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April 12, 2006

Majority of Americans less sympathetic to illegals after rallies.

Another California city begins training police to enforce immigration law.

Goldwater Gets Tough on Immigration, Arizona Republic (Phoenix)

Az. governor hopeful says he would round up illegals and use them to build a border wall.

Serrano Arrested in Boston Break-In, Pioneer Press (St. Paul)

Much beloved illegal immigrant tries to burgle apartment.

Saudi couple in Denver kept Indonesian slave.

Immigration laws require release of African boat-people who washed up on Canary Islands.

Britons give BNP canvasser a warm reception.

April 11, 2006

Alleged hate-crime rape at Duke University shaping up to be yet another hoax.

Black politician charged with grand theft of government funds.

The Welfare-Fraud Link, Chicago Sun-Times

Chicago blacks and Arabs cooperate with each other in defrauding welfare.

Rallies for amnesty held in dozens of cities.

Crackdown Advocates Plan Rallies, First Coast News (Atlanta)

Immigration restrictionists plan rallies to counter pro-amnesty rallies.

House Majority Leader says no to amnesty.

Most Americans inclined to vote for candidates who promise stricter border enforcement.

Teachers at German school feel like they’re raising criminals and terrorists.

Slang based on Jamaican English eclipsing traditional London accents.

South African PM says announces this will be the African Century.

Sign this petition to support the British race-realist professor.

April 10, 2006

As many as 500,000 marched in Dallas on Sunday.

School district gives students community service credit for attending immigrant rally.

Poll finds Americans as likely to name immigration as economy as nation’s top problem.

Corporations won’t recruit at university because it’s too white.

NAACP Calls for School Change, Charlotte Observer

Judge: Charlotte schools committing “academic genocide” against black students.

Another hoax.

Ithaca High Banishes Dixie Flag, Ithaca Journal (NY)

New York high school bans Confederate flag apparel because of fights.

Mexican government workers give food and guidance to illegal aliens at the border.

Racist who Shouted at Muslims is Jailed, News & Star (Carlisle, UK)

British man stood outside mosque and told Muslims to go back where they came from.

Non-white school-children in Britain love to ride liberal white teachers.

April 7, 2006

Compromise amnesty bill fails, but so does border security bill.

San Francisco says it won’t enforce House immigration bill if passed.

Whistle-blower says immigration bureaucracy rewards agents for handing out benefits hastily.

National Council of La Raza funds MEChA, a Mexican supremacist organization.

Court believes demotion of white after racism accusation was anti-white discrimination.

Black men fall further behind, and academics continue to blame discrimination.

Illegal aliens run drug trade in British city, but the government won’t deport them.

Judge won’t prosecute British boy for calling another boy a “Paki.”

School to Fail Racist Pupils, The Local (Sweden)

Lack of “democratic values” could get students at this Swedish school an “F.”

April 6, 2006

Seven million would get amnesty under Senate proposal.

In 2005, the foreign-born were more likely to have jobs than the American-born.

Hispanic congresswoman to urge US to apologize for deportations of Mexicans in 1930s.

More Hispanic family values.

Man hit by car while fleeing black teenagers screaming “Get whitey!”

Suspected Iraqi spy could let anyone into the country he wanted.

NBC will place Arabs at NASCAR races hoping to film anti-Muslim bias.

White mother doesn’t want her daughter going to school where whites outperform non-whites.

There are more than 400 slavery cases in France each year, most involving African immigrants.

Illustrations for American kids’ books have to portray blacks as light brown.

April 5, 2006

Union leaders boo Sen. McCain speech on immigration.

Immigration restrictionists pain Florida governor and his Mexican-born wife.

California school district bans all symbols of patriotism out of fear of violence.