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September 24, 2015

Crazy idea: Give them benefits so they won’t skip their court dates.

Says we can’t afford them, they won’t assimilate, and they could be terrorists.

Black student threatened to rape her and her daughter.

The perps were Hai Xuan and his wife, Hong Sheng.

You can e-mail your support, too.

Not the first time stampede during “stone the devil” ritual led to hundreds of deaths.

Ungrateful “refugees” spurn gifts of food and drink.

September 23, 2015

“We should not have a multicultural society.”

Number from Europe is down; numbers from everywhere else are way up.

Both blacks and whites resist proposed school integration.

Monument to Confederate dead will be moved from prominent location.

Black superhero will save America.

They were upset the school board voted not to close school for Muslim holiday.

It published an article critical of Black Lives Matter.

Indians don’t like the “patron saint of immigration.”

Hungary shows how to stop illegal immigration.

Surprising common sense from our British cousins.

September 22, 2015

Seven-notch downgrade due to “severe and rapid” financial decline.

Hundreds of millions go to waste as test scores drop.

Gene helps them tolerate a fatty diet but also makes them an inch shorter.

Black actress: How dare white women talk back.

More wacky research.

Countries that opposed quotas on refugees will be forced to accept them.

They won’t tolerate compromise on immigration.

Five years ago, Marine Le Pen compared Muslim street prayer to Nazi occupation.

It’s a good start.

One center for illegals is now “the biggest brothel in Munich.”

David French: A Cuck Begs for Mercy


Banishing the word “cuckservative” won’t save him.


September 21, 2015

US competing in the contest for virtue.

Whites get similar treatment but no invitations to the White House.

Share of black teachers actually declining.

NBC in contortions to call Trump a “racist.”

Can whites even apply?

It perpetuates Japanese stereotypes.

Children with cancer cleared out of Lafayette Park to to make way for POTUS.

TimesSays pederasty is “rife” in Afghanistan.

GD campaigned on slogans like “I don’t want to be a minority in my own country.”

The reality is much different.

How having many Chinese in community leads to a baby formula shortage.

September 18, 2015

The Mariel boatlift did reduce wages of low-skill workers.

He’ll spend six months in prison for hanging a noose on a statue.

It was for an “art project.”

They say they are defending their heritage.

Black player says his hand got stuck in the helmet.

He attacked a teammate after an argument about a helmet visor.

Some fear the research will lead to eugenics.

Viktor Orban says Europe is gripped by a “suicidal liberalism.”

Foreign affairs minister calls it “a massive migration of nations, with inexhaustible reserves.”

According to the media, this is a cause for shame.

Judge says Asian victims are hurt more that white victims.