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September 28, 2005

Twenty-eight percent of Muslim students would not immediately tell police about terror plots.

Police to Look at Blair’s Outburst, Daily Post (Conwy, Wales)

Police investigate Tony Blair for remarks about the Welsh.

Policeman on trial for writing to politician about “criminals called Mohammed.”

Norwegian teens more clear-sighted on immigration than adults.

South Africa seizes five white-owned farms for “land restitution.”

South African farmers union says blacks better off because of whites.

Toronto considers all-black schools because of high suspensions and dropouts.

48 percent of UC Berkeley’s freshman class is Asian.

Concern That Borders On Fear, San Antonio Express-News

Citizen groups and local governments increasingly enforce immigration law.

Funny Choices, Los Angeles Times

Studio won’t release movie because it has the word “Muslim” in its title.

3 Arrested on Hate-Crime Charges, Richmond Times-Dispatch

Blacks beat white because he was in a black neighborhood and was an easy target.

September 27, 2005

Legal immigration down since 2001; illegal immigation up.

Number of matricula consulars issued increase 9-fold in five years.

Judge told Hispanic to learn English or lose custody of her daughter.

Peaceful Protests Don’t Stop Immigrant Program, Statesman Journal (Salem, Or.)

Group protests event at which Oregon government explains services to illegals.

Suspects Dispute Hate Crime, Michigan Daily (Ann Arbor)

University student charged with felony hate crime over harmless accident.

“Civil rights leader” assaulted a critic of Rainbow/PUSH.

Black pastor has been arrested three times for soliciting a prostitute.

Black schoolchildren rip clothes off girls on schoolbus and take pictures.

Muslim Representatives Double in Germany, Iranian Quran News Agency (Tehran)

Germany now has five Turkish representatives in the Reichstag.

Heading Home to Chaos, Spiegel (Hamburg)

Germany tells Afghan refugees to go home and will deport them if necessary.

Muslim refugees in Norway demand special treatment at asylum center and attack employees.

SW Asians in British city import 60 percent of spouses from home country.

South Africa’s loans show a “fawning attitude” towards Mugabe.

September 26, 2005

Two black-on-white racial attacks in one day in New York City.

Lawsuit claims rules against racial profiling prevent cops from enforcing the law.

301 of 547 Katrina refugees airlifted to South Carolina have criminal backgrounds.

Rumors of Deaths Greatly Exaggerated, New Orleans Times-Picayune

Some reports of violence at the Superdome and Convention Center prove false.

Light-Skinned Tut Fuels the Ire of Activists, Scholars, South Florida Sun-Sentinel (Fort Lauderdale)

Black “scholars” believe reconstruction of Pharaoh should be black.

Koreans in Los Angeles find it’s more useful to learn Spanish than English.

Canada plans to increase immigration by 35 percent.

Australian professor blasts university for not publishing Drew Fraser.

Homegrown Gangstas, Weekly Standard

Non-white French rappers believe France is a “whore.”

White Farmers ‘Rubbish’, (South Africa)

New attacks against white farmers in Zimbabwe after minister calls them “rubbish.”

‘Whites Only, Please’, Mail and Guardian (Johannesburg)

Many whites on interracial dating sites won’t consider dating a black.

Whites over-represented and blacks under-represented in Iraq deaths.

September 23, 2005

College newspaper gets in trouble for article on black crime based on our report.

Eye-witnesses describe wholesale looting by police, but department denies it.

Black student hits girl because she is white.

200 blacks and Hispanics square off in California prison.

However, Hispanic Texas politicians want them out.

Hispanic Chicago politician wants to be in the Mexican government too.

U.S. Finds New Way to Target Gangs, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

Police in Milwaukee arrest Hispanic gang members for immigration violations.

Without Hispanic immigrants, America’s poverty rate would be falling.

Zimbabwe “mopping up excercise” will take remaining white-owned farms.

Central American gangs now a problem in Spain as well.

BNP Councillor Suspended, Harlow Star (UK)

BNP councillor banned from office for three months for “racist” statement.

September 22, 2005

Drew Fraser defends race realism in article banned from publication.

White farmers forced to sell so that farm can be given back to former owners.

High murder rate a “legacy of apartheid” claims article.