whites) cry foul when Nation of Islam official appointed to panel.

A Bittersweet Renaissance, Washington Post

Residents of reviving DC neighborhood worry that it might not stay black.

University punishes college group over “affirmative action bakesale.”

State denies funding to school that won’t admit Ecuadorean because of immigration status.

Hispanic organization says it will picket schools attended by Minutemen’s children.

Senate Toughens ID Acquisition, Badger-Herald (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

Wisconsin legislature passes bill preventing illegals from getting drivers’ licenses.

Asian sex-slavery rings busted in Texas and California.

Man convicted under German law against insulting religious beliefs.

The “Internet mujahadeen” stage their largest attack ever.

Ultimatum to Muslims, Daily Telegraph (Sydney)

Australia’s Treasurer says Muslims who want to live under sharia law should leave.

Another SPLC rehash from the Washington Post.

February 23, 2006

Md. county abandons gifted programs after complaints blacks were underrepresented.

Group Takes Steps to Boost Number of Minority Lawyers, Contra Costa Times (San Francisco)

ABA diversity standards may force California law schools to violate the law.

Black school board reluctantly hires white man as school superintendent.

Biased Doctors?, National Review Online

Blacks do receive worse medical treatment than whites, but not because of biased doctors.

Black Atlanta mayor’s administration was riddled with corruption.

White House renews “temporary” protected status for Central Americans.

Plan to restrict foreign-born researchers’ access to military technologies abandoned.

Another tale of Hispanic family values.

Crime-wracked Mexican town forced to fire more police officers for corruption.

Two Russian newspapers shut down after publishing drawings of Mohammed.

February 22, 2006

Blacks less likely than whites to be hate crime victims, but far more likely to be perpetrators.

Bilingual Hispanic characters on children’s TV a sign of demographic transformation.

The Art of Compromise, St. Paul Pioneer Press

Art classes at majority-Muslim school in St. Paul don’t teach how to draw human form.

Several states debate prosecuting employers who hire illegal aliens.

Churches Out of Step, Tancredo Says, Rocky Mountain News (Denver)

Congressman asks church-goers to stand up to churches that oppose House immigration bill.

Party will use cartoon controversy to win working-class voters from Labour.

Wife of Muslim who organized London cartoon protests gets $3,000/month in welfare.

If US were to attack, Southerners would side with North.

Hesperophobia (cont.), John Derbyshire’s website

Article spiked by National Review says non-whites hate us because of our superiority.

February 21, 2006

Hate crimes between blacks and Hispanics in California reveal increasing racial tension.

Los Angeles workers resent Pres. Bush’s guest-worker proposal.

Supreme Court rules it’s legitimate for blacks to sue after being called “boys” by boss.

The Future of the Detroit Zoo, (Detroit)

Cash-strapped city won’t let outside organization take over zoo because it’s disrespectful to blacks.

Texas Republicans compete to sound toughest on immigration.

Illegal immigrants can sue employers for lost wages if they are hurt on the job.

Dutch politician proposes compulsory abortion for certain groups.

Mali plans to outlaw the custom.