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July 14, 2015

CA syphilis rate is second highest in the nation.

He didn’t just rap. He made $40 to $100 million on an investment in Vitaminwater.

Federica Mogherini: “Islam belongs in Europe. It holds a place in Europe’s history.”

July 13, 2015

James Edwards report on rally in Memphis.

Hans Herman Hoppe’s classic response to open-borders libertarianism.

Some went on to commit new crimes such as child sex abuse.

Responding to hecklers, Trump said “Don’t worry, we’ll take our country back.”

Calls Trump a “fucking blonde milk-shitter.”

County commissioners had decided to remove the flag, but have now put it back up.

FBI stopped more than ten ISIS-inspired lone wolves.

“Allahu Akbar!!! I got the pressure cooker today.”

In old age, Atticus Finch turns out to be a race realist.

“The National Park Service is the logical leader to blaze a trail to racial diversity in the natural world.”

Lifting failures up to a passing mark is called “scrubbing.”

City of Seattle: Zoning “has roots in racial and class exclusion.”

If they had not been let in there would be no problem.

The Islamic State Attacks Europeans


Is it race or religion?


July 10, 2015

Obama calls it “a meaningful step towards a better future.”

20 million immigrants speak English less than “very well.”

Hispanic media openly admit they are biased.

He is surging on social media, traditional media, and at rallies around the country.

Fifteen-year-old Shuntayvious Primes-Willis was also charged with murder.

” ‘Pure’ reason is lily white.”

Says the church is “enormously enriched by those who come here.”

It’s led to nearly 2,000 arrests.

Brazilians do not trust the justice system.

Locals say Chinese are pricing them out of the market.

July 9, 2015

SPLC founder says it is as much part of his heritage as Martin Luther King.

They may also sell his statue.

Woman on Nashville city council calls it “an offensive display of hatred.”

Wants the city to remove four Confederate monuments.

Team will appeal.

He’s taking attention away from candidates who are squishy on immigration.

Black man stabs white man 30 to 40 times.

It’s having a disparate impact on “poor black and Hispanic neighborhoods.”

World champions but not diverse enough.

It’s a “misunderstanding by an overzealous prosecutor.”

She was caught on video.

On a technicality. A similar suit will move forward.

Men are over-represented at the extreme ends of the bell curve.

July 8, 2015

Feds will use every possible means to promote integration.

Report’s cover quotes the mayor’s “space to destroy” comment.

The interim commissioner will be a white man.

The state was more than three-quarters white in 1970.

Donald Trump is right.

Tax dollars spent to send illegal immigrant children to their US-based families.

Days ago, they said it was a “mistake” to call the attack “anti-white.”

Not even private groups may decorate with Confederate flags.

Illegal immigrant journalist helps white people discover their “privilege.”

Even SPLC admits that “diversity” is not a strength.