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February 18, 2015

But it would just be “in the low thousands.”

Father killed while supervising children.

More Muslim violence.

Mall businesses say management is afraid of being labeled “racist.”

Advice for a white job-seeker.

They would all go at once in hundreds of boats.

February 17, 2015

Texas attorney general calls it a “victory for the rule of law in America.”

It’s lengthy.

He points out that disarming young non-whites would reduce crime.

ID information for NYC illegals would be destroyed if a conservative takes office.

“As science teachers, we have to take an active role in undoing the bias in our society.”

LA Times says the program displaces American workers.

Shame, CNS News

New book says blacks are to blame for their own shortcomings.

Novel explores racial identity through a mixed-race relationship.

Once Hispanics starved. Now they’re fat.

Charlie got what he deserved.

February 16, 2015

Another Muslim rampage.

They can be spontaneous and personable.

Republicans threaten serious action against executive amnesty.

Hispanic home prices led both the bubble and the crash.

De Blasio says new policies “treat students of every background with dignity.”

Muslim claimed a white man threatened her.

A mob of 900 rushed the theater at once.

Another casualty of Muslim immigration.

She proposed that foreigners be let in to work but live apart from Japanese.

Sudanese government blocks investigation.

Letter from an Alabama Prison


We should remain united against our opponents.


February 13, 2015

The inner workings of the social media crusade against “insensitivity.”

Driver’s licenses and social security numbers will make it easy.

Hispanics stage sit-ins and chant loudly in Spanish.

A black woman is in charge of spending the money.

East Asians have between 15 and 30 percent more Neanderthal DNA than Europeans.

Mild remarks earn praise.

“Leaders” finally realize that cops’ lives are in danger.

And it would be free for anyone who maintained a 2.0 average.

“We’re turning into a banana republic.”

You can get an ultrasound in villages that don’t have clean water.

February 12, 2015

Just 30 percent of black two-year-olds live with both parents.

Another route for backdoor immigration.

The cascading effects of Obama’s amnesty.

No mention of “regression to the mean.”

SPLC changes its mind. Redemption is possible.

Testimony before the National Tea Party Caucus on Capitol Hill.

He says it’s wrong for police to view blacks realistically.

The End of South Africa, National Review

National Review columnist calls for a Boer ethnostate.

The Union of French Muslim Democrats will have candidates in eight cities.

The whole country believes in spirits.

February 11, 2015

Universities that are at least 25 percent Hispanic get special federal handouts.

No urban school is doing well enough to deserve the prize.

All-black team is disqualified; all-white team takes title.