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April 5, 2006

Rank Can Stay, LULAC Says, Corpus Christi Caller-Times

Judge grovels for his job after Hispanic group threatens to remove him for harmless remark.

City of San Diego wants to give housing to illegal aliens who live in shanty town.

Republican calls black congresswoman “racist,” and Democrats won’t defend her.

Students Demand More Security, Chicago Sun-Times

High-school students demand police guards after black transfer students beat white.

Researchers believe ads may be why so many black children are fat.

Aspirant Farmers Reap Ruin, Sunday Times (Johnnesburg)

South African farms that prospered under whites decay after being sold to blacks.

Whites to Drive Economic Growth, Says Survey, Mail and Guardian (Johannesburg)

Decline in white population bodes ill for South Africa.

A way for extremely fit people to protest illegal immigration.

April 4, 2006

Justice Dept. suing black politician for discrimination against white voters.

City agrees to lower standards on police exams to avoid anti-discrimination lawsuit.

Sen. McCain says there are not enough votes in the Senate to pass an amnesty bill.

Pres. Bush has been pro-Mexican for his entire political career.

Minutemen will patrol border in seven states.

The Mexican Solution, Washington Times

Mexican immigration policy makes Tom Tancredo look like a liberal.

Under threat of lawsuit, race realist Andrew Fraser refuses to apologize.

Almost half of Lebanese Muslims in Australia are unemployed.

Two-thirds of British say government ignores their views on immigration.

British government tries to persuade Muslims and women to go fishng.

April 3, 2006

Racial IQ Research, Times (London)

Race-realist scholars protest suspension of Frank Ellis in letter to editor.

British mother of adopted Chinese girls: laws restricting international adoptions racist.

Australian commission explains why Prof. Fraser’s letter to newspaper was illegal.

Teachers have lost all authority at majority-Muslim school.

Farms of Fear, Times (London)

White South African farmers are being robbed and murdered, and the authorities do nothing.

Soccer official: referees may take bribes, but should not let themselves be influenced by them.

Students suspended for waving American flag too aggressively.

“If such demonstrations continue, I think we will have a bill for the President to sign soon.”

A billionaire’s perspective on illegal aliens.

Not enough Hispanics working in California’s Forest Service.

Police used excessive force against congresswoman because she was black, says lawyer.

School has threatened to kick girl off of track team for Confederate flag T-shirts.

April 1, 2006

If you haven’t subscribed to American Renaissance yet, here’s what you’re missing in the April 2006 issue: Ian Jobling reports on the largest American Renaissance conference ever. Speakers included the foremost racial activists from four continents. British National Party Chairman Nick Griffin spoke about his ongoing trial for incitement to racial hatred, declaring, “If they […]

March 31, 2006

Australian government declares race-realist letter to newspaper against the law.

Many Europeans choosing to remain childless.

Cafe posts cartoon exhibit mocking Islam and other religions; Muslims threaten to burn it down.

Progress Party leader says asylum seekers “ticking time bombs.”

House Republicans show a fighting spirit over amnesty.

RNC chairman: “The Republican majority already rests too heavily on white voters.”

OTMs: Non-Mexican Migrants Caught, Then Often Released, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin (Ontario, Cal.)

Despite government promises, Border Patrol has not ended catch and release policy.

Book store chains refuse to sell magazine issue containing Mohammed cartoons.

Capitol police plan to issue arrest warrant for black congresswoman who punched policeman.

Opponents of Amnesty to March on the South Carolina Statehouse, Council of Conservative Citzens Press Release

White activist group to protest senator who voted for amnesty.

March 30, 2006

Senator concedes Senate immigration bill will likely include guest-worker program.

Chicago makes its illegal alien sanctuary policy into law.

American Dhimmitude, National Review Online

Illegal alien marches weren’t about immigration: they were about power.

California prisons apprehensive at new court-ordered desegregation policy.

Report: McKinney Punches Cop, News 11 (Atlanta)

Congresswoman punches policeman for doing his job.

Black girl gangs go after each other with baseball bats and ice picks in DC.

Man who said “big coon” does the ultimate in groveling.

Another European prosecuted for saying the obvious.

Family-friendly laws encourage high birthrate in France.