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January 11, 2006

Report: MS-13 Gang Hired to Murder Border Patrol, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin (Ontario, Cal.)

Border Patrol says human smugglers plan on paying to have them killed.

Mexico claims shooting demonstrated America’s lack of concern for human rights.

Relatives of Cesar Chavez enrich themselves off his legacy and do little for farm workers.

Demographic Crisis of the GOP, Patrick J. Buchanan

The Hispanic strategy isn’t working for the White House.

Candidate says Mexico needs president who stands up to US on border wall.

School that banned kilt at high school dance admits it was wrong.

White official accuses black boss of giving promotion to a less qualified black man.

Marion Barry may have to go to prison again.

Alain Finkielkraut referred to “victims of slavery who now live off French state hand-outs.”

African country celebrates National Voodoo Day.

January 10, 2006

Mexico tells America it must give illegals amnesty.

Burbank Hiring Site Draws Ire, Los Angeles Times

Cal. city made Home Depot build a day laborer center.

Democratic Az. governor takes a page from Republicans’ book as election nears.

Many in Manassas support overcrowding law at town meeting.

LULAC: Minutemen are “domestic terrorists.”

30 percent of blacks think winning lottery more practical than getting rich by saving.

Black anti-death penalty advocates seem concerned only about the executions of blacks.

Major Canadian political parties vying for the immigrant vote.

Denmark prosecutor won’t file charges against paper for Mohammed cartoons.

Forty percent of all airplane crashes take place in five African countries.

Even Newsweek recognizes that race matters in photo-essay on Johannesburg.

January 9, 2006

Report: Segregation Increasing, San Francisco Examiner

San Francisco’s schools resegregated after integration was no longer required.

Migrants a Top Issue For Voters, Arizona Republic (Phoenix)

Immigration is the most important issue for Arizona voters this year.

Anglo Makes Most-Wanted List, Park Record (Park City, Ut.)

A rare honor in Utah town where Hispanics are a minority, but a majority of criminals.

Illegal Workers Create ID Crisis, Pioneer Press (St. Paul)

Illegal arrested for stolen ID says he paid good money for it.

Corporation does nothing wrong, but apologizes to blacks anyway.

Marion Barry, Act XVII, Washington Post

Black columnists says it’s “hard to dislike” Marion Barry.

Mexico’s Contradictions Playing U.S. for Fools, San Bernadino County Sun (San Bernadino)

Mexican politicians afraid of economic collapse if border-wall is built, says commentator.

Muslim MP in Britain complains police too lax on non-white criminals.

Camilla’s Protector Paid Out, Herald Sun (Melbourne)

Bodyguard sues British police for over-promoting him because he is black.

Chinese ask British parliament for change in immigration policy to save chop suey houses.

France continues the creep towards racial preferences.

Mark Steyn misses the point in discussing Europe’s Muslim problem.

January 6, 2006

Nearly half of births in London to foreign-born mothers.

A quarter of arrested terrorist suspects in Britain are asylum seekers.

British collect DNA of arrested criminals. 37 percent of black men are in database.

Muslims outraged at German requirement that immigrants accept German values.

Japanese would rather have robots serving them than Filipinos.

Martin Apologizes for Chinese Head Tax, Globe and Mail (Toronto)

Canadian PM apologizes for law that restricted Chinese immigration from 1880s to 1920s.

School won’t let girls carry Confederate flag purses.

Black premature babies more likely to survive than whites.

Poll finds majority of Americans support increased border security but also amnesty.

MS-13 is innovative and organized, as well as violent.

Minnesota mayors oppose governor’s call to end sanctuary laws.

January 5, 2006

Manassas suspends overcrowding ordinance after ACLU pressure.

36 groups will protest illegal immigration in 20 states this Saturday.

Citizens speak out against day-laborers at town meetings in New York and California.

Groups say police have underestimated post-Katrina crime.

Black-on-white mob violence the reason why city has the most hate crimes in Florida.

New ghetto fashion discourages crime witnesses from helping police.