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January 14, 2015

SPLC explains the difference between white advocacy and every other kind.

Controversy over AmRen essay reaches Britain.

Student who reported on white-hating campus leader now faces intimidation.

January 13, 2015

The real danger is when they return “home.”

Prof: Blacks are “targeted and hunted by a police force that is waging a race war.”

“Border Patrol agents are now being trained to be social workers, not law enforcement.”

The movie is on track now to be an expensive flop.

Michigan governor is the latest to denounce AmRen.

This may allow researchers to develop treatments tailored to blacks.

In defiance of Angela Merkel, 25,000 Germans protest Islamization.

Paper’s lawyer says it will “cede nothing” to Muslim terrorists.

Professor wants to preserve the European character of Canada.

Boko Haram may have killed thousands.

January 12, 2015

Government says it’s the largest rally ever held in France.

10,000 soldiers are protecting “sensitive sites.”

Tomorrow she’ll join a vigil Muslims are organizing at the Brandenburg Gate.

After 13 years of American nation-building.

When Francois Hollande denies it he is talking nonsense.

Le Pen’s Moment, New Yorker

Even the New Yorker recognizes things are going Le Pen’s way.

“When there are this many bad apples, there’s something wrong with the orchard.”

Black studies classes are required by a federal desegregation order.

“Je suis Kouachi,” he says.

It’s “too soon” to tie the fire to the Charlie Hebdo killings.

“We would like to keep Hungary as Hungary.”

American private citizens donated $1.4 billion to Haiti after the earthquake.

What French Free Speech?


French elites who say “I am Charlie” are the first to ban free speech.


January 9, 2015

Hot Air and the Paris Atrocities, Libertarian Alliance

There is no end to elite posturing about the killings.

Hollande: “The threats facing France are not finished.”

And is accused of exploiting the killings for political gain.

NYT won’t publish Charlie Hebdo cartoons because they might offend Muslims.

They will try to withhold funding for amnesty.

Immigrants are 27.1 percent of the population of California; 1.4 percent of West Virginia.

Demographic change will make it hard for the GOP to win the presidency in 2016.

Graffiti claimed that border was “illegal,” not the people who cross it.

Black protester has to go through simulated police training in order to understand the obvious.

Al Qaeda wants to “cause large-scale loss of life.”

EU 2014: “The average number of children per woman was about 1.6.”

January 8, 2015

He survived Okinawa but died from black violence.

GOP bureaucrat dared to cite American Renaissance.

He smashed his Audi into a police car.

Showing them might be insensitive.

Our rulers want Europeans to abolish their own identities.

Healthy nationalism from Breitbart.

One brother was arrested previously on terrorism-related charges.

The problem is elites who refuse to act.

A kebab shop was attacked.

Anjem Choudary explains why Muslims kill.

Professor says Asian immigrants are undermining Vancouver’s British character.

January 7, 2015

They shouted “Allahu Akbar,” and “The prophet is avenged.”

Charlie Hebdo has been infuriating Muslims since 2006.